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December 2006

A Hui Hou

"Good-bye.. until we meet again"

We are on our way to our home, that little rock in the middle of the ocean, Hawaii!  There I will be basking in the sun, toes in the sand, and getting an awesome tan!  We had an amazing photo shoot with the lovely Anna Aspnes I love how candid the family photos are compared to those old JCPenny shots. (eek) As you can see, Isabel was the goofiest!


There was a lot of this:  "You stand here, Ethan listen, Isabel stop moving around, Caelan, quit it, Rudy stop it, C'mon yo guys.. lets take the flippin picture!!"  Meanwhile, the kids cannot hear a word I am saying!   



Well if you made it this far, your're pretty good!  Cause by the time I finish with this post, I would have already been back!

But I had to share, I love these shots of hubby and I!



Alright, I swear that's it!!  I will talk to you guys soon!  Have a great holiday!  Take care and God Bless!


Online Shopping.

A friend of mine has started her own business and if you have a girl or just know one, these are the cutest things to get! You will LOVE them!

Lil Sugar Plums




And I first heard of this site from Lynne about a year ago (remember?)  A site where they sell their homemade items!  Etsy is an awesome place to shop around as well!  Santa's lil elf (well she is quite a tall Brit) ordered this for me:


How sweet!  My favorite colors.. I love brown and blue!

Well I am finally in the shopping mood, now that work has calmed down a bit.  Not to mention, the countdown begins for our Paradise Getaway!  Have a great day!

What? Monday Already?

I am really LOVIN' this song.  I think the beat seems so mysterious with a twist of funk.

As I listened to it on repeat, I came up with this:


(Yes, inspiration comes in many ways)

Where did my weekend go?

I did my last photo shoot of the year this weekend!  And they are such a beautiful family!  I really love what I do!

Monday will be our family photo shoot with the lovely Ms. Anna Aspnes! All these photographs of other families and we do not have one of our own.  It is always just the kids or Hubby and I.  So this will be fun.  We have our Gap Apparel ready! 

This week will be my catch up week, we did not even start Christmas shopping for our kids, I've been too busy with work. I've even had to schedule dinner with Anna, being we are two very busy women!  So this week, we will do a little of everything!  I even squeezed in a Scrap Night in there! (The ladies are getting together, minus the kids and men. They are getting together for game night with the kids! Ha ha!) Before you know it, we will be on a plane headed back home!! Talk soon!

Thank You Lynne.


Some may question, how can you create a good and lasting friendship with someone you've never even met?  When in truth you can.  The thing with women (and maybe men too) is that we are social creatures, that crave the comfort of other women, who value the sincerity, the support, the great source of inspiration that gives us a boost to keep going, and the constant back and forth of conversation that they share.  Simple "hello" emails turn into lengthy "venting" letters that always put a smile on our face  to know that we are not alone in this world that seldom makes sense.  We may have never shared a cup of coffee or had a lunch date, but we sure know enough about one another that we refer to these "internet' friends as if they lived right up the road. You see, the thing is, much like love, I don't think we can choose who we fall in love with.. it just sort of happens.. the right person comes into your life.. and there is an instant bond.. And when it clicks (like a mouse, get it.. ha ha) well two people can't help but to become friends, can they!  In time God reveals reasons why He sets people in and out of your life.  The choice is simply ours to make, wheter to keep that person! 

Lynne thank you for your early Christmas Gift.. I absolutely LOVE it!!!  "You shouldn't have!"  (And as always, make sure you check your mail way after xmas, because that is when you will get mine! LOL) I so needed something to cheer me up today!  These past few weeks, I've been so caught up with work, I think I actually forgot how to live!  LOL!!  **hugs**

And Maria Thank You for the cards!!  You are amazing!!

Talk soon everyone.. I am officially all booked for this year.. not to worry already planning 2007!

Half Way There...

...half way there...half way there..  You guys ever see that episode of Sponge Bob where he is competing with Sandy in order for her to prove that land creatures are better than sea creatures?  And there is this part Sponge Bob runs really fast and she looks for him only to find a recording saying "Half way there, Half way there.."  No?  Okay, not sure why these things get stuck in my head.  (I have to admit I do like Sponge Bob!)  But the point is that is how I feel, like I am half way there.

I had a Big Family the other day. I was so nervous and have I told you that I am not a "Big People" person.  But I put on my "Photography/Aritst" face on and I think I sounded and more importantly looked proffesional!  LOL! I am ready for our vacation and I can just smell the ocean from here! Have a great day!



This is why...

I do it..  to be able to step into people's lives and their home and say "I am here to capture this family, the way they are today.. so that they may remember it always.." She is absolutely gorgeous, in fact their entire family is beautiful.  They welcomed DH and I with open arms to capture a moment in time.  Beautiful!


Bring it on.

I've been adding more to this already busy life of mine.  I can't seem to turn anyone down, after all this holiday rush only comes but once a year!  (I did have a minor meltdown/breakdown this weekend, when it just hit me, how overwhelmed I am) The end result? 3 photo shoots proofed, viewed, and huge orders to fill.  I guess, I get frustrated about the tedious work that is involved to getting these done. But in the end, it is all good!

My days just seem to roll into one another.  I don't think I have had a good night's rest yet, just trying to stay afloat.  I managed to find some time to hang out with friends and celebrate two birthday parties this weekend. I updated my Photography Blog by adding some pics of the latest sessions.

Here are a few of my fave from a family on Friday's Shoot:




Pat, Pat..(Patting myself on the back!)

Phew.. I did it! This family was awesome!! (Thanks guys)

Can you imagine the thought of trying to photograph three children, a family of 5, one of which was 15 months in a studio.. in your basement, behind a closed door..?  I've always felt comfortable photographing outdoors where the kids can run free in the wide open spaces!  But after this session, I am thoroughly convinced, I can do this!

Okay Lynne  this is what I was talking about.. getting creative in confined places.. check out these Holiday Sacks from Michaels! 


Little Jack was a blast!  He is such a cutie!




Yes, I had to do the cropped feet effect!

It was a lot of work, and I tell you what, you really need an extra pair of hands for this.  Luckily my hubby was there, moving the lights, the reflector, placing the stools, and most importantly making Lil' Jack laugh and smile.  You really need to move fast with little ones! (He did a lot more work then I did! I just kept snapping and he was the entertainment!)  Enjoy your weekend.  More photo shoots to come!

Baby Girl.


My "Baby-Girl!" Her sassiness stems from 3 years of watching her mama put up an attitude.  She's my shadow, a "mini-me" just with a higher pitched voice that sounds like her nose is always being pinched!  Her favorite new thing is telling me (all the time)  "I wanna be very very next to you..." She likes to sit on my lap when I'm working on the computer, stand next to me in the kitchen, and sit right next to me on the sofa.  Basically she goes wherever I go. At times, it can be a bit frustrating, but she was always like that.. I remember placing her in sling so that she was always with me.  Not to mention I've co-slept with all my children.  (She still crawls in our bed, every night!)  I'm not a firm believer of the whole, "go in your own bed" kind of thing.  I don't mind the sweet cuddles of my little ones. After all they turn 11 and they don't want to have anything to do with you except eat and clean clothes!  So for now, you can be very, very next to me all you want!

I originally wanted to scrap some of these pictures, but I've just lost my "mojo" so I will write the journaling down for future scrapping use!  Back to work!  Have a great day!