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I think Alaskans were dumbfounded today...


The sun came out!

Yes, it was beautiful.... through those big glass windows that surround the Scrapbook Store!
It was even more beautiful.... through the seemingly endless crowd of people going in and out of the store!

Even though I worked all day, I've never seen so many happy faces in one day. I've never had so many people say to me "I thought about you when that sun came out today!" (I guess I do complain about the weather a lot in my blog posts but it's nice to know my customers are entertained by my blog)! And I was surrounded by the sweetest scrappers (Ms. Lisa and the ever so funny duo of Leslie and Beth) and "Hyper-Heidi". 

And here is my ever so funny moment of "my" day:

Ronalyn: Looking over at Beth who just walked in, in her APD outfit.. I trailed along behind her, staring at her crisp uniform, eyeballing the bulk under her chest, knowing that she's got some protective gear on, trying to listen intently at the radio attached to her arm.  Walking beside her, I tell her,

"Wow, I already feel so safe.. so important!"

She shrugs it off, like it was nothing. Little does she know, I'm already daydreaming about what it's like to be "in uniform" to walk along the streets of Anchorage, sworn to honor and protect, as the theme song from one of the CSI's enter my brain.. oooh-wah-ooh-ooh. But in reality if I was a cop, I would just be the person that writes all those tickets on your car when you've over extended your stay at the meters!

"Man, Beth, you've got the coolest job, here I am cutting up endless mounds of paper, and you get to catch bad guys! So tell me what it's like!"

Sounding a little to excited, like a kid propped up next to her bed awaiting her bedtime stories of knights in castles saving the damsel in distress.

Then suddenly, the radio on her shoulder starts speaking "Attention, units in the area we got a code 10-99 in progress." (I just made that code up for entertainment purposes, I'm not sure what the code was:) I thought I was gonna jump out of my pants! I felt like saying "oh, take me, take me please!" You know like that scene in some alien movie, where the people are all on top of a builiding with signs, "Take Me" as the Alien Motherhsip hovers over them!

Ronalyn: "Oh what are they saying.. what code? Hey I know codes!!! I watch a lot of CSI's and Law And Order!"

Beth leans over and laughs. She must get this reaction all the time, right?

***Brought to you by, a moment in my "ever so entertaining" life.

Enjoy your Wednesday, Hump Day!

Monday Came ... and Gone

I look forward to Mondays now.. only because I've decided that it will be my day off.  So while everyone is getting ready to start their week, I'm still enjoying the last day of mine.  Although, our household is not like your ordinary 9-5 household. With hubby on shift work that changes every month, we don't get the same days off, like the "average joes" around here. So some days our days off coincide, and sadly enough, there are times we don't see one another for over a week. But we make do with what we do have and know that I've decided to work out of the house, mainly at first, to socialize and be "out" there.  Then you get so used to making that "extra" money that pretty soon, that "extra" money doesn't become "extra" anymore.  But we have plans and goals. Every year we fly home to Hawaii during Christmas time.  Last year we didn't do it (now, with summer coming to a close, I wonder why!).  But this year we "plan" to visit "warmth", I mean home again. But if that doesn't fall through, my kids have always wanted to see "Disneyland!"

Today was "Pool Day!" Everyone in this house loves pool-day.  Isabel is one class away from graduating Level 1, and next week we start Level 2! We all head over to the Ft. Rich pool, the boys usually beg to bring their friends, and the kids just have a blast! I sit and chat with my girlfriend, Keri. While we occasionally shout out "Good-Job's" and give Thumbs-Up, and sometimes clap our hands with encouraging words! But really, gossip is more important! And somehow, an hour never seems long enough!  Then we have lunch together, her crew and mine, usually equates to one big "circus" or expedition, depends how you see it. 


I get home to run a few errands, post office, grocery store, and Cinnabon! Then of course, the kids beg to go back to the pool.  So we ended up staying there all night long!  This time I get in there with them and come out wrinkled like a raisin! Isabel is starting to swim like a fish (and so am I) LOL!  Today, we swam around without the life vests, yes both of us!  Gotta love how brave I can get when I'm trying to teach my 5 year old that there is nothing to be afraid of! :)

Well, Tuesday is just around the corner.. work all day (just in case, you wanna stop by and say "hi").  Then you know where I will be on Friday... B&N baby!  I thought that sounded cooler than Barnes and Nobles.. for this:

Picture 1

Enjoy your day!

Mama Mia Dance off, Moose Tooth, Barnes & Nobles, and "Larry"...

P7130061_2 copy
T'was a night of Salad/Bread/Lu-Wow Pizza, Moose Pie Eating, Twilight Talking, "La-rry" conversing, Barnes and Noble book searching, Mama Mia singing, Mama Mia Dancing in our seats, and way too much giggling in the movie theatre!

