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with the loss of a loved one is never easy..


*Caelan was very emotional about the entire event, he remembers his Tata very well.

This past weekend was my father's wake and funeral.  It was an emotional weekend. One that I'm still coming to grips with.  Grieving with family and friends always helps to ease the pain but coping with the loss of a loved one is always hard.


*Tha'ts me, my mom to the left, my two half brothers, and my nephew just as they lowered his body.

I have not seen most of my relatives in years!  Most people don't even know I am the youngest of 10 children.  (Considering my half brothers and sisters).  But we were all gathered under one roof, as the death of our father brought us together. We cried, smiled, laughed, and mourned again reminiscing of our dear father who did his best to love and raise all his children.


*This photo was one of my favorite photos, it was taken by my oldest, Caelan.. amazing.

I spoke at the funeral behalf of my father's memory being the baby of the bunch, which brought tears to my eyes as I talked.  And my brother had an amazing speech!  He said my father taught me 2 things in life:  One, when you remarry, marry younger, so that she will take care of you in your older years.  And two, if you worry too much, you will age quicker.  It's so true, my father, never worried about anything.  Maybe because I came at the later part of his years, that he just wanted to live worry-free.  But I never saw him got upset about anything.  He'd say, everything will be alright. 

Our stay in Hawaii is almost done and yet I am yearning for more.  It never fails, every time we come to visit, we never want to leave.  The feeling of home, having our family everywhere, and not to mention the beauty of it all... makes us all want to stay.  I can't help but to feel like this is where we belong.  We've been gone from home for over 10 years now, and I am encouraging my husband to find our way back here.  To be close to family, to be near my mom.  Until then.. we are off to the beach (again).

Sunny Daze.


In all the hustle and bustle.. there is always down time.  Hubby is off at the gym for several hours with his dad, the boys are with their friends over at Hickam Air Force Base where we lived a few years ago, and Isabel and I just got back from Fun Factory, (a bigger version of Chuck E. Cheese's or a downsized version of Dave and Busters.. you pick :)  My Auntie  and her grandson (which makes me ?  not sure) just arrived from London last night, my half brother just arrived from the Philippines as well, and my nieces and nephews are on their way. 

Yesterday we spent all day/night at the pool.  Good food, family, and sunshine. Isabel is LOVING it!  She has all these cousins that are her age!  She has already said, she does not want to come home.  And we told her, none of us do ;)


Tonight, hubby and I will take advantage of family, by going out to dinner and a movie.. maybe a stroll along the beach :)  Just being home during these past few days, I've realized why I'm such a laid back, take it easy, and no-worries type person.  Everyone on the island seems to be the same way!  I'm a product of my environment:)  It always seems like people are constantly celebrating or just cheery.  For example, for breakfast we decided to try it out this new place called Koa Pancake House (really good, near the Navy Exchange if you are ever in the area)  but there was a line! That brought people outside of the restaurant.  But no one grumpy or even bothered.  Just people laughing, eating, and just relaxed.

Our entire family has been hooked on these drinks!  Hubby and I have been dunking these things down for breakfast and lunch :)  Along with melting in the sun we are making sure our weight is melting off as well. We are loving the heat!  It's not as humid as I remember it can be.  In only a few days here, we've managed to get a few shades darker:)


Off to have some late night margaritas and Pu-Pu's.  Enjoy!



Yes... it's that pretty.. it's that warm.. it's that blue.. here in Hawaii. 


We've been to the pool to the beach and then to the pool again.  Hanging out with my mom and my brother and some shopping. 

Off to the pool again.  Enjoy!


We've landed, safely.  Despite threats of Hurricane Flossy. It didn't even touch Oahu!  The minute we stepped off the plane, we indeed felt the humidity. Even at 6a.m.!  But the day proved to be a gorgeous day! Driving along the familiar roads of Hawaii, always takes me back.  This is my hometown. This is where I grew up. There's my highschool, that same old corner store, the same steps to our apartment.  That old but familiar feeling never fades. No photos today.. just to lazy to download the ever-so-tired photos of me who is still going with NO sleep.  However, everyone else in the family has taken their naps:)  I can't wait to see what Day 2 has in store for us. Take care!


From the airport in Anchorage.. we are getting ready to take flight (in 2 hours)!  Who takes flights at 2 am with 3 kids that are completely wired?  We do.  They are so excited!  I can't blame them, we always have so much fun there.  And this is our second time this year!  Woo Hoo.. and you thought I couldn't get tanner?  I on the other hand, have a million and one things on my mind.  And quite honestly a bit nervous.  I began to get so busy prior to my father passing that I've never really let it sunk in.  It's comforting to know I will be at home grieving with family.

