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So I've become this "Book-Junkie". You know always on the look out for a new book, starting a new book while trying to finish the last pages of the last one.. Our last excursion to the book store we really bought a handful, more like an armful of books.

So as I found an hour to myself from the driving back and forth to the hospital, to coming home, running errands, and making sure the kids are okay... I found a bit of solitude doing this, while Izzy played outside:

DSCN2715 copy
So far it's a good read... (I'd rather be in la-la land with Edward the sultry vampire) and it's a love story indeed, a rather more realistic one, indeed.  But none the less a good summer read.


I got to hang out with Anna today, which was nice :)  We've been doing a lot of this:
I'm not one to say good-bye though.. more like see you later. call you later, text you later, or skype with you later!.. and I know with her, I will make it a point to get to Denver (maybe even twice a year! just to hang out with her).  So I know it's never "Good-Bye" with her. 

Alright who is gonna be watching this tomorrow?
Picture 2 Well, we will see you ladies there!  I've been a big SATC fan since it's early episodes. I remember my hubby and I would get the DVD's from Netflix to catch up on the season and watch them night after night. Well looking forward to my night of Sushi and Movie with Anna :)  *And this is not "goody-bye" more like, take it easy and I will see you later! 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

A Quick (good) Read...

While at Barnes and Nobles the other day.. one of the books my hubby picked up was this:

Picture 1

It's one of those books that got me at it's first sentence:

 “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” ---Randy Pausch

It's a "feel good" book that will make you re-evaluate your life more importantly your view on the days ahead of this journey called life.  (Aside from my usual, immortal blood-sucking vampire who is helplessly in love with a mortal...) This book is basically about Professor Randy Pausch who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which as we all know is an untreatable type of cancer.  He has been given 3-6 months to live.. and one of the things he does is compose his last lecture.  Which is an outstanding, moving, compelling, and awe-inspiring speech that I would have loved to been a part of. (Which hubby and I just found out that it could be on youtube!)  But it's a sweet and short read, just a couple hours of good heart to heart read.. just enough to make anyone step back from their busy lives.. and just appreciate all that you've got!

Meanwhile, back to my reality : the surgeon in charge of my brother's surgery has suggested that we wait on "slicing" my brother up... (sorry, my kind of humor).. but the surgeon, Dr. Rai (by the way.. who is awesome and really funny!) which I guess you have to be if you are a surgeon, huh?.. such a serious job! So, we are waiting things out a bit.  The pain has subsided but looks like he's here for a few more days... taking it day to day (as his surgeon says).

Inopportune Time.

Ever had one of those days, where the most inconvenient things seem to unravel and the most inopportune time? Where it starts turning into like an avalanche of untimely events?

Well heres to my weekend of unexpected events.

IMG_0500I am sat here in the ER at Providence Hospital awaiting news of my brother who has been in pain over the weekend.  What we thought was your average stomach pains or maybe even constipation has turned into a day in the ER followed by surgery in the removal of his gallbladder and the gallstones found in there too.
I know these next few lines may sound a bit "selfish" and maybe even little "self-absorbed" and slightly "egotistical"!  But insert that long whine here, now (waaaaahhhh).. but I had big plans this weekend instead of worrying about my big brother... (waaaahhhh) I wanted to have my friends over for a BBQ on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.  I didn't want to switch my days to work Thursday and Friday cause I wanted to hang out (all day) with Anna who is leaving on Sunday (waaaahhhhh).. I don't want to be sitting here in a hospital room making sure my brother (who happens to be dosed with all  kinds of pain killers) is comfortable enough or thoroughly understands what is going on. (waaaahhhh) Again.. that was as selfish as I get.. My apologies!

But other than not being out and about.. it was a very relaxing weekend all together though, despite the constant worry we had for my brother. The Memorial day weekend proved to be pretty much uneventful but with spending time with the family.  It was my first weekend off in a long time and I made sure I enjoyed it (as best as I could.)

On Friday we did a 10 mile bike ride around base, the best part is that we started our trek at 9 pm!  It was the best time to go out, the sun was still shining, the sunset casts a beautiful orange glow, the temperature was nice and cool, and the kids were ready for a long bike ride.  We stopped by the bridge to throw rocks in the stream and weaved through the windy paths going uphills and downhills.  However, taking photos while trying to ride your bike is as hard as it looks :) 



Saturday, it turned out to be a rainy aka "lazy" day.  We sat in our PJ's most of the day, enjoying some TV time.  We all sat and watched  "The Rock" with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, it's one of those movies you could watch over and over again.  We finally decided to get dressed and head to our favorite restaurant, Dami's for some Sushi.  We  are always up for sushi.  I spent the rest of the night scrapbooking some pages for my 2007 album and it looks like it's coming along.  That square punch goes a long way!

