Happy (early) Mother's Day!
Happy File.

Back to Reality.


So,  I had my ONE day out of the entire YEAR to do absolutely nothing! Seems pretty minute if you ask me:)  It's hard to believe as I sat there staring aimlessly at the TV looking at Penny Proud from the Proud Family, Isabel making her ump-millionth card for me, while the sound of the boys jumping out on the trampoline yelling as they beat one another up with foam swords.... that I do not have these "Nothing-ness" as much.  I have always had my children beside me or at least one of them attached to my hip. None the less, I would not have it any other way. 

We started our day at church, taught my class with lots of special hugs for Mother's Day, ate a huge lunch at our favorite family restaurant Dami's (Japanese Cuisine), and came home just in time for a good nap, while hubby started my favorite dinner on the grill, Steak and Baked Potatoes.

Friday was a beautiful warm and sunny day!  The girls and I drove over to Joann's to get empty pails and loose flowers so they could arrange them for their Mum's!  Then we sat on the driveway and painted with these. So cool! We lost track of time, which is common for this time of year and soon enough it was way past bedtime.





Saturday we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by the Aspnes' Home.  Along with the usual crew, I met the entourage of "Brits!"  I REALLY enjoyed just listening to them talk, it was like being on the set of "Bridget Jones Diary" or any movie with Hugh Grant in.  It was the first time I tasted a Banoffee Pie.  YUM!  So guess who made one tonight?  Yup, I found a bit of Brit in me after all.

I think I will be doing a bit of digital scrapbooking before the night is over and my crowned "Queen" for a day is laid to rest until next year!


Kelly Byrom

I am still baffled about your crazy light at 9pm thing. how do you go to sleep? i have made one dvd for you, and i hope to finish the other one so i can FINALLY mail them to you. Full of surprises..so keep bugging me for it! can you guess what i did on m day? yup a bunch of those layouts. it was awesome.


that first photo said it all, i love the paint, hmm,, ideas for summer photos girl, thanks


Sounds like a good day girl!!! I will have to check out that paint! That does look fun!


SOunds like you had fun! My to-do list for today is so long since I didn't do anything yesterday, how is that fair anyway? oh well, at least I didn't have to cook or clean the dishes yesterday.

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