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Still here...

*cough cough... sniff sniff* 

I've got a cold.  Today, I slept.. slept.. and slept some more.  Hubby was home today and poor guy just got of a mids schedule (7pm-7am) and he let me sleep in till 10 am while he took care of the kids.  He took a 2 hour nap and we headed out the door by noon to run some DMV errands.  When we got home, I took another nap.  I feel somewhat refreshed but still drained. 

What a week it has been!  Thanks for all the prayers and emails for my dear friend Lori. She and her hubby are back in Alaska.  The road ahead is still challenging as she rescheduled her radiation for November.  She is still recovering from her surgery but she looks and sounds great!  She is such an amazing lady, I feel so blessed!


Ode to Lil Malia...

Who has my heart wrapped around her little chubby fingers! The house seems so quiet with out Lori's girls here. My arms feel a bit empty without this little "chunker" smiling at me... Can you tell I'm a sucker for babies, love em!

Fall Shows.. (Are filling up  my DVR's)

What did you guys sit and watch this week?  I am like a "variety pack-watcher" I like a little of everything:

  • Heroes, love love love.. did I say love? that show. 
  • Journeyman (after Heroes) I caught the premier.  It was good, in a Quantum Leap kinda way.  I liked it, again.. I'm a Sci-Fi chick like that.
  • I did miss Chuck though, I heard it was good.  Anyone see that?
  • The Biggest Loser.  I've been watching that one.. I do like it.  It is very inspirational, I love seeing the progress these contestants have over come, phenomenal!
  • Greys, of course.  Great kickoff. 
  • CSI's Miami and the Original.  (I have yet to watch them..)
  • Smallville.  Kal El Yes I love Superman, okay just Tom Welling.
  • Ghost Whisperer. Always suspenseful.
  • Life. A new show on NBC, pretty good plot, can't wait to see it unfold.

Can you tell I've been nestled on my sofa/bed watching my recordings on my DVR?  **ah-choo**  Take care!

2, 4, SIX

...that's the number of kids in my home (not including all the neighborhood kids) that I'm watching. 

Unfortunately, my good friend Lori hit another bump in the road to recovery (she was off to Cali for radiation) when they found a few lymph nodes in her MRI scan that have been affected.  Her husband quickly took the next flight out to be with her, in turn a friend and I have offered to take their kids while they are gone. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, mostly for strength and the courage she needs especially being away from three beautiful girls.

On the flip side.. take a look at who I get to spend my days and nights with:


Malia, only 5 months, and I get to hold her, cuddle her, and smooch her all day long! 

Needless to say, what a weekend!  Off for another bottle feeding.  I forgot what it was like to wake up for feedings...  But have no fear, I've turned on that coffee pot!  Talk soon!

You know what's cool?

Just a few things that are totally on my Cool List!


  • Being able to view your child's homework for the week, progress reports, and current grade all with the touch of a button.  That's right on the internet!  Now that is cool.  Now back when I was going to school, probably not so cool.  Cause then my "mom" would be the "mom" I am now with my son.  Classic scenario:

"Mom, I'm done with my homework.." as he closes his books and scrambles to put everything away so he could play outside.

Enter mom, who puts a halt on that anxious face of his. "Oh really, huh? Let me be the judge of that," as I enter the homepage of Central Middle School.

Now that is cool.  I get full reports, daily, like every single day!

