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...and I'm OFF!

Officially off the computer, off Photoshop, off editing, off combing through emails, and off onto an airplane to Seattle!

It's a much needed break. I tend to underestimate myself, A LOT!  Like, the photoshoot turned out to be jammed packed with people moving by the half hour until 8 pm both days!  The work that needed to be done to show my clients their photographs. My calendar class that turned out to be a hit!  Which I am so happy about! Not to mention all the cutting and preparation into that.  And with little time I had at home and with family this past week.. I did a lot of journaling.  At one point, I debated whether to pull over to the side of the road to write my thoughts down. 

My calendar class. Can you imagine cutting all 30 kits? My hubby actually came and cut them out!!!

You know as a stay at home mom for 11+ years, I always wondered what it would be like to step out side of my four walls, into a whole new environment, out of my realm and out of my comfort zone.  I often wondered if I could juggle work, kids, their extra curricular activities in between.  And found it quite hard this week.  I found out that I miss them.. I miss my family.  I miss spending time with them and just being lazy all day. I miss watching our shows on tv, sleeping in, and keeping the house tidy!   I know it's not like this everyday and I don't try to stretch myself all the time, but those times that I do, it makes for quite a ride!  But it's those times that I can't wait to revert back to my comfy self, and it's those exact moments, that makes me feel so blessed for all things ordinary. And it's within those busy moments that make me realize that even though you have what you've always wanted and reached certain heights in your life, it's NOT worth it without the love of your family beside you. Cause at the end of the day, it's nice to come home!

The temperatures are in the 45's which is really good for Halloween night, it's always been snowing, freezing, or just too much ice and snow outside.  But on this night, it's actually quite nice! I spent the day with Keri and her girls trick or treating over at the base hospital, which is nice and warm :)

And so I'm off.. my hubby's in charge of this house and the kids... and I just know he will do an awesome job!  I promised to bring him along with me on my next trip to CHA in Anaheim in February!  Until then, one trip at a time.  I hope everyone has  a great week!!  Off to do some shopping, I hear the shopping is WAY better than Alaska :) Until then, I have updated  my Photography Blog with just a few more pics!  Enjoy!

My Spook-tacular Photoshoot...

My weekend was filled with

  • Singing : "Trick or Treat.. Smell my feet...give me something good to eat!"
  • Bunny Rabbits


  • Some of my favorite clients!


  • Thousands.. literally thousands of photos!!!
  • Maverick and Goose:


  • A foster family and 8 children (oh I have yet to edit those!)
  • Img_3859

Needless to say.. there more pictures left to edit!  I will be adding more to my Photography Website
Tonight is my Calendar Class at the Scrapbook Store and the day after that I am off to Seattle for a few days!  It will be a much needed break!  I will write more tomorrow!  Until then, take care!


At the end of the night, when the kids have all gone to bed, my husband and I sneak up to our computer room.  We like that hour to just sit in front of the world wide web.  For me, I work, either on photos, answering emails, or catching up on my friend's blogs.  For him, he plays World of Warcraft, he needs a "thing" and I guess while I am on the computer he needs to find something to do.

Then I sit here with a blank post.. just wondering, do people sit here and wonder the same thing, What do I blog today? Do they wanna hear how I ran around ramped today going from one place to another with that little snow we had this morning?  How I was filled with appointments for the past two days having all three kids home? How about that sheer frustration, driving to the McDonald's drive through, hoping to catch the end of breakfast at 10:30, only to find,  it's back to chicken nuggets for the kids again. Or after dropping Isabel to preschool, instead of going straight home to the boys, I sat in Starbucks at the BX and just gazed out the window, craving that little bit of peace I so desperately needed today. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death, I just need a breather.

How about now, at 12:22 am, hubby and I are sat here listening to Tim McGraw's Greatest Hits.  Yes, country, I so secretly love it!  "My BBQ stain on my white T-shirt, she was killing me with that mini-skirt..."  If you know what I'm talking about, you're a Country Gal too!  Just thinking about all the things I didn't get to do.. you know the things I didn't get crossed off my list.  Little focus goes on to what I actually did though.  Why is that? 

One of the things we did tonight as a family is watch Caelan's first Basketball Game.  That was EXCITING!  I am ashamed to say I'm one of those mama's that want to "Kick the other team's butt"  I get a bit too into the game, yelling "Defense, Put your hands up!"  Or "Go baby.. go baby.. yeah!! That's my boy.. right there, number 15!" Seriously, next game I'm going in wearing the same colors as the team!   I know that at the end of the night, all that matter's is that my son had fun.  But like I said tonight, it's a lot more fun when we win, though.  I know, bad mom.. I guess I always had that bit of competitive edge, that would like to suck all the glory little happy faces out of the other 11/12 year olds who beat my son today.  But I'm not bitter, I say "Coach, let's practice three times a week, get them out there." Thursday is our next game, and I am ready!  Need a day to get my voice back!  Enjoy your Wednesday!





