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October 17, 2006



oh, I LOVE your list! And so glad you are somewhat recovered! We'll have to chat more soon!


the baby's photos is so beautiful, love the demo of the business and glad to here you are okay, and I have uploaded my IW post, I got up late, lol, it never happens, I must be tired.


Those baby photos are so precious, your friend was so lucky to have you there to record the moments. And how good did she look just after having a baby!!! That's so not fair.

I've been trying to post my list (where is this tatoo at?), but blogger isn't working right for me. I can't believe they featured you on epidemic teenage pregnancies! And how long have young girls of child bearing age been getting pregnant? Since the dawn of time, that's how long! Geez, I hope the article wasn't demeaning because if they could see you now, they'd be ashamed. Oh, I think I went on a tangent there, sorry.

Glad you are doing well and keep working towards your dream (love the business cards).


Beautiful pictures girl! But I don't expect anything less! Glad things are good with you girl, and I enjoyed reading your list!

Lisa W.

I was wondering if you survived last week!! Glad to see you posting again. I bet your friend will love the pics.


oh such cute baby toes

~leah g~


So glad to "see" you. The pictures are amazing; I'm sure "mom and dad" are grateful to have them. (I've tried to take pictures in flourescent lighting and it isn't easy.)

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