  • This show, "Don't Forget the Lyrics" hosted by Wayne Brady!  If you're a lyric/song lover like me, this is an awesome show.  We sat there singing along and guessing the missing words, the only problem, we don't win any money.
  • Getting ready to turn my Photo Studio into one big Giant Scraproom!  An entire basement with just huge costco tables, a tv, a radio, and yes scrapbooking stuff!  It's my Scrap-Anytime room! My Creative Domain.  (Well, ours Anna!) 
  • Coconut-Pineapple Ice Cream.  It's my latest crave right now.  I've always loved coconut ice cream, we used to get the best kind from Lapperts in Hawaii but I've found that Haggen Dazs does a pretty decent job.
  • The boys signed up for Basket Ball.  Now I just need to get this little girl in a dance class. Although these after school activities keep us busy as heck, it's worth it, for the kids :)
  • Going to CKU Seattle in November.  I will be there from Nov. 1-4.  So if you are headed out there let me know!!! I would LOVE to meet you!
  • Booked three photo shoots for next week and a wedding in February!!!  But soon I will be booking mini-sessions at the Scrapbook Store and On Location shoots.
  • And of course Scrapbooking.  I admit, I'm as hooked as anyone can get.  I don't think I've met anyone else (well except for Anna) who will go completely bonkers without scrapping a page or two.  (Just ask my kids how cranky I got today without my hour of scrapbooking). 
  • Oh.. and the Fall TV shows that are up next week!  HEROES is top on that list.  Oh man, I'm excited!  (If you could see, I'm smiling really big.)
  • Okay one more, jammin to music from the late 80's to early 90's.  That's what we've been rockin' to here..!!!  Can you see us dancing to MC Hammer, Def Leopard, TLC, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, and so much more!!! (Yea, it ain't a pretty sight, especially when you got the same moves as back then!)

My Stylist, A Neat Freak, and of course Scrapbooking.

Out and about most of the day today.  Visited my stylist Jayme (who I love!)  It's one thing to have a favorite restaurant or a favorite movie, but to find a hairstylist that knows your hair inside and out, well that's a keeper. She seriously moves her hands like Edward Scissorhands!  One minute I'm getting shampooed, towel dried, then I blink, she's done! I just trimmed it up a bit, it's growing quick! Then I hung out with Keri "Care-Bear" and raided her fridge :)  On my way home, the truck somehow took a detour to our Local Scrapbook Store (of course).  Where I spent the rest of the afternoon helping the ladies there clean up our back room.  And I'm such a "Neat Freak" in my own way and it's nice to see I'm not the only one who would label nearly everything or want everything in an upright position!  (But I don't alphabetize my DVD's, Ms. Erica!...not yet at least)  I came home at nearly dinner time, (where does time go?) only to go back out and eat at Red Robins.

I started my Fall/Winter 2006 album (and 2006 should be done!) at this past weekend's crop.  But I think I did more talking then scrapbooking :)  But once I get started, I'm afraid I can't stop, so I'm actually almost done. 



Alright, almost Friday.  I'm looking forward to a hanging out with the family, we may head over to the pool, and yes it's an indoor pool :) 



That's what I call my daughter's Part Day Preschool.  In that brief (2 1/2 hours) I got to edit about 60 photos, not bad.. but once I get going I don't like to be bothered or have to stop what I'm doing.  Needless to say, I managed to edit, help with the kid's homework, cook an amazing pork chop meal (if I may so myself?), do 4 loads of laundry and put them away, and wash all the dishes! 

I am done proofing this fun family and my clients will get to see their photos in just a matter of days. :) So preschool is not so bad after all. It gives me that few hours, just enough time, for one thing.I also finished another session with this young soldier who is off to Iraq for a year.  So I am caught up for this week.  I'll think about next week sessions.. next week :)

Today is my day of errands and my visit to the Hair Salon.  Not sure what I want to do with it, but probably grow it out like I did, this time last year.  It's a lot curlier when it's long and I think I'm in the mood for curls. Then I will hang out with my girlfriend, Keri and enjoy lunch with her.  Of course, no day is complete without stopping by my Local Scrapbook Store:)


Special Request.

Just for you babe.. going back, way back.. well not that far back.

It's funny how I still know all the words, but luckily I'm done with the high-hairstyle.

