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It's Friday! Phew, what a week!  I'm all kinds of exhausted and READY for our girls day out at the SPA! 

I LOVE LOVE this new line by Ms. Anna Aspnes that will be available on Sunday at Designer Digitals!  I really wanted to jazz it up but as tired as can be, this is what I got in the 10 minutes of energy I have left from a LONG day.


The lyrics are (of course) from Joss Stone's new album, one of my favorites (and yes the link is on the bottom!)

Non-Electrifying Post.

Where did half of my week go?

Maybe it was spent hanging out with these guys:

And the icing on the cake, the little one that makes me gush and coo at the same time!
So for 5 hours today, we were without electricity!  So what does this mom/nanny/woman who will watch anyone littler than her do? (Like Sponge Bob says)  "Use your imagination!"  I think I worked double time today, singing solo without Jack Johnson.  No TV intermission. At one point they all followed me to the bathroom.  Little Luke said, "I want to see you Ronalyn!"  Alright, just turn around I told him.  Playing house, tea parties, ninja fighting, and lots of puzzles and board games!  By 4:00 I was dying for my usual cup of coffee, which I could not get!  Needless to say, I'm already exhausted at 10pm.

I did finish up the rest of my summer album, well I need more refill pages.  I went through 5 packs of refill pages! They are very simple and in a 6x6 scheme, you can go through these pics quick!


(I printed these little  tags  from Designer Digitals and just printed them on cardstock, inked them, and STITCHED them!) 


Just keeping it simple and getting things done!

I got my Anthroplogie order in today! ***Lynne, look what I got(Remember you emailed me that a while ago, and you know me so well, yes it's all me!) And I thought this was cute too!

Have a great Thursday!

An e VENT ful Monday!

It was a great start to the week.  The girls have not seen one another in a few days, so it's always like the first time.  They just played so well all day until Isabel was as tired as could be. 
There was a whole lot of dancing in princess outfits going on today.  When you see a bedroom turned upside down, you know little people have had a good day!  But I must say, with my little quirks of cleaning up and putting things where they belong, these girls did very well cleaning up! 
Okay so my Joss Stone album is clearly on repeat!  I love it! 

So it dawned on me today after a 42 minute conversation with my usual cup of coffee gal, Keri.  (yes I check my phone to see how long I've actually been speaking with her!  And Anna, no worries, I've got the wireless thing going, so I can clip this phone to my behind and take care of kiddos at the same time!)  Where was I?  Oh yes my point is that, clearly other women were sent on this planet to be our friends.  Women were simply meant to have women friends. No matter how much your husband says he loves you and how he says he can understand you.. He SIMPLY CAN'T!  Nope.  We, women (and this is for all the men:)  Are COMPLEX human beings.. with nasty hormones cruising around in our bodies!  We are SUCH emotional creatures (yes I use that frequently to describe myself!) that they really don't get it! 

Okay, what does she mean?  Well, let's just say, you know it's that time.. of the month..  I have to admit, I am a bit emotional.. okay highly emotional.  And you sit there, trying to talk to your hubby.  You know, just wanting to vent. It's been a long day, the kids are getting to you, and all of a sudden the little things are just bugging you!  You really just want him to listen. 

But why is it that men, always like to fix the situation.  You know asses the damage ASAP!  See something broken, let's fix it mentality.  Its like they see our state of mind as being in a technical situation in which they need to fix it right away! Where they look at your highly emotional self in different angles and try to come up with a game plan and form some sort of execution.  But it's like they skip all the pages of the book, and search for the the "quick fix" solutions.  That clearly is what I don't need.  Just listen, will ya! :) Okay.. I'm done for today!   

Painting and Jack Johnson.

This weekend was all about finding other ways to release some creative energy. It included playing Jack Johnson on repeat, lots of paint, wooden frames, and canvas'.

It all starts with a little bit of inspiration:

which was a gift from Anna a few months ago. (I love the colors!)
And these gift bags that I got.  They had that same hint of green, but with some browns and blues.  Nice.

So with these colors floating in my head. I drove over to Michaels to get some paint for these wooden frames I got last year!

This is my dining area all afternoon/night on Saturday. We had to eat in the living room!

And this is what came of from those 2 single color inspirations:


Alright.. I'm sitting here getting ready to purchase Joss Stone's new album!  This gal ROCKS! 

A Whole Lotta Sewin'...

going on.  Well on paper that is!  You get me started on something and I just can't stop.  Yesterday we celebrated Anna's birthday at her place by doing the one thing we all love, talking!  Oh yeah, and drinking coffee and some of us actually scrapped!  But I started on my Summer 2006 album and since then I just have not been able to stop. The fun thing with 6x6 albums is that, you just throw some stuff on there and then your done.  I left that night doing only 10 pages, now I've got 34!  And I have sewn on every single page!  It's so fun and about time I used this sewing machine Anna got me!