Until then, you know I can't stay away from the computer for long. Enjoy the final days of summer.

Weekend Recap

The weekend has come and gone and I can't believe it's nearly Monday!

  • Order. Order. Order!  I've been filling orders all weekend.  Emailing, on the phone, or meeting with people.  The other side of the business:)
  • DVR.  Been catching up on my favorite shows.  Psych.  It's hilarious. I LOVE it!!  Hubby and I caught up on several episodes and we are always cracking up!  I love the flashbacks they have in the beginning of the show.  I can relate to the 80's, like Kangaroo pocket shoes (hubby had those), Miami Vice, or Tears for Fears.
  • Army Wives. That's right, hooked unto another show.  And not just me, my "manly" hubby loves it too!  Drama, we all love it, as long as it's not our lives :)
  • Reconnecting. With an old friend, it's great how it we can always pick up where we left off, almost like no time has passed. 
  • Learning.  There is so much to learn about photography. It's great that there is always more to learn.  Like art, it always evolves.  I am thinking of taking a few art classes, I really enjoyed my History of Art Class.  I've always wanted to go back to film to learn more and to actually develop them myself :)
  • Booking. Christmas is just around the corner and I've had a handful of bookings, September is starting to look pretty busy:)
  • Steam Clean. Ah, the seasonal steam cleaning of the carpets was done on Friday night to the wee hours of the morning, try 3 am:)  I had to go over it several times and it still doesn't look as clean as I want them to be.  Round 2 will be done when we get back :)
  • Packing. That seems to be an endless task. I have to pack for 5.  I'm very particular about the way they are packed. Put it this way, I'm not a throw it in kind of gal. Order is the key.
  • New Connections. I love the ladies over at our Local Scrapbook Store. Getting to know them and spending long crop hours with them is so much fun!
  • Botanical Gardens.  A good friend suggested I visit the gardens, so we did just that! Here are some pics.  It was such a relaxing walk, just us and nature, ahhh.. we all need that once in a while.. to feel the earth. Just a reminder how lucky we all are!

*check out this mushroom, yes the same one in the Super Mario Games:)*
*Aww.. my good friend Lori*

*My girl, Melissa!*

  • School Supply Shopping.  It's just that time!  And why is it that my soon to be 4th grader has to be supplies for the entire school?  (3 packs of black/blue pen? Dry Erase Board Markers?)  Geesh!
  • Sushi.  Always room for more sushi!  This time enjoyed it with the company of good friends, The Smiths.  Nice, Berry Nice.
  • 11 Going On 16.  What is it with my tween-child that makes me roll my eyes too!  LOL!  A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 
  • A Nice Week(end). Last summer, it rained a lot.  But this August seems to be hanging on to that warmth. It was a nice week and weekend.  Another high of 79 this past few days.  Wow!
  • Creations.  Here's my latest creations for the scrapbook store:

This one is called "Adj"  (Adjectives) List of words that best describe my Ethan... I enjoyed creating and finishing this one.


My Circle of Friends Album. 



I will share the rest of the pages in my  photo albums soon.  Until then.. that's a recap for ya!

Be - Z crazy.

So I have been up to my eyeballs in photos, emails, phone calls, uploading, editing, and children playing in dirt:)  But it's all good..especially when I get an email from the one and only Cathy Z!  (It was directly to me, if I may say so myself.. no cc's.. no ten other names after mine.. just me!)  Granted it was for work.. the point is, it's an email!  FYI, I tried not to sound like a "crazed-stalker-fan" when I hit reply.

I simply fell in love with THIS couple.  I just LOVE people in LOVE. When I shoot them (that didn't sound right) I just get into this mode.. and I just love how it flows because they literally made the vision in my head come to life.  And seeing it unfold on my 24" screen wow, it's something else!  I think all photographers feel this way.

And then I just have to (have to) share this one too.. because this boy made me feel like having more children!

Look at him trying to find his pockets..


And then here's a father and son shot, that will make you go.. "Awwwww..."

And his sister.. my heart just melted.  And look at her at posing mode.  She literally did not talk to me while I was behind the camera.. .I had to put the camera down and then she would answer.  I put it up and she would pose. Automatic.

Alright.. quite a bit going on here.  My head seems to stay spinning.. Got word from the "Air Force" that we may be moving soon. Going camping this weekend. Uploading orders and more orders. Leaving in 6 days. And laundry, cleaning, and cooking should have been done yesterday! 

