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December 2007

It's Been A While...

Let's Recap, shall Wii?

Christmas 2007...

One word, Perfect.
It was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a while. 




The kids were so surprised to get a Wii, especially knowing that getting one this time of the year was next to impossible, but to thanks to "Uncle" Steve, who waited in line with a lottery ticket and chances seem to be slim, he actually got one.  And how sweet of him to win it for the boys instead of taking it home for himself.  And I tell you what.. I LOVE THIS Wii!  And this is one of the reasons I've been absent from the computer. This is the BEST system for a family!  We all get on there and challenge a game of Tennis, boxing, bowling, or any of the Mario games.. It is the BEST!  The minute we opened it I have been on it.  My muscles even hurt from boxing and tennis, forget that treadmill downstairs, I'm exercising right here! And of course I could not wait for people to come over so I could kick their butt in boxing :)



This was when Melissa's guy stood back at the count of 9, when I thought I'd already won!!


To top it off, it finally snowed on Christmas Day!  And my kids had their white Christmas after all along with their spanking new snowboards from Zumiez!


And iAm iN love with my new iPhone!  That's right, Santa visited me the day after Christmas!


Forget frivolous.. this is the most practical piece of technology out there! Like Anna said, everyone should get one :) It does everything you can imagine, but clean and cook (says the hubby).

Off to scrapbook the last of my December Pages.  Enjoy the last few days of December!

12, 13, 14, and catching up tonight...



It's almost midnight.. that means it will officially be Christmas!  I am up (of course).. I have a Turkey going in my oven at the moment and it won't be done until 1:30 am only because I have a Prime Rib to put in the oven tomorrow, so I needed to get the Turkey done.  Went to work today, with every intention to finish an entire album.  After all who shops on Christmas Eve?  Apparently everyone!  And tons of husbands.  Not even sure how many gift cards were sold in a 2 hour time span.  One husband, got $100 gift card and then came back and bought the Cricut Expression for $400.  Now that's LOVE!  Needless to say, Dulce kept me company and I only got a few pages done. 

Finally home, and getting ready to finish up my Christmas Album.  Awaiting Santa's arrival and some Happy Children!!!  Enjoy your holidays:)

A Shift In Perspective...


Of life in general, that is.. Isn't it great how God just uses our every day lives to speak to us.. how He turns regular moments into moments of "Epiphanies"   (  A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.  A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: "I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself" Frank Maier.) 

Hence the title of the blog, by the way...  It seems that I need these moments to jolt me back into what it is all about.  I sat today in my last photoshoot of the year (and so I've said, many times before...)  And while awaiting things to "work" again.. (BTW, there's nothing worst than having a photoshoot, when you can't mechanically shoot the photo... technical issues) Well, I sat there thinking, what am I doing here?  It's a Sunday.  My Sunday, the Sunday I used to spend all day at church for, the day, it all came together for me, my day, our day, and His day..

Needless to say, after getting off the phone with a friend, she put me into perspective.  And Lord knows, she's been hanging around me for a reason. So thanks girl:)  Things went back on track, we did the photoshoot and I did get a lot of great images and I still get excited about the final product!!!  So everything turned out just fine. 

I've been out of the 'blog" world and internet just to catch up with the chaos of Christmas.. ***AND YES FAMILY, YOU WILL GET A CHRISTMAS CARD.. JUST AFTER CHRISTMAS.. I'm thinking of doing a Happy New Year Card instead.. (improvise)***   I just could not get myself together. 

What else have I been doing.. Baking!  Like a maniac! I've tried so many cookie recipes, it's been fun!  Now I wish Santa would get me a Cookie Press!!!

And, sniffle, sniffle, I had a bit of cold.. nothing that we can all kick to the curb though.

I look forward to more relaxed days ahead with the kids out of school for their winter break.  Until then, enjoy your Holidays and I will update you with our new tradition of Prime Rib (and Turkey) for dinner :)

I Love Me...