These were from Father's Day 2006. I love these 7 Gypsies Cards.

And these little quotes are so handy!

I even sewed the ribbon on!

This little "birdie" card, came from my Anthropologie catalog!

And finally, I had to scrap Isabel's love for writing!  (She wrote on the green area!) Notice how mom is first!

Alright, Spring Break is almost over and guess what part of the world is snowing?  That's right A-L-A-S-K-A!!  But it makes for the perfect Tubing Day and I think that's where I will be today with my kids (and the neighbors too!)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRL MELISSA!  (Please no more March Birthdays! :)  Have a great day!

As Seen On...

... Digital Scrapbooking Magazine!!!  Has everyone got their copy?  If so, I would LOVE to hear what you think!  These pages were featured in the Numbers Album.  Which by the way, my dear hubby still has not heard the last of it.

"Hey Sgt. Barut, did you wanna call your wife, it says here, it's number 8 in the 10 Things that Make Your Wife Smile.!!

Or.. "Did you need to take time off to renew your vows? It's number 10 on the Things Your Wife Wants to Do with You!"

Ha ha!  It's been weeks now and he still hears all about it.  He is still wondering why he did not get a manly Fishing Layout like Anna's hubby, Eric.

It was a LONG night. I did not get home till almost 11pm from Anna's house, the ladies hung out and ate some ribs with pasta salad.  I did some paper scrappin, I can always find something to work on!  It just makes you realize, like it always does when we get together, that we need to do this more often.  And then I got caught up watching my recording of who will be eliminated from this weeks, Next Pussycat Doll. Alright, off to bed, we are ALL coming down with a cold!


MS. ANNA ASPNES!!!! Go there and wish my girl a Happy Birthday!

I met this prominent Scrapbookin' Queen in the early part 2005, where I was quickly introduced by a common acquaintance  of ours.  I remember little Luke, just a few weeks old, strapped to her in those baby slings. She looked a bit flustered and all around tired.  After all she did just have a little one and a 2 year old at that time. I just remember being in absolute shock, that standing in front of me, was the Queen of the Digital World.  She is taller than I've imagined and that accent of hers, just really stands out. "Oh.. not only is she cool, she sounds cool too!" I thought!

We did share a few phone calls in between.  But looking back on the moment now, I know that it was not yet our time to come together and become as close as we are now. Our lives were going through the motions and I think our paths needed to cross at another point. Which eventually we did. Now, a few years later, I've realized. She's just like the rest of us.  She has the same obsessions and passions.  Although definitely one of the most "out spoken, stubborn, hard headed, tell it like it is, determined to do it all even though there is not enough hours in a day kind of woman."  I tell you what though, this woman will do anything she sets her mind too and she will always give it her 110%, that could be due to that little quirk of hers, which is being an absolute perfectionist!

We do come from the opposite spectrums of the world with a different childhood backgrounds and customs.   But that's what makes this friendship interesting. 

Which lead me to an idea of how friendships blossom.


Friendships all start at a common bond. This is how we, as women can relate to one another.  This "common bond" will strike that spark that leads us to want to get to know one another.

Of course our CREATIVE MINDS are our common bond. Our love for anything artsy. The way we saw things a little different than everyone else. And how we are driven by that very bond.

Then comes the "compatibility factor".  This will strengthen a friendship by keeping it in tune, like a fine melody. 

At first, it's difficult to figure out if we are indeed "well-matched" or "ill-matched". Coincidently, we were at a point in our lives where we overcame so much that all we really wanted to do was move forward.  And we did just that, together. And we've been enjoying this ride, called Life, ever since.

Well, I am still struggling at what to get the woman, who has everything! I went to the mall again today, empty handed and clueless.  (But she did inspire me to get new PJ's ) But all the ladies will be over at her house doing things we love the most, hanging out, scrappin, feastin, and drinking lots of coffee! For now, I hope my companionship (and a Spa Day) is enough for this lady who carries with her a WORLD of inspiration, talent, beauty, realness of life, and a part of my heart.  Happy Birthday Ms. Anna Aspnes.


(A layout by all things Anna!  Those brushes are a must have!!!)

A Caffeinated Weekend!

That's right, Espresso, all day and night! It's so fun to make these drinks and yes it's even better to drink them!
Isn't she a beauty?
And LOOK at this mug!  Perfect!
Alright so this weekend was nice and "jittery!"  We got this on Friday:
It's so nice to actually hang up our family photos!  We bought ledges this weekend at Lowes, well one ledge.  While at Lowe's, hubby and I stood there staring at the "kajillion" ledges they have and he says: "Well, what's your vision?" Talk about putting me on the spot.  I told him I wasn't sure, I almost have to see one ledge on and then I can work around it.

And last but not least, I've been channeling my inner "Seamstress!"  (Don't get to excited, this is the first time I've sewed a fabric!  That's right, you heard me, FIRST time with fabric! So be nice, you expert, blouse making bloggers!)  And what did I do? 

That's right, made a cover for my "altered album".

See that.. oh such a beginner!  But there is a FIRST time for everything, eh? But it was a cute idea for our hiking album!


Alright, Last and not least!  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER IN LAW AND MOTHER IN LAW!"  Enjoy your day!

Expressing Espresso Love.

It's around 830 pm, sitting in front of the tv, watching Smallville, and eating my salad for dinner.  (By the way, my kids LOVE salad!  Lately, all we've had on our table is healthy stuff, I'm going "gung-ho" on eating healthier and maintaining my weight and I've realized if you don't have the junk in the house, the kids will eat what  you give them! ) 

The phone rings.


"Hi, Ronalyn!  Are you busy?"

A little confused as to why Lori is calling from her cell asking if I was busy. Is she having her baby, now?

"Uhmm (chewing my food too, yes I talk with my mouth full!) no just eating and watching tv?"

"Are you dressed?"

"Yeah!"  (What do my friends think, I prance around the house naked? Well just not Thursdays ;)

"Good, we'll be there in 5 minutes!"

"Wait a minute, I do not like surprises, what is going on.. you better tell me!"

"We can't! Bye!"

Well, as long as I can remember, I've always been the type of person that just does not like the element of surprise!  Sure it sweeps me off my feet when someone takes the time and go out of their way to surprise me, like visiting me unexpectedly!  But I prefer to know about these things in advance. But it's one of the sweetest gestures to show someone you truly care, eh? The worst part, my hubby is the same way!  We can't keep anything from one another!  During Christmas, we open everything or peek into everything before Christmas.  (So my MIL and SIL actually write the wrong names on the gifts because they know we will open them!)

So, can you imagine the look on my face when these ladies came in my house with a huge box, titled Barista Expresso Machine all for, none other than ME!

I can't tell you how long I've been wanting something like this!

There was a LOT of hugging going around! (And how well do these ladies know me, bringing their camera so they can take a picture, they know I take pics of everything!)


So there is my new obsession, my new Espresso Maker! You can bet I will be one happy, awake, and cheerful person in the mornings! But for tonight, I must watch the DVD on how to use this mega machine!

Oh my is it Friday! Okay speaking of obsessions, I cannot stop saying lines from the movie Borat !  Oh it's so funny in the worst way possible! 

"This is Natalya. She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan."  
"My jacket is black..............Not......" ~Borat

But I think it's definitely not a movie for everyone! Alright, enjoy your weekend!


Office Space.

I've always imagined, I'd be working in a cubicle somewhere in a large office where the boss would not even know my name. I'd walk by the same people everyday with a Starbuck's Coffee in one hand and a briefcase in the other.  My desk would be equipped with a picture of  my family, a little computer, a phone, and sitting so close to another employee that I could hear her breathe!

Little did I know, that I would call an entire bedroom that is equipped with multiple computers, printers, scrapbook supplies, and lots World of Warcraft my OFFICE. Where I'd be doing something like this on my lunch break:


(by the way, that's me, eating my chicken fajitas, iChat'ing with my girl Kelly, with 30 photoshop files open, all at once of baby shower photos!)


I spy...

  • a 24" flat screen iMac! I LOVE, LOVE my computer! A total upgrade from that G4, to the left!
  • an American craft's album. That is almost done, by the way!
  • my phone with headphones.  And that is how I can talk on the phone all day and tend to a house full of kids!
  • Cropper Hopper, filled with paper! Thank goodness our new LSS opens on Friday, it's looking pretty bare.
  • The new Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. It's a must have!
  • Dual screen monitors for my G4. It's where Isabel hangs out and plays  (Did you know she can turn it on, and get to the website all by herself!)
  • Foam stamps and paint.  I really need to start using them again.
  • Epson Matte Paper. It's the best for printing your digital layouts!
  • A  picture of a couple.  (I know Julie you are wondering, why your picture is hanging in my office. Long story short, believe it or not, you taught me how important it was to believe in myself :)
  • My Planner. It's where I keep my LIST. Written in black ink, then crossed out with red.
  • My pink caddy full of pens and stuff. Got it a crop one night, everyone did!

Of course sitting right behind me, would be hubby's game station. Equipped with 2 computers, (get this, he can play 2 of his men on World of Warcraft, at the same time!)


I'm a burning fool. I back-up EVERYTHING! And it is good habit to get into, because I've taken thousands of photos of my family and my clients that has to stay safe!  Good habit to get into everyone, Back It Up!


And Ms. Isabel has her own little corner. A place where she can create as well.


My office, it's the place I try to sneak into during the day with a house full of kids. It's my retreat after a long day. It's where I create. It's where I edit. It's where I just "be". I've always been "tech-savvy" and of course with the birth of digital scrapbooking, my growing desire to learn all things photography, the power of the world wide web, and ALL my MAC's  it's even more the reason to retreat into my Office.