The Good Life.

Only Tuesday.

Mondays are always one of the hardest days.. motivation wise.  How do any of us get back on the bandwagon after having a carefree weekend?  I don't know! I'm still trying to figure it out.  Got these delivered today.  It is the coolest thing!  It's mega huge!  Family of 5,6,7? No problem! Bring em on! 

I've been busy "brainstorming" ways to kick up this business. I don't think I can just sit still without 100's of things runnning around in my mind and things just awaiting to be done! Needless to say the house is in shambles, but I've got work on the brain.  I'm the type of person where I need to work with structure. I cannot just go with the flow because then I will be overwhelmed and unorganized. I have several families on that waiting list of mine. And I expect a lot more from a photographer friend who is leaving soon. I really need to:

  • Create my portfolio.
    • Print photos in various sizes.
    • Different subjects. (Babies, toddlers, child, siblings, families, friends, pregnancy, weddings...)
  • Create a brochure!
  • Business Cards. I've been asked way to many times to not have one yet!
  • Keep practicing with these lights!
  • Place print orders from previous clients.

Well I won't bore you all with that list, but some of you know the work it takes to get it out there!!!

Alright here is the beginning of the album, I did the digi on this one.


And here is the link to the album, I felt like the post would have been way to long to post them separately:

My 29th Birthday

Well on Sunday, as I loaded my washing machine, I looked out to see the same group of kids playing with my kids and they really are awesome kids, so I asked hubby if he wanted to do a little BBQ for those kids, hot dogs and chips.  He agreed. And in an hour we had over 16 kids in our home!  So what does a  "photographer" mom do?  That's right, line the children up one by one to take pics! And kids, espcially girls, love getting their pics taken!  (Have no fear, their parents know I'm the photographer on the block!) 300 photos later, I think I got my photo-fix, fixed! 

Sister and Brother.


And that's a wrap! Have a great Tuesday!


Michelle i HAVE to ask...WHERE are you located??? i just got engaged, and am looking for a photographer...(not for a while, though)...hmmm....

julie k

are you counting us on your waiting list?! :) hope so! love your bday photos... happy birthday!!


gotta love a house full of kids! that sounds like a blast!

good luck on your list! :)
I want one of your business cards when you get it done! It will be fun to have as a souvenier for when you are famous! :)

Audrey Litfin

Congrats on the backdrop purchase, I'd die w/o mine!! Great photos as always, looks like you've already mastered the lights!


Gurl i am so with u with stuff on the brain and house in shambles. LOL. I will work with you if you'd like that way i can get my stuff done too. I have already done my business cards and am now working on picking pics for my portfolio and finishing the brochure.

I love the bday ALBUM!!! i still can't believe im older than u. LOL. speaking of albums, did u get my other posts?? Holla back at ur gurl. LOL

And finally, you are too funny. I can just picture all those kids at your house. But believe me thats how i started my portfolio, taking pictures of children i knew and didnt know (with permission of course... well some) LOL. I am so excited for you. Just wanted to let you know that I'd let u take my pics anyday!


Beautiful album! Loved every page! I got to come back and read all the journaling in them. And wow, 300 pictures, how cool is that! I bet the kids were loving the attention and felt like celebrities, huh? That's usually what happens here with DD's friends.


i love the album, R! Just wonderful.


I love your album! And I know what you mean about the business cards. I HAVE to do them now (well, after I take Colin to the Children's Museum and proof some more). I will send you the link to Sunday's shoot as soon as I get them done. I'm having troubles with my color tones, big time, especially with a few indoor shots.

Have a wonderful day and I'll plan on giving you a call sometime this week!


cool album, girl where do you find the time? 16 kids, I would be flat out on the floor. the photos are beautiful.


Wow you are hammering this new career hard aren't you. All the luck in the world I know you will become famous one day lol.


300 pics and 16 you ARE amazing....did you get my email? ENVIOUS of your new goodies!!! LOL

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