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"wahh..wahh.." whiny!

Mom and brother are getting ready to board the airplane to fly back home, my home, our home, of Hawaii..  while this feeling in my throat of wanting to run towards them, hang on to their feet, and hold their luggages as hostages just so they could stay.. just for a few more weeks.. okay permanently would be great. 

It was just so nice having that... break of not having everything weigh on my shoulders.  To have that extra help around the house and with the kids.  The last time my mom came out to help me, I was 19, we just had the one child and I was a stay at home mom.  Now, nearly 12 years later, 3 kids, 2 jobs, a husband on shift.. and nearly everything is dependent on me, well an entirely different chapter in my life.  I enjoyed.. no I savored every minute I had with them!  And now they are on their way... what can I say, it will take me a few days to adjust. 

(Intermission)  I LOVE THIS PANDORA RADIO!  (Thanks to Tina, another amazing artist by the way...) for letting me know.  I sit here on my computer everyday, working on something..  and it is a lifesaver.  I mean, I love iTunes.. but if your playlists are just getting a little on the boring side.. check this website out! 

Alright, back to my sulking attitude.. I know I will be alright, after all I did this for a good 12 years without my mama, right?  Last night, my oldest.. is still under the weather.. he's had a fever for 4 days now, followed by flu like symptoms.  Let me back track about this guy a bit.. he is not a quiet sick guy also.. he's the guy that will let you know about every ache in his body, to his chills, and cold sweats.. he's got a different moan for it too! He is coughing like there is no tomorrow, and its not a subtle cough.. it's a "look at me.. I'm coughing and I hurt.. oh is this it.. " kind of cough!  So these past few nights he has let me hold him on my lap. He's slept in my bed (hubby is on mid schedule) and he's been wanting "mommy" like never before! Which I admit is really sweet, cause when was the last time, he looked into my eyes and said "mommy I wanna sit with you..." But, it makes it for long nights and days.  Last night he finally settled down and fell asleep at 6 am!  By that time I had to get up and take the other to school.  So when hubby gets home at 8 am, he asks how my night went, I say "oh well, in the last 2 days I've had about 4 hours of sleep!" then he hugs me and tells me I'll be okay.. then snores away!  Uhm, yeah?

Alright, I'm done whining...

A post would not be complete without a photo?  How about this one.. brrr..



I'm really bad at blogging... lately.  I used to do it everyday and I would not go to bed unless I posted, something.. anything.  Well lately, getting on my computer, other than to do  "work-related" things, whether it be photography or for the store, seems to be a lost cause.  I do read other people's blogs but I rarely leave my mark!  Maybe it's because I feel like I don't have much to say.. but then again, on the drive to work and back.. I seem to have a lot of things racing in my head.  Gosh, I even talk to myself when I'm alone at work.  I guess the task of signing in to typepad, typing a few sentences, and then trying to find a picture can be daunting at times.  But here I am... still here.  Same ol' stuff (which I think has gotten boring)!  And when I don't blog for a few days, that's when I get the phone calls, asking if I was alright. 

So... What have I been doing beside working on wedding photos? 

  • Working at the store, getting ready for another class this Saturday.
  • Buying more tunes on itunes.  The latest is from Michael Jackson's Thriller 25th Anniversary Album
  • Placing ringtones for people on my iphone.  *I'm still working on it but here's what I got so far*
    • Ringtone:  New Soul by Yael Naim
    • Hubby:  "With You" Chris Brown
    • Son: "Dani California" Red Hot Chili Pepper
    • Work: "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco (which I love... If you are what you say you are.. a superstar..) with the sound of flashing lights and applaud. 
    • Keri:  "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears
    • Dulce: "Piano Song" by Meiko
  • And I also started adding photos for each contact :)
  • Freezing again... after basking in 40 degrees.. it's back to normal at the 20's!  Spring where are thou?
  • Hubby and I (and brother) watched Jumpers..  it was okay. I wanted more story line to it though.. but I am a big sci-fi fan.. so this was pretty good.
  • Watching American Idol.  I have not watched it in while but my mom loves it.. so I watch it with  her
  • Oh.. I've been TOTALLY SPOILED by my mom and brother :)  I'm dreading them leaving this Wednesday!  (A day earlier than I thought so...)
  • Thinking about an Easter Shoot.. hmm?? Still debating.

