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May 24, 2007



First of all, my prayers go out to your friend...I hope her surgery went well and she is on her way to recovery.

Second...I loved the season finale of LOST as well. I keep trying to wean myself off it since I watch way too much TV but I keep getting sucked back in. I was totally blown away by the ending!!!


GORGEOUS book!!! Love it!!
I am SO into LOST and that was an amazing season finale! Adrienne and I watched it together and just sat there and said WOW!!!

Lisa D.

love the album...beautiful colors!


All I can say is WOW!!!!! You do some amazing work:)

julie k

wow - you're totally cranking out the projects!! love it! our dvr messed up on recording LOST so we watched it online last night! :) i'm so confused!!??!! :)


OMG! This book is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!


you always make the most awesome books.


That is a beautiful layout.I love the colors.

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