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Another Lesson Learned.

So my son.. my firstborn.. my oldest... my 7th grader, called me this afternoon stating he was in "Trouble".  Trouble?  What kind of trouble could this guy get in, "Geek-Squad" trouble, cause I've met his buddies in all his core classes that consists of being in  the GT Program (Gifted & Talented)... Did he accidentally plot a parabola the wrong way in his math group and caused a group "raucous"? Not exactly.

Well, as he sat in class, some group of kids brought out this book (which the kid got for Christmas he says?)  Well in this book, it depicted obscene language that ridiculed people of different races, calling them names, mocking  the different cultures such as the obvious facial features of an Asian versus someone of African American descent...etc.  These kids went over to his desk and shared this piece of "information" with him.  The teacher heard them, walked over, and they were all instantly sent to the principals office.  He sat there throughout lunch and the rest of the afternoon, as the principal and school officials tried to figure out what happened, whose book it was, and try to explain the "rules" of the school. 

By the time he reached us, we were enjoying lunch at Moose Tooth, he sounded like he was in tears.. claiming how it wasn't his fault.. and that these kids came to him.  Initially, I was upset already and sent "DADDY" to get him.

When they came home, I wondered why they took so long.. come to find out, my husband, was arguing with the Principal about his punishment.. which was a "3 Day In School Suspension"  He argued that it was a bit harsh for someone who didn't go looking for trouble.  My hubby's response was "What would any 12 or 13 year old do, if a bunch of boys came over to your desk and started showing you a book?" You can bet, that they would look at it."  He said.  (Roar, Papa Bear)  But the principal said, that our son, should have spoken up and told the teacher what they were looking at..

(Oh yeah that's real cool, be the guy that "tattles".. what was he supposed to say, pull up his trousers and push his glasses forward and say in his best Irkel impersonation "Excuse me, young lads, would you mind refraining this inappropriate reading material from the vicinity of my desk, the literature is demeaning to the different ethnicities and I don't appreciate it..) 

But the Principal did not back down.. he did get a  one day out of school suspension. She wanted to make a point that kids should speak up. But leave it to my hubby (aka Papa Bear) to stay and make sure that the other kids had a more severe punishment (the other kids had 10 Day Suspension) and he did want to see this "book" that this kid brought to school for Show And Tell. He agreed that this book was just awful. And what's even worst, just what were their parents thinking?

*circa 1996*

So that's my tale for today. I'm learning as I go.. this is our first "almost teenager" and it is hard work.. As a parent I just want to constantly protect him and keep this "Bubble" around him sheltering him from "The World" basically.  But I can't, and that thought alone is hard.. The idea that this is just one of the many Peer Pressures he will have to go through.  All I can do is teach him how to handle these situations, be there, be honest, and keep the communication going.  I can't make these decisions for him and sometimes it's a "Live and Learn" kind of thing.  Gosh, I just miss when he was a baby, and the only people that surrounded him were people that loved him and just wanted to protect him from any harm. Why do they have to grow up so fast???

Only in the Last Frontier...

You can get THIS at the end of April!


Noted and documented: 

On this Friday April 25th Two Thousand and Eight... Alaska received about 2 feet of snow.. resulting in angered, shocked, disbelief, and disgusted Alaskans!  (As for me, there are NO words in the proper dictionary that could even describe what I am feeling!) Especially those who removed their winter tires, packed up their winter gear, and bought flip flops.. like just the day before with a cute T-Shirt and Shorts...  thinking winter has really finally passed... (FOOLS!)  The forecast said nothing about snow.. then they said nothing about snow actually sticking.. then they said to expect another 6-12 inches throughout the night!


So at 8 pm that evening, we all put on our winter gear (except for the hubby who went to work) and shoveled, and shoveled, and then shoveled even more just trying to find our driveway! Needless to say, I hit the pillow at 9pm and did not budge till 6 am!  Now that's being TIRED for ya!


As we sat there (Keri came to visit with her new puppy "Harley" a Silver Lab)  I think I've fallen in love BTW, I've never been much of an animal lover.. but once this Lil Puppy came strolling in my home... My heart just melted :) We sat around and complained a bit (okay a lot) about the falling snow, watched Dog Whisperer, and I realized I'm not the only one digging Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls over on Discovery Channel :)


I saw this (see below) from my Scrapbook Goddess, the Queen of all things Linear and Clean And Simple:  Cathy Zielske's Blog a few weeks ago.. and I vowed, if it snowed again I would find something red and do the same thing.. (Well I forgot the last time it snowed on April 3)  But this time, we got the red dye out and all over ourselves!  But I added some special "splattering" effects for a more dramatic touch!


