Almost Friday, A Latte, and Lost..
So, What's Going On?

Relaxin', Creatin', Kind of Weekin'

That was a nice long weekend!  The kids are officially out of school and they have had a sleepover every single day so far. Hubby had a four day weekend as well.  It was a great start to our summer vacation. We watched Pirates, and LOVED it.

I don't know about you all, but I'm waiting for this movie:


That's right, Transformers.  I have to say, I may be a "girly-girl" but having 2 boys, you gotta know your stuff!  And Transformers was in my time, I remember playing with them from my brother's batch of toys. They don't make them like they used to though, die cast and sturdy.  I know, cause it hurt my brother when I hit him over the head with Optimus Prime!

We just hung out at home for the most part.  The weather was not all that great, lots of clouds and rain.  We had a BBQ with the gang on Saturday, even though it rained.  Anna's hubby made some awesome BBQ Pulled Pork that he smoked for 9 hours!  I just whipped up some short ribs, chicken, and some sides. Needless to say, we ate a lot that day.

I finished my clipboard for my LSS:


I also racked my brain on how I was going to scrap my Bare Elements Castle Album for the LSS.
With some encouragement from my fellow scrapper, Anna. She quickly popped some ideas into my head, and I was determined to finish it before this weekend was over. So here's a sneak peek: (the rest of the photos are on my desktop)


Let's just say, I painted, glittered, and Frilled it all around!  (I LOVE LOVE the Doddle Bug Paper Frills!) I struggled in the beginning mainly because it was so out of my style, I've never worked with anything that wasn't symmetrical. So, to have a castle shaped album, my straight edged mind, went into over drive. LOL!  But at the end, I had so much fun adding the little details.  Alright, it's time to get back to a regular work-week.  Catch you guys all in the morning.



Your album came out soooo cute!!!! Love it!

Audrey Litfin

It just amazes me all the creative things that I see on your blog each time you post!! Wow!

julie k

I got to see your clipboard in person on Saturday!! :) love all your projects in the store - Mary was raving about you and said everything you've done is making stuff sell like crazy!


Ooh, I also think Transformers will be really cool! My brother was aHUGE fan and he is ready for it to come out right now!!
Your castle album is gorgeous!!! And love that clipboard!
(Haven't been by here in ages. Sorry!!!)


love that clipboard. wonderful work as usual.


Ronalyn, that is SO cute! And we saw Pirates too and loved it. WE ARE ALL WAITING ON TRANSFORMERS!!! Hubby is a HUGE fan. One year for his bday I got him the ENTIRE set. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IN A COLLECTIBLE WOODEN CASE!!! My brother is also a huge fan. lol

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