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September 14, 2006


Anna Aspnes

Too much fun! Yeah I remember those days... Good stuff and even continents can't divide people when it comes to the above mentioned tunes. Now you need to scrap this :)

So it's 2 am here. I went to bed at 8pm. Not sure what's up with me. Maybe I'm just too excited about our scrap date ;) See you soon, and I promise not to Luke you too early.


ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY GIRL TOO FUNNY!!!! Now you have me stuck in old school mode! LOL


love it, lol
girl those sounds were the jams back then, cross color OMG, girl why did you have to make me laugh out so hard in work, great post girl and of course Ms. Is looks so cute,


I shuck my rump-shaker, a lot in those days. I was in college and partying a little too much (is there really such a thing of partying too much, lol!). Don't forget Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", alright stop, cooperate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention...

Have a wonderful weekend! If I start to feeling better, I'm off with the cub scouts fishing and playing games.

And oh, is that a side ponytail I see or is your hair in a banana clip, lol!


Aww the memories....it's true music can bring you back in time!


awww.. now I'm jealous of your scrap day!

those tunes... remember them for sure! :) what a year that was... life so different then!


LMAO. Gurl!! u brought it back, waaaay back. I remember every one of those songs and the clothes. But u topped me with that outfit. LOL. I gotta find my pics. 93, i was also a sophomore. Can't wait to look for those pics. LOL

p.s. cute pic of DD, great lighting.


man i feel old- i was already 24 in '93! sheesh, thanks ro!! :)
those songs were the jams tho!!


No wonder your kids are so cute. They get it from you. Great pics


in 93 i was a junior/senior in highschool graduating in 94 and i remember all that stuff. lol! thanks for prompting memories


In 93, I had just started college. I had graduated high school in 92. I remember all the things you mentioned. Thanks for the memories!


LOVE those pictures from 93! But boy you're just a little baby! LOL In 1993, my oldest dd had just turned one and I was three years out of college.


OH MY GOSH!!!! Ronalyn... that is hilarious! I had those EXACT same pants!!!!! lol! I seriously had to giggle... (I don't think I have a pic of me wearing them though...) I was a freshman in '93... i think? lol! well, the beginning of
93 I was a freshman... I think I bought the pants then... lol... too funny... :) Thanks for taking me back! lol...

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