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More Q & A


I'm telling ya, get this magazine... It is awesome for scrappin'!!!  More to come.. I'm just trying to gather some pics...  I love the one my hubby answered as well, I can't wait to scrap that one..  Alright, I will be MIA for a while from "blogland" I have some editing to do on this DVD for the wedding. And I'm hoping I will be photographing another wedding in September! (Meeting lots of new people at church!) I have a photoshoot next week of a couple coming from North Pole.. Yes, there is a North Pole here in Alaska, where it is Christmas all year long!  LOL!  And another family from the same church, I'm just trying to find a day when it's not raining!  Ugh!  So, I think I can officially use my planner (Lynne, wink!) I just need to get organized!  I am anxiously waiting on my studio equipment which should be ordered at the end of the month.. and I should be up and ready by September!  I can't wait to get my hands on my pregnant friend, (who is willing to bare down! LOL)  And I can only imagine what I will do with her baby due in October..  I am so excited!!!  Alright, everyone have a great week.. On Firday, we are going on our first camping trip of the summer with our church family, it will be exciting!!!  So I will catch up when we get back!


I've been reading Ali Edward's latest book, (thanks to Anna for lending me her signed copy!) I had to paper scrap something!  So with Ali's book and Simple Scrapbook's Quizzes and Questions I have been determined to go through these list of questions and scrap them!!  So I printed some pictures of me and started scrappin!  I have asked the children some of the questions and I can't wait to scrap them!  DH and I will go over some of these questions as well as friends. I hope to get through most of the questions and quizzes! 


Today, as I was up stage singing with all the children, I realized, I think I could have a career in the music industry! LOL! Leading the worship team was awesome. I love the kids!  Although I wish I could have knocked some enthusiasm in some of them, for the most part, I think we got everyone moving! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We ended a great day with dinner at Red Robin with our dear friends and hanging out at home with my own little Baskin Robins of 4 flavors!  Just relaxing on this cold and rainy evening with family and friends! 

Sun & Fun!

There's never enough hours in a day, is there?  These past few days were sun-filled, fun-filled, family-filled, friends-filled, and filled with lots of thanks and joy!!!  Pictures say a thousand words, right?  Well these are definitely not the best pictures, but at this point it wasn't about composing the shot or my f-stops, just me looking for my camera so I could quickly snap shot these moments!

  Is it possible to get an awesome tan in one day?  Heck ya!  We all got a few shades darker!!

The boys were so eager to visit a skate park and get their SK8 on!  And they did! I was so impressed.. My boys with their "Bestest friends in the WWW." (whole wide world, as they call it!)


Yes, that's my Ethan down the half pipe! (I don't know what makes me prouder, his first steps or watching him do these kinds of things!!)
DH had so much fun capturing the teenagers!!  My kids kept having to pick their jaws back up, in complete awe of these young guys.  And these teens were so cool, too! They always say hello to my boys,which are the highlight of their day! I can see how kids look up to these teenagers (that live right up the road!)

A BBQ with some friends today!  I (along with 6 children) tagged along!
Img_2260   Img_2306

And this had had me cracking up, my son and his friend! 

That's a wrap!  We've got big plans next weekend, as we head out to our first camping trip here in Alaska with our church family.. 5 big families and a heck of a lot children in between!  Lots of fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!!

My Lil' Luke.

What can I say I am all kinds of attached this little dude, Anna's little guy, Luke!!!  I haven't seen him for a few days, and I really missed him!  (Did you hear that Anna, I missed him:) 


Not much to say I am just enjoying life.  Hubby's been home, he's helping so much around the house, I am so thankful!!! He adores Anna's children as well! We actually fight for who get's to hold him! We've been outdoors all day playing with our children, left the camera at home, and my son kicked my butt in a game of basketball! What's up with that! Tomorrow is forecasted to be another beautiful day, and I am gonna bask in it!  It doesn't come very often!  Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Wedding Link!


“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” Napoleon Hill

Every time I go through this photo album, it is a reminder that dreams are attainable. I honestly believe that as long as you have a deep passion and desire to accomplish something, you can do anything you set your heart to.  I have been fiddling with the idea of doing photography work for several years now, and at times I still feel like I'm holding back, mostly due to fear of the unknown. Sometimes taking risks is so hard to do simply because I am comfortable where I am, but comfortable people don't get very far in life.  People that try something new and place themselves in uncomfortable situations they become winners. People who are willing to go through change realize that life is full of seasons are the successful ones.

Here is the album, keep in mind, it's my first wedding, first anything really!  As I see technical issues as I try to learn more about lighting and placement of subjects.

Kristi and Richard Wedding

I will be busy creating a custom made DVD slide show equipped with smooth transitions and custom music of their choice for this wedding of images and live video clips with my handy-dandy MAC, that DH of mine is taking the time to PIMP UP MY COMPUTER!  I'm so proud I have a technical guru in this house! And, wish me luck, I am leading worship on Sunday at the Children's Service, that means I will be up there with a Mic, singing, and dancing.  God can do many miraculous things, but He's gonna have to pull some strings to turn my voice into a fine tuned melody and help me find my groove!  LOL! God has blessed me with this opportunity to help children grow closer to God and for that I am thankful!!

