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Relaxin', Creatin', Kind of Weekin'

That was a nice long weekend!  The kids are officially out of school and they have had a sleepover every single day so far. Hubby had a four day weekend as well.  It was a great start to our summer vacation. We watched Pirates, and LOVED it.

I don't know about you all, but I'm waiting for this movie:


That's right, Transformers.  I have to say, I may be a "girly-girl" but having 2 boys, you gotta know your stuff!  And Transformers was in my time, I remember playing with them from my brother's batch of toys. They don't make them like they used to though, die cast and sturdy.  I know, cause it hurt my brother when I hit him over the head with Optimus Prime!

We just hung out at home for the most part.  The weather was not all that great, lots of clouds and rain.  We had a BBQ with the gang on Saturday, even though it rained.  Anna's hubby made some awesome BBQ Pulled Pork that he smoked for 9 hours!  I just whipped up some short ribs, chicken, and some sides. Needless to say, we ate a lot that day.

I finished my clipboard for my LSS:


I also racked my brain on how I was going to scrap my Bare Elements Castle Album for the LSS.
With some encouragement from my fellow scrapper, Anna. She quickly popped some ideas into my head, and I was determined to finish it before this weekend was over. So here's a sneak peek: (the rest of the photos are on my desktop)


Let's just say, I painted, glittered, and Frilled it all around!  (I LOVE LOVE the Doddle Bug Paper Frills!) I struggled in the beginning mainly because it was so out of my style, I've never worked with anything that wasn't symmetrical. So, to have a castle shaped album, my straight edged mind, went into over drive. LOL!  But at the end, I had so much fun adding the little details.  Alright, it's time to get back to a regular work-week.  Catch you guys all in the morning.

Almost Friday, A Latte, and Lost..

It's  about 11:45 pm on a Thursday night and our sun is slowly setting.  So needless to say, I LOST all track of time. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee, a Caramel Macchiato, yes at I did say pm!  (That's what happens when you can make your own cup of Joe anytime of day!) Crazy, but that's what summer will do to you.  A good 4 day weekend ahead for us I can't wait.  I think we are going for a drive tomorrow and take pictures, it's been awhile since I've been on the nature hunt.

So what's on my mind at nearly midnight.. well, we did not go to see Pirates, in fear of the mega lines forming, and we are talking Alaska here, limited amount of theaters!  So we will go tomorrow after our drive when the midnight show is not the only showing! 

Okay.. I know I'm late to post this.. but OMG, I LOVE LOST!!!  Now that's what you call a Season Finale!!!  Forget Greys, Lost.. WOW!  I'm still speechless.  Now you know I went on my Fan Club Website, LOL! To try and decipher who was on that Obituary.. you could get lost on that website trying to find out what other's think is going on. You know I'm buying the DVD to the season to check for signs!!! 

Alright.. back to some scrapping.. I made this little project for the LSS using the Accucuter at the store.



I always say, when you are at a lost for words, go with the quotes!!!  And in this case, I already scrapped these pictures so I wanted it to be quick!






I love the gold tint on the inking of the edges... !!


Material List:

Album:  DAD, A Collection Of Quotes
Paper:  Piggy Tales Little Boy Blue Collection/ Bazill Cardstock
Basic Grey Chipboard
We R Memories Rub Ons
Transparency by My Minds Eye
Various Ribbons and Buttons
Flower: Making Memories
Inking Edges by Color Box
Magnet:  Basic Grey

Enjoy this LONG weekend!!! 

Many Thanks.

Twice this week, I got surprises in my mail box!!!  And we're not talking at hotmail either.  I'm talking, Mr. Postman and everything!

On Monday I got this beautiful sign from my internet friend, Shabby Juls!  (Hand crafter by her!) 


Thanks Sweetie..  Just to let you know, I rearranged my kitchen.. move the Barista Espresso machine around to get more room for your gorgeous sign!!!

Then on Tuesday, I got this beautiful book.. handmade.. (did you all hear me, handmade) equipped with personal photographs from none other than the sweetest lady... Maria



Thank you so much ladies!!!  I LOVE getting stuff in the mail.. although I'm the worst person at sending stuff in the mail! :) 

Today was the kid's last day of school and our neighbor is the sweetest, she took 20 of the neighborhood kids on a hummer limo ride after school.  We got there and the kids were so excited to see the chauffeur standing in front of this massive limo!!!  They ran towards us screaming!  We all jumped in and just had a blast driving around!  They headed over to our house after for a Last Day of School BBQ, catered by your truly!  It was just so much fun hanging out with these kids!


