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"I have learned that to have a good friend is the purest of all God's gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment." -- Frances Farmer

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." -- Henry Ford

I've been proofing all night.. and it may be 2 am but I enjoy it so much, that I can't go to bed without combing through all the photos!  This is one of my girlfriends who I've known for several years and has been stationed with us in several different locations!  The military can be so good to you like that! But she is getting all that hair chopped off tomorrow and wanted to take some pics! 

Have a great Friday!  Talk soon!

Through the Valley.


"Even though the journey's long,
and I know the road is hard.

Well the one who's gone before me,
He will help me carry on.

And after all that I've been through,
now I realize the truth

that I must go through the valley
to stand upon the Mountain of God."
~ Third Day

I just thought of this song by Third Day when I saw this picture that was taken during my hiking expedition.  Those little paths seem to symbolize the different paths in life.  Some may be long, windy, with rough terrains.  Then there are others that are smoother with less inclines. Whatever path of life lay ahead of you, you are never alone.  As Christians, we deal with many things, we would not be human without life's quick turns and endless detours.  Like a blind man walking in the dark, we walk by faith.  We may not find all the answers right away and spend many endless nights with unanswered prayers but do not lose faith, He is always with us.

Point to Ponder

  • What You Make Happen For Others, I will Make Happen For You
  • When you treat someone right, God will schedule someone into your life to treat you well.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday! 



..I feel like the mom of 10 kids!  (With a smile!) Busy, busy, busy..

  • jumping in trampolines
  • kissing boo-boos
  • going potty breaks
  • walking around the court over and over again, as the kids ride their bikes
  • making lunches
  • cleaning up lunches
  • reading stories
  • putting on polly-pocket's outfits (talk about meticulous!)
  • creating sticker albums (with leftover scraps)
  • pretending I'm sick so they can be the doctor!
  • trying to do the front flip (to prove to the kids I still got it, and I don't!)
  • refereeing two girls that think they are bigger than the other
  • holding a wooden spoon like a mic and singing my heart away as the greatest "princess rocker" known to man kind!
  • cuddling an ever so cute almost 2 year old! 

In between all of this I manage to finish 6 cups of coffee, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and check my email!  And you know what I'd do it all over AGAIN!  Ironic, I think I am a better mom when I am mothering, a "motherload" of children.  I interact more, I play more and scrap less!  So as you enter my home and you see the dirty little footsteps leading to the stairs, the dishes that were not washed just yet, dirty laundry spread across the floor, toys everywhere... just remember this is a house that "houses" children!  (And with the help of two older ones and a few bucks each, it will take at least 10 minutes to clean up!)  Have a great Wednesday!



"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
-- Neil Armstrong

Not much going on today, my little girl is recovering from a night of having a temperature and a bit of a stomach ache. Last night, we were without electriciy for a while.  What to do?  We looked through all the scrapbooks that I have created over the years!  It was so nice to see the children enjoy them, ask questions, and brag to one another.  That's why I make em, I thought. And I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See a dozen times!  It was still a bit bright outside at 10 pm!  I know what you're thinking, we are the most exciting family you have ever known! LOL! Not much said today, as I clean up my scrap area from finishing another little album this past weekend. I am in the middle of organizing old photos and debating what to srap next!  I've decided to take Cathy Z's approach on scrapping my children's school photos. My oldest will be in the 6th grade, and I am in the process of digging out his Preschool picture! Wish me luck!  I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Truly Insignificant.


"People only see what they are prepared to see."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We decided to go hiking at Flat Top and it was a gorgeous day to do so!  Although there were a few times I may have lost my breath because of steep inclines, I survived!  This picture was taken with my Circular Polarizer that I often forget I have. But it does wonders to photos and really brings out the skies.  Very little editing on this one (which as any photographer enthusiast smiles about!)

