Nuttin' But the Best.

A Zillion and One...

...things I want to do.  Who eats standing up? That would be me trying to tank down a sandwhich during the day while doing the zillion other things! I can literally do the dishes, dress baby dolls, comfort a little one, and start dinner at 11 am all at once.  Multi-tasking is my middle name.  Sometimes I feel like I am always on the go. Then I try to sit and read a the latest SS magazine while the kids are content, but my mind sets adrift to the next thing I want to do..and then the next.  I'm constantly visualizing ad's or photographs and even scrapbook pages I long to scrap. Somedays I can't settle and for some reason, I like those days.. It's a sudden rush of energy literally flowing through my fingertips.  I feel so productive. So today was one of those days!  It was a list oriented kind of day resulting in a completely "checked-out" day! 

Anna is away for the week and I just wanted to let her know that I added an album for you to the right of the blog titled:  While You Are Away   I will update it with daily pictures to help ease your mind!

By now you've noticed the new header! My oldest took these pics yesterday for the "About Me" section in my Photography Site and I adored them!  It went right above my DH's brilliant words as he described us as photographers!

Off to get the blueberry muffins out of the oven, set my coffee machine, put away those 5 loads of laundry, do another one before I call it a night, put away the dishes, vacuum, and finish this blog!  Ha!  All in a days work!  I hope to have something more heartfelt and interesting tomorrow!  LOL! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Audrey Litfin

Love the new photos.....and also, am LOVIN' the logo you picked with the backwards R. It looks awesome!!! I'd love to see those maternity pics you mentioned. Just send me a link if you get the chance (if you can add yet another thing to your already full list, haha).
Thanks girl,

Anna Z.

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog while lurking at Anna Aspnes's blog. I'm another Anna too :) Your photography is amazing!


can I add my list to yours today? seems like you are doing much better at multitasking today than I am! :) lol
what a sweet friend with the photos for anna while she is gone! good luck with your list for the day!


You are definitely one super Multi-Tasker!! Hey, it's the same thing for me--if I want to get things done, gotta do ten things at once!
The pictures are amazing!!!


Wow, I checked the pictures on your new folder for Anna...they are gorgeous! I loved the one where you focused on the baby doll heads and you can see your daughter in the distance. It's brilliant. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity! :)

~leah g~

I can see that it won't be long before the "R" in Barut Photography changes as your your oldest joins mom and dad in the business. He is simmply excellent with the camera!

And, how sweet of you to help Anna "see" her kids. Some really nice ones out there, too. I love Luke's pictures with the fruit. It almost looks like he's scolding those oranges. With all of that doubt, I hope the oranges were good. (He just looked so unsure.)

when you start bottling all of that energy, let me know. (Of course, I'd do better if I'd just turn off the televison. Evil time waster that it is. DVR can't be far off in my future.)


Oh my gosh, that photo of Luke with the bottom lip is adorable! Who wouldn't want to comfort him? What a great project, those pumpkins, we are so doing that on Fall Break. Love Isabelle's attitude photo close to the beginning of the photos, she's so cute and is she the spitting image of you? Not the attitude part, the looks part, well, I think she looks just like you.

I'm still feeling guilty about purchasing the camera (and with a credit card nevertheless). I do have 3 shoots booked, so hopefully I'll make a little repayment. The camera is awesome though, so much better than my D70 and the color looks great SOOC! I couldn't do that with my D70.

Have a wonderful day!


Tony gets onto me all the time about eating while standing, but who has time to sit right? Hope you enjoy your day today.

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