Yea.. that pretty much sums up my thoughts for today!

TV Time...

...sorry useless blogging here.  What can I say in my defense?  It is Thursday... too many great shows my DVR can't handle it all (but thank goodness for DVR #2) !  So I think we got it all covered.  We just got done watching "LOST"... uhm... WOW is all I can say.  I have yet to catch up on Greys, Smallville, CSI, and I have been hooked on Alaska Week on Discovery Channel.. and I am ashamed to say, I enjoy The Deadliest Catch too... I will definitely say an extra Thank You when I eat crabs!  It's a tough job...

AND I am REALLY.. into this guy right here:

Bear Grylls

My kids and I cuddle up to watch him every week...good stuff, just in case, we get dropped off some remote part of the world.. we will know how to survive then!

It was another beautiful day here (but it looks like it will be followed by some rain/sleet days) *gotta love that iPhone, don't worry I was only driving 15 mph*

Okay.. that's more blog time than I intended.. time to head back to watch Smallville.

****Anna, don't worry your kids are fine :) ****



  • was a good day.
  • temperatures soared up to the 60's.
  • I left work early.
  • This song had to be written for us.. I smile and sing out loud every time I hear it. I picture how he used to walk me home from school, or walking to the library, hanging out at the beach, smiling at him as I pass him in the hallway, or sitting shotgun in his Chevy S-10 (Insert girlie blush). We were so young.. 15 & 16.
  • I hung out with hubby.
  • We've all been watching Discovery Channel's Special: Alaska Week
    Good Stuff!!!
  • I realized my oldest is as tall as me and I bought him size 14 pants!  (what happen to 2T's?)
  • I ate good, well I made healthy choices (been eating rice crackers with peanut butter, Thanks Anna!) Salmon and asparagus for dinner, snacked on Edamame all day
  • I listened to 107.5 (country all day/night) just feeling it at the moment.. feeling real.  I tell you country lyrics (well for me at least) always hits those lyrics you've either, always felt, wanted to say,  or just leaves you laughing.  (I even bought the song, Every Other Weekend, by Reba McEntire.. just because it made me cry! :) Either way, it's good for my soul.
  • Between country and the new 104.9 the new Feel Good Radio Station, where they take you back to my (uhm..mmm) more youthful days, such as Paula Abdul singing her Straight Up to Prince, Michael Jackson, Bel Biv Devoe, Salt n Pepa, to Baby Got Back... anything remotely related to my Middle School/High School days in a small town of Kalihi in Hawaii.. they got it.  So if you see me smiling, trying to do some strange move while man handling the steering wheel, watch out!  Or I should apologize in advance as I try to rekindle my once youthful moves. :)
  • I smiled thinking how Ethan cuddled me after he got hurt yesterday. He just wanted to be right next to me. 
  • I've been thinking... of all the things I want to do this year (and this summer)...  Ode to Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dying song.  So here's the start of my list so far:
    • Create more.
    • Clean less.
    • Dance, again.
    • Tandem Sky Diving.. (Yes.. Lori, I'm saving up!)
    • Play hard, ignore that list every now and then.
    • Listen more.
    • Hike.
    • Camping with Smores!
    • Run outside.
    • Sit and watch a childhood favorite movie with my kids, like Goonies :)
    • Do Nothing.
    • Eat dinner outside.
    • Take more random photos.
    • Write more.
    • Manicures (and possibly a Pedicure)
    • Dress up for a night out with girlfriends (heels and all).
    • Watch a Broadway Show (That's what Vegas is for ladies!)
    • Cook new recipes.
    • Let loved ones know, just how much they are loved and appreciated.
    • Keep in touch and stay in touch.
    • Be realistic, I may not be able to do all that I want to in one day.
    • Paint more.
    • Love like there's no tomorrow.
    • Let go...
    • Get in front of the camera.
    • Renew our vows (in Hawaii this December!)
    • Allow others to help me.
    • Call more, email less.
    • Realize that my children, are children for only a moment in time.
    • Read more.
    • Take a class (graphic arts, photography, art appreciation, and dance too!)
    I guess I had more to list than I thought.. I could go on and on...  But for now, this will do. 

So like Kenny Chesney says,
"Best start putting first things first."
Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand
You can't flip it over and start again
Take every breathe God gives you for what it's worth..

And for all that emailed me about that Bully-of-a-kid in my previous post.. (especially family back home, calm down, leave your weapons at home, bringing out the knife is not the answer.. ha ha! sorry inside family joke)  The boy actually waves at me and says "Hello!"  Although his older brother apologized for his behavior the other day.

Liberating Weekend.