And I had the pleasure of chit-chatting with this fine woman Adrienne who blogged about our awesome conversation the other day! She was so sweet!!

Alright have a great Wednesday!  We are trying to get to the skate park with the boys and the neighborhood kids!!  Talk soon!

Desperately Seeking YOURself.

We had friends over last night for dinner, shish keebobs, yum! And we were talking about our girls becoming teenagers. We talked about our life as teenagers and how high school was really a challenge when defining ourselves.

Senior year in high school, our senior luau, the clique I hung around with since I was first grade!

As a teenager, I remember trying to imitate the cool girls. I remember wanting what they had and a life like theirs.  At that age, I don't think I had my own identity. I can't say I was Ronalyn, the soccer star, or Ronalyn the treasurer.  I always wanted to be somebody I was not.  And the worst part was I chose people to define who I was and for happiness.  Isn't it ashame at such a young age, I looked to seek happiness according to the lives of others?  It mattered that I had my friends or someone significant to make me feel special.  It didn't matter that I thought I was special, or the fact that God thought I was special.  What mattered was that, this boy liked me or my friends thought I was cool.  I looked every where for acception. No one told me that God would love me no matter what, even then, I'm not sure I would have listened.  In all honesty, would you be happy right now on your own, a life without your mate?  Are you solely dependent on others for your happiness?

And with age comes a bit of wisdom. True love requires falling in love with yourself.  When you cannot love yourself your heart will not allow anyone to enter.  I always say it works from the inside out.  Even the most beautiful people don't love themselves.  It really is the matter of the heart.  When you love yourself, it shows. 

  • Confidence.  You know when someone is confident. It's in the way they walk and talk. They simply got it going on.  And it doesn't matter what you say about her, because this confident person knows, where she is going in life.
  • Determination. Confident people are determined. And there really is something about someone who is not indecisive. Make a decision and stick with it.  Being indecisive shows a bit of weakness because you care what other people think. Choose to live a life of abundance and stick with it.  Don't drown in your sorrows every other day. We ultimately chose our attitude for that day.
  • Radiance. You will shine.  People will gravitate to you simply because you are in love with yourself.  No, it is not self pride taken to a different level. It is about accepting who you are, imperfections and all. It's about saying, I am me, what you see is what you get.  It is almost like the light of God shining upon you.  And you will walk a different walk, because you know how you got there.  And you will never lower your head in shame from your past, but stand with your head up high, knowing full well, it has always been in God's plan. He molded you into the person you are today, and you simply want to share it with the world.

Imitation just poses the question of who you really are.  Find your own path in life, , be the leader, not the follower.  Go somewhere new and different to experience life around new people.

What's Cool!

My random thoughts of what I thought was COOL this weekend! (And NO this is NOT where I am now, I wish! Taken in Jan2006 the last time we were in Hawaii)

  • TYPEPAD is so cool!  I share all my photo albums of family, friends, and clients here.  I get to see exactly who visits, from where they visit, and how many times they visit everyday with it's special STAT feature  All for the low cost of $8.95/month. I recieve a controlled blog, by none other than the creator,  ME!  (Boy that sounded like an advertisement for Typepad!)
  • GETTING A PHONE CALL FROM A LONG TIME INTERNET FRIEND. Now that's cool!  I've known Lynne for several years now!  And we converse nearly everyday via email, blog, messenger.. but we never exchanged phone numbers! Maybe we were both being cautious, I mean the last thing we needed was some "Internet Stalker" who knows where you live and your phone number, and yet never even met!  So this past weekend, I gave her my numbers, and to my surprise she called (while my cell phone was on silent, go figure!)  But she called the home, and Ahhh.. it was like we've done this many times before!  It was so nice! It was just nice to put a voice to a picture!  And I smiled (like a goofball the entire time!) And I may have scared her away because everytime she said, "well I think I better go.."  I asked her another question, and kept talking as if she didnt' say anything.  I hope I didn't appear as some "Needy, desperate, blogger!"  LOVE ya Lynne.. there is definetly a reason, God placed her in my life.
  • DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING. Why?  Well, I guess because I have been doing it more.  I've created and printed alll in the same day. Nothing interesting, just events in the summer that have taken place. I am always here at Designer Digitals!  Good stuff!
  • Ss1This magazine is so good.  I have already journaled a few layouts already.  Now when was the last time I journaled before I found a picture for a layout!  Get it and interview family and friends! It is so fun.
  • HAZELNUT CREAM.  I am the typical "I will add coffee to my creamer" gal.  I love it sweet!
  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS. That's right, each and every kid on this block!  They Rock! I never have any problems with them!  They are always in and out of my house and you know what, that is okay!  Infact, they come in and play even when the children are outside playing!
  • IMMODIUM. Need I say more! What can I say, when you gotta go, you gotta go, but when you gotta go too many times, GO get it!
  • DAWN DISHWASHER SOAP. Yes I still hand wash all my dishes, I have NEVER used my dishwasher in this house. But that Dawn, is the real deal, it gets everything squeaky clean!
  • HUBBY. HE WILL BE HOME FOR THREE DAYS THIS WEEK! Work, shmerk, he needs a break! I'm so glad he's gonna be hanging out with me!

