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On the Eve.


On the eve of my 29th Birthday, I think a wave of emotions, both good and bad, flood my mind and my heart. Birthdays are definetly milestones in ones life, a time to celebrate another year, a time to look back and see how far you've come,  and a time to be excited about what lays ahead.


If you had asked me a year ago, if I thought I'd be where I am today. I'd clearly tell you no. I still can't believe how much of your life can change in just one short year.  We grow everyday and there are clearly lessons learned with each step you take in this journey called life.
Of course, I will not go into every detail of where this life has taken me, because then, you would be reading for days, ladies, I mean days.  But I've become so close to many of you, some who I have let into my heart and soul, in hopes that my life experiences can only help shed some light to what is going on in your life and to just be there for you.  And I've realized when you let others in your life, this journey is so much more enjoyable when shared with people.  It is somewhat liberating to be able to talk about where you've been, where you are, and where you are going. And the very fact that my life is simply a living testimony of God's love for all of us.

Somedays I wish this life came with a manual to help guide you or to answer your questions much like in the troubleshooting section. Or wouldn't it be awesome if there was a customer service number that was open 24 hours to help you pave your way? Where you could pick up a book, a foot thick, and find the solution to your problem. But it's not like that all. Life was simply meant to be lived, good experiences and not so good ones. The key is to learn from all the lessons of life though. Not to relive the same mistakes over and over again, but to recognize what went wrong, and change your course of life for the better. And to always remember that this life we sometimes take for granted, is a gift. The best gift for any one celebrating a birthday.
I opt to create friendships and share this journey called life with those who allow me to!  In other words, I push my way into you all's business!  But it is always in hopes that I get to know many of you, and to add a little "sparkle" in this life of mine.  I adore people and if I could we'd sit and chat over coffee.  So thank you to all that visit my blog on a regular basis, it really means a lot to me. I love the daily dialogue via blog land, adore personal emails, and starting to enjoy talking to you guys via phone!!!

I hope this weekend is filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, and peace in your heart!  Celebrate life, birthday or not!

Special thanks to Anna for a wonderful Thursday evening of shopping, a GREAT DINNER , and just time away from the norm.  No kids, no work, not even talking about scrapbooking, just a time to get to know one another even more and taking a few steps forward to a beautiful friendship! This is what life is all about! 

The Nanny In Me.

That cold fall air is lingering over Alaska.  I see the trees turning colors already, and unlike the lower 48, we don't get to blink our eyes, because if we do we will not see the falling of the leaves. You awake one day to see frozen grass and dead trees!  So Wednesday was a pretty cold day for us. The kids and I spent most of our day inside.

Img_3971  Img_3949

A typical "work day" for me looks something like this. But as I sat on the ground wrestling with Luke, making bead bracelets and necklaces with Ella and Isabel, putting polly pocket clothes on, and throwing that light saber around, I thought, "Not bad.. not bad at all!"  I've always adored being able to be home with my kids, and why not throw a few more in there. Being able to be home doing what I do and having the privilege of getting paid to watch Anna's children, is really a blessing. It works for both of us. Two women, who at times seem like we have the world of difference between us, are better mothers, wives, friends, and people because of this arrangement. And although some days may seem longer than others, I always come back to the fact that this works for both families.

I am looking forward to a pretty eventful 4 day weekend with the family. I have yet to plan my DH and his friends birthday party for Sunday. I know this post is rather short, I have been on the computer most of the night, clicking on that PURCHASE button!  That's right, things are coming, slowly and surely!  I've been reading forum after forum about studio lights. I am overwhelmed and excited at the same time. This has been a dream I've been hanging on for a long time. And now here I am, setting up.

I will end with another page from a friendship album. I finally printed on ink jet transparency paper, cool stuff!


Living In A Material World..

..and I am a material, girl! Ah, Madonna, I must say, those were the days. I really don't get to shop for "me" and it's mainly because I'd rather get the children things before I can think of getting things for me. But every now and then I will buy something that is NOT on sale! Such as these goodies:

  • I love GAP!  Oh my word!  But I always wait for a sale!  Then I saw these:

It's a Sunday attire and a "I'm a business/working woman" look!

  • Now I've become a big fan of American Eagle and I've never tried their brand of jeans.  So when I tried the different styles, I could not pick just one, I loved them all.. but I walked away with these boyfriend jeans! 

This is definitely what I live in.  I wear jeans 99% of the time. I am all about low rise this and low rise that!  I can't remember the last time I wore anything above my belly button!

