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I'm finished with my Ten Loves .  Now I just need to add my journaling.  I will print them out and place them in a 6x6 album, and we've got another finished album.  I'm excited to see what the other ladies come up with. I set out this assignment a few weeks ago, which gave them plenty of time to work on it!






(All these kits were purchased at Designer Digitals except for the music notes, it was from stock exchange)

Alright, it's almost 3am, that's enough scrappin for one night!

(cont) 10 Loves.

My loves, 4, Girlfriends.


5, Faith .

I'm going to finish this album by Tuesday, just in time for our scrap night so I can get them printed and share them with the ladies and show them just how easy it is to create digital layouts.

We had quite a fun and interesting weekend.  I have to put this on the record, I got a manicure for the first time on Sunday (and gosh darn it, I can't type) but it looks so good!  I could not bare down and do a pedicure even though all the ladies did.  This was a part of a friends Birthday Celebration.  It was so much fun to sit and get nails done, do some girly chat, and either the fumes were just a little to strong, but we were a happy, loud, and laughing bunch!  Then we had an AWESOME lunch at a sushi bar!!!  Oh, my,  I love sushi!  (Actually off to bring hubby there on Monday). And the best part was the Cold Stone ice cream cake!

Off to finish journaling my 10 Loves.

10 Loves.

For next week's Scrap Night with the ladies, I asked them to think of the 10 Loves of their Life to help them create a mini album before Valentine's Day.  We all had a list and not only that, it rejuvinated our thoughts and feelings making us a little more grateful for what we do have.  I wanted to go over creating an easy digital album with them (or paper), and walk them through how easy it really is to put together an album.





Halfway there.  The journaling will come after.  That last layout is a picture of our family back home in Hawaii. That is me and my mommy who is hanging in there with her chemo treatments.  She's proven to me that strength truly comes within. (God, I miss her)

Again all simple, quick layouts.  Feel free to mention the 10 Loves Of Your Life, or even scrap them. (Lynne? Hmmm)  Have a great weekend!

Cyber Space Traffic

That's what you call "Traffic!"

I finally got done editing the Strike Eagle Farewell Gala and our "Pilot" friend has just about spread the word! I am also looking to get some of these photos published in the Base Paper.

I have been busy filling up some orders and I've gotten rave reviews on these Shutterfly Books and according to Anna good things are coming up for them. Here's a few I've done so far.



I'm still awaiting my Asuka Book order that I made when we got back from our trip. So, the turn around on those books can be a bit of a wait. But from what I hear, it's well worth it.  I just know some people don't like to wait 4  weeks for a photo book.

Alright, this cold/flu is getting out of hand.  I've got the chills/sweats going.  "Ha-Chooo"  I need to go and blow my nose!


Spending Moolah!

Maybe it was the mood I was in, or something in the air, or maybe I was just tired of going to the commissary to spend all my hard earned cash!  But I marched into stores, brought out my checkcard, and purchased things left and right today.  It was like a chain of events really.  Over the weekend, within a 5 minute time span, walked into Gap, tried on 3 different types of black pants and bought these

CuvyblackOnly one problem, they were a bit baggy.  Oh well, I just about ripped the tags off already.  I will have to try and toss them in the dryer a few times, on high!  Either that, or add more junk in my trunk!  (*Note to self, stick to straight leg, I guess I have no curves!)

Today I started off my spending spree, at the commissary!  (Go figure)  We walked out with a few hundred bucks, not bad, not bad at all. Then dinner at Dami's Japanese restaruant.  Mmmm... I love me some sushi, edamami, shrimp tempura, gyozas, and chicken katsu platter.  And to feed my entire family, well, everyone had their own plate. I was just glad to make it just before 3 digits!  You'd think I would stop there.  Oh you ain't seen nothing yet! 

First stop at the mall, literally right when you walked in.  A cell phone dealership.  Why did you not know I've always wanted those Blue Tooth Thingies ?  Well, I did not just get one, make that two, to go!  (Hubby always wanted one.)  Now we can carry on conversations on his drive to work and home. And we can look like total idiots talking to open air!


Of course you buy yourself something and this wave of guilt overcomes you, and sucks you right in.  And you end up buying stuff for the kids.  Trust me Isabel does not need any more clothes. But with her little best friend, talkiing up Valentine's Day left and right, all day long. It made Isabel practically beg for a shirt that had hearts in it.  So, it was off to Gymboree:

ValentineAnd some other cute stuff on sale.

The boys are in love with this Japanese Anime, Naruto .  So they had to stock up on some stuff like this headband, wristbands, and gloves! 


(which btw, Anna Luke loves to wear! and Fight!)

Now back to me, again! Got this oh-so-cute top to go with my oh-so-short hair at American Eagle


And I had to get me a  new pair of  jeans . Love, love, love this low-rise, hip huggin, kinda jeans!


