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"Brrrr..."  We are talking SUBZERO temps and if we are lucky we will reach at least 5 degrees! Not fun.. not fun at all..

But as Spongebob would say:  (The Fun Song):

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me,
N is for anywhere and anytime at all Down here in the deep blue sea

And we just make the best of it, well that's my mentality that is, always looking for the positive.  So, the ohana and I went to HIllberg on base and played out and after putting on several layers, followed by our snowsuits, our thick socks, snow boots, and my favorite, our balaclavas (not baklava's, yum) and in each pocket I discovered the secret to how every Alaskan survives in these subzero temps while playing outside:


Cause I tell you, I have the poorest circulation in my hands and feet..  Now why oh why is this my first time trying this?  All I know is.. Costco here I come.. as I leave with boxes of these things..!  They worked wonders!

My view as I "wheee'd" my way down hill after hill!

Me and my guy, my 12 year old.. Love that kid.. he's like my best friend.. he gets me cracking up ALL the time.. I just am so blessed at our relationship as mother and son..


And finally.. that's me.. wondering what the heck am I doing out here?  It's 4 degrees out, our eyelashes are freezing, our nose hairs are stiff as rocks, and I look like a complete moron being covered completely with just my eyes out.. as I peeked through my balaclavas...  But I'm glad I did.. it was FUN!  And I want to do it again..   Anyone up for it?  I'll lend you some hand/feet warmers!

Just Relaxing...

It's been a while since my last post.. but really I'm just hanging out, enjoying these kiddos and the hubby. I'm always working on something, though, but it's all in the name of FUN.  Believe it or not, I have been doing some Digital.. and it's the mood I'm in right now.  I've FINALLY uploaded this Hawaii Album that has been waiting for me to finish the last few pages.. I kept it simple and really just used my "crop" tool (aka my digital square punch) and just started plopping photos on there.. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to do more digi pages.  Which is what I'll be doing once this post is done :)



I've already caught up on Isabel's Preschool Album, I guess I have to volunteer again to get more pictures :)  And next, Caelan's Basketball Album.

But before all of that.. I finally got back into the swing of things, Photography Wise.. Finally, updated my website and took on 3 photoshoots the other day.. and finally booked some clients that have been waiting.  I just needed a break from it before I get back into gear...


For a while Alaska was it's warmest for this time of year, 41 degrees.. everything turned to one giant slush.. and not it's all frozen again.. go figure.  I'm really looking forward to warmer days :)  Enjoy your Thursday!!!

A Love Note and a Bubble-Blowin' Girl!


Finally Wednesday!  Hubby's day off, just one of the many inconsistencies with Shift Work.  But he's home, unfortunately not me.  And the day shift is harder he leaves at 6 am and is home at nearly 8pm... by the time he gets home, everyone is getting ready for bed.. all the chores have been done.. and then in a couple of hours, he's down too.  But he's made a plan as you can see...   I woke up this morning, rubbed my eyes, stretched and got out of bed.. to find this on our message board :)  (Then I hummed and sang all morning as the birds and animals came to help me clean up as I made a dress out of my curtains did you all see Enchanted?... sorry inside joke..)  I asked the ladies at my scrap table on Saturday if they rub their eyes, stretch, and then start their day... they all looked at me like I was from Mars :) Alright, so not all mornings are like that.. but most are, right?  :)


Big day in the Barut Household, as our Izzy has finally learned how to blow a bubble with her chewing gum!  She was so proud of herself and I was too! She had to tell everyone she encountered today at the Scrapbook Store!

Latest Secret Obsession...


That's right, American Gladiators!  I didn't think I would... get so addicted.  You know jump around when they are challenging.. Doing the hand signs when "Fury" gets ready to challenge a contestants.. or howl when "Wolf" gives someone a smack down, or shriek when "Hellga" steps up front!  And last night was another action packed night which left our family jumping up and down cheering for Monica, mother of twins, aka Soccer Mom as she kicked butt through it all! Another fun-family night as the kids begged not to start Gladiator till they finished their homework.

I got home early today as the very Sweet, Amber took over the store.  Which worked out well, as my little Izzy is starting to not feel so well.  I could blame it on the nasty -10 degrees that seemed to linger over Anchorage all day.  Meteorologist joked around today as it finally reached a whopping 0 degrees and said we could all put our short sleeves on now :)

I will be relaxing tomorrow as I'm starting to feel under the weather myself... Slowly finishing the rest of Isabel's Preschool Album that I started this past weekend:



and I love scrapping her art work!


Girlie Time.