I've been doing quite a bit of paper scrapping as well for the LSS. Here's the latest mini-book that is not titled yet, but it's an All About Me album.  I will scan them in later for a closer look. But here's a few pages.






Alright.. off to tend to my little girl who is just under the weather.  Enjoy your Thurday! 

P.S.. I am so excited to see Pirates 3!!!  I think we may fetch all the kiddo's to the midnight showing!


(This was taken on Saturday at around 11 pm. It's so gorgeous, there is always light in the distance that never really goes down. And the sun rises at around 4:30 am.)

What a great and relaxing weekend and Monday we had.  Hubby surprised me with taking Monday off, which threw me off course.  (You know as a list person, this boggled my mind at first!)  And you all should know by now, I'm not one for surprises.  We had lunch together, did a lot of running around minus the kids, which is always a bonus.  We finally got bike racks so that we could go biking elsewhere.  And got lost in Sports Authority, much to his dismay.  That man could live in there!  We came home with these skateboarding ramps for our adventurous one, Ethan.  And just spend the day outdoors hanging out. It's always nice to be anywhere without children fighting in the background or moaning how it's taking so long!! 

Had a meeting tonight at the LSS and time flew, I got home after midnight!  When you put a bunch of ladies with one topic in mind, scrapbooking, time is of no essence!  Especially when all of us are kidless and in a scrapbook store after hours.  It was like a child in a candy store without parents. I got to use the accucuter and thinking of doing something like this for a class. I have to say I've never been into die cuts, but whoa, they are so neat!

I got a chance to photograph this cutie on Saturday!  I've come to the conclusion, that if you can photograph a busy 2 year old, you can do anything! :)



Enjoy your Tuesday!

Eleven YeaRs...


Eleven years of love, friendship, trials, celebrations, surprises, heartaches, joy, laughter, sorrow, and experiences.  It doesn't feel like another year has come and gone since our last celebration.  Those who are close to us know that this day is worth every ounce of celebration.  We have taken the "Road Less Traveled". Not many people would even "stay"  nor "want to try again".  Not many people have enough FAITH to believe that God can RESTORE marriages.  But we did what most people would easily walk away from. We're not gonna lie, it's hard work to pick up the pieces, to mend the broken hearts, to trust again, to feel completely at peace with one another.  But with every ounce of hard work it is, it is worth the outcome.

We hung on when our hands were slipping away.
We stuck closer together when the world tried to pull as a part.
We saw the happy ending, when everyone else thought it was impossible.
And now we walked the walk. Our lives are living testimony of Gods never ending love and grace.

So what now?  How are our lives like?  How's the marriage? Is it real?

We love more.
We laugh everyday.
We still fight, we still cry, we still hurt. But we never go to bed angry.
We smile.
We hold hands.
We talk more.
We share our day and dreams.
We are thankful, for every day we are given.
We support each other.
We love with room to grow.
We tease one another.
We spend more time together.
We understand it's okay to do our own thing.

This man, with whom I flirted with in my 10th grade Health Class, now my husband of 11 years, father of our three children, has literally taken my breath away. And I'm not just saying that to be corny. It's true. Everyday our goal is to place a smile on one another's face.  If we have, then we have accomplished the one thing that matters. And that's how it should be everyday with those you love, to put a smile on their face at the end of the day.

(Hit it Shania, here's the same song we've held close to our hearts throughout the years..)


Ah.. travelin' we will go...

I have been sitting on a pot of gold these past few days.. knowing that I will be taking a mini-vacation/craft show/work/fun.  Anna has decided to give me a very early Birthday Gift by paying my way for a round trip ticket to Chicago  to the CHA show in July!!!  So there will three of us flying out from Alaska, including our friend Allie.  I am so excited (and so very grateful) to be taking this opportunity to meet all the folks I work with at Simple Scrapbooks, and then some.  I can't wait to see all the upcoming goodies and all the Scrap-Goddesses! Most of all it is a mini-vacation!!! 