... some me time.  It's only 10:30 am and I feel so refreshed :)  Nothing much to do but hang out at home.  Hubby took some time off (again) Not sure about you, but he either loves hanging out with me, or enjoys his game time ?  We have plans to finish Izzy's Christmas list, which seems so specific this year, she said, clothes, but not just any clothes, it has to be a dress that is red and pink.. :)  very visual, eh? 

I woke up early this morning, not early enough to get my oldest off to school. But I awoke to find he had made himself breakfast, some bacon and then he made his brother breakfast too, some eggs.  He did wake me up to tell me he did not have time to make his brother lunch, so he asked if I could put that together, seeing his bus was leaving at 7:30am.  I managed to roll out of bed on a cold (-3 degree day) to get Ethan to school. I just can't imagine the kids standing outside in front of the bus stop at 3 Below Zero.  Much more comfortable in a warm car. 

I got home to put dinner in the crockpot, a load of laundry in, already vacuumed and dusted, and most importantly some scrapping time.  I also finished the rest of Bourne Identity while getting my 31 Days of Christmas updated:



And our good friend, Melissa FINALLY had her baby.. BOY!   Congrats guys!  (Third time is the charm)
Welcome to the World, Bryce Smith.

Alright, off to get ready to start our day, one last trip to the toy store/mall, wrapping the rest of the gifts, and visiting Mr. Baby Bryce. 

It's Not Supposed To Be...

... a stressful time of year, it never fails, I still have a million and one things to get done. I think we are finally done with the kids gifts, but it did not come easy.
... 10 degrees, well maybe, but mother nature give us a little more snow, so I can bring the boys snowboarding.
... less than 10 days before Christmas
... the iPhone, in Alaska!  I saw it at the mall today, and it took everything in me to convince myself that I simply do not need it. (Although I want it)... it's frivolous (right?)... it's just another gadget (only the most awesome piece of technology known to man and all Mac Lovers everywhere!)  Oh please, just say it's sold out so the hubby does not have to use the jaws of life to yank me out of the new AT&T store.
... That insanely busy at the Commissary.  Well, yes it is, but geesh!
... Time for my favorite all time desert from Starbucks, the Cranberry Bliss Bar.  Yum. (Note to self, make a list of my holiday favorites, desert, song, memory etc.. for album)
... Monday already!  I can't belive it's be Monday already.

And a photo of me in all  my blaze and glory.. hair tied back, looking like I barely got enough sleep last night, and running around like a mad woman at the commissary, trying to avoid that long line that wrapped around the freezer section... and that's Izzy's point of view, I love when she takes pics, it makes me see "everyday life" in a different way. 


Friday, already?

Where did the week go?  I'm still trying to recap the week for my 31 Days in December.  I've uploaded the photos and I got my journaling, all I need to do is create a few layouts.  I will work on them this weekend.

Today I did 2 photo shoots (and another one tomorrow).  Just wrapping up a few more before I take a break from photography.  (sigh)


Our son had their first Band Concert at his middle school.  Oh my they grow so quickly!

Here's my latest creation:

Busy weekend ahead,

  • Friday, date night, watching I Am Legend with hubby
  • Hosting a crop at the store.
  • Anna's Pre Christmas Christmas Dinner :)
  • Basketball End of Game Party

hmm, can I squeeze in some last minute Christmas Shopping? EnJOY your weekend!



Some of that "white" stuff, called Snow.  I think we have forgotten what they look like here in Alaska.  Even with the inch of snow we got, it's just not enough. It melted quickly turning into a pile of slush.  But it's a start. My kids were determined to spend this Christmas in Alaska, in hopes of snowboarding and tubing by their Winter Break, well their break is in a week, and I'm not sure we can do all this fun snow stuff!

Quite the relaxing day for me today. I walked by the unfolded laundry in the living room.  I looked pass the dirty dishes in the sink since breakfast, and most importantly I stayed away from the computer room. Instead, I reclined our sofas, and cuddled with my Baby Girl.  She went over her Christmas List one more time, making sure I got them all written down for her.  (Of course she added to the list every time she saw a commercial).


