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That was me, back in the 6th/7th grade?  Dancing the hula for the May Day Festivities.  Cause you know "May Day is Lei Day in Ha-va-ee" (a song stuck in my head..)  So what does a mom of (now) 2 girls do upon revisiting this picture (only to prove to 2 little girls, that when I was young, I had moves like they've never seen even better Cinderella!)  Their faces lit up and they were completely fascinated, while my head level completely broke record high as I listened to 2 little girls rant and rave about their Ms. Ronalyn (yes Isabel calls me Ms. Ronalyn too because Ella does! ha ha!)  So.. what do you think this creative, imaginative, playful, and Ms. Starlit of a woman does?


That's right, grab an old bed sheet, cut in half and wrap these 2 little cuties up!  (I'm glad they did not turn the camera on me!! hint: I looked just like them just not as cute!)  And I relived the memories of being the highlight of the show, a hula dancer, dancing to the Hawaiian lyrics of a woman expressing the beauty of the island..


It was the perfect picture moment, don't you think?  More cute shots of our day in that album to the right!  They were so cute mimicking my every move!!

Alright off to help my 6th grader with his book report, one of which is a "Character Scrapbook!"  Hmm.. you know who is control of that one, huh?  I've been good, and like DH said to "Back off and let him do his  own work.."  So I've just been hovering over him that's all!! Giving some "helpful design tips!"  He made one when he was in the 4th grade and all the teachers loved it, they actually posted it in the library. So they asked him to do another one. And Yes, he did that one by himself too.. it was the idea of having the characters being actual photographs instead of drawn in or cut from the magazine was my suggestion. (He and his brother portrayed as the main characters, while DH was being portrayed as their uncle. I had the kids, put glasses on and reconstructed their facial expressions to create the feel of the novel!)  That's all I did!  ha!  Well, you mom's out there of school aged children know what it's like when your child has a project, we like to get into it and sometimes I admit, I tend to take over!! 

Alright, Happy Wednesday to you!




AWWWWWWWWW how cute!!!! Love it! Great idea mama!


love the photos!! sounds like you are all having a blast!


those are cute pics


love it love it!! i wish i was there, lol. i would put my sheet on too. Gurl, i know u got moves. LOL. how are u??


lol - boy do I ever! lol! My ds is doing a book report now, too and GEEZ! Sometimes I feel like I'm being overly critical but dh says that it's okay to push them to do thier best.... :) Last years projects got him displayed, too b/c THIS mom wouldn't DREAM of letting her 4th grader cut out paper people for his storyboard... so we used CLAY and PAINT! lol! Big hit with the teacher... ;) And for his science report - photoshop mom to the rescue once again! lol! *sigh* It's just gonna get worse, huh? LOL! GREAT hula pics girlie! Too cute... Wish you lived closer......... :)


Your pictures are awesome!


I love the pictures they are great. And how cool you are helping with the book report.


I love it!
the album is great too

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