Ah.. travelin' we will go...

Eleven YeaRs...


Eleven years of love, friendship, trials, celebrations, surprises, heartaches, joy, laughter, sorrow, and experiences.  It doesn't feel like another year has come and gone since our last celebration.  Those who are close to us know that this day is worth every ounce of celebration.  We have taken the "Road Less Traveled". Not many people would even "stay"  nor "want to try again".  Not many people have enough FAITH to believe that God can RESTORE marriages.  But we did what most people would easily walk away from. We're not gonna lie, it's hard work to pick up the pieces, to mend the broken hearts, to trust again, to feel completely at peace with one another.  But with every ounce of hard work it is, it is worth the outcome.

We hung on when our hands were slipping away.
We stuck closer together when the world tried to pull as a part.
We saw the happy ending, when everyone else thought it was impossible.
And now we walked the walk. Our lives are living testimony of Gods never ending love and grace.

So what now?  How are our lives like?  How's the marriage? Is it real?

We love more.
We laugh everyday.
We still fight, we still cry, we still hurt. But we never go to bed angry.
We smile.
We hold hands.
We talk more.
We share our day and dreams.
We are thankful, for every day we are given.
We support each other.
We love with room to grow.
We tease one another.
We spend more time together.
We understand it's okay to do our own thing.

This man, with whom I flirted with in my 10th grade Health Class, now my husband of 11 years, father of our three children, has literally taken my breath away. And I'm not just saying that to be corny. It's true. Everyday our goal is to place a smile on one another's face.  If we have, then we have accomplished the one thing that matters. And that's how it should be everyday with those you love, to put a smile on their face at the end of the day.

(Hit it Shania, here's the same song we've held close to our hearts throughout the years..)




i have no words, just tears. Thanks for sharing. it gives me hope KWIM.

Happy God Blessed Anniversary.

Love D


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy anniversary!!! :)


oh sheesh...i am working on 7 years...we will be lucky to make it to 11...lol

so glad to find another mac addict...YAY I AM NOT ALONE!!!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the HAPPY COUPLE - it's so sweet that your hubby left a comment!A really touching post .... I will have to have my husband start reading your blog!!


Happy anniversary to both of you. How sweet is that photo of the two of you at the top. And lovin' those fun pics at the bottom, especially lovin' your super cool haircut. You have such a way with words.

Laurie Garza

Happy Anniversary Ronalyn- you two are the sweetest couple!!!

God is good- and you guys are proof of that! Good for you- for keeping Him at the center of your marriage!!!

God bless!


P.S. What is that chicken recipe?? That looks Yummmy!!!!


Yup..I agree God is amazing in how He works on marriages. This will be our 13th year in June....congratulations!!!!!!

Rodel Barut

AWWWWW, I love your post too! I read it everyday. Your husband is the luckiest guy ever! I can tell he loves you more than words could ever express...he's pretty good looking too!


here's to many many many more years!


Awwww, BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE the last pic, where he is trying to lick you, tee hee, wishing you many, many, MANY more years of happiness girl!


Beautiful post and here's to many more happy years of togetherness. Congratulations! I love your everyday goal, to put a smile on each other's face, your so good with words.

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