P7130062_2 copy

The night began at Moose's Tooth, where I was craving a salad. We let our waitress know that we were trying to catch a movie, so she really did an awesome job at getting our food, dessert, and check to us. As usual, Moose's Tooth is packed! And we got to sit very closely to some really "friendly" people. A mom, who is visiting Alaska, and her son, who just moved here from Texas with his family.

P7140066_2 copy
(Some serious Twilight Talk going on here.. Will Bella give up her mortality? Now that is the question!")

As we are getting seated, we hear a raucous going on, apparently a fight just broke out!  I guess some guys got antsy waiting for a seat!  So curious minds want to know, and the rambunctious and ever so nosy Erica just had to go check it out.  She comes back with a story for us, stating that Moose's Tooth has a bodyguard that stands over 6 feet tall!  I didn't even know they had a bodyguard! I wonder where they keep him, cause I never saw him before. Hmph?

P7140063_2 copy
(yummy salad!)

As we are chatting, more like yelling at one another, because over the hustle and bustle of a very busy restaurant, sometimes we are hard of hearing! Our "friendly" neighbors, the mother and son duo, curiously look over, and the son, says to Erica,

"You must be the trouble-maker!" 

Boy did he get that one right! Erica, gives her "girly-chuckle" and reaches over and gives this guy a Hi-Five as he claims that he has always been the "trouble-maker" of his bunch as well.  And instantly, a "connection" of wild-child's reminisce of what it's like to be the "rambunctious" ones!

"Larry" introduces himself to us, and somewhere in our conversation, his mother squeezes in that he is married with three girls. 

Rewind... uhm, "Larry" why are you talking up a storm with three "chatty" and somewhat "annoying" ladies who are obviously yelling at one another in sheer excitement because as mother's of several children, we rarely see the civilized world!

In between chewing our food and catching up on the latest happenings of our "busy" lives, we ask the ever so friendly, Larry to take a photo of us. 

Apparently all he heard was "take a photo".

P7140064_2 copy
(meet "Larry")

P7140065_2bw copy
(thanks Larry)

We start talking about scrapbooking, naturally.  "Mom" hears this and so does "Larry" and states that his wife loves scrapbooking.  Well that's all you need to say to start a lengthy conversation! Dulce did not hesitate to write down directions to More Than A Memory, of course.

After all that chewing and talking, came desert. We opt for the famous Moose Pie.  Of course our new guest, "Larry" beg to differ on our decision.  But Erica, insists that this is thee best dessert of all time!  Indeed, it was delicious and huge!

P7140067_2 copy

Naturally, curious minds want to know... so guess who is taking a bite of our dessert?  That's right, Larry!

P7140069_2 copy

As we exchanged information with his mom who wants to visit the Scrapbook Store later on in the week, Larry gives us a deal we could not pass up.  Lo and Behold, he is also Sky Diving Instructor!  We were scheduled to meet him at Wasilla this afternoon, but it rained on us! (Go figure).  But don't worry, Larry, we are coming!

While waiting for Mama Mia, we just had to stop in Barnes & Noble, our second home, to see what was new!

P7140072_2 copy
(The biggest Twilight Fans ever!)

We cannot wait till next week, when Book 4 comes out!  We are on it!

P7140074_2 copy
My favorite secret obsession:  Trashy Famous People Magazines! 

Up next, Mama Mia:
P7140075_2 copy

We met Bridget there!
P7140077_2 copy

P7140078_2 copy
My deepest apologies to the people sitting directly behind us, I know we were loud, maybe a bit rowdy, and somewhat obnoxious!  Can you blame us for "feeling" the movie? Meryl Streep was simply amazing!

P7140082_2 copy

Time to head home. See you ladies next month!  (ha ha) Okay, we will get out more! Pinky Swear!

I did it!

I'm finally done editing nearly 400 photos! Yes, that is a lot!  It was a BIG family!  It consists of Stacy's Family, Stacy's mom and dad, Stacy's Siblings and their families, Stacy's husband's family, Stacy's husband's siblings and their family, Stacy's in-laws.. and oh did I mention ALL the children/grandchildren in between!  So, there were BIG family sessions and one on one sessions too.  A little bit of everything. That was nearly a month ago, and I'm finally done!  I adore Stacy's family!  I've photographed them before and they are one big beautiful family! So when she told me that her family was flying into town, I could not wait to photograph them!

IMG_6669 copy

Her girls are simply adorable:
IMG_6837 copy

more family:

love this:


Since I've decided to take it easy on photography for a while, it seems that everyone wants their photographs done!  But I'm standing my ground and only doing what I can handle, but I tell you, what, it's hard to say, "no." Work at the store seems to