Sunday, another gorgeous day in Alaska.  We decided to cruise around the Market in downtown.  We enjoyed some good food, my favorite, the Salmon Quesidillas and you gotta have a Funnel Cake! While the kids got all kinds of junk, goodies, candied apples, mini donuts, and kettle popcorn!

In all seriousness, my brother is going be undergoing surgery tomorrow if everything goes as planned. And I am ready for bed, I have been up for 26 hours straight.. :) 

Summer Time.

IMG_9394 copy
It's official.. the kids are finished with school!  Finally... it's these last few days that seem to drag on and on for the kids, they go to school with no work left to do, no backpack to bring, and just movies to watch to let time pass.  We had a little BBQ for the kids here in the neighborhood and my oldest invited (way too many friends) to spend the night.  And we biked all evening and hubby and I raced around the neighborhood!

It looks like we've got a relaxing weekend ahead of us. I am finally going to spend some time with my mom, brother, and grandfather. We are going to take them driving around and show them some of the gorgeous sights!

Hubby and I did a photo shoot with my girlfriend, Dulce and her mom.  It was the PERFECT evening!  The sun was not shining to bright (which is the problem during Alaska's lengthy daylight hours, so we opted to try the shoot around 10 pm)  ... just perfect.. a photographer's dream come true, to photograph in perfect lighting! It definitely ignited that spark for my love of photography, again!

IMG_9476 copy
Of course, hubby and I were not dressed for the occasion, after all we were the photographers.. but I could not resist asking her to take a snapshot of us in this perfect sunset: (thanks girl)

IMG_9480 copy
I've decided to venture into a new book by Stephanie Meyer, "Host".  It's an entirely new story and I'm excited.
Picture 1Hubby and I bought several more books most of which were fairly new novels to hit the store.  I will share them as I go!  Nothing like "Summertime Reading".  Enjoy your weekend!

Fairy Tale vs. Reality

Sometimes it's hard to grasp the idea that we've been married 12 years today...
DSCN2545 copy  

Then & Now.
But then again, there are times it seems like no time has passed at all and that we are still stuck in that moment in time, where it was all about "us".  Young and carefree, when we felt like the world revolved around just he and I.  The days where I looked for him in the hallways at High School.

Those days are long gone but here we are, together and I have to admit, happier than those "tween" years. Maybe it's because at that age, you are still trying to figure it all out.  Trying to find who you are, as an individual let alone as a young couple in (ga, ga) "love."  Now, in our 30's, three children later, one of which is almost a teenager himself, and with our "baby" going off to Kindergarten in the fall.  We are older, hopefully wiser, and we have invested those early years in our children's lives, now they are "school-aged" also known as, time for mom to focus on her dreams. I find our marriage a little more "mature" than it did a year ago.  Maybe because I've grown so much in one short year as an individual and have now entered a time in my life where I am trying to balance my goals and my "home" life.

Fairy Tales & Realizations.
With my recent discovery of love stories again (despite the fact that Edward is a vampire in love with a mere mortal Bella, the point is that these two were willing to face anything together, just to know that at the very end of it all, they will have the one thing they have been fighting for, and that is to be together.) Now that's a love story!

I've realized that I am and will always be this hopeless romantic at heart. Nothings wrong with that, but my views of love, relationships, and how a man's role should be in a relationship remains to be slightly elevated on the expectations table.  I mean, what girl does not want a "fairy-tale" love story to pass down.  I have yet to meet a woman who does not crave the attention, the "happily ever after", or the feeling of being constantly wanted and needed. Just like water is necessary for survival (or should I say blood for vampires), women thirst and crave that "fairy-tale" love story that they drew up in their minds from a childhood of fairy tale princess' finding their one and only true love. We all crave this desire to be loved like there is no tomorrow (or as if vicious blood-sucking vampires are out to kill us).  And in our years of marriage,  there are days we go on without even a "Thank You" for loving me... Again, maybe because our morality is not in question, and we simply don't get to choose when our days on earth will end.

But what I've learned is that in all our marriages, we have our "Edward" in one form or another (just preferably not a 130 year old stuck in a strikingly perfect 18 year old body!) He sits among us, and whether you acknowledge  him or not.. he's there.  Our "Edward" wants to love us the same way Edward loves Bella... but 9 times out of 10, they really don't know how.  Sometimes, they need to know what you want in a "relationship".  So as the wives, we need to voice our opinions.. tell them what we want.  And I bet you, they will listen.  I'm sure their goals as husbands is to place a smile on your face, everyday... to love you the way you deserved to be loved. Communication is the key.  And for some reason, couples get lost in that very line that should be holding them together.  Communication get's lost in the midst of all the chaos (or just life).  The worst thing to do is to "assume" that everything is okay. When in truth, love, marriage, or in any relationship  it should be tended to like a delicate flower..