Just having some fun and a bit nostalgic from my SIL Myspace page with Debbie Gibson. And sis, I really was gonna put NKOTB.. you know New Kids On The Block.. but I opted for a this:)

Alright, Bel and I are really rockin' this one.. "...ooh baby.. I think I luv ya"

Seward...population 2,500


That's us in Train Car D and the gorgeous view as we stepped out to take a peek :)

We got a great opportunity to ride on Alaska's famous Railroad Train and with free tickets (costing about 110/person) we could not say no.  The train ride took us from Anchorage to Seward and back and it was our first time.  It was an amazing adventure!  One that we have always wanted to do since we got here.  Even though it was the end of "Tourist Season" we were still wide eyed at the gorgeous landscape Alaska had to offer.

Enter husband's comments here - ever so grateful for the opportunity to finally take a ride on the Alaskan Railroad, I will have to say, now I know why Alaska is known as the last frontier (or maybe I just realized after 2.5 weeks in Hawaii, that I am a city/beach boy through and through). Walking from one side of town to the other side of town (in less than 30 min, taking our time) we learned that Seward has 1 trolley, 1 taxi, 1 fire station (with 3 bay doors), 1 ice creamery, 1 museum, 1 bank, and 2, count them TWO chinese restaurants across the street from each other.  Town is about about 2 miles do I know?  One end of town posts a sign noting that downtown was 1 mile that away. Other side of town is posted another sign saying the same thing.  A fishing community with a population of about 2,500, I think we saw enough boats for each person in town. 2,500 folks!  That's my high school plus my father's side of the family, give or take 10.  One of those towns where everyone knows each other.  We found ourselves racking our brains trying to kill time, only to give up and walk to the train depot to wait for 90 min until we board our train.  Did I say board or bored?  And as breathtaking was the scenery from the train, you almost have joke to yourself (quietly as not to offend nature lovers), look, beautiful trees - look a glacier - now look around the bend, more trees - and another glacier.  Haha, I am laughing to myself now.  But kidding aside, I now can check off of my checklist of things to do before leaving Alaska - 1. Ride the train 2. Go to Seward. I did have the best pineapple coconut ice cream in Seward! Also had mouth watering fish and chips!  And now a lesson about things Alaskan...did you know 3 Texas' can fit in Alaska?  It's true!  Maybe that's why 3 of Texas' winters is the length of one Alaskan winter...and Seward is named after the gentleman who helped to purchase Alaska from the Russians.  I'm sure the Russians are still laughing at that deal...I'm KIDDING! Ok, I'll stop it.




[uh-stoot, uh-styoot]

That is my word of the day, it means:

clever; cunning; ingenious; shrewd: an astute merchandising program; an astute manipulation of facts.

Why?  Well it's just funny how Isabel says it.  Let's say it really depends on how you stress the syllables! It made for a good laugh, a much needed laugh!  Well I forgot what it was like to be loaded with homework.  That's how my boys feel right now. And as I try to help one and then jump to the other to help him, meanwhile trying to hush a "yappy" 4 year old, I'm sharing that same frustration.  My oldest just does not have the drive nor desire, (well it seems like it to me) to be in this Enrichment Program at school.  "It's too hard.." he says.  And it's only been 2 weeks.  Therefore, bringing home his first test of the year with a whopping "D".  Is Mama Bear happy?  Well, I just tell them I'm not mad.. just disappointed. But in their terms.. that is the same as mad.  Anyway, he has the chance to make it up... (when) tomorrow.  So what does he want to do?  Study?  Heck no. Play? Yes. So he's sat next to me.. pouting. (To me it's pouting).  I stop helping his brother (who desperately needs my help even more) to help him out. I give him a brief test.. to see what he knows.  Only to realize, these are really hard!  Hence came my word of the day.  It was just one of the 20 words I had no idea the meaning too. 

So to help him study (cause obviously his method of just staring at the paper is not helping).  I've retyped the words into blocks and I am making a game out of it.  Kind of like a matching game, match the definition to the words, I guess we will break up into teams. I figure it's a good way for all of us to find new meaning.  Well the meaning to these words that is.  Consider this, Vocab 101 for the Baruts.