I finally got to play.. and the best part.. it was just for ME! Worked/Scrapped for 12 hours on Saturday with Anna.. and we both brought out the paints.. and just STUFF!  It was nice! Just like the good ol' days!

Here's my mess.. I mean my art :)





My Favorite part of the album, the different sized pages!!!


A touch of Hambly... is always fun!

And after being gone all day/night.. I came home to this:



How sweet!  Haven't had time to play.. just yet.. but I will :)

Roar.. Mama Bear


So the other day.. the kids are playing Basketball outside (The snow melted that same day!)  and he's getting picked on by this "Neighborhood Kid".  He gets in the house and that same "Kid" follows him INSIDE my house, uninvited!   (You see my bear claws coming out.. huh?)  I get downstairs.. give him this look (the excuse me, who invited you in, and please get out look!)  So I say, "Excuse me?"  and he moves back just to the arctic entry (and yes he entered my home with his shoes ON, a big no-no!).  So I say, "No, uhm, out!" as I pointed my finger to the door.

Yes I did say that.. by this point I was rather irritated with his "cockiness" and his "whatever-lady" look!  He leaves, turns around and yells to my son, "Caelan, your such a fag!"  In front of me! At this point ladies, I am a full on Mama Bear now with claws, sharp bear tooth and all! Arrgghh!!!  with that "Oh no you didn't.. he didn't just say that.."

He walks away.. and I said "Excuse me?"  He stopped.. still looking a little cocky, his body language totally said to me "whatcha gonna do about it?"  So I said, "What did you just call my son?" He ignores me, trying to talk to the other kids.. and I yell out "Hey.. you, yeah you.. what did you just call my son?" And then he has the "galls" to say "Nothing!"  So now he calls my son names and he's telling me I'm hearing things! 

Now I've never seen this kid before, and I'm good about the kids in my neighborhood.  So I asked him, "Where do you live?"  He quickly answers, "Somewhere over there!" 

(Pause) This is the part where I censor what I really wanted to say.. and possibly do.. This is where I did find that piece of humanity in me, that ever so gentle part of me, that said, "Calm down Ronalyn, breathe.. he's just another teenager..."  As much as I wanted to give him a piece of my mind.. and call his mama and find out where he gets his manners from.. cause I tell you what my kids will not and do not talk to adults that way. 

So I said, "Listen, you are standing in front of my house.. and I want you to watch your mouth, don't come over here talking all that rubbish around my children and these other kids too... Apologize right now! You may be able to behave this way from where your from, but around here, we don't behave this way!  (I waited for him to apologize) And listen, when an adult is talking to you, you turn around and look at them and show them a little more respect!

I stood there.. for a while in my Mama Bear Stance.  And as much as I try to stay out of my son's business.. I know when he's kidding too and playing around, but I know this kid was really bugging him. Later that night I did talk to my son, apologized if he felt like I was stepping over the boundary, but I did let him know I did not like his actions and behavior.  He said, that "It was cool mom, we don't really know who he is anyway and the other kids are afraid to say something."

Gotta love my oldest. He and I just have this "thing".  We really "get" each other.

That was yesterday (Wednesday) Today (Thursday) was a good day.. we played out till 8pm... This is what it should be like everyday!





"Kids, watch your mouth!" 

Was my response this morning as they awoke to more of that "white stuff" just lingering over the A.K.  Okay, so I know.. I've lived here.. what nearly 4-5 years now.. and I get it.  "Alaskans" say, well it IS only April!  As if to say.. you should know this by now.  But as hopeful as I was a few weeks ago when I was flaunting around my flip flops, short sleeves, and torn jeans.. I think I'm ready to find the fool who has been doing the Snow Dance (once too many times), that same moron who is wishing for more snow (walking around in his/her snowsuit and winter boots), and that same idiot who hopes to go sledding a few more times.. and slap him/her silly! 

C'mon Mother-Nature... (begging you, on my knees..) send us some of that warmth, the kind that will melt all that snow, the kind where we don't even have to wear long sleeves, maybe even warm enough to drive with our windows rolled down...

As we watched the sunset from (our living room window) at 9:30 pm, I thought.. how gorgeous!  I can't really complain (that much) It is beautiful!  But I'm allowed one vent per day!  :)

Random Goodies.

Tuesday. It was a nice day, well in a rainy/sleet/snowy kind of way...


A few things that made me say "Wow, now that's cool!"



  • We first heard of this "neat" concept from The Smiths (insert a tear) and today we decided to try it.  And I am so glad we stopped by, especially for a mom like me who likes to plan in advance, works all day, and constantly asks herself, "What's for dinner tonight?"  Well, even though I have my week's menu up I no longer have to stress out too much! Tonight we had the Chicken Pot Pie and it was delicious!  I can't wait to try the other dinners we bought!


