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Broken Pipe.

A broken heater pipe at 11:30 at night can really put a "damper" on your mood, that will carry over till the morning!  That's right, a spewing broken heater pipe, that was spilling hot water for an hour in my bedroom has completely drenched our entire bedroom! We have officially set up camp in our living room where it looks like our bedroom things will have to be for now.  "What are you gonna do?"(said in an Eeyore tone)

On a lighter note...
As I sat and watched "Lost" tonight I noticed there was a scene that was filmed right across the apartment complex I grew up in. In the very beginning where they were interviewing Hurley at the Cluck Chicken, (it's really Popeyes) that's right across my home!! :)  Well something to smile about, since we are "knee deep" in water!  ARRGGHH!!!

Alright I hope everyone is having a better day/week than me. Off to find out what are our options with housing office.  (I'm all for finding a new place!)


Wanting MORE. I surf these amazing photography websites, Jessica Claire just to name one.  And I think, they all had to start somewhere.  It all starts with a VISION, doesn't it? Not to take any moment for granted, or to say where I am is not good enough.  But, do you ever sit there and just WANT MORE? This burning DESIRE to get there, to make an EFFORT to get you to that place where one by one, your DREAMS start to unfold before your very eyes. The first step, is probably BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.  Self-doubt is that chain that holds you down and keeps you from SOARING!

So here I am, Ronalyn Barut in 2007.  Just living  my life and most importantly doing what I love the most.  I've come a LONG way from just dreaming of one day being able to to step into people's lives to record a moment in time for them. Now, I'm Ronalyn, the photographer.

I've always scrapbooked.  From the early teen years.  I have tons of scrapbooks with cut out words from my favorite "Bop" magazines, etched with doodles all the while journaling who liked who back in the 7th grade. Now with the birth of all 3 kids, each one have their very own unique scrapbook to look at I'm also Ronalyn, Board Member of Simple Scrapbooks helping them launch their new magazine  during this digital era. 

All of this should suffice.  It should keep me content and happy to stay exactly where I am.  But, no it isn't.  This lady wants MORE.  It's not being self-absorbed.  It's simply a gal with BIG DREAMS.  And I want it ALL.  Chasing your dreams, or reaching your goals, is not wishful thinking simply because we are "mothers." It probably just means it will take a little longer (like after your youngest starts preschool, so you can find the time to actually dream!)  :)  Until then, keep on soaring. 

***Note to self, scrapbook this entry!****

A Kick Start Monday!

First of all, guess what I got in my mail????  Guess???  This:


WOW WOW WOW.. My jaw is still on the floor!!!  I am SO IMPRESSED!!!

It is so cool to work alongside some really talented people!!  You won't be disappointed!  It is a MUST have!  My hubby was so happy for me and excited to see my mini-album in there that I did about us. (That should be a good enough reason to get it!  ha ha!)  Alright, I'm not quite down from my ULTIMATE HIGH!  So bare with me, as I may just ramble on in this post because I am still so


Sorry.. I will stop now!

Okay I had a photo shoot today!!!  Two boys, 3 and 18 month old.  And mom has got her hands full.  If you think you have your hands full with one boy, try two!!  I will post some on the good ol' Photography Blog !  My good friends, Lynne and Kelly have set up their photography blogs, they are amazing!  (Yes Kelly, we will iChat soon, you are the only one I know with a MAC, I guess we are pretty unique, don't worry I'm working on Lynne, maybe by summer she will become MAC' tified!!!  Until then, we will just have to plan our trip to hang out!!)

One more, I swear.. ***WARNING*** A little sappy moment here, the kind that either puts a smile on your face, or make you go "Eeeww" (in a childish way)!  I love waking up to this:


Okay, lets back track a few days. I've had a rough couple of days (maybe week).  Feeling overwhelmed, with my 3 kids, doing it practically solo.  Trying to help finish science projects, a Country Report on Germany, teaching my 3 year old her ABC's (as she demands to do homework everyday!), put breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table, the never ending laundry, and just the daily upkeep of this house.   Did I mention, I work?  How about trying to keep in touch with friends, (forget it, I disappeared off the face of the earth this past week!)  I feel a layout coming on. The point is, it's okay to let it out sometimes.  I try so hard to hold down the fort, that I forget the most important thing.. me. So just a little tid-bit on the past week.

But I will enjoy my Tuesday. I am on the lookout for some rugs/props for a photo shoot this weekend, a 3 month old little girl!  (oooh) Have a great day, and be sure to stop by your local bookstore, and get this magazine!