By the way have you ever heard the term "Husbandry" And no it's not the art of being a husband that is good at laundry.. get it.  (Sorry my sense of humor is quite odd).  Well if not, I guess you could look it up :)

Alright, I've decided to completely pass a great offer.  A trip to Las Vegas to Memory Trends this weekend with my friend, Amy, our LSS owner.  Why you ask?  It's just to sudden, to spur of the moment, to spontaneous for an old foggey like me! Especially someone who likes to plan ahead, way ahead.  There's always next year.  Besides I did not want to run around scrambling like a mad woman, or as Anna puts it, a headless chicken! But still, I did pass up warmth, sun, shopping, and scrapbook stuff.. for the comfort of my home. 

Of course I always need to throw a picture in there, how about some from last night's session. (which I've already done proofing!)




Fallin' Into Fall with a Chatty 4 Year Old and Prayer.

We've definitely got that "chill" in the air.  I seem to find myself waking up in the mornings to look at the mountain tops awaiting that first dusting of snow.  When you do see it... it almost feels like a giant white blanket getting ready to hover Alaska for the next 8 months. It fills the air with excitement, usually for my children who love snowboarding and being out and about on the snow. As for me, I complain about how cold it gets, but it really isn't all that bad.  All my girlfriends know I'm a "Homebody" and I don't mind at all, as long as we get to scrapbook!   

I think the kids are adjusting just fine in school.  Isabel cannot wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays. She even gets the concept of days and time.  She recognizes the numbers on the clock and says, "it's 12 o'clock mommy!"  The other day I arrived at the preschool a little earlier to peek in (yes I do that frequently, can't seem to just let her be, just yet!)  and found her raising her hand during story time.  (I taught her that when someone's reading a book we need to listen and that if you wanted to talk, you need to raise your hand.)  So, she was raising her hand, I saw the teacher call on her, and she stood up, and from the glass window all I could see is her mouth "chatting" away with some arm movements.  (blah.. blah..blah..) 

She has a lot to say, I thought.  Then I asked her what did you tell your classmates.  She said, "Well, I told them that my birthday is in April 6, and on April 6 I will be 5, and when I'm 5, I get to go to Big Kids School and ride a big yellow bus with my brother, and I will be in school all day, and I'm going to have a birthday party, and everyone can come..."  Blah.. Blah..Blah.. that little girl can talk!  All this time I thought she was Ms. Quiet, Ms. Shy, Ms. I'm gonna miss my mommy... I guess not! 

She also wants to do homework like her big brothers:


She's getting her phonetics down, it's kind of funny to hear talk with so much pronunciation.  "Hey M-aww-M and D-aaa-D this is a Duh-Aww-G."  I would love to get her reading soon, she seems very interested!

Yesterday we got together with Lori and a bunch of friends for a little get together to wish her well on her journey through radiation in California.  She will be gone for 3 weeks we are all pitching in to care for her three beautiful girls.  Please keep her in your prayers and most of all pray for her strength to get through this difficult time in her life. I know she will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Fun Times.

When I first saw this commercial, I fell off my sofa laughing!  Not because I was a Phil Collins fan, (well I am, way back from the Genesis days), or a Jerry O'Conell fan (yeah I liked him in Siders) but because it was so up my husband's alley of "funny-isms"  .. And the funny thing is he did the exact same thing even before he knew it was gonna happen!  We had to replay this over and over until we found it on youtube of course.


(Now hubby and I are betting that our BIL, who has the same humor as him, will do the same thing)

This was also funny: that's my boy, getting the girl's numbers :)  (Well these are some of his best friends, gotta save their numbers, he knows momma's got eyes in the back of her head, and a Cellular One detailed bill)


And there's nothing like hanging out with my boy and his friends.  At least he doesn't mind it so much.. for now.  A great way to shoot outdoors!



 It was such a nice night for a walk and hanging out with my kid's friends.  I think that it's important to know who your children hang out with, to get involved, and have that "friendship" kind of relationship. Well in my eldest son's language:  TTYL, CUL8TR, I D K MY BFF JILL (of course from that commercial) :)