  • This mascara!  Now I am a MAC fanatic.. but as often as I switch out mascaras, it pays to head over to the nearest drug store and get a new mascara.  A girlfriend told me about this mascara (well the green one) and  I had to see it for myself.. and it must be that rubbery tip.. cause it's good and most of all "clump-free!"

(gotta love that iPhone and a hubby that does not think I'm a total nut as I take snapshots of things or myself at a stop light!)


  • This guy on American Idol.. his version of "Always Be My Baby" on Mariah Carey night was just brilliant

Before1 After2

  • The Biggest Loser season finale was on tonight... and that is an episode that always makes me say "WOW!" Alie won and she so deserved it as the first woman to win Biggest Loser!




  • And finally.. just finishing up Spring of last year... now working on Summer.  Keeping it real simple and loving the square punch (as always!)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Just another day...

It's Monday...

  • Went to work. Got home by 4 pm. Just in time to see Ethan get off the bus.
  • Hubby is home today (and tomorrow, so I apologize in advance if I don't return your calls right away! Looking forward to some R & R time)
  • Downloading some country.  In the country mood at the moment. Rascal Flatts "Everyday" seems to be on repeat. Great Lyrics. And Martina McBrides, "Anyway" .. inspiring lyrics!  Leave it to country music to touch your heart.
  • Loving the software upgrade to Leopard. Yes I finally got my Mac back.. It's been TOO long.  It's like I told the Tech guy.. "You don't understand, me without my computer is like me without a car.. no transportation... I can't get anywhere.. I am literally stuck!" Yeah, poor guys at the Mac Store, they recieved a phone call from me daily (sometimes twice a day)... in hopes I would get back my Mac sooner.  But finally my baby is home.. it went through two "logic boards" and a new graphics card.. and it seems.. to be working fine.  My favorite feature is the TIME MACHINE... I have a backup of a backup of a backup:)  You can't be any more safe than that.. (right Anna?)
  • Visited my Barista over at Cafe D'Arte.. chit chatted and I didn't even have to order, she just went to make it :)  Either that's customer service or... I just stop there too often!
  • Scrapbooking at the moment. Ready to upload more photos to Costco.
  • Finished a little project with Izzy, a Family Mobile.. and what do you get when you have a paper project and a mom who works at the Scrapbook Store?  A Spankin' Mobile!  That's right.. Butterflies cut from the Accucut Machine, with coordinating patterned paper, and cut out letters! 
  • Still loving on the iPhone.. even though I swear I don't hear it ring sometimes!  But it's great for taking pics..


Looking forward to Tuesday... A day off, grocery shopping ( I quite enjoy it, minus the kids), and yes, American Idol!  Gotta love my average, mundane, day in the life, of just another one of my days... (did that make sense?) I don't think so.. but gotta love coffee in your system at midnight!

Saying Good-Bye.


It was harder than I thought... saying "good-bye" that is.  Especially after I saw this Shutterfly Book they have made for me!  I'm still wiping those tears... Well I thought if I cried my eyes out a few days before, it won't be as hard.. I was wrong.

It wasn't until my hubby (the man with very little words?... ) expressed his appreciation, his love, his gratitude of their friendship.  Even before he began to talk, his eyes welled up, tears streamed down his face, as we listened to him... we all cried. I think it's harder to witness these things when you see grown men cry.  He was saying good-bye to his best friend.. someone he has known for years.. probably the one person that understood him (even when I couldn't) .. and the man that raised him up when he fell.  Either way he was his "Maverick" (Top Gun) his "Patrick" (Sponge Bob) and I love their ring tone.. his "Kit" (Knight Rider).  Friendships like this don't come by often.. especially for my husband who has many acquaintances but very few good friends. This man does not express himself often... so to hear him speak of his gratitude and love for this family, simply broke my heart into millions of pieces.


I am still not used to this... Saying Good-bye Thing.  I know they say, it's a part of our lives, as military families.. but it does not get easier.  Making friends and keeping them is so difficult. It's as if you ask yourself, Do I allow myself to get so close to someone, when you know.. that one day, one of us will have to leave? Nothing is permanent in this lifestyle... but we build friendships and relationships anyway all the meanwhile, knowing that one of us must leave eventually. But like most military families, these friends we find and meet along the way become our family, since we are all so far from our families. Unlike, most families, we spend Christmas', Birthdays', and weekends together. Our kids become like "cousins" and we become like their "aunts or uncles."


No matter how you look at it.. Good-Byes are never easy.. and it is one thing, you don't ever get used to doing.   But we continue to build friendships.. only to say good-bye.. because we know, life is to short to shelter your heart from getting close to others.