 The world as we saw from this point of view is amazing.  We are so insignificant.  Well I used to feel that way.  Not so much now, when you live your life with a purpose. Just knowing that each of us are here on earth for a purpose, than the need to earn a living, to just get by, but to know that life on earth is temporary and our character here on earth truly reveals the kind of people we are and will be remembered as.  For as we lay on our death bed, we will not ponder upon how much money we have left in our bank account, or if we indeed worked hard enough building a home.  But rather what kind of a person we were, who we've loved, the people's lives that we have touched, and in turn has changed our lives as well.  Those are the kind of things I want people to remember me as.  I've found joy and fulfillment in the simple things in life, in a simple act of kindness perhaps. Many people see this life they way they want to see it.. but if you take a deeper look, an eternal look perhaps, maybe then you will realize that your days on earth are to prepare you for something greater! Until then, live life the fullest and love unconditionally! 

Where'd Summer Go?

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." -- Albert Camus

This is a picture I took last summer.  Lately we've had nothing but rain, clouds, cold, and temperatures barely making 60.  I know I'm complaining.  But when you grew up on a tropcial island, and the only kind of summer you've ever known, is warmth, sand, and sun.. Well this kinda sucks!  I'm outside with long sweats, long sleeve, and a sweater!  Luckily the kids, take any new day, with the same delight!  They continue to jump on that trampoline, run around outside, and just enjoy the day no matter the weather.  Well, not much said today as I scrapped quite a bit, almost finished a little 6x6 album.  I hope everyone has a great Friday.  Thank goodness it's the weekend! 

Today was a good day.

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving; make every day a holiday and celebrate just living." -- Amanda Bradley


"Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so."
-- Robert Green Ingersoll


" We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
-- Fredrick Koeing


My kids have stated that I am the world's  "nuttiest, silliest, whackiest, and most funnest" mom! (BTW, that is me doing the "Running-Man" You know that move, c'mon!) What can I say I am a big kid rolled into adult clothing with adult responsibilities!  I admit there are days I don't know how to have some fun.. you know, you'd rather drown yourself in the endless laundry (that will be filled again tomorrow), the dishes (that only fill up at the end of the night), and the constant picking up after the children!  But every now and then I am reminded to "Just Let it Go" (which is the title of a scrapbook page BTW!).  Let go of the daily needs of the house and have some fun!  And that is exactly what I did today!  My day was filled with kids, along with the 5 I had today, the ladies came over with their bunch so we had a total of 10 kids running around!  And to any one in the right frame of mind would have thought "How insane is that household?!"  But not me!  I loved it, with the "The more the merrier attitude!" 

Todays Power Points Are:

  • You will only succeed wth something that consumes you.
  • You will only be remebered only for your obsession in life.
  • You will almost always succeed with anytiing that has the ability to demand your total focus and attention.

Whenever I read these power points I always repeat them. And I try to think how it pertains to me.  I guess you could say I meditate upon the thought.  I think of my photography, and boy does that hobby/passion/future career consume me!  Whenever I take photos, I run to upload them, and I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE hovering over me to see them as they upload!  (I don't know why!)  I like to see it with my fresh eyes, myself, and not with anyone's 2 cent.. LOL!  It's true, ask my DH!  He does not hover me as they upload.  It's like, watching the photographs appear in a darkroom, you like to see ho they look on the screen!  And then I just get in this mode.  Girl, you cannot bother me in this mode. I cannot hear you or see you.  The EDIT MODE.. the one where I comb through 300 photos, deleting some, highlighting the ones I love and so forth.  Then I take em to photoshop. And I just need a big DO NOT DISTURB sign.  Because I am on it.  I literally take each photo, critique them, edit each one (for each one is unique!) and just love on em.  (Now if I had the same care for flowers I bet they'd stay alive!) So yes photography consumes me, sometimes to the point of complete obsession!  And that is what I thought when I read those points today!  Now you are dismissed!  Take care!

Express Yourself.