***And I will finally get to meet, (in person, face to face, like I could reach out and touch her) a long time internet and good friend, Ms. Lynne!***  I'm already thinking, should I approach her with a calm and collect mood, or bright and cheery, or run to her screaming.. I haven't made up my mind yet..

Along with me traveling, looks like Hubby will be doing his own traveling, on a TDY to Germany in 2 weeks!  With his new day job he has got lots of opportunities to travel. The following month he will be going to Japan as well!!! So I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about leaving them behind, after all he will be gone too!!!  But, it's always the mom that feels "guilty" when leaving the kiddo's behind.  My goodness, I can't even go to the mall, without feeling like I've abandoned them!!

I've been trying to stay on the computer despite migraines (again) and managed to finish a few pages to my Hawaii Album.  I'm already on page 38 but not quite done yet.

Most of the credits are from Michelle Coleman of Little Dreamer Designs.



I've also joined my girls, Adrienne and Toya's ScrapAlong Blog which is a neat place to share your creations. The theme has been Project Red Cohesion, pretty neat, all things RED:



Alright Lost fans.. I'm ready for next week's, 2 hour finale!! Can't wait.. I caught Smallville's today, oooh cliffhanger!  And I have not seen Greys yet, so I don't wanna read about it in any of y'all blogs!

Midweek Rush.

Wowee Wednesday is all I can say.  Busy, busy, and I LOVE it.  Much to my dismay I did not spend it at the grocery store, but I will have to tomorrow evening! I actually received several inquiries about photo shoots.  (I think they all got together on this day to call me). So I booked shoots and had to make sure I spread them out evenly so that I will not get overloaded with too much work.  So I'm excited! 

I've also been hanging out at our LSS and checking out some of the designers there. One of which was a client of mine during Christmas.  And I tell you what.. it's one thing when people love the pictures that they get with me, but it's whole other feeling when I see those pictures scrapped.  (Literally warms my heart, now thats a true scrapper!) So at checkout time I asked if I could be a part of their design team and now it's official!  I can't wait to work with our LSS and some of my past clients.  Today I turned in my first finished project with the new line from  We R Memory Keepers Vintage Brass Paper Line and their Raw Goods Collection of Mini Albums. I will also be given the chance to set up my little studio at their store and host a make and take! How FUN!



You can see the rest here. It's a part of the Quirks Album.

I also got to use my bucket for my photo shoot today! How cute!


I love watching them play.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday..*** Note to all my Lost Fans.. I have not seen it yet.. but will have my feedback in the morning.***

Happy File.

“Be joyful always.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 (NIV)


I remember thinking on Sunday afternoon, that I've just had one of those days where you just Smile, and think, it was a good day.  It was pretty normal even though it was Mother's Day. I had a house full of kids, we were out all day/afternoon/evening.  But I remember standing out in our back porch just glaring at this beautiful sunset (granted it was like almost 11pm) and hubby came to join me. Not much said, just enjoying that little quiet moment. But it was pure bliss!

Then I get my weekly email of verses from the bible and this one pops up!  Be Joyful Always! And it goes on to talk about how we should always keep a Happy File.  Little recorded moments, tid-bits of our life, that simply put a smile on our faces.  A reminder of God's simple blessings. (Can you see a project unfolding here? Maybe using Maya Roads Lunch Boxes?) You know so often we choose to hold on to bad memories and then we tend to relive them. But with our Happy File, we can open it up to find the bits and pieces of our lives that makes us shine!

I wish you could see us right now, hubby and I are rockin' to some 80's Rock. With the air guitar and air drums!  Believe it or not, I grew up with great hits that are literally making me "bang" our heads like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard.  And we just started, we have to add Poison, Aerosmith, Jon Bon Jovi, and Skid Row!  It all started after dinner, when I got behind my son's Guitar Hero.  Now, if you know my oldest, he is one talented kid!  This kid has got rhythm!  So he made it look so easy, playing this game.  So I get on, thinking, "Listen, Sonny, your mom and dad, were alive when these songs were made number one!" And I literally sucked at this game!  I thought I could do 2 maybe 3 things at once.. but I can't.  Not at this game!  No worries, I've got a plan... while they are at school tomorrow, I may brush up on my guitar skills.  (ssshh)  And then I will show him who is The Boss!  Until then, enjoy your day.. I added my all time head banger favorite: (don't worry it's not looped, don't want to scare off my visitors!)

