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May 14, 2007


Katie the Scrapbook Lady

I LOOOOOOVE Def Lepard! lol!

julie k

a 'happy file' sounds like a fab idea!!! keep us focused on the positive. :) btw, i got to work as an usher at a def leppard contest in high school and i thought i'd died and gone to heaven! ;) scary, huh?! :)


I like the Happy File and I love that verse......I needed that today:) Be joyful always.....no matter what..


love Maya road, I love there basic concept, giving you a clean canvas to do you on thang,, love that song, and the happy file idea


Tee hee, Pour some suga on meeeeeeeeeeeee lol, now I have to add that one to my ipod!!! And Hmmmm, a happy file sounds like a WONDERFUL idea girl......how many maya road albums do I have???? lol

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