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Happy File.

“Be joyful always.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 (NIV)


I remember thinking on Sunday afternoon, that I've just had one of those days where you just Smile, and think, it was a good day.  It was pretty normal even though it was Mother's Day. I had a house full of kids, we were out all day/afternoon/evening.  But I remember standing out in our back porch just glaring at this beautiful sunset (granted it was like almost 11pm) and hubby came to join me. Not much said, just enjoying that little quiet moment. But it was pure bliss!

Then I get my weekly email of verses from the bible and this one pops up!  Be Joyful Always! And it goes on to talk about how we should always keep a Happy File.  Little recorded moments, tid-bits of our life, that simply put a smile on our faces.  A reminder of God's simple blessings. (Can you see a project unfolding here? Maybe using Maya Roads Lunch Boxes?) You know so often we choose to hold on to bad memories and then we tend to relive them. But with our Happy File, we can open it up to find the bits and pieces of our lives that makes us shine!

I wish you could see us right now, hubby and I are rockin' to some 80's Rock. With the air guitar and air drums!  Believe it or not, I grew up with great hits that are literally making me "bang" our heads like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard.  And we just started, we have to add Poison, Aerosmith, Jon Bon Jovi, and Skid Row!  It all started after dinner, when I got behind my son's Guitar Hero.  Now, if you know my oldest, he is one talented kid!  This kid has got rhythm!  So he made it look so easy, playing this game.  So I get on, thinking, "Listen, Sonny, your mom and dad, were alive when these songs were made number one!" And I literally sucked at this game!  I thought I could do 2 maybe 3 things at once.. but I can't.  Not at this game!  No worries, I've got a plan... while they are at school tomorrow, I may brush up on my guitar skills.  (ssshh)  And then I will show him who is The Boss!  Until then, enjoy your day.. I added my all time head banger favorite: (don't worry it's not looped, don't want to scare off my visitors!)


Katie the Scrapbook Lady

I LOOOOOOVE Def Lepard! lol!

julie k

a 'happy file' sounds like a fab idea!!! keep us focused on the positive. :) btw, i got to work as an usher at a def leppard contest in high school and i thought i'd died and gone to heaven! ;) scary, huh?! :)


I like the Happy File and I love that verse......I needed that today:) Be joyful matter what..


love Maya road, I love there basic concept, giving you a clean canvas to do you on thang,, love that song, and the happy file idea


Tee hee, Pour some suga on meeeeeeeeeeeee lol, now I have to add that one to my ipod!!! And Hmmmm, a happy file sounds like a WONDERFUL idea many maya road albums do I have???? lol

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