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October 10, 2006



I love it!
the album is great too


I love the pictures they are great. And how cool you are helping with the book report.


Your pictures are awesome!


lol - boy do I ever! lol! My ds is doing a book report now, too and GEEZ! Sometimes I feel like I'm being overly critical but dh says that it's okay to push them to do thier best.... :) Last years projects got him displayed, too b/c THIS mom wouldn't DREAM of letting her 4th grader cut out paper people for his storyboard... so we used CLAY and PAINT! lol! Big hit with the teacher... ;) And for his science report - photoshop mom to the rescue once again! lol! *sigh* It's just gonna get worse, huh? LOL! GREAT hula pics girlie! Too cute... Wish you lived closer......... :)


love it love it!! i wish i was there, lol. i would put my sheet on too. Gurl, i know u got moves. LOL. how are u??


those are cute pics


love the photos!! sounds like you are all having a blast!


AWWWWWWWWW how cute!!!! Love it! Great idea mama!

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