Enjoy your Monday! Let's all start this week with a smile!  Just knowing we have been blessed with yet another day!


Accept all that is REAL


I picked the right day to "choke" on my blog, as I read what Toya  wrote about little ol' me, and I was almost in a state of euphoria!  That is the kind of thing you want to read at 3am, before I call it a night, that's right I said 3am.. what can I say I do wait for hubby to get home and just hang out!  And it got me thinking, what makes me different, from the Ronalyn I knew a few years ago?  What makes people want to return to my little ol' blog of random thought's that continuously run through my head?  I've made more REAL friends on line and in life now, than I have in all my high school years!  And that is it, I have made outstanding divine connections. Connections in which I want to thrive on, to build on, and I think we all have come to the sheer realization that life was truly meant to be shared!  You know that saying: "When God wants to bless you he places someone in your life!"

I love to write, in fact blogging only helps me in that matter. (I'm not saying everything I write will be grammatically correct!)  I love to express thoughts, feelings, ideas.. I'm what you call the "touchy-feely-type" you know the kind where emotions can take hold my thoughts and off my pen goes.

I came across this quote:

"Everything in life that we really accept undergoes change."
~ Katherine Mansfield


Have you ever met someone who constantly complained about life, about their current situation, their jobs, their spouses, their children, where they lived. I think we are all guilty of that from time to time. And you say to yourself, Just deal with it.. Well your half way there.  I think once I finally accepted my life, my REAL life, such as, embracing my height, the obstacles in my life that I have been through, the isolation and extreme weather of this place we call home for now, the bank account that never has enough, the decision to stay home with my children, to even the constant dirt on my staircase.. When you accept (surrender to what is) your circumstances, your feelings, your problems, your relationship with other people, or your financial status then and only then, can you clearly see the next step.  So as you sit there pondering about what you are going through in the present, remember this is REAL life, let go of trying to resist REAL life, accept it and in turn God will reveal all that He has planned for you!

Have a great weekend!

Fly-Day and Fly-Lice..

What?  Just being silly! Have I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for silly almost stupid movies... And I may lose a lot of friends for admittng that some of my favorite silly movies  are:

89m Kung Pow Enter The Fist
Scarymovie Scary Movie (all of them!)
Zoolander Zoolander
Hotshots Hot Shots Part Deux

Well just to name a few.. if you are up for a good laugh I would be more than happy to sit and watch these dumb movies with you!  (I seriously would!) I'm so glad it's Friday!  (not sure why, when all my days and nights just roll into the next one) But just knowing that it is the end of the week.  And I kicked butt this past week, infact I think I do every week.  But I always pat myself on the back, when I attempt to do half of the hundreds of things on my to-do list.  And you know what, it's thanks to my wonderful kids (and neighborhood children) they really keep themselves occupied, it's like they knew, mommy had so many things to do.

Well I'm officially cracking up in my head as I think of scenes from all those movies listed above.  Have a great weekend!!

The Little Things..

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.   1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Got a great email, about the little things that get to us frequently, like a pebble in your shoe.  Does the little things in life overwhelm you? These are my pebbles:

  • The dust accumulating behind the TV;
  • My unbalanced checkbook;
  • Sibling Rivalry;
  • Dinner for the next few days;
  • Hubby not having one day off this week;
  • Wanting, waiting, for more camera equipment;
  • Have I told hubby how much I appreciate him today;
  • Dirty, stained, carpets that would cost a fortune if we were to PCS today;
  • Getting motivated enough to get on that treadmill;
  • Trying to predict tomorrow's weather;
  • Wanting to scrap, what to scrap, when to scrap;
  • A very bored little girl when mommy's working;
  • How many cups of coffee do I actually consume in a day;
  • Deadlines to meet;
  • Seeing Polly Pocket outfits everywhere;
  • Wondering if I've made the most of my day;
  • Have I touched bases with Keri today?
  • Putting away the laundry from last week;
  • Emailing my web-friends;

Bigger problems are more difficult, but we live in the midst of  all these little things, called reality.  Now ask yourself is God involved in the details of your life?  What would God want to teach me from a whining 2 year old?  Or enjoying a conversation via MSN messenger with a friend?  Give thanks in everything!!

I finally finished these wedding photos.. I will share the link as soon as this lovely couple give me a go.. I know I've shared bits and pieces, I just want to make sure it's okay to share the entire thing!  Have a great Thursday!