Girls Just Wanna.. Scrap!
Thank You.

Praise You In This Storm.

Not your usual upbeat blog.
Not your usual "Be Strong" talk.
Not the kind of news anyone wants to hear.
But then again, everyone hopes it doesn't happen to them, someone you know or worst, someone you love.

Hear me now, I will never question what God has in store for all of us.  Even in my darkest days, I still have a magnitude of faith to carry my family and I through these rough times.  I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but with the continuous love and support from family and friends, I hold
my head up high, each and everyday.


Annako. (My Child)

The news of my mother came late last night.  News that have literally rocked my world and turned it upside down, (for now.) As I listened to her gasp, pause, and try to hold it together.  She said, "Annako, I have cancer." 

It felt like it literally knocked the wind right out of me.  As I sat there, it seems like the world was spinning around me.  This can't be happening, I said in my head over and over again.  I tried and tried to hold it together, and then a wave of helplessness came over me, as I felt like a vulnerable little girl, crying out for her mommy.  The kind of cry when a child does not want to see her mommy go. 

"No.. mommy, mommy I love you... mommy no.. I want to come home.. mommy.."

As I sat there crying out to my mother of 56 years.  Helpless is what I felt. She tried to comfort me on the other end.  She told me to be strong.. and that is what I am doing, staying strong with enough faith to move mountains. A sense of calmness comes over me as I continue to praise Him in this storm!

The Sheer Reality.

When reality comes knocking, sometimes you don't want to open the door.  Like my good friend, Anna said, you have to come to terms with it, you can't keep it locked up, hoping it will go away. (Thanks by the way Anna.. these days would have been tougher, if it wasn't for your continued love and support!) So that is where I am today.  Taking it all in, one day at a time.  Talking to friends and finding support all around me.  (Lynne, thank you for being there!) I do believe in the power of prayer, as I ask you to keep my mother and my family in your thoughts and prayers, for God to grant us all the strength during our time of struggle. 

With much love from this side of the world, even in my darkest hours!

Praise HIM in the storm.



I am so sorry to hear this news. HUGS You and your family will be in my prayers!

Lisa W.

Oh my Ronalyn, I have been gone for a few days and just read your post. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

~leah g~

Ronalyn, words can't explain how sorry I am to hear this news. I am praying for your mother and family.



I'm so sorry to hear the news about your mother. I will pray for her because never forget that when praises go up blessings come down. God has a blessing with her name on it! Even in the midst of your storms and trials God is there. Don't ever forget that. I can't begin to say that I know what you're going through, but just know that I'm praying for you and your mother. My aunt is currently battling cancer! She's really doing well, thanks to God. Hold on to your faith.


Oh Ronalyn, my heart is aching for you!!!! My mother is my best friend and if we ever got the same news.... well I would feel exactly like you are feeling right now.

With your faith, family and friends it sounds like you are in good hands, take advantage of it, lean on them when necessary so that your mother may lean on you when she needs.

Hugs and prayers sweetie,
Hold On!


Ronalyn! I'm so sorry to hear these news! I'm there for you in spirit and prayer. Many hugs to you my dear friend!


Ronalyn--My heart goes out to you! I know what it's like to hear those words. My dad had very advanced neck cancer almost 8 years ago--but he beat it and is CANCER FREE!
Your Mom can fight this and you can really help her beat it by being the wonderfully, upbeat person you are. Believe in her and believe that God can heal her!!


I am so incredibly sorry to read this news about your mother. Your faith WILL bring you and her through this.


Be strong...The Lord thy God is with you.



I'm so sorry Ronalyn, I will be praying for you and your family.

Laurie G

oh Ronalyn. :( ((((((((((hugs)))))))))
I am holding back the tears here. I can't even imagine getting that phone call. It's so much easier to sing that song when you're not in the middle of a storm. I have no words to say..... except I'm sorry.

I will be praying for you and your mom. God is good and He's always there- even when it doesn't feel like it.

((((((((((more hugs)))))))))))


You and your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers!

robin "usavetmom"

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom, Ronalyn, during this terrible time. *hugs*

Claudette San Pedro

Ronalyn, my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you and your family! I pray that she may overcome this terrible disease and become a stronger person for it! I know it must be hard for you as her daughter, but be strong and have faith!!! If you need to talk/email, you've got my email address!!!! Again, she will be in my prayers tonight!!!


You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.


You know I'm here for you, you just have to tell me to shut up sometimes, lol. You know what I'm talking about. I'm praying for her and you. You both need to find strength and fight this. I'll be calling you soon, just to listen to you and try to help.


Such sad news ... my heart goes out to you and your mum. Stay strong!


oh, sweet ronalyn... sending you lots of hugs and keeping you in my prayers... if you need anything... ANYTHING... I'm not hard to be found


I am so sorry to hear the news of your mother. Know that you, your mother and your family are in my prayers and I will add ya'll to our prayer list at church. You are right to praise Him in the storm. His will is perfect, even when we don't understand.

Love in Christ


We've already talked about this encouraged!!! Praying for your moms health and the strength of your family.


Girl, I have no words, please keep us informed, I will pray for the cancer to leave her body, my grandmother has ovarian cancer, I was young but I know it was hard, please keep the faith, I know you feel like you are so far away, but you are closer to her than your think, be strong!

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