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So, what is it about guys and sharing.. their food to be exact?

Remember this episode on friends? I can so relate...

My scenario.

Driving to McDonald's drive thru...

Hubby: "Kids what do you guys want?"

Each child answers the same thing..

Hubby: "What you want babe?"

Me:  "Uhm.. nothing."

Hubby looking at me, as if to say, you sure?

Hubby orders just a hamburger happy meal.  We get all our food, the kids begin to eat them in the car.

Me: "Ooh, we'll half that hamburger babe!"

Hubby looks over at me, with those eyes.. you know.. the "I thought you said you didn't want anything, I don't think I can share this little, itty bitty hamburger happy meal..."  He then places the happy meal on my lap and says, "Here you can just have it.."

Well at that point I'm thinking, geesh I just want a bite.

Me:  "Well, I just want a bite.."

Hubby:  "Oh you can just have it.."

Then I put it back on his lap.

Me:  "Never mind, I don't want it anymore."

Then I head out of the car into the Mac store to check the status of my computer.. I wait for a few minutes to get my files and head back into the car.  I get in to look for that happy meal box, only to find, it's all gone and thrown in the back with the rest of the trash.

Me: "Well, where's my half?  That was fast!"

Hubby:  "You just said you didn't want anymore!"

My thoughts:

Well, yes I did say I didn't want it.. but I did.  Men, don't the know that my body language and what actually comes out of my mouth are two entirely different things?  Geesh, guys and their food, it's like a sacred bond!  "Can't touch this!.. "  (exit MC Hammer and his Hammer pants out of my head!)

Ha:) Off to edit more photos.. I had another shoot today, maternity, it went fabulous can't wait to share this glowing mama with you guys! 


It's always cool.. to see your "work" and think, wow I did that.  I was speaking to an artist at the store last week, who works with "glass blowing".. and she was premiering her stuff on the First Fridays at one of the local galleries, and she said, "well you know how it is when you create something, and you step back and say, wow I did that?"  And, I could relate.  It is pretty cool.

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of my norm, my comfort zone and decided to take some random shots at the Alaska Spine Institute for their new brochure.  It was weird to work with "things" as oppose to "people" so I clearly I had no idea what I was doing, nor what I was looking at.  I snapped away, "looking like" I knew what I was doing to these million dollar equipments.. but when in fact.. I had no idea :)  But the final result, was this brochure that just made me smile. (This is just a part of it)


I've always wanted to work with Advertising/Marketing and maybe even dabble in Graphic Arts.. it's a goal, I long to get closer to as the years go... (once I put Isabel in school, next year) I will have quite a bit of time on my hands.. maybe head back to school :) 

Enjoy your weekend. I had a few photoshoots this week and I must dive right back in.  Quick note, I do not have my iMac back, just yet.. a new monitor is now being installed.. good news, I got the wedding photos back.. and it is burnt and backed up into this hard drive.. *sigh* of relief. 

Until then.. I am just enjoying some scrapping time:)


Nothing special. Just an all around good week, even for mid week.  Wednesdays are one of my busy days.. it's where you take a deep breath and you just go!  I host these Creative Cafe Classes for our store every week and every week I come up with something new, now granted Creative Imaginations gives us a handful of ideas but in between waiting for product to do these projects, I have been flying solo on these projects for a while, creating my own stuff.. not only that, but to reproduce them, times 30 maybe even 60!  It can be quite overwhelming!  But everyone loves it, and I'm just glad that they keep coming back every week! And today people came throughout the day (as I offer these classes throughout the day as oppose to just an hour) and people were just full of *SMILES*  It was just nice. (Must be the sunshine!)

Now if you don't know that I love Green, then you don't know me at all :)  Today, my girlfriend, Dulce came by the store today, to give me this beautiful necklace... and the best part, it's green!  *SMILE* No reason, just because... it was sweet.. really sweet!  (Thanks girl).

The sun blazed all morning.  *SMILE*  It was nice (and warm).  I even wore flip flops when I got home.  (Well, to clarify, Alaskans think 40 degrees is warm enough to bring out their capris and flip flops!)

*Gotta love that iPhone for taking photos, don't worry it was a red light :) *

Tomorrow, hubby and I will be hanging out.. first stop the gym.. It will be nice.  We are doing a Before and After thing here.. but will keep that under wraps.  All it takes is a little bit of sun and the thought of wearing shorts soon.. to make me wanna get going!

*SMILE* What's my latest download and song on repeat you ask?


Bleeding Love..

"But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I..."