Scenic View = Therapy

It's been a while since I've pointed this camera at something other than people wanting their portraits done.  So it was fun and very therapeutic to get out there in subzero temperatures and shoot away. 

This weekend proved to be my "Therapy Weekend."  A moment to just be, (despite having my children 24/7)  hubby did the best he could to help out while being on his mids schedule. I did a lot of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, scrappin, and just things I wanted to do. The kids have been really good and I've really enjoyed teaching Isabel her letters and numbers. This is such a fun age. She is just like my oldest, she's like a sponge, sucks in all the information. I am so amazed at the things she can learn (given a bit of my time and patience).  Makes me feel like being that Elementary Teacher that I wanted to become. Being out and about, just sitting and watching, it really is an eye-opener for sure.  In the absence of a chaotic life, in a moment of silence, it's amazing how one can really focus on one's life.

Bumbo Craze.

It's a Bumbo Craze! I've seen this thing everywhere!  (Unfortunately, my kids are all grown, and will never sit on a Bumbo.  But all these new things, makes a weary mom of 3, think of having more!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am catching up on some things and trying to update my photography blog. And checking my mail constantly for the new Simple Scrapbooks Digi Magazine that has already been shipped.  (And yes, we did a quick run to Barnes and Noble, none so far!) 

Short And Sweet.

Now is live! 

Check it out it's an awesome site for the digital/hybrid scrapbooker (like myself, living the best of both worlds!)

I promise it's better than that news of Britney being bald.  Trust me!

Having a little get together with the ladies today.  It's been a while since we all broke free from the ties that bind us, and for me it's my house!  I will post more after the "party"  I'm hoping to get some Spring Shots of all these little girls that will be here. Have a great day.  ***Just to let you all know, there is NO sign of Spring on this end of the earth.. it is -4 right now***

Isabel. letter writin' fool.  She has been writing/drawing non stop.  (That must be my creative genes kicking in, ha ha!)  I wrote "MOM" once and she has been doing a  lot of these:


I thought that was so cute. So then I showed her "DAD" and she instantly did this:

For so long she has been writing her name, it's just that the letters were never in order. So her name ISABEL would end up as BSAIEL or IELSAB, it was the cutest thing.  But now she's got the hang of it:


And without further adieu, here is my little 3 year old princess:

I am getting ready for my Spring Photos Advertisement.  I better go for now, before she starts posting my blogs for me!

Digital Scrapbooking Dot Com

This site should be LIVE by the time I wake up! 

Bookmark it! 

It's amazing! {oh yeah I'm there too among some amazing women! :) }

Check it out:


Things I realized over the weekend: (I'm kinda liking that I jot these down. Makes for a good scrapbook page)

  • that control+shift E will merge images in photoshop (phew, it's faster)
  • I LOVE my hairstylist Jayme!  Finally someone who knows what they are doing with my naturally wavy, thick, sometimes unruly,with way too much body of a hair!
  • Hubby on Mids (midnight-8am) + Me = Pure Frustration, Shortness in Temper, and Overall not a very friendly nor sociable me.
  • I don't have any recent pictures of my family on my wall!  (A client ordered quite a bit of story boards and a 16x20 and it was gorgeous! Then I thought, all these photos for others, what about me!)
  • My hubby tries to put a smile on my face.  (The other day, he came home from work at 8 am and did not sleep all day/night. Cleaned, cooked, took care of the kids while I napped and caught up on my DVR !)
  • Upon listening to Ludacris' and Mary J. Blige "Runaway Love" over and over again on the radio (which really saddens me btw).  I've realized how important my role as a leader and role model to my children at my ministry.  Some kids are really going through some rough times and they really need people to talk to.  It makes me feel like reaching out to all the youth, to try and let them know that there is hope.
  • that Amber Nichole is so cool!  I've admired her free-stylin layouts from a far.  Her blog is a treat to read, if you are up for REAL LIFE. She really says what's on her mind. Gotta like that about people.
  • I am booking and getting ready for Spring Pictures, right now I am sleeping, thinking, and breathing, Easter/Spring Portraits!

Feel Good Music.

Turn up those speakers, this is the BEST feel good music I have come across so far. It never fails, I could be stressed or having a "blah" day. And you turn this on, and I am swaying, dancing, bobbing my head, and dancing around the house. So, since I am stuck behind my computer filling out orders and creating albums for clients. In between, caring for 3 children, a house that is backed up on laundry, it ain't even funny.  "I need to take a trip and Multiply" I first heard this song on this AWESOME photography website/blog. They are AMAZING, you will not be disappointed at THE IMAGE IS FOUND .

Enjoy your Thursday, post Valentine's Day.