A Learning We Will Go.
With each passing year, I do learn more and more about this thing called "love". We both continue to learn things about one another and some things become more tolerable as you come to the realization that this is how "he" is or this is just how "he" reacts to things.

I'm pretty sure no one goes about their everyday lives as if this was gonna be their last... we strive to, but with our busy lives, there are days we are just happy we made it through one day, yet alone one week. And maybe this is the one day out of the entire year when you do all your reflecting on your lives together.  But not us, we've learned that this marriage is about us, as husband and wife. We make a point to do things together as a couple and as parents.

I love that he enjoys the same things I do (like these series of books). ***By the way I am anxiously awaiting Book 4 now and hubby is wrapping up Book 3, can't wait to talk about it, finally!  Riding bikes and being out there.  We both enjoy our down time where I get to scrapbook or surf the internet while he plays his online games.  And when the time comes for us to just cuddle in front of a good movie.. we do.

Well in the past 12 years.. what have I learned about our life together as Mr. & Mrs. :

  • Say "I Love You." Always. Even when your pissed off.
  • Love Unconditionally.  What is there to hold back?  Love casts out all fear.
  • Make time for one another and do things together.
  • Do your own thing. Be independent, it's quite liberating!
  • Get Mad. But don't go to bed angry.
  • Cry. Women are emotional creatures. He'll get it someday.
  • Be silly. He could laugh with you are at you, either way it's all good!
  • Put a dress and heels on. I've learned that men (well at least my hubby) are very visual people.  They like to see their wives in a new "sexy" outfit every now and then. 
  • Be yourself. Your man loves you for YOU. 
Reality TV vs. A Quiet Dinner.
Well we didn't quite make it to our dinner date as planned.  Even with Tivo on hand for the Finale of American Idol, I just could NOT, not watch it.  You should have seen how many times I texted last night...and voted for this David to win.  It worried me that Simon gave Archuleta all the praises from the night before, cause as you know I am a COOK fan... so I texted from all three cell phones in this house!  And it was well worth it! Cause David Cook finally took the winning title as our next American Idol.  I was so excited, there was a tear or two trickling down my face.  Not to worry, we have the weekend to go out!

Schools (Almost) Out...

...and yet the celebration is already on it's way!


The kids are anxious and I'm just anxious for them! Here he goes.. my oldest and one of his BFF's, believe it or not.. one of his best friends is a "chick" as I call her.. he always says, "Mom, stop she's like a sister..." 

I wish I had photo.. but yesterday, Rodel was on this bike and I was riding in the back just like that.. it was so much fun!!!  Like the good ol' days back home, packing a ride around the block :)  Speaking of the hubby, he's done with Book 2!  Now we are sharing (well, I'm not budging yet) Book 3...  So, I'll have to finish it tonight! 

Not much going on here.. my mom, grandpa, and brother have finally adjusted (maybe not) to all this daylight... they absolutely love seeing it bright as day at 11 pm!!!  And I (on the other hand) have been spoiled by mom and brother once again!!! 

Short post.. off to read and download my photo shoot from today!

Side Tracked.

***eta***  The post was meant to be titled "Side Tracked"  not "Side Tacked" LOL! Thanks "Dag" for that amazingly funny comment!!!  Just to let you know how sidetracked I am.. I answered my home phone "More Than A Memory can I help you?"... twice!  Not sure where my brain is today?  Must be a Monday Frenzy!

 Taking a 5 minute break from editing photos to say "Hello!" and come up for air!

But I get so easily distracted...I swear, I would go through these photos if I just focused... instead I...

  • Buy more music from iTunes because I think I need new songs to edit too.
    • Bought today:  Death Cab For Cutie, Muse, The Ting Tings (from the latest iPod commercial!) feeling a little Alternative today! 
  • Ugh.. you tube, you make me wanna view anything and everything!  So, I heard I was the only "30 Something" year old female not in New York on Friday to witness history in the making! Oh, talk about nostalgia.. brace yourself and refrain from screaming alongside all these 30 somethin' mamas! I didn't think it was possible to feel like a teenager again, as I waved my hands in the air, sang along to all the songs (because it was etched in my memory with a sharpie permanent marker), and laugh/smile so hard, my cheeks hurt!!!

  • Updated Blogs... that's right this is the time to read all my faves!  Then I have to check out Ali Edwards, Cathy Z.. etc.  Then next thing you know I'm looking at scrapbook sites!
  • And I just can't seem to put Book 3, Eclipse, down...

Needless to say, I actually finish these photos eventually!

Did some scrapbooking today with Izzy.. well let me rephrase that, Ella and Izzy scrapped while Anna and I just monitored them, surfed online, and tried not to talk about them leaving... :(

My mom. brother, and grandfather  flew in on Friday and I still haven't seen her!  Been working all weekend!  So we are relaxing tomorrow and hanging out!  Enjoy your Monday!