We spent the evening at our son's last basketball game of the season.  (Well, he has a Band Concert on Thursday so he can't make it to that game!)  The sun seems to be setting by 4 pm so it makes for a long night we are still trying to adjust to the amount of darkness.  But it hasn't been so bad this year, we are always out and about with games, band concerts, work, and hanging out the only time we notice is in between getting from point A to B.

So lookey here, guess who makes a layout with the shot :)  Can you hear me yelling "That's my baby.. go baby.. get em" 


Well, with the last of these Basketball photos, I can begin his Basketball Album.  Don't you love these little projects, I do:)


It's back to a full work week. I was off to work this morning at 9 am and the sun had not even risen yet.  I don't think you ever get used to that no matter how long you've been here.. at least I haven't.  Needless to say, we were all up and ready to go for the day by 8 am.  I've been dropping Ethan to school, I don't need to but it does get us up and ready by 8 am :)  Izzy hung out with me for a while and my friend, Dulce came to hang out for a bit.  But it's always nice to have company as ladies that I've met through scrapbooking came and scrapped and kept me company all day.  It was so nice to hang out with this woman today, she is a grandmother, and a mother of 2 boys and 1 girl.  She shares stories of how similar our lives are when she was my age. It's conversation like these that make you realize how time just keeps on ticking.  I thought in my mind, soon that will be me, speaking of my 3 children and my many grandchildren in between.. and of course still scrapbooking :)

Traditions. (Journaling for my 31 Days)

We, the Baruts, don't really have our OWN traditions as far as Christmas Traditions goes.  Nearly every year we have flown back home to Hawaii, and we adapted to our parent's traditions. But we've never really owned a tree/decorations etc. I was just thinking back on our first Christmas here in Alaska.  It was 2004, we had just moved here a few weeks prior, no home, staying at billeting, and a tiny tree sat in the living room, it was as small as Izzy.  We drowned our boys in presents mainly cause we felt bad that we did not have a home and it was a new place with no friends for them.  So now we finally have a tree, new decorations, and no traditions.  So hubby and I created our very first traditions. 

Prime Rib Roast Feast.
Since we will not have the luxury of Papa P cooking a variety of foods, Arroz Caldo, Pancit, and Roasted Pig... we will have to try Prime Rib.

Baking Cookies for Santa.
We've never done that, can you believe it?

Buying a new Christmas Album.
This year we bought a variety, mostly a mix of children music. After all you can listen to Christmas music on the radio 24/7.

Watching Christmas Movies.
The kids have Frosty The Snowman and a Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

Watching a movie on Christmas Day. (that we did in Hawaii all the time)
We are up in the air on this one, it will probably be National Treasure.

Ornaments with frames.
Got some at Michaels to place this years Christmas Photos.

31 Days of December.
Already started and I'm proud that I'm keeping up with it.

...and I'm sure I will add more.

Until then here's a few creations using the latest Pop Culture from KI Memories



and more photos of course of friends:


and I LOVE this girl:


Determined. relax and have some fun!

I'm DONE editing my Holiday Photoshoots, and I've squeezed in just a few more. But I've officially sent myself on vacation till next year, (tentatively).  I'm putting all my energy and focus on one word, FUN and Scrapbooking, okay that's two words, but for me they go hand in hand.  So I've spent a majority of the weekend, organizing and realizing that I have too much stuff and have become quite the collector of all things old and new.

While I was cleaning up my scrap room, I found myself making more mess, I mean art :) I am determined to do this album of my 31 Days in December.  It's a great way to take a step back and see, really see what is important.

I'm using a variety of goodies, but mostly Basic Grey's Figgy Puddin'!  I plan on sewing when all is said and done.. will save that for last. I've typed and written, just whatever I'm in the mood for.










Monday, again.  Off to work, I missed scrapday with the Design Team, but I'm sure we will have many more.  A few Christmas Parties are starting to roll around.  I am almost done with Christmas Shopping for the kiddos.  I think I will add some online goodies. In fact, I will do that right now.  Until then, don't you just love my new song? It's a happy feeling kind of song.  ***And Thanks Paula for the taking our family photos*** I will upload them soon :)


I need to jot these notes down before I forget.. I am doing One Layout A Day for the month of December.