In other news... ***If you don't keep up with American Idol, I forgive you for not reading beyond this point!** I am keeping up with American Idol this time.  (Thanks to my mom, started watching when she got here!) My favorites seem to change from week to week.  But last week, this guy blew my mind.. just all around clever.. so clever, I bought his single on iTunes.. his version of Billie Jean is amazing! (As much as a music-lover I am.. I was completely enthralled.


So my top faves:

David_c He has not been my top fave all along.. but after a few amazing performances, he quickly became number 1.. I agree with Randy, he could take this all the way to number one..

Michael This guy has been up and down for me.. he's got a great voice, which he shared last week..

Carly She's always been one of my faves.. she's got an Irish accent!  Lovely.. her voice is very powerful.

David_aHe's always been first on my list since day one. But lately he's been choosing weak songs.. and all around, he's good, really good... but I need to see him step it up.  (Or he will only get 9 votes instead of 10 next week from me)

Off to do some scrappin :)

Good Times Part 2

You Tube + Flip Video= FUN

(and the unexpected moment captured, especially when you are trying to talk to a baby!)

Never again will society be out of touch!  (By the way I am going out today to find one, even though Melissa said she bought the last one at Best Buy!)  What is it about the latest gadgets that I always have to have!

With many thanks to Anna who posted this on her blog today.. I copied and ebbed it into mine.

Good Times.

It was a nice week "end".  Catching up with girlfriends, which you would think we live on opposite ends of the world by the rate of our get togethers!  But, it's one of those friendships, where (after not seeing one another for a while) it really feels like no time has passed.  Although you can tell by how all the kids look so grown! This time of year has always been the "catch-up" time because there are so many birthdays in between!  And for us, birthdays are a reason to get together and catch up!

We celebrated Anna's birthday at our favorite Sushi Spot!  (We order the same thing every time!)  We sat in that restaurant for hours talking about everything from work, to moving, to babies, to ex-husbands, to boot-camp exercise program,  our kids (of course), recycling (yes, recycling!), and just life in general... We find stuff to talk about!

Then on Easter Sunday we celebrated Melissa's Birthday, and her hubby thought a Surprise Birthday would be fun!  Although my little girl thought it was going to be an Easter Party!


We had a great time.. and your always left with that feeling.. I wish we did this sooner! Although it breaks my heart to see these guys dwindle their way out of Alaska.  I'm so excited for them!  Moving has just become a part of all our lifestyles.. It's more odd to stay in one place for a couple of years!  I know our time will come soon.. I'm hoping hubby cross trains soon (sends us back to Cali) and from there who knows.  But for now, we will enjoy Alaska ;)

*Update on my iMac*  It's gonna be okay... phew!  I think they replaced the Logic Board (Motherboard). I should get that baby back on Wed/Thurs.. Not sure what happened, but I will find out!  Until then, enjoy your Tuesdays!  Tuesdays are on of my days off.. but I decided to do a shoot today, then Parent Teacher Conferences... so no rest, just yet!


Remember this old song by Alanis Morussette, "Ironic"... 
Well I'll tell you what's ironic... my computer crashing on me the same day I finally bought the external hard rive to back up everything!  Talked about Pissed! 

Well.. It is what is.. for now. (Which is to say the least, you have not seen me in this last hour.. I felt every sort of rage and emotion humanly possible!)  Until I go down to the mac store with tears, asking, well more like begging them to fix it! 

But to see the positive.. cause I am Ronalyn.. Ms. Positive (and all)  I did back up all sessions on my other computer's internal extra hard rive.. (so it's a backup of a backup)  BUT...  it's those EDITED WEDDING PHOTOS that I have not burned yet that make me want to pull all my hair out!  BUT... I have ALL the originals so it's all good... BUT did you know how long it took me to edit them...BUT.. my family is healthy and hubby and I had a great day off today.. right??   

Waahhh.. I just wanna kick some serious butt.. maybe I'll just run a few miles on the treadmill..

No smiley faces today... okay maybe just one tiny smirk :}

Back to Normal.

It's back to normal...  the kids are back in school and their Spring Break is over.  We didn't do much, Spring in Alaska is just one Big Melt Down Period :)  But it's hard to believe that school will be done in just 2 months!  The longer daylight has already started to melt most of the snow... and Spring/Summer is just around the corner.

We did watch Horton Hears A Who.. which was really good!! Definitely recommended for big people and kids!