In Ethan's spare time, he loves to illustrate and create stories!  For his birthday he wanted a journal to write his stories and he keeps it under his bed so he can write before he goes to bed.  After church one day, this is what he wrote.  He is a very quiet child and loves to keep to himself.  He used to keep most of his emotions caged within. I remember reprimanding him a few years ago when he was punished for saying an inappropriate word at school. He simply said, he said it because someone else said it and thought it was funny.  He apologized and that was it.  But he never flinched nor cried. With the change of seasons, I see him expressing himself more and more.  He tells me what is on his mind and what his stories reflect.  I've realized that each child is so unique in their own way.  But their parents are a big influence in a child's life.  My husband used to be a very closed person emotionally for a while, but when his children see him expressing his love for his wife with kisses, holding hands, opening doors, or just making the effort to play tag around the house.  The kids see the beauty of opening up and expressing yourself.   

I have been a bit busier these days as I have decided to care for Anna's kids three times a week as she sky rockets in this scrapbooking industry.  I don't mind at all, like I've said before, kids in general have always had a place in my heart!  I used to run a daycare in my home with 6 kids.  I did it for a few years.  It was then I realized how multi-talented I truly was!  I think the best part is when the children come to adore me as much as I do them! The other day, I had 8 children in my home!  I think the entire neighborhood kids came in!  And I don't mind at all!  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! 

That's Life..(in the military)


Isabel has grown quite fond of this cutie.. our little neighbor, who stands at the foot of of our backyard every morning, yelling, "EEEE-ZZZ-BEL"  Unfortunately, the military doesn't want you to get too attached, because PCS'ing (moving again) happens everyday!  Although she is quite to young to understand that he is not coming back, the boys, who have grown so fondly of his brother and sister, are a bit saddened.  I never grew up that way, the military lifestyle.  I had my girlfriends since Kindergarten all the way to graduation!  So I can't imagine what they are going through, always having to say good bye to old friends and striving to make new ones.  But in light of them going, a new family of boys have moved in a few doors down.  And the boys have already attempted to create new friendships, starting with sleep overs!  So I'm sure they can move on! 

I have not abandoned my Purpse Driven Life Journals I write all my journaling down each day, and I just need to scrap them. I just felt the need to scrap something else. So I've started a MOM's album, pictures from Mother's Day. 


People have been asking what book I've been reading about an An Unforgettable Woman, Ruth and I am enthralled by the power points in this book.  As I've shared a few of them already. 

Today's Power Point Is:

  • Everything God Has Created Is to Solve a Problem.
  • That is the purpose of any creation. You were created to solve some kind of problem while you are on earth.
  • Someone is supposed to succeed because of you.
  • When you are assigned to someone, everything that happens to them matters to you.

Which lead me to think of my assignment on earth. Is it that hard for me to phantom the idea that I was assigned here on earth to enable someone to succeed in some part of their life?  Just like Ruth, whose assignement was to Naomi, she made sure Naomi became successful.  What do you think your assignment is?  I can relate this very thought to several assignments.  Some that are still ongoing and some that have come to pass.  I feel that everything that has happened within the past year was  to prepare me for my life today.  A life where God heads the wheel, where I can use life's  painful experiences   to find my way closer to God, and to help and encourage people who think they are alone. To simply sow the seeds of truth in my children, to teach them the art of love and forgiveness.  To show me the meaning of how to love completely and honestly.  To create new friendships and enrich the old ones.  Whatever your assignment is or was, recognize them. 

Air Time & Determination


I have to flat out boast about my 8 year old, he can Ollie !  (What? It's a skateboard term! Being a mother of 2 very active boys, it should very well be in a manual somewhere) I've got boys that live for skateboards, rollerblades, and almost every sport out there.  They spend ALL day and NIGHT doing just that!   But I tell you that Ethan is one determined little guy.  He spends hours just practicing, watching his Tony Hawk dvd's, and then going out to try it again.  He falls and he simply gets back up.  And he just does it over and over again!  I admire that about him.  Such will and determination for a little guy.  I wish that would rub on us adults sometimes!  Where we believe in ourselves no matter what, and when we stumble and fall, we have the strength to just keep getting back up and moving on!  You gotta love the spirit of children!



I hope everyone had a blessed Father's Day!  It was an amazing day filled with LOVE and GREATFULLNESS.  We topped off the night by watching Cars with some friends, I totally recommend that one!  I will catch up tomorrow!  Take care and God Bless!