Well.. here's a pic of me and my mama:


Ronalyn, The Photographer...





Just doing my thing...
I had another wedding shoot this weekend, hence the absence from blogland.  I like to take the free time that I have to gather my thoughts, to study up on shots, basically to calm my nerves... Needless to say, it was a perfect day for photographs.

On the drive to the wedding today with hubby, I was just quiet.. thinking, praying, and just telling myself:  You can do this!  Thinking of all the things that could go wrong.. and if I messed up somehow, that's it, there are no repeats.. This is a one time affair, one day, their day... a day they want to remember for the rest of their lives.  I am in charge of someone's memories... and I just get this wave of emotion, almost like I just want to run the other direction.

Then I get there... the moment feels all to familiar.. I get my groove.  Then I find myself lost in my own thoughts.. I am envisioning the shots.. I take control.  Suddenly this day that I've been stressing about and worrying about fades.  This is ME, I am the photographer.  That's right, "you stand there.. you over there.. turn your head to the left.. "  I find myself, outdoors at 20 degrees, laying on the floor looking up, on my knees on ice just to get the shot.. Cause this is my thing.. and gosh darn it, I am good at it :)

Not to make my head explode with pride.. but I've realized in this field, "you" are own worst critic and enemy.. and only "you" can help yourself move forward, to take chances and leaps of faith...

But I know next time, I will start off the same way.. quiet.. anxious.. and nervous!

Many thanks to all that helped me make this day possible:
Hubby:  thanks babe for tagging along :)
Steve: I can't even thank you enough.. wish you guys weren't leaving, we got corporate with this!
Dulce: Oh girl, you are amazing.. always ready and willing to spend an entire day with me.. working to say the least!  You Rock!
Anna: for sharing that awesome lens with us and for calling me to wish me luck, you are always thinking ahead!
Lori & Melissa:  For always believing in me...
Mom & Bro:  This day could not have gone smoother without you guys here to help out!  I'm still trying to bribe you guys to stay!


...the weather.   I got that tickle going in my throat.  Izzy is not feeling well at all, along with this hacking cough a slight feverish, and just plain attached to my hip.  She even cried when I went to work. She never does! 

...mounds of snow.  It snowed a lot in just a few days.  On the contrary it was nice.  We stayed out for hours, shoveling, building huge mountains that turned into igloos, then back into mounds of snow.

...tons of photos waiting to be edited. I'm finally DONE with the wedding photos from 2 weeks ago.  It is such hard work!  And to top it off I keep taking on new clients.  I did a maternity shoot and that night she ended up going in labor!!!

...quota for what I want to scrapbook. Put it this way, I have not scrapped much for myself.  I have done quite a bit for work, which feels good to get back on track there.  But once I get home, I try to avoid scrapping so I can finish these photos. So going to work has been a bit of sanctuary for me, where I cannot see the computer, therefore, I do not have to edit!

...Rachel Yamagata on repeat, once again. I listen to her when I get into my editing mode. She relaxes me and since her voice is not extremely high and out of my range.. I like to think I can at least sound like her :)

I've been busy these past few days trying to catch up on all these photos that need to be edited. But obviously I can't start on a new project without finishing the others.  So I'm on a editing roll..which means loss of sleep and being stuck on the computer :)

Here is the link to my Wedding Webpage where I will be uploading most of my wedding photos!


Even though I am as busy as can be I am so thankful that my mom and brother are here enjoying my kiddos!  Here is my mom having fun with her little Izzy:


Why Is It That...

  • The minute fresh snowfall has fallen to the ground Alaska drivers (excluding myself and my good friends that I'm sure drive carefully) drive like maniacs.. or like they have NEVER seen snow?  So we got another set of snowfall this past week, and I can't even begin to count how many accidents I saw on the way to work and on the way home. 

*FYI, this was taken while I was at a complete stop getting to the front gate of base.. complete stop, okay:)

  • That I have to download every new song that appears on a mac commercial?  (This is the one that helped introduced my new "Interest" the Macbook Air!  It's like I'm in this zone... must download that song.. must put in on my iPhone... must place on repeat...