  • Oh these Skechers are so cute!  Like the old "Mary-Janes" kicked up a notch!  They are comfy and just so cute!  (Insert girly shriek)  I love shoes.  I have not bought any in a long time.  I used to manage a shoe store back in MD (in the Columbia Mall! shout out inserted) and ladies, I ended up with new shoes every payday, I kid you not.

What can I say, just too cute to pass up!

Now for some serious stuff.  I don't know how many times I have to sit and stare at bhphoto before I ever click purchase. I tell you what, I don't think I have it  in me!  These are in my cart, that's right moved from my wish list to the cart, now the question is when will I click purchase.. not sure, yet!


I need a lens that will be good for group shots with a limited amount of space. Well here's the review.  The point is, I would love the L-Series, but obviously, I'm no Cathy Z, just yet!  LOL!

White     Black

White and black muslin backdrops at $130 each!  (Yikes!)


I've decided  to go with Alien Bees and starting off small, mainly because it fits the budget right now.  But I will look into upgrading when business booms! And to add to the list, a soft box, reflectors, and another lens.

Dream Big, right?  I'm taking the plunge!  Have a great Tuesday!  And it was such a gorgeous day yesterday, I dare not stay indoors!  So I will go back to blogland later tonight!!!  Have a blessed day!


Embrace Life.


Have you ever given a gift to a child on her birthday, who has asked for "this" and even dropped hints that she would LOVE this.. and you wait till that special day to give it to her.. Say, it's the doll house she has been wanting and dreaming of.  What is her reaction when she opens up that box?  Is she jumping up and down, trying to tear that box open so she could play with it?  Exactly!  That's the reaction we hope to see.  But what if, her reaction was calm, collect, and with hesitance.  And she says "Well thank you mom, but I think I will just leave it in the box and open it at a later time."  I don't know about you,  but I would much rather have the first reaction.  When I give my children a gift, I love to see their faces light up, and I want them to tear that box open, taking it and to just be consumed with it for as long as their little hearts desire.  You see as a mother, and the "giver" of this gift, I want them take this "gift" and find joy in it.

Much like life.  Life is a gift.  The giver of life, Our God, grants us that gift, each and everyday.  So what should we do with this gift? (Jump up and down with excitement!)

  • INVEST IT.  You only get in life what you give. Invest your life in others. YOUR life should benefit others!
  • ENJOY IT.  Celebrate life.  Go after the passions of your eyes and the dreams of your heart.  Seek the things you enjoy, art, literature, or scrapbooking (had to add that one).

So "Unwrap the gift of life" and ENJOY!  Sundays sermon, seemed to brighten and uplift all that heard it.  Maybe it was the way the sun, finally peeked through, after several days of non-stop rain. But it was nice to see the comfort of familiar faces, new ones, and ones that have been a part of my past. Each bring meaning to this life as we continue to live our lives bringing glory to the ONE that makes it possible.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  A big THANKS to all of you who have shared the amazing news about Simple Scrapbooks.. It means so much to me!  And THANKS for wishing my man a Happy Birthday!  He loved reading each and every comment!  We will be celebrating his birthday along with 2 of his other friends whose birthdays seem to fall within a week from one another.  (Note to self, add that to the To-Do List!) And don't you all just love Mondays?



I'm usually a "quiet-keep-to-myself" kinda gal... but I'm burstin with emotions!!!  I've known of this news and event for weeks, guys weeks, and I'm just about to EXPLODE! I have had to bite my tongue.  But today we just got the green-light to share some exciting news. 

I have been asked to work with a massive group of talented artists for the upcoming quarterly issues of SIMPLE SCRAPBOOK'S Digital Issues as a part of the CREATIVE TEAM! !!! 

Now we've seen these magazines in the past, but this time, it is here to stay!!!  This is it, the breakthrough that the digital world has been waiting for!!!  And little ol' me, is a part of it all.  Guys, I am so excited... I am literally dancing all over this house!!! 

It all happened one fine day, running around with the kids, "beep" I've got mail.  I run over to check who it could be from.. Lin Sorenson, Editor in Chief of Simple Scrapbooks!!  What the heck!  I skimmed through it.. then I thought my eyes had decieved me, so I skim through it again... OMG she just asked me to be a part of the new SS Digital Issue.  So what do I do?  Call that number below to make sure this isn't a prank.  And as I sat there, shaking, nervous and way out of my league... She answers..

I'm thinking.. "Oh my goodness, I'm talking to Lin Sorenson, you know the lady in the beginning of the SS mags that leaves the Editors Note usually on page 9!!!"

And she says, "Oh yes Ronalyn, hello..."