2 Birds with 1 Stone..

If that's even possible... :0

What a busy weekend I had.. I set up my studio at our Local Scrapbook Store this weekend.. and I guess I underestimated myself, as usual.  I had a list going of people to come with appointments, but I never thought it would be by the hour, nearly every hour!  Somehow, we attracted even more people than what was on the list.  Some people were browsing the store and asked for the next slot available.  The only way I stayed a float and on top of things, was with my girl Allie!  (Big hugs for her, because despite all that she has on her plate, she came by everyday to help me out!)  As I held the camera, she quacked, danced, made kissy fishy faces, and the funniest part.. she burped, really loud every single time.  The kids, well LOL! 

Some of my favorite shots so far (as I comb, literally thousands of photos...)





But I will be updating my photography website with more of these photos.

For now, let me try and get 2 Birds with 1 Stone.. by addressing to so many of you out there who I've been wanting to email, chat with, or just connect with. 

  • Allie:  Thanks girl for everything,  I could have NOT survived this weekend without you!
  • HELLO!!! to my new friend Sam from South Africa!
  • Oh another email from Lene from Norway!  Wow! I literally just received your comment as I am typing.  Thanks!!!  I wish you guys had blogs of your own that I could come and visit! 
  • And what about the rest of visitors from different countries?  I wanna MEET you guys!!!
  • Carmela:  Sweetie.. I am keeping up with your blog, but have not left messages.  Happy Anniversary!
  • Adrienne!!!!  Girl.. I'm good.  I have not checked my mailbox in a few days!  I am a little too afraid to go now at 12 am!  But will do tomorrow!!!!  Can't wait!
  • My sister in law:  Congrats on your new little one.. Audrey!!!  She gave birth on Saturday?  And we will be there in NINE DAYS!
  • Lisa Mommy4Him:  Hey girl!  How are you? 
  • Denys... girl, email me.. call me?  Wanna chat!  U okay? Thinking of ya!
  • Melissa:  Are we still camping this weekend?  Rain, rain.. go away!
  • Jodi.. I've been loving your latest designs on your announcement cards... I love that you have that eye for a clean cut design.. simplicity at it's finest!  I will be uploading your order tomorrow.. sorry I didn't do it on Friday!!!!!
  • And to Ms. Keri, who I can't seem to get a hold of.  I miss you!  How are you?  You must be screening my calls :)  I leave on the 15.  Would love to see you before I turn 90!  ;)
  • Mommy:  SEE YOU IN NINE DAYS!!!! 

Okay.. I know that was like the most impersonal way to say hello and catch up.. I will email/call/see you guys soon.. I am on this mad woman mission to let everyone view their photos on Tuesday!  Pressure!  I will catch up with everyone's blog.

F.I.N.E... fine.

*Thanks guys!*  For calling/emailing to make sure I was okay. It means a lot to me!  I just needed that moment to "feel" and that I did. I have to say, scrapbooking is therapy.  I did an entire album of the photos I used in the slideshow, uploaded to shutterfly, and it will be here in 3 days!  Now that is what I call, going with the flow.

I have a busy weekend and week ahead.  (Besides counting down till we get on that plane...)  I am taking my Studio and setting it up at our LSS (Local Scrapbook Store)!  It's fun getting together with that community. And yes I have already begun the Christmas Photoshoots.

Random things on my mind (while driving around today)...

  • It's almost here.... Winter that is.  We had a really great weekend, near 80's.  And then like a flick of a switch, we are struggling to reach 60's!  But, it's all good.  I'm quite fond of our winters, something about it makes us feel so warm and cozy.
  • I don't do well on detours.  I'm driving on my familiar path to our Scrapbook Store and a big sign that sends my brain into overdrive.  Detour!  Yeah, not good.  I ending up making several U-Turns then stopping upon finding a park for Isabel.
  • I have readers from GERMANY, QUEBEC, SOUTH AFRICA.. and then some!  Wow.. please stop by and say Hi!
  • How's Lynne? I haven't emailed her in a while!  Maybe I sent off some bad first impressions? I really had a surreal moment meeting her!


  • Oh Claudette... I be in Hawaii from Aug 15-31.. I may get to meet you!  Whatcha think?
  • Lindsey Lohan.. poor thing.  What is it child stars and drugs/alcohol?
  • "...isn't it ironic, dont' you think, a little too ironic.."  A song by Alanis Morisette, haven't heard it so long, and yet I know all the words!  Forgot how much I love that song.  Life is filled with ironies.
  • Why do people drive so fast?  It's like they are all racing to get to the stop light first.  Slow Down!
  • Ugh.. grocery store, again?
  • I really need to return some of those Netflix movies, I really want to see Premonition with Sandra Bullock.
  • I should have bought something at the mall.. oh I guess I could shop in Hawaii.
  • What's for dinner?