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September 13, 2006



GREAT photo ... his expression says to me, 'Ok, I'll let her kiss me. Actually, it's not that bad, and yeah, she is kinda cute too!' Oh, I think you are in soooo much trouble with your handsome boys!!! :)


just kidding girl
that is so cute, how did you get them to do that in front of Mommy, back in my day I would be so shy about kissing a BOY,,,, period, okay girl, have a great day


oh, they grow up WAY too fast!!!
What a cute picture!


ROFLOL! Too cute, and it DOES start early!!! My 10yr old daughter and I have been having those talks!!!


I am looking forward to Grey's coming back on. I can not wait!

And, that picture is so darn cute.


That is the cutest picture!!! Looks like he might be a heartbreaker, so watch out!!!!

Claudette San Pedro

Ooooh Grey's gonna be on...man, so is Survivor! I hope they're not on at the same time! LOL!

So cute that your son has an admire! LOL! But yeah, aren't they still too young? LOL!

Hope you're feelin' better!!! I hate migraines! Take it easy!!!!


Ur son is a cutie. :)

I hope u are feeling better, I do know what migraines are like. And it sucks cause using the pc makes it worse.

tty l


Omgosh... I'm still waiting for the day ds admits that he "likes" girls, lol! He told me at camp that his cousin (who is his "best" cousin [according to him] b/c they were born exactly 3 weeks apart) thought that a girl was "cute" and that he liked her. I asked ds if he liked anyone and he gave me that "are you crazy? girls have cooties!" look, lol! I thought it was cute...
COOl story about the photog thing... wow!
Also - let me know what you think about the backdrop thing when you get it. I'm looking to buy a good one. And I really liked that price! :)
Talk soon!


Oh no they start young now. I dread it lol
Hope your headache goes away


What a sweet expression on his face, love it! Does Grey's start tonight? I hope I remember!

I sent you an email to my last photo shoot.


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