It's Official..

I'm clearly obsessed with this series... I've talked about it over and over... and now, I can talk about it online all day and night through this! Especially after I read this, that is totally me!

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight?

Is your house a disaster with piles of piles of laundry in every corner and stacks of dirty dishes at record breaking heights?

Have you imagined your husband is a vampire (or werewolf) and suddenly have the libido of newlywed again?

Do you convince yourself that "cold cereal" makes a perfectly wholesome dinner?

Is the pizza delivery boy now on your Christmas card list?

Are your children free to run a muck as long as no one comes too you bleeding . . .(too badly)?

Seriously, I thought I was the only one who thought of the main characters every time I heard "Bleeding Love" on the radio... So needless to say this post will be a drab... because I can't even put Book 3 down.. and the best part.. is I got hubby reading Book 1.. and as we were fighting over the book light.. (which I got for Mother's Day) I decided to read Book 1 as he read it.. It's even better the second time :)

Meet Harley... isn't he a cutie (apparently not at 3 am)  No, he's not mine.. but my boys wish he was :)


Late Night Rendezvous.

Only in Alaska...

Will your neighbor knock on your door at 11:30 pm, in sheer excitement to let us know that a BEAR is behind our backyard.  That's right, she was kind enough to inform us that apparently there was a party of people watchers going on in our backyards!  So we all sat outside, staring at this "ginormous" black bear standing next to a tree just a few yards away from us.  It was like we were all watching one of those IMAX theater movies!  We heard the MP's fire a "cushioned" bullet only to scare the poor bear into the tree.  And it was there, we waited... and waited... and waited.  After all, what goes up, must come down, right?  Well apparently a bear can hang on to a branch for quite a while.

We could hear this poor bear huffing and scratching onto the bark. As we all leaned to the left to see the branches move, and then like robots, we all moved to the right...

And suddenly, like a light bulb, a thought came across my mind.. "We really are in living in the wild, aren't we?"  It doesn't get any more "wilder" than watching a BEAR from your backyard.  As I continued to think that just yesterday we were standing there at the same spot watching the kids at the playground.  Then I got a slight panic attack, thinking, "What if, we are out for a bike ride and we see these "Ginormous" creatures!  Oh crap!

As my mind raced on the possibilities of running into a bear while on a bike ride... my oldest had other he thought we should throw a slab of steak fillets towards him and see if he could smell it.. and he wondered if there was a particular  "Bear Call" to lure him closer to us.  He cracks me up!

Eventually the bear did come down, in the most sneakiest way possible, we hardly knew he got down.. He stood there for a while.. we all gawked and it was like a scene from one of those  Discovery Channel's documentary.. as we all commented on what the bear was doing, where he moved, how he looked.. at that moment we all sounded like animal experts !

And that was our Late Night Rendezvous.... only in Alaska.

A Ridin' We Will Go...

Introducing my new baby.. I named her "Jade".. I think it suits her just fine... I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!


What a great Mother's Day Gift!  We had so much fun with our new bikes this weekend.  I thought I was the only one getting a new bike, unfortunately the kids got new ones too.. don't ask, all you gotta so is say "Please" and apparently mom caves in...


Right after work on Saturday, we went for a 6 mile bike ride on the Coastal Trail!  It was so much fun and such a gorgeous day for that long ride too :) *Note to self, must buy "butt-cushion".



Another surprise is my Izzy learning how to ride a 2-wheeler too! 


I think all this bike riding made her eager to learn.  Her little neighbor friend just learned too.. so I think she finally wanted to give it a go! The funny thing is.. when we were out looking for bikes the other night, she asked if she could have a basket for her bike, then a new helmet and so on and so on.. So I said, "When you learn how to ride a 2-Wheeler, I'll get you those!" Of course you know what happened next, it was the first thing she recalled after her first attempt at riding a 2-Wheeler!  I have to say, she is the youngest of my kids to learn to ride a 2-wheeler... she beat Ethan by a few months.. he was 5 too, but Izzy was still the youngest!  She's so excited, she even tells strangers she can ride a 2-wheeler!


I had a wonderful Mother's Day, each child woke me up with a little surprise of things I've mentioned I wanted just a few days ago :)  A Mum Yankee Candle, A Book Light, and the movie "27 Dresses."

Matching shirts..:)  We went to Old Navy, I got her the smallest kids size and I got the biggest :)

Update on Book Two, New Moon,


I AM DONE.. DONE.. DONE.. I read an even bigger book in less than a week!  (World record for me!)  I got Book Three "Eclipse" this weekend, as another treat to myself.. but this one I NEED to learn to take it a little slower, because Book Four does not release till August!