December 1
Big Event.

Today is a day one of my Merry and Bright Christmas Photoshoot.  I've decided to shoot at the store, and it even made more sense to schedule a bunch of shoots in one day.  As usual, I underestimate myself.  I filled up in a matter of days, which is very exciting but also nerve racking.  A lot goes on in my little head.. like "What was I thinking?" "Can I really do this?"  But Paula and I handled ourselves with grace and determination, after all this was my time.  The Holiday Season, was my time to shine as a photographer.

Needless to say, the day turned into night and I paced myself pretty steady, keeping it at every hour.  Little did I know the next day I will be slammed with booking by the half hour, all due to the simple fact, I cannot turn anyone down for the life of me. I came home completely exhausted, the boys slept over their friends house, I had not seen them all day.  Isabel was nestled in daddy's arm.  I miss her terribly and more important, I miss him.

December 2
Be Careful What You Wish For.

You might just get it all.. that simple line from Daughtry's "Coming Home." stayed in my head all day.  I awoke to a windy and chilly Sunday morning in Anchorage.  Still no snow.. what's up with that.  One more day, you can do this.. was a thought I tried to stick with.

My clients were rolling in.  Some of which I've seen many times before, all hoping for the same outcome. And I on the other hand, nervous.. wondering if I can give them that same rapport from the last time.  You see when your hobby/passion becomes your job and your job becomes your hobby.. well, you lose that passion.  It gets over used.. kind of like eating your favorite food over and over again.. you lose that taste.. well in this case you lose sight of why you really loved it to begin with.  But I remember all to clearly this time last year, wishing for more business, for more clients.. I wanted to spread my wings, I wanted it all.. I wanted to be the one.  I wanted that person to tell another person.. and that person will tell another person.  I wanted that domino effect.  Yes, Be Careful What you Wish for, you just might get it all. The key, to find balance.

December 3.
Balance, an act I cannot find.

So here I am, tired as could be.
My body has physically been pushed to it's limit.
My migraine is here to stay, once again.
My camera bags have not been unpacked.
The house is a wreck.
So many things to do.
More things I want to do.
My kids need me more.
Screw it.
It's my day, I'm allowed one of those.
My phone won't stop ringing. Left it in the car.
Just one of those days.
I sit in my living room, surrounded with laundry.
I find peace, as Dora sings with boots, Isabel falls asleep.
Staring out the window.
Thinking of things I cannot control.
Husband going back on shift, here we go again.
A workload of photos to sift through.
The store.
My mom, I miss her.
Tired. Eyes shut.
Finally, asleep.

December 4
Hubby Saves The Day.

He saw how frustrated I was over the weekend.  He just knows me. In fact, he knew just how I would be before it even happened.  He took the rest of the week off, to help me. To let me do my thing. To watch the kids, to clean the house, to cook dinners, to be my chauffeur, and to go Christmas Shopping.  And I know he's getting ready to go back to shift work on the 17, so in a way, he's just preparing me :) 

Bought some good tunes today from iTunes, A Fine Frenzy.  It's very relaxing, in a Grey Anatomy kind of way.  We did some Christmas Shopping today.  Isabel was so easy to shop for, but the boys are making this Christmas a little more difficult.  They are not quite into toys like they have been.  The oldest, just wants clothes and cash!  And the middle one, says he doesn't want anything.. So we are clueless.

Went over to Melissa's today to do The Belly Cast.  It was such a cute idea.  There are so many things I wished I had done, now that I know I will never have any more.  I never got those cute pregnancy photos nor a belly cast.  It was fun, we learned that the Belly Cast, dries pretty quickly!  I can't wait to see the final product!

It was a good day. Quite relaxing. I got through a bulk of editing.  I can almost see the light!  I know, soon I will be back to my normal self.

Now that's a Merry and Bright Christmas for ya!