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So Thankful...

for this guy right here:


Watching my husband thrive as an individual, as a man who loves his wife, as a friend who deeply cares for others, and as a Christian who devoutly goes to fellowship with the guys every week. Well that is enough to make a grown woman blush and smile with adoration.  We have learned so much in one short year and continue to do so. Upon having a conversation with a friend about our husband's, we've learned that husbands ought to make wives feel:

  • loved and adored
  • care free and worry free
  • like I can do anything in the world, and then some
  • uninhibited
  • that we are not here just for the kids
  • like I am worth it
  • no question or comment is ever to dumb
  • the past, is just what it is.. the past
  • a day well spent is simply hanging out with one another
  • that the only thing that matters, is here and now
  • like thriving, stepping out of the boundries to explore something/somewhere new, the sky is the limit

I'm gathering some thoughts to later scrap for my Grateful Album, that I have been wanting to scrap. (I know a little late for Thanksgiving sentiments, but I thought I'd jot some stuff down, for future scrapbooking use.) Too bad, there is not enough hours in a day.  Thanks to my hubby who hung an ad that I created at the Ops Floor where he works, the phone has been ringing...

I uploaded a few of my fave from a previous photo shoot of Baby Andrew.

Until the tomorrow! Take care:



Did you ever watch the episode on Seinfeld titled "Soup Nazi" ?  Where he says, "No soup for you.. NEXT!"  Okay, yeah.. not sure how or why it is relevant to my post today.. I just thought about that as I kept saying in my head "Next.."  Editing photographs is such a tedious task which I somewhat enjoy. I am a very determined person, where I can comfortably say, "When I see something I want, I go for it, and 9 times out of 10, I will get it.."  Call me a fool, or just plain ambitous.  But when I am done with a session, a 500+ photo session.  I get to it asap.  So can you imagine me with 3 photo shoots in one day?  Sleep is just a waste of time!  LOL!  And with just a few weeks before Christmas/Our Family Vacation I want to get these all done!

Mama's got a new prop!! (Thanks to the lovely Anna who got it for me before she left!) I love it!! 


So naturally I had to try it! LOL


Off to edit again! The kids are not feeling all that great, so twice the work.  Talk soon!

Two Of Me.

These are the days, I need two of me!!!  I need more hands!  Maybe I've bitten off more than I could chew, but in this business, I will take on more and more!  I've booked, booked, and booked again. And now I'm trying to stay afloat!  So there may be less typing and more pics on this blog for a while!

How was everyone's Turkey Day?  We had a great time with family and friends. Hubby had to work later that night, but my mother in law flew in, so it was all good!


I had a few photoshoots this weekend.  (One of which I stood in front of the camera!) But this is one from today.  He is a cutie!


I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!  ~Talk soon!

Just "Shtuff"


New "shtuff" I'm diggin': 

  • Americancrafts If you have an addiction to rub ons, like muah, then you need these !
  • Stamps  Save the best for last!  These Journaling Stamps by Katie Pertiet are, (one word) AMAZING!  (I do have them digitally as well) But being able to stamp it.. anywhere.. wow.. I love it.. no more croked handwriting..  I used them on almost all my layouts on our scrap night:


Well, what can I say.. I know my "shtuff", and with that being said, you'd think I'd stop buying more.. heck no, not when I can clearly see New Projects with these:

Chip1  Chip2

I finally got them Maya Road Chipboard Albums!  And I "likey-likey"!!   

Partied Out.

I have to admit, I'm partied/socialized out.  I admit, I can keep to myself and hide in my home for long stretches at a time, away from civilization, but when I'm out, I am out. Needless to say, I am exhausted. Gathering with friends for a lunch is always fun.  Especially when we rarely get the chance to get away from our busy lives to get together to unwind.

I do need to keep in mind, the things that can come up when you bring a house full of diverse women together.  "The things women say..." (you don't wanna know!)

And naturally I could not wait to get my hands on this lovely baby.  It's the "Nanny" in me. I did not want to share her of course!


This little get together ended with another celebration which was to last till the morning, with my son and his friends, I was sure in for a long night! The night was all about this:

If you haven't tried it, you should!  It is officially a part of my excercise regime! It gets the heart pumping!  Check me out, duking it out with my hubby!


I know, I'm still on beginner mode, but not for long!  I'm on a mission, to kick my son's behind!  (Did I mention that I LOVE to dance! Oh don't let me start on those "Way back when.." stories!)

Now back to work. I have a mission to finish a few projects in due time.  So with that being said, I am going to get back into "work-mode!"  *And the holiday season is just around the corner, Check these out! Have a great Monday!



"Creative people have an abiding curiousity and insatiable desire to learn how and why things work.  they take nothing for granted. They are interested in things around them and tend to stow away bits and piece of information in their minds for future use.  And, they have a great ablity to mobilize their thinking and experiences for use in solving a new problem" ~Bill Hewlett

I tried something new!  The Art Of Masking.  (Anna , aren't you proud of me?)  Not bad for a first-timer, eh?  I know some people may not understand what we, artist's do sometimes.  The need to create, the desire to learn new things, and always wanting to take it a step further.  We thrive on that curiousity.  It truly is embedded in us. We simply live and breathe our next creation. (I know all you artists, are nodding your head in agreement.) 