  • I get so emotional at this "time"... seriously I cried when I heard that song by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.  Now that's pretty emotional and I get so "ticked" off... and it doesn't take much either. Luckily I have such understanding people around me, otherwise, I'd be pretty lonesome...
  • I cannot complete a one page spread but I can whip out an entire album? This layout took an entire day at work, that is 8 hours.. you know how many albums I could have done in that time?


  • I order iced coffee when it's 7 degrees outside?
  • And why oh why...did I not look this good 3 days before my due date?

Alright... off to bed.  Long day tomorrow.. so thankful mom and bro are here :)


Right Now At This Very Moment I Am...


  • Posting on my blog.. It's 9:37 pm, but I probably won't post this till midnight.
  • Britney Spears, Piece of Me is on repeat.. why?  I actually like it.  Originally bought as a ringtone for a girlfriend, because that night I was on this rampage of having individual ring tones for those that I chat with on a daily, okay maybe a weekly basis.  Not only that, I am seriously a Celeb-Junkie where I'm constantly clicking on x17 checking out the latest. (You should have seen me when I found out Heath Ledger had passed!)    I could literally devote an entire post for Ms. Britney Spears!  Which would start off by saying.. I feel so bad for her and her situation and can clearly see how fame, tons of fortune, and the media has a big part in her... "disease".  Seriously, she needs to be left alone.

  • Editing more wedding photos. Wow, it really is a lot of work!


  • Online, checking the prices for flights, my mom's visit is not even over, and I want her to come back!  I really love taking care of her as much as she loves taking care of me:)
  • Just text hubby again, who just happens to be in Hawaii with one of his good friends! I LOVE texting, by the way.  With my iPhone, I am a text-a-holic!  Somebody stop me, or text me!


(and how dare they send me a pic of a nice sunny day... when it's -5 today!)

  • Still on the computer at 12:18 am.  I was just hanging out with my brother and mom in the living room, chatting like the good ol' days.



  • I think it's just about time to hit the sack.  The boys don't feel so well, and me, not all that great, but I gotta  keep moving :)

Spoiled. Subzero. Singer.

Lately we have been reaching the SUBZERO's of all SUBZERO's.. Although the rays of sunshine makes everyone here a little happier, it's quite deceiving, cause as the skies are clearer, it also means it's colder. Of course, my mom and brother arrived during Alaska's harshest month :)  When they arrived almost a week ago today, it was a balmy 4 degrees!  Then it was 0 degrees, to -12, and the other day a whopping -22!  Yeah, poor mom, she has not really set foot outside these four walls.  Although she is quite content at home, doing all things "homely".  And my brother, well he's become quite the chef and has cooked EVERY NIGHT.. talk about "spoiled!" I literally go to work or to a photo shoot, come home, dinner's ready, the kids are set, and then it's off to another day.  Did I mention, my mommy's really pampering me by doing ALL the household stuff?



Last weekend, we saw one of the cutest movies... Juno.  Have you all seen that one?  I came home and bought the soundtrack, very cute!!!  One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Juno gets like  her third pregnancy test, shakes it around in front of the clerk (Dwight from The Office) and he says to her, (as she's shaking it).. this ain't no etch a sketch... this is one doodle that can't be undid..."

I fell in love with their version of this song at the end of the movie:

I still have quite a bit of photos, okay hundreds of wedding photos to go through...but lately all we have been doing is enjoying my son's latest game, Rock Band!



So, we all have a part in this band.. and I'm usually the one singing cause I am not a person with any musical talent.. we've got 2 guitars, the drums, and the mic.  And we literally ROCK ON to hits from Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even Weezer!  It's so cool!  Cause I think deep down inside, We All Want to Be Big Rock Stars :)

A Break to Recap...

I had to take a break from looking at pictures to do my January Layouts.  I've decided to do a Year-In-Review Album for 2008.  I'm excited to do this after seeing Anna's Week In Review Layouts.  It's a great idea to keep up on the year and with digital it makes it so easy being that all our photos are uploaded digitally.  For each month I am doing a double page spread of the highlights of that month.  And this is for January.



I'm off to bed after a long day of being at work and then coming home to work more on wedding photographs.