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"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Ethan with a ..." yeah let's stop that there.. 


But my 3rd grader has got an admirer that's for sure.. She's a cutie.. and this afternoon, she wrote with chalk on my driveway, "Ethan is HOT!"  She's been liking my boy since they were both in the 1st grade! (You don't think it's serious?) Ha..ha.. My boy is simply oblivious to the whole thing, he'd rather, play video games, skateboard, and skateboard.. but once in awhile I'll catch them jumping on that trampoline, talking and laughing. It's quite cute.  I think he's over the "girl's have cooties" stage.  After all he's seen his big brother mack on girls already! I've already had talks with my 10 year old about girlfriends.  Sheesh! I did not think it would come so soon! 

Well, I've been suffering a migraine pretty much all day.. and it has just started to hit me once more. It really is no fun at all!  Sensitivity to light and sound, pretty much means I can't do much without making it worst!  I hope everyone has a great Thursday.. *And Thursday Nights are now Grey's Anatomy new night!  I love when all the new shows come back!!*



What a sweet expression on his face, love it! Does Grey's start tonight? I hope I remember!

I sent you an email to my last photo shoot.



Oh no they start young now. I dread it lol
Hope your headache goes away


Omgosh... I'm still waiting for the day ds admits that he "likes" girls, lol! He told me at camp that his cousin (who is his "best" cousin [according to him] b/c they were born exactly 3 weeks apart) thought that a girl was "cute" and that he liked her. I asked ds if he liked anyone and he gave me that "are you crazy? girls have cooties!" look, lol! I thought it was cute...
COOl story about the photog thing... wow!
Also - let me know what you think about the backdrop thing when you get it. I'm looking to buy a good one. And I really liked that price! :)
Talk soon!


Ur son is a cutie. :)

I hope u are feeling better, I do know what migraines are like. And it sucks cause using the pc makes it worse.

tty l

Claudette San Pedro

Ooooh Grey's gonna be, so is Survivor! I hope they're not on at the same time! LOL!

So cute that your son has an admire! LOL! But yeah, aren't they still too young? LOL!

Hope you're feelin' better!!! I hate migraines! Take it easy!!!!


That is the cutest picture!!! Looks like he might be a heartbreaker, so watch out!!!!


I am looking forward to Grey's coming back on. I can not wait!

And, that picture is so darn cute.


ROFLOL! Too cute, and it DOES start early!!! My 10yr old daughter and I have been having those talks!!!


oh, they grow up WAY too fast!!!
What a cute picture!


just kidding girl
that is so cute, how did you get them to do that in front of Mommy, back in my day I would be so shy about kissing a BOY,,,, period, okay girl, have a great day


GREAT photo ... his expression says to me, 'Ok, I'll let her kiss me. Actually, it's not that bad, and yeah, she is kinda cute too!' Oh, I think you are in soooo much trouble with your handsome boys!!! :)

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