It was that kind of day, when I seem to be spinning in a whirlwind of events.  The night before, my Ethan had showed symptoms of his Asthma returning.  It has been so long since we last put him on any meds that little did we know, his meds had all expired and there were zero left on his refills.  His cough wasn't that bad, and so it seems.  We get to the hospital and his wheezing has already begun.  Did I mention military hospitals take "forever in a day" to be seen?  I also had an appointment that day, due to unusual swelling on my right foot.  Weird. No rhyme or reason, even the Dr. was clueless.  I guess that should say enough for military care, huh?  I don't meant to sound so brash, just been at the hospital from 9 am - 4 pm, and that is long enough to turn anyone bitter.  But with everything that was going on today, it's nice to know that I have someone to vent it out too :)  It's always nice to be able to "blurt" out your day and find a "Translator" that always finds the way to decipher the moments and bring it some clarity.  Makes you look at things in a different light and at the end of the day, it really isn't all that bad.

Needless to say, it's one of those days, where the house wasn't all picked up.  Dinner was over an hour late, the laundry is in the same spot as it was the day before, my desk is filled with "stuff", and I'm in the I just don't care right now mood.  I made it, we all made it... And that picture above is enough to put a smile back on my face...  She's got to be the most patient little girl EVER!  As I always say, tomorrow is a new day! 

Ready.. Set.. Go

  • Gearing for this weekend's Spooktacular Photoshoot that is going to be held at the Scrapbook Store.. Along with a Mommy & Me crop that Isabel seems to be more excited for!  She just loves scrapbooking with her little friends over there.


  • Then I will be hanging out with some of these ladies and gearing up for our trip to Seattle!  We mainly signed up for CKU, but it looks like we will be touring the city most of the time seeing that one of the ladies is from Seattle. I'm so excited, I'm a big "touristy" type kind of gal. I want to see it all, and yes I've got an itinerary started!


  • This weekend, I bought my first pair of these




and when we first moved here, I saw them everywhere, and I thought, "ewww"  But during my quest to find a comfy boot, one I can stand in most of the day, I encountered a lady who seemed to be going "ooh" and "aahh" every time she slipped these on.  I looked over and asked, "Are they really that comfortable?"  And she smiled, as if, she had been walking on clouds all day, and said "yes"  So when the Nordie's Lady stepped out, I asked to try and pair.. And in a few seconds, I looked like I was walking on clouds!  And I did, only what my kids would do, WORE THEM OUT OF THE STORE :)

When I got home, we sprayed them with some treatment.. the next day my hubby comes over to me as I was brushing  my teeth and poured a bottle of water over them and at that time, I thought I was gonna choke on my toothbrush.. and the water just rolled right off :)  Wowsers!

Now, only if they had it in Isabel's size, I checked, it was sold out! 

  • This weekend, my boys transformed (what was to be my craft room) into their game room.  So instead of endless nights of scrapbooking, looks like they will have endless nights of playing video games and their very own living room downstairs.  Somehow I think, the hubby had this vision all along. His point, I'm always at the scrapbook store anyway, and I should just crop there.  But I do give him credit for rearranging the computer room to my very spacious craft room for me. :)
  • Last but not least, I came home one day and hubby told me he bought me a song.  (A song? Not a necklace, a book, but a song) And I listened to it for the very first time,  it was the sweetest thing! I tell you what, there were tears in my eyes! .. (move over Alicia Keyes, this one looks like my new fave)

Alright, I really should get back to work. I've got a bunch of editing to do.  Enjoy your Monday!

Just Hangin' Out..

It's already Friday?  What a week! I've been keeping busy, but days like today, it was just FUN.  I got together with the Design Team, closed up the store, set up my equipment, and just had a blast!  You can tell, that we (mothers) don't get out much.  We've never been so excited to be "kid-free" for a couple of hours.

I'm prepping for my wedding this weekend. It will be a small ceremony but we got some exciting things planned.  I hope all goes well, I'm more excited than nervous. 

There is no school today... so it means I may get to sleep past 6:30!  But being that it's 2:40 am  ( I know, I have such a bad habit of staying up late.)  I should turn off Matchbox Twenty on my itunes, shut down this computer and save all this work for tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend!



Though we can't always see it at the time,
if we look upon events with some perspective,
we see things always happen for our best interests.
We are always being guided in a way
better than we know ourselves.