(She knows me! Acck.. Calm down Ronalyn, calm down, breathe.. breathe..)

And she confirmed the email.  It is as real as day!  They want ME.. ME.. ME!!! 

I run around the house yelling: "Babe, they want me, they want me...Simple Scrapbooks Wants me...!!" DH gives me a big ol' hug, he's so proud of me.  I'm doing ring around the roses with the kids.. yelling and screaming.. dancing, ladies, I got my groove on, the running man, the happy feet, the cabbage patch, that MC Hammer you can't touch this move, the baby got back, and Jay Z's dust off my shoulder all in one move, I mean watch out!  After that eventful day, I pretty much kept this excitement to myself.

But after yesterdays release of names on staff, the people I'm going to be working with for the following year, I was floored.  I'm wondering what the heck can I contribute among these famous designers?  I feel like a little lost sheep if you ask me.  But I'm jumping in, in fact, I had a running start and I am in!  Although I consider myself a hybrid, with a genuine love for paper. I have dipped my brush in digital, and much like my paper work, it is all very simple and FUN, anyone can do it!


And today is a SPECIAL DAY!  My hubby of over 10 years, (who just left an awesome comment on my blog yesterday that had me in tears ladies.. tears..!!!) is celebrating his 30th Birthday.. so DO ME A HUGE FAVOR and wish this man, this very special man of mine, (who did all the chores yesterday, washed laundry load after laundry load, made dinner, took care of the kids, while I suffer from lack of sleep and a huge migraine!) A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

"Happy Birthday, my love, my rock, my friend, and my life-long companion. I am so thankful that God has graciously set yet another path for us to follow, it was a long time coming, but with every struggle, a new lesson learned and with each hardship, a blessing has been bestowed upon our lives and marriage. We are stronger because of it, we love better, we appreciate, we are happier, and we never take any of this for granted.. and for that I will be eternally greatful to our God who makes it all possible. May this day be a special one, along with the rest of your days! I love you babe!"

A Touchy-Feely Post.


Often, too often, something happens in your life and you are ultimately asking the question "Why?" or asking God "Why Me?" We try to make sense of things in a very senseless world. For we live in a society where, yes, life is unfair. And we cannot make sense of every tragedy we come across.  I have shared the heart breaking news, of someone so close and dear to me, that has lost a child that she just had the honor of bearing for only a couple of months. Excited as we all were, of this news, that her first daughter would soon to have a little "baby" on the way, the tables quickly turned as we are mourning for the loss of someone we never got the chance to even know. It broke our hearts that day, as I sobbed relentlessly.  Maybe it was the sheer fact, that at that moment, I did not understand my God.  And I too questioned His plans.  But as I have calmed down, stepped back, and allowed Him to show me the bigger picture.  I know that there is a reason for everything.  That events, good or bad, happy or sad, are just merely stepping stones to what God has to offer.  That these sliver moments of time are just simply paving the way to a greater plan He has for us all.

I hope that in spite of the "Storm" you are going through, that you hold your head up high, continue to see the light that shines ever so brightly, guiding you, showing you the way. Continue to seek Him, the creator of life asking Him to mend broken hearts and lean not to your own understanding of why things happen and do not tire your weary heart of trying to make sense of it all. But know that God has not forsaken you in anyway.

Say a little prayer for her, and believe in the power of prayer, as we ask God to mend broken hearts, to help make the weak stronger and help others find the peace they are so desperatly seeking, and may they always look to Him for that peace.  For as unexpected as our days are, that we may always live our lives here on earth bringing Glory to Him.

Well I will end it with yet another 2 pager of this friend album.  These little SEI ALBUMS are awesome for little keepsakes!


100 mph.

Caffeine is my fuel for today. My little girl is not feeling so well, she kept waking up at night, and I think I finally fell asleep at 4:45 am, that's the last thing I remember seeing before the boys were poking at my shoulder bright eyed and excited to start their first day of school at 6:15 am!  Believe me this excitement won't last for a week!  So I've estimated about 2 hours of sleep. I'm a firm believer that my kids need a big breakfast, after all it is the most important meal of the day!  So after some bacon, eggs, and toast at around 7am, they played their computer games till the bus came to pick them up at 8:45 am! I just stood at the doorstep thinking they have grown so much. They both have this notion that the "Skater-thrasher-look" is the way to go, completely dressed as a walking advertisement for Zumiez, along with their most prized possession, their skate shoes! I guess I never thought they would be so into these things so early on!