Back to Reality.


So,  I had my ONE day out of the entire YEAR to do absolutely nothing! Seems pretty minute if you ask me:)  It's hard to believe as I sat there staring aimlessly at the TV looking at Penny Proud from the Proud Family, Isabel making her ump-millionth card for me, while the sound of the boys jumping out on the trampoline yelling as they beat one another up with foam swords.... that I do not have these "Nothing-ness" as much.  I have always had my children beside me or at least one of them attached to my hip. None the less, I would not have it any other way. 

We started our day at church, taught my class with lots of special hugs for Mother's Day, ate a huge lunch at our favorite family restaurant Dami's (Japanese Cuisine), and came home just in time for a good nap, while hubby started my favorite dinner on the grill, Steak and Baked Potatoes.

Friday was a beautiful warm and sunny day!  The girls and I drove over to Joann's to get empty pails and loose flowers so they could arrange them for their Mum's!  Then we sat on the driveway and painted with these. So cool! We lost track of time, which is common for this time of year and soon enough it was way past bedtime.





Saturday we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by the Aspnes' Home.  Along with the usual crew, I met the entourage of "Brits!"  I REALLY enjoyed just listening to them talk, it was like being on the set of "Bridget Jones Diary" or any movie with Hugh Grant in.  It was the first time I tasted a Banoffee Pie.  YUM!  So guess who made one tonight?  Yup, I found a bit of Brit in me after all.

I think I will be doing a bit of digital scrapbooking before the night is over and my crowned "Queen" for a day is laid to rest until next year!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!

For you Mama:


My Mommy
I don’t get to see her often.
I can’t even say I even talk to her on a daily nor weekly basis.
I try to stay strong to make the distance bearable.
Even though being so far a way from her hurts my heart so much.
When she calls, I laugh, I always say positive things.
But it’s just a way of hiding how I really feel.
Which is sad... like a piece of my heart was ripped out of my soul and left for her to hold onto.

I was barely 18 when I left home, a child, with a child myself.
It’s like one day I woke up and I had to pack up and leave.
Afraid. Heart-broken. Worried. Not wanting to leave her side.
But at the same time.
I put on a brave face. I did not want her to think I could not do it.
I wanted her to be proud.
Of the woman I know I could be, and now the woman I’ve become
Is she?

Nearly a year ago.
She called to tell me she has cancer.
I was so heart-broken by the news.
I was angry, hurt, lost, confused, frustrated, and scared.
To this day I don’t think it has sunk in deep enough.
I could not be there for her, as I would have wanted to.
That pains me.

Mommy I grew up, your baby girl has a family of her own now.
And there are days, I see my mom in me.
The way I carry myself through out the day.
The things I say and how I react.
It’s her.
So, she  may not be physically here with me.
But she is in everything I say and do.
I’ve learned so much about life.
Because of you, I know as a mother “I Rock!”
You will never know how much you mean to me.
There isn’t enough words.
I love you Mommy!

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." Proverbs 31:28(NIV)


Anna Aspnes'  MonoBlendz Origins 2; Hipster Plumes; Motherhood Quotes **arriving on Sunday*** (; Katie Pertiet's SunPrint Frame Brushes.

There are days I am overwhelmed by caring for my children and then some.  They fill our lives with demands like checking homework, meals, play time, diapers, and the constant "Mommy I want this, Mommy look at this, or Mommy hold me.." Not to mention the many expenses children bring!  When I'm consumed with thoughts of how demanding children are and how I'm feeling like I've already stretched myself thin, I start to lose sight of the little treasures right in front of me.Sometimes I let the bad out weigh the good and become plagued with "Mommy Guilt". Is there even such thing as "Mother of the Year" award?

Mother's Day is a day for women to receive appreciation for all the endless loving things they do for their families.  It is a day to thank our mothers and mother figures for all the loving support throughout our lives.  Mother's Day is also a day for mother's themselves to be thankful that God has blessed us with children. Most of all, we can each be thankful to Him for mothering us despite our faults.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!