Swami Satchidananda

And that is my quote for the day, in other words, things happen for a reason.  As hubby and I enjoyed a nice day together along with our little girl, it was nice to sit and chit chat about life.  He asked if I was happy, working outside the home at our local scrapbook store and tearing down my photography studio and setting up at the store instead of home.  I looked over at him, smiled, and said "yes."   It's been a long time coming for me.  I've been home for the past 12 years and now the boys are at that age where I can come and go as I please.  Keyword, being "I", even though I still have my little girl at tow, she is the easiest-going little girl.  She loves to follow me and "help" me out and she is as crafty as I am.  (I actually think she's recognized the different manufactures in this business :) 

And the photography business is starting to take flight.  It's so exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  Nonetheless, a ride worth the risks. I have a little wedding this weekend, and believe it or not booked 3 for next year :)  A year ago my mentality would've been, "I don't think I can do this.."  Today it's more like, "Bring em on!" 

I'm also working on introducing new techniques to the Scrapbook Store.. by offering a variety of classes touching different areas in scrapbooking, one of which is Digital :) 

Last but not least, I purchased a great new album.. I've reunited with one of my FAVORITE entertainer/songwriter Rob Thomas with a compilation of some old and new songs with Matchbox Twenty.


That includes one of my all time favorite hits:

School Pics

Here's LifeTouch's Photography:

My oldest got his 7th grade photos today. (And yes, even though I'm the photographer, they still do that school photo thing)  I can't believe he's almost a teenager and officially our own personal babysitter...nice!


Then here's R Barut Photography :)  (wink, wink)  He skipped picture day for an appointment, but have no fear, I'm always ready :)  Here's my NINE year old., not quite ready for the babysitter position.  But quite responsible and handy for age nine. 


And my little girl has not taken her school pics yet.. and we are still in search of a cute outfit! But no post would be complete without her added in the mix.


The days seem to fly by and tomorrow is my day to just take a breather.  (Hubby also took Wednesday off, just to hang.) 

I have officially taken the studio down from my home and did a little rearranging.  My Spook-tacular Photo Shoot at the store is almost filled :)  I have these times available.  It's going to be a fun event, I'm even getting a costume for the occasion :)   I hope you guys have a relaxing Wednesday!


The weekend is over?

Well, let's start with Friday, shall we?

  • Worked at the Scrapbook Store for several hours (aka hung out with the Design Team)
  • Out to dinner with Melissa and Lori for a (belated) Birthday Celebration.  We ate at one of my favorite places... Dami's (Sushi!!!)  Watched an AMAZING.. movie. THE KINGDOM Yes, it was that good!  I have to say that, it was by far, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!  It really gives you an in depth look at some of the harsh realities that are going on in the world today. 
  • By the time I got home, it was well past midnight. 


  • Two maternity shoots.  I usually don't book back to back, but these lovely ladies only had a week or two to spare, before baby is born.  I have to say, I LOVE LOVE maternity shoots.  My creativity just flows!  I am able to focus at the lovely mom to be, decide how I want the lights to fall, and just really play, artistically! It is VERY satisfying, as an artist and photographer to capture these moments.

Here's a little sneak peek in which I tried (keyword, tried) to create a quick slideshow, then exporting it to quicktime, and uploading it to a website. But I there is still so much to learn on this iMac.

Kirsten Maternity Proofs Sample

But from this photo shoot, came my new banner for my photography website:


  • I spent the rest of the night (till midnight) at one of our late night crops, hanging out with my obsessive compulsive, 12x12 queen Ms. Erica (inside joke) and Dulce who I will get to hang out with in Seattle for CKU in a few weeks (Insert, yea!) 


  • You gotta love those days when you try to squeeze eating lunch, a trip to the mall, Costco, and a very packed Commissary!  I admit, by the time we were at the commissary, I wasn't Ms. Nice, Sweet Mommy anymore.. more like impatient, grumpy mom of three kids who just had it up to here in grocery shopping.
  • Then there's catching up on laundry that's almost as tall as me ! 
  • Placing dinner (for tomorrow) in the crockpot.
  • And just relaxing (somewhat)...

Well that's my weekend in a nutshell.. how was yours?

Just A Few..

of my favorites from this week...

I've been juggling a few things this week, between dental appointments, photo shoots, a fun day at Isabel's preschool, more photo shoots, and working at the Scrapbook Store... I don't even notice it's 25 degrees outside.  Which is good, cause the more I sit and think about it.. I think, wow that came pretty quick! 






Looking forward to the weekend... dinner and movies, pregnancy shoots, rearranging furniture, and a late night crop at the Scrapbook Store ;)