Believe it or not, I am almost done editing over 300 photos from yesterday's photo shoot. I've realized that we don't need to keep every shot, slim pickings!  It's this sudden burst of energy, a passion if you will, that drives me to complete these tasks!

Here is another layout from that Friend Album, I LOVE me some Basic Grey!


I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  We are half way there! 

Whatta Monday!


The sun came out and I got to finally do a photo shoot that I had postponed for over a week, due to rain.  We wasted no time in making arrangements. Now, I think my hubby and I are still trying to pick up our jaws off the ground, this couple was drop-dead-gorgeous!!  Yes, hubby and I are a team.  I love bringing him and that trusty film camera!  I will post more pics on my Photography Blog as soon as I get the chance!

It was things to do in between that got me turning heads.  My little girl is not feeling so well, got her to the dr's only to be bumped to a civilian clinic because the base was too full.  Trying to fit in getting the kids to thier school to find out what class room they will be in, along with lunch, and picking up med's was an ordeal all on it's own.  Forget the Monday household chores that will have to just wait and now DH will have to head back to work!  Time to put on my Superwoman costume and multi-task. So that is what I will be doing today.  I will end it with snippets from a very meaningful little keepsake album about my good friend, Keri. Ah, so much to do, so little time. Carpe Diem!!!



Weekend Recap.


What a weekend!  This weekend, the kids hung out inside, with their final sleep over for the summer. That rain did not want to leave us and to literally top it off, dusts of snow are beginning to cap the mountain tops!  It won't be long from now that we will be in our snow suits and boots.  Ah, the beauty of Alaska.  And I don't mind at all.  The kids love winters, they love snowboarding and this will be the first year, we will all take skiing lessons.  And with all the new neighbor friends, I know they will enjoy Alaska's long winters!

The boys start school on Tuesday, (I know odd).  And they can hardly wait. My oldest will be in the 6th grade and the other is going to be in 3rd grade.  As for my Isabel, I can't even let her go, I decided to not send her to preschool. Yes I'm one of those mama's, I simply can't let them go.  I cried when each of them started Kindergarten.  I was the mother, looking through the window making sure they were okay, I called the school to make sure they were okay, and I was there to pick them up early just so I could peek into their classroom!  Even now, my husband says he can't wait for them to go to college, I'm still wondering why they would have to leave home in order to go to college! LOL!

Got a bit of running around to do today.  Dr appointment for Isabel, last minute things for the boys before they start school, and trying to fit in a photo shoot today if it stays partly cloudy like the weather is forecasted to be.




  • Red is the warmest of all colors. 
  • Red is the color most chosen by extroverts.
  • Red is associated with fiery heat and warmth.
  • Red is the color of blood, and as such has strong symbolism as life and vitality. 
  • Red is also the color of passion and lust.
  • It brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival.

Yesterday was a great day!  I enjoy "our" time together, which seems all but to rare these days.  With both of us working, his shift schedule makes it so hard for us to see him, and not to mention my daycare/photographer/editor/church leader role, sometimes it seems we'd rather work our days away! We enjoyed our dinner, our quiet time, and we LOVE seafood.  A stroll in the park, makes for great pictures, (and "clients" I just found a new place! I can't wait to book some appointments there.)  Although, I DO NOT like being the subject of a photograph.  "Relax!" my hubby keeps saying. I would just rather be behind the lens, instead of in front of one.  Believe me, I looked around to see if I could find potential customers to take pics of on the spot due to the brief break in rain!

I've always loved the color red, but I dare not wear it to often!  But it is fitting, for this time in my life, when I feel like I'm on cloud 9 all the time.  I am blessed in more ways than I can grasp, that the light of God is shining!  As my husband and I sat there talking, I love to tell him how God speaks to me, how He helps guides this life of mine, and how appreciative I am for all that He has blessed us with.
Isn't it unfortunate that some of us receive so many gifts and blessings that our ability to appreciate seems to deteriorate.  Appreciative people have a magnetism to them.  Their ability to value acts of kindness inspire us and make us want to perform accordingly.  Much like a child on Christmas morning, they appreciate their gifts, they celebrate their gifts, gifts are great events for them. God has blessed us all with another beautiful day, give thanks for the simplest moments in our lives always.  Find ways to express your appreciation.

  • Do it verbally. 
  • Do it publicly.
  • Do it often.
  • Do it generously.
  • Do it thoughtfully. 
  • Do it quickly.
  • Do it cheerfully.

With that said, I know my hubby loves to read my blog.. "Thank You for all you do, your devotion to our marriage, your unending support in all I do, and for cheering me on as I take this life and soar as high as I can!! LUV YOU BABY!"