Alas, Friday!  A weekend of celebrations, this afternoon a luncheon with the ladies to celebrate a birthday of a dear friend.  Then my oldest is celebrating his 11th birthday tonight with 12 of his closest friends. ( He could not narrow it down!)  Tomorrow night the ladies are going to a  Scrap Night!  It's going to be fun!  Gives me a chance to share what I love to do the most, see my girls, and a chane to meet new people as well! Fun times. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Who Me?


What's this?  Oh just the latest special issue from Simple Scrapbooks. And guess who's in it? (Besides Tara Whitney )  Uhm, just little ol' me!!!  And I'm so EXCITED!  I could yell outside at the top of my lungs, but at -10 degrees, that would not be practical!

First up, for the month of January, is "It's Snow Fun Outside."


Next, for February, it's a 2 page spread cleverly titled, "Valentine's Day"


For March, I showcased the "Break Up" season in Alaska.


April, focuses on "Easter"


I am so thrilled because this is the first time, my paper layouts have been published.  I've worked with SS before, mainly with digital.  But I do want to be known for paper as well! 

A special thanks to EVERYONE who has given me a big "virtual" hug!  The support, means so much!

I also want to say that a good friend of mine, Kelly just delivered her Simon!  Hop on over and send your congrats! She is an amazing woman! 

Until then, don't waste any time, go get your magazine NOW!

Sums It Up.


I know not everyday can be a bright sun-shining day.  Our family is going through some of life's unexplainable trials. And it's hard to admit that sometimes, it's okay to NOT be okay.  I thought I'd use scrapbooking as thearpy! Talk Soon!

Not impossible.

Is it possible to create an entire album in one night?  Yes it is!  Give me a few hours of scrapbooking here and there.  In between making dinner, dishes, cleaning, and caring for three kids I managed to put together this little keepsake!



The rest of it is here along with past gifts to friends.

I love Kolo Albums!  I've only seen a few here but I do love their entire line. And I think in the November issue of CK  Ali  featured a Lucky Girl Album using them! Creating mini albums are always quick to put together and in between all the other work I've been doing, finishing something is just the sidetrack I need!

It was a pretty uneventful weekend.  As usual, I taught my class at church and I had to learn the art of winging it when all the technical difficulties seem to fall on that day! My DVD lesson could not be played, so it was up to my quick and witty impromptu to the rescue! Not to mention, this is the first day my hubby has decided to help out in the children's ministry.  Of course, as I tried to impress my hubby of my teaching and speaking skills, my detailed itinerary was thrown off course! So how does one try to keep 60+ kids occupied? By throwing in a few games and keeping your cool! Needless to say, all went well.  However, hubby and I have not been in church service in a long time! Hopefully, things will change!

Well I'm back on the excercising bandwagon.  It feels good, and I think at times I think I over do it.. I run until I literally hurt.  But there is so much going on in my head that running helps me to release some things. Enjoy your Monday!

Early Start and a Check(ed) List!

Today was an early start for the weekend to come! It's snowing a bit and I'm hoping for more.  But it looks like skiing in 2 weeks is off, the Ski Resort does not open for another week after that.  So the question of the day is, What am I going to do for my soon to be 11 year old? Have no fear other things were accomplished!

  • The Birthday lunch is set for Friday! (check)
  • Started on my birthday gift for my friend. (check)
  • Printed out pics for Mom's Album. (check)
  • Uploaded to Shutterfly to get their Portfolio Album.  (saw Anna's when she got back from her trip today, and I LOVE it!) (Check)
  • Downloaded more exercising music! (Check)
    • Jt "My Love" Featuring T.I (been waiting for the remix!)  I already downloaded Sexy Back when it came out!  Yes, I happen to like JT.. and have you seen this video.. he sort of moves like me!  LOL!
    • Fergie "Fergalicious"  Ooh watch out!  This brings me back to those broken down cardbox days of break-dancing outside of our home with our little boom boxes.
    • Pdiddy "Come To Me" Diddy is back with another Bad Boy Entertainment.  Now I adore Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls.. and yes this song will make you want to move! (well at least for me!)
    • Smackthat "Smack That" featuring the brilliant Eminem. Okay if this song does not raise your heart rate a little with it's beat.  (You might want to check yourself to the nearest hospital!)  So guess whose new ring tone will make you want to Smack That?  MINES!  So when you call my cell, it may take a while to answer because I may be jamming! (And yes, I've asked hubby to call me when I am out, just so I can hear it..)

Okay, apparently I got carried away with my work out music! I forgot what the topic of this blog was. Alright, if you didn't know, today is The Best Day... eevvverrr! That's right, Sponge Bob all day/night long. I hope everyone has a great weekend!