Now I await my order from Anthroplogie, with some of these.  What can I say, I work hard, I just might deserve a little reward at the end of the day! 

A Gala, The Girls, and a Great Weekend!

(*photo by Anna)

Oh what a night.  Saturday at the Strike Eagle Farwell Gala with Anna was a lot of fun and some work involved.  I always tell Anna that I am not good at speaking around Big People.  It's quite intimidating to be in a room full of pilots, officers, commanders, and generals.  I'm fine around Little People, heck throw me in a room full of 100 of kids (much like my church classroom) and I could even start singing.  But the other way around, it's like throwing a fish in with some hungry sharks!  But, Anna was there.  Man that girl is so relaxed.  I need some of her mojo.  She occupied the main room, while I was busy in the photography room talking to X-Amount of people!  But all in all, it was a successful night for my business as I got my name out there, filled orders, booked more people, and maybe a wedding in July as well!  ("You got to step out of your comfort zone"~ Anna always says)


Well, while Anna did alot of candids, I did a lot of these formal shots. (And there were babies there too, so guess who stripped down a little 2 month old for infant shots at a Poker Night party?  That's right, me!)

Then Sunday was all about church and for hubby football!  I was looking forward to the later part of the afternoon, as we all gathered for a birthday party!  Which is always good times surrounded by friends.  The ladies got together and decided to all get (RED) shirts.  So guess what I wanted to do?  That's right, take more photographs, this time sportin' all our (RED) T's. I will share these FUN photos soon!


Alright, I must get back to work.  A lot of emails to answer when I got up this morning.  And I am booking, booking, and booking!  Let the good times begin!


Simple. Life is meant to be SHA(RED).  Gap is so inspiring.  I have 2 of their (RED) shirts, DESI(RED); also my word for the year! And ADO(RED), hubby surprised me that one. 

Wednesday was a relaxing day for me. Anna's kid's (well just Luke) kept me on my toes, as he has fully recovered from being sick last week!  He is a ball of energy! This weekend I've asked Anna to join me on a photography job on base at an Officer's Club, to celebrate the end of an era, saying good bye to the F-15 Strike Eagle in order to welcome the F-22 Raptors. It is a momentous occassion for the Pilots and Officers that are involved.  And we get to be there to photograph the event!  (So I'm a little nervous about that, in fact I'm nervous before every shoot!)

Alright. So I scrapped a new banner. And I added some music to the left. It will take you way back!  To the leggings and leg warmers, topped with an oversized shirt and a black patent leather belt to accent it.  (I think I just described an old outfit of mine!) Ladies, you need to hit play and then open a new window to view these! Trust me, it's a lot more fun that way! (I know I'm a dork!)

I just had to share one more, and yes she is that TALL! (She uses me as an arm rest!)

Girls Just Wanna..

Have Fun!

Oh what a night.  It is now, 2:24 am.. Just winding down, the ladies left after hubby got home, nearly 1am!  That's when you know, we are some Mad Scrappers, or just love one another so!  I have to admit, I did not scrap one single thing! (I wasn't the only one too!)  I am too tired to write more, instead I will speak with pictures (what else is new, huh?)





Bless The Broken Road.


A little bit of Rascal Flatts to get me through editing. I first heard this song a year ago at the first wedding we took photos of.  And I instantly fell in love.  So it's quite fitting to listen to this while editing another set of wedding photos. I am wrapping things up on these wedding photos.  I really enjoyed the different views from our cameras at this wedding.  Today I posted the The Bride's View on my Photography Site, which was my take on the wedding.  Hubby and I have different views and you can tell, I'm the stand back and watch kind of photographer, while He is the "You stand here and smile" type.  All in all it is hard work.  A special thanks to Lynne for helping me and always encouraging me.

The best part of the wedding is the exchanging of vows.  At this time hubby and I should be snapping away.  Instead, we would be content at what they are saying and we'd exchange glances and and throw in a little wink.  (It's almost like reinstating your vows over and over again!)  Then we realize, oh we really should be taking pictures!

Today will be a somewhat relaxing day, with a photoshoot this morning and then an afternoon at the haridressers.  (Yes, I'm getting this haircut!) This weekend I have been suffering from some major muscle aches in my neck, which I may have to give up and head over to the doctor's because it is giving me the worst headaches known to man!  It's let up a little bit, only because hubby made sure I was in bed or on the sofa all day!

I also wanted to Thank Everyone who has sent their prayers and concern for our friend. She will be fighting her cancer with an army of strong women in hand!  We will be getting together more, in fact this Tuesday we will be hanging out and maybe do some scrapping!

Last but not least, I watched one of the most hilarious movies, Talladega Nights!  Ricky Bobby or Will Ferrell is so funny.  (That and I am a big fan of his, espicially back in the SNL days as the guy cheerleader!)  Oh.. and I want to wish my good friend Kelly a Happy Birthday!  She is awesome and such a talented Graphic Designer!  Happy Birthday Girl!