Unfortunately I spent most of my days working.. both photography and managing the store... and it's a nice feeling to get out of the house and work for a few hours.  Working outside the home is so much easier as oppose to working in the home.  I always have a hard time working on photos while being surrounded by my everyday chores... I always feel unsettled.  So, now that the kids are older, I like the feeling of being able to get out and about knowing that my oldest is able to care for them for a few hours.

And this time, instead of doing Easter photos, I actually went to get her photos done with a friend, Allie! She had some colored chicks which were so cute!!!  She did an amazing job, I can't wait to see them.. but I couldn't help to take my little camera to capture the moment too! And I have to say, it was nice taking her somewhere to get her photos done!  I can't wait to see the ones with me and my "green" chick!

Off to get some work done for the store.. I am teaching another class which I am excited to incorporate some  digital stuff in my classes as well!

Just Hanging Out

...with some work in between. I finally finished the wedding photos! 





***my logo was sent on batch mode and I didn't think of how it would look in portrait mode :) **

I'm slowly adding and updating my wedding site!

I did work through the wee hours of the morning the other night.  (Literally, it was 8am, and I had to get my oldest to care for the others:) You know how it is when you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are almost there, you just don't want to give up. I can't even begin to describe just how much work is needed to go through wedding photos... So with that done, I feel slightly refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  I'm planning a few events and getting ready to jump on the photography band wagon again. But most of all.. I'm scrapping again.

Ever since we took the studio out of the basement.. I've been wanting it to be my space.. but then my son wanted a game room where he and his friends could play video games... but after hubby saw how I've been getting a little cranky (because I have not been scrapbooking) out of the goodness of his heart (or after the constant complaining) he brought EVERYTHING from upstairs.. to downstairs.  Now this is where we all hang out, computers, scrapbook table, and tv.. all in one :)


So after my successful weekend of finally finishing the wedding photos and waiting for the photos to run it's Logo Batch I scrapped in between.  And I still find it hard to scrap just any old layout without any finished album.. I started on my 2007 Album..


It's amazing how things change in one short year..





I LOVE these new ribbons from American Crafts..


I LOVE LOVE American Crafts Rub Ons for their kids line :)

I can watch TV and scrap.. but I prefer not to watch Little Bear :)

And the best part... I can do the laundry and scrap too :)



Signs of spring are on it's way... 

  • Waking up in a good mood, just a sense of "happiness" to awaken to another day "closer" to summer!
  • Springing Forward... simply means longer daylight hours.  It was nice and bright at 7 pm!  :)  It almost makes me want to "skip" everywhere I go.  (I hope nobody saw me "walking" to the commissary today, you may have seen a little bit of hop in my step)
  • Daylight.  Do I have to exaggerate on that word?  It's just so nice to see and feel. I mean, we've been couped up way to long.  I am ready for more day light!
  • Warmth.  Oh, it's so nice to leave the house with OUT my winter jacket.  Ahh.. what can I say, I'm ready for warm weather.  I've already dug out my capris, shorts, skirts, t-shirts...
  • Daylight.  Did I already say that?  Well, it deserves to be put down twice!
  • Melting Away.  Yes, puddles in the streets and in some cases a full on flood, oh and the massive pot-holes!  All good signs.. of Spring.

Now I may be jumping the gun (which I'm sure I am) and yes we've even seen snow in May.  But on the "bright" side of things, we are just getting closer to summer.  I love the daylight here in Alaska, there really is no place like it.  I'm all around just excited to what this summer will bring us.  Really going to make the most of it and expecting lots of family to come and visit!

Well, Spring Break has officially started for my kids.  They started it off with sleep overs and then we went to see this movie:


Which to my surprise was not so bad at all.  I've read the reviews, despite calling it "a mundane movie with lack of energy with a monotonous pace."  I thought all in all, it was pretty entertaining. 

I've also found a new TV show that I'm finding to be VERY entertaining:

It's got a very interesting story line... this New York homicide detective is immortal.  He's been around for centuries and has seen New York develop, he's been through many adventures, has been married, watch his own children age, and experienced the death of many loved ones as he remains immortal!

And my all time favorite show has shown it's last episode for now, until they get new ones in the summer...


I've mentioned this show to nearly everyone I know.. and it's only because it's THAT good!  Our family sits and watches it every week and laughs hysterically!  It's a must see, especially if you are in the mood for a good laugh!

Enjoy your Monday! And I think I am ready to check my inbox and sort through all those emails that have accumulated while I was under the weather. 


I am feeling much better, but sad to say, the hubby's got it now.  We all know how that is!  Take it easy!