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September 10, 2006



Cute girl! And 5 years ago on this date, I was pregnant with my son. I was asleep and had NO idea what was going on. My mom called me frantic and asked me if I had heard from my brother (he was in NY at the time) I told her no and asked why, then she asked me if I knew what was going on, and I said no because I had been asleep (I was on bedrest with my son, so I was in the bed a LOT, lol)so I turned on the TV and was terrified. But turns out my brothers unit wasn't actually IN NY, but very close to it. WOW. Still gives me chill bumps.


Oh yeah, I remember the day exactly, the whole day. I was getting breakfast ready for Ethan and heard in the background (of course the TV was on) some news events. At that time, even the news people weren't sure what was happening. Then, I saw the second plane hit while I was telling my husband (on the phone) something weird is happening. I was four months pregnant at the time too, so I had to sit down a few times that day, just to lower my blood pressure. Horrible day and horrible stories.

I'm so in the creative mood and want to go to Michaels, but there wasn't a coupon this week! What are they thinking? I'm thinking of creating an album with the proofs in them from yesterday's photo shoot. The kids are my friends sons, so it would work as a great present for her. She's also not picky at all and would love anything she was given.

Have a great day and I hope you are feeling better soon! I miss talking to you and thanks for the email regarding the railroad tracks controversy. I noticed she's written me back, I'll have to see what's up now.


Great post! Your pictures from a year after are amazing!
That day will live in my memory forever. Just one of the saddest, hardest things I ever had to watch and experience. Still affects me today!
I bought the exact same MM papers and I really love them. Can't wait to make a layout with them!!


Wow, those pictures are really touching. I too remember where i was that day. I was at work (highschool) teaching, I actually just finished my last class when i went on my break and saw most of the staff around the tv in the principles office. I was glued. It felt like i was watching a movie that we were all in. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to give thanks for Gods many blessings despite of the tragedies.

I'm glad to see ur


Wow, great pictures and great post! That day is still surreal to me. What a sad, sad day. The world, as we know it, changed forever in that day...


girl, you must know how much 9/11 affected MY LIFE. I remember the 2 hours formation I had when my commanding officer told us, we are definiately going to the Middle East, non negiotable. My Parents were so scared, but strong about it, but girl, it is amazing how tradegy can change your life, it truly affects everyone, you hear me?


what a day, I remember it all too well.. we had been active duty for a month... so new to the whole thing... I was on a conference call with work and we cut it short to see what was going on. dh called and said don't leave the house and he didn't know when he would be home... very scary, lots of tears, by 4 he said ok, go get erik from school and get him home... lives changed, new perspectives on life, new reasons for doing things....

and I wish you lived closer! would have loved having you at the crafty night!

Sarah Bowen

your photographs of ground zero are amazing and very moving. i think we can all remember where we were that day and the pain and sorrow we felt, just hope we can all learn from it , ya know.

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