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September 23, 2006



Looks good girl! Check your email! LOL

~leah g~

Very nice!! Looking forward to seeing some more.


I am so excited about the website and so excited to see you booking so many shoots. Can you pass some of that shoot mojo my way, please!!!!


Woooo I will check out the website in a minute. Continuing to pray for you and your mom. Its a hard thing to hear that C word. My mom had a kidney removed due to a cancerous mass in 2001 and thank god they got it all. She just recently got the all clear from her doctor.

Wanda E. Santiago

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers you are strong!! I love your work!! Hugs Wanda


I'm glad u are doing well. I know what u mean, some days will be better.

I love your FLYER!! can i copy it?!? LOL


Hello Ronalyn, greetings from Slovenia. I recently found your "blog" and it has been an inspiration after another. I was really sorry to hear about your mum, I know what and how you feel, I had a similar experience in June and all I can tell you: stay positive, think happy thoughts even if it's the hardest thing in the world right now. Take good care, Sandra


Prayers still going heavenword for your sweet Mom!
Love that ad for your business. Very nice!!

Sarah Bowen

Awe!!!! You are so welcome sugar!!! I am praying for you everyday, hope all is well.


I love your new photography blog! I wish I lived near by to book a photoshoot!

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