On Friday, the ladies and I went to see P.S. I Love You, let me rephrase that, I think it was more like P.S. Pass the Tissue. How many times could I have tears streaming down my eyes in a 2 hour time frame?  Many!  Every time that letter was read, I was on the verge of an emotional break down! But then again, it was hard to be a basket case next to someone who looked over and said " Are you crying?  Are those tears? It's only a movie!"  (wink, wink, Anna!)  It had quite a bit of humor in it too, which was nice to laugh while trying to wipe your dripping nose!

Saturday was spent doing a 12 hour crop with Anna and some good friends of More Than A Memory. I am slowly catching up on all these loose photos.


Well the temperature has been dropping like crazy.  I think the high today was -5!  It's just that time of year, when you just don't feel like going outside or doing much of anything!  Along with cold weather comes Crazy Drivers.  It seems that the people of Alaska seem to forget that we are on Ice Capades, Drivers on Ice!  That's what it seems to be out there. Slip and sliding they all come as they race for the next red light, or they step on it even more so they don't have to slide into the next red light. Meanwhile, there's me, I'm propped upright in my Chevy Trailblazer, hands on 10 and 2, rear view mirror adjusted to perfection, music not to loud, lights always on and my fog lights too (can't be to safe!), and not to mention my speed of 25-30 mph on a 45 mph lane... chugging along (slowly) on the right hand lane.  Ah, nothing like driving on ice :)

Well it's the beginning of the week and getting ready to head back to work.  Until then.. take care!

Back.. to life


Kids are back in school.
Back to work.
Back to Shift Work.
Back to life moving like a Fast Forward button.

Good news (for me at least) my mom and brother are flying up here to Alaska!  ( From Sunny, warm, 80 degree Hawaii to bitter cold, dark, snowy, 12 degree Alaska)  I know.. what were they thinking?   Well February seems to be a busy month for me, I'm planning a trip to Anaheim for CHA,  Two Big Weddings, Not to mention managing the Scrapbook Store, and yes, my 3 kids at home, and I'm sending Hubby to Hawaii (my late Christmas Gift for him) with his friend, for a last Hoo-rah before his friend leaves in a few months... So I'm bracing myself for a busy month :)  And I knew, I just could not do it without an extra pair of hands :)

Lately, Brad Paisley has been on repeat for me... His latest song, Letter To Me, is just awesome! Just the push I needed to gather all my highschool photos... so shortly you will see photos of ME in my early years.. it's a bit scary.. but all too funny.. So it's officially my next project. I'm just chugging along!

For now, I'm going to enjoy a day off.. (and get these photo proofs out) yes guys it's coming soon!  Upload some photos to Costco for our 12 hour crop on Saturday, drink more lattes, play some Wii, listen to Brad Paisley on repeat.  Enjoy!

Too Too Long...

What can I say, I haven't been in the blogging mood lately.. So what have I been doing?  Well, scrapbooking of course :) And just doing stuff for ME!  And not to mention, the hubby is back on Shift Work, he started off on Mids which means he's gone from about 6pm - 7am!  So it's been quite difficult adjusting to such changes especially since it's been over a year he's been on a day job.  I just dread it, it really is like being a single-parent all over again (when he was on shift when we got here).  The nights seem so much longer, a lot lonelier, and a little more stressful, since I don't have those extra pair of hands to do the little things, like get dinner ready, get the kids to bed, help with homework, etc.  I guess I've been spoiled with his day job for the past year. 

I finally finished this Christmas Advent Album, which stopped at Day 25!  Well after that date, who remembers what happens? (And I did not have many pages left)


This weekend was a little harder than the past few weekends because I'm still adjusting to shift work, but luckily thanks to friends who stopped by and called, I made it through.  Dulce stopped by on Friday and she totally beat me in Wii boxing (kicked my butt, big time)!

We also had "Thee" Best Thai Food in Alaska! Thai Villiage over on Muldoon, check it out!!! My girl Paula and her family run that place... and it is Delicious!  (So good, that the next day, guess what we had for dinner? That's right, more Thai Food!)


I did more scrapbooking this weekend with the lovely Anna, who barely came up for air :) But it looks like she's just about done scrapbooking every loose photo in her house!  I was able to finish two albums, my Seward Album and My Seattle Album!



And while being solo at night, I've watched two movies, Shoot Em Up (uhm, it's definitely  a different kind of humor and a bit on the gory side, but if you like action, this one is for you!) And for drama, Zwartboek (Black Book), it was a nice drama of a Dutch Resistance in WWII.  The only problem I ran into was trying to scrap (look down) and read the subtitles! Not to mention a lot of CSI's on my DVR. 

Well it's back to regular work week and school week again, after a long winter break! I hope everyone had a great Break as well!