Midweek Rush.
Eleven YeaRs...

Ah.. travelin' we will go...

I have been sitting on a pot of gold these past few days.. knowing that I will be taking a mini-vacation/craft show/work/fun.  Anna has decided to give me a very early Birthday Gift by paying my way for a round trip ticket to Chicago  to the CHA show in July!!!  So there will three of us flying out from Alaska, including our friend Allie.  I am so excited (and so very grateful) to be taking this opportunity to meet all the folks I work with at Simple Scrapbooks, and then some.  I can't wait to see all the upcoming goodies and all the Scrap-Goddesses! Most of all it is a mini-vacation!!! 

***And I will finally get to meet, (in person, face to face, like I could reach out and touch her) a long time internet and good friend, Ms. Lynne!***  I'm already thinking, should I approach her with a calm and collect mood, or bright and cheery, or run to her screaming.. I haven't made up my mind yet..

Along with me traveling, looks like Hubby will be doing his own traveling, on a TDY to Germany in 2 weeks!  With his new day job he has got lots of opportunities to travel. The following month he will be going to Japan as well!!! So I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about leaving them behind, after all he will be gone too!!!  But, it's always the mom that feels "guilty" when leaving the kiddo's behind.  My goodness, I can't even go to the mall, without feeling like I've abandoned them!!

I've been trying to stay on the computer despite migraines (again) and managed to finish a few pages to my Hawaii Album.  I'm already on page 38 but not quite done yet.

Most of the credits are from Michelle Coleman of Little Dreamer Designs.



I've also joined my girls, Adrienne and Toya's ScrapAlong Blog which is a neat place to share your creations. The theme has been Project Red Cohesion, pretty neat, all things RED:



Alright Lost fans.. I'm ready for next week's, 2 hour finale!! Can't wait.. I caught Smallville's today, oooh cliffhanger!  And I have not seen Greys yet, so I don't wanna read about it in any of y'all blogs!


julie k

how FUN!! i can't wait to hear your CHA report! :)


OK all I have to say is who is Anna and how do I get one!!!!!!!


happy dance, I am so happy for you, you definiately deserve it, big hugs from philly to you my dear
your layouts is so motivating, so beautiful, just keep it up, you have a host of great supporters behind you always

Anna Aspnes

I'm happy to see you happy!


HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is awesome!


I KNOW! I CAN'T WAIT! You are such a giving and uplifting person, what a treat it will be to finally meet you! Has it been 2 years since we actually "met" at SBB? Can you believe that? And we have both grown together with our photography, it's so nice to have someone else around that understands that passion.

LOVE LOVE your layouts, I so wish the scrapping bug would hit me again, but I can't seem to sit still long enough to scrap anything and I really want to. I always feel guilty when I sit down to scrap, like I should be editing photos, I should be cleaning the kitchen, I should be playing with the kids, I should be doing laundry, etc, etc. You know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, I joined Adrienne and Toya's knit along. They are the go-to girls, lol! If you want a project, they'll give it to you, love that about them.

Talk later!


I am working SO HARD on going to CHA!!!! you have no idea! LOL so ya just might get to meet me too tee heee! if ya want to that is! LOL LOVIN the album girilie.....girl today is the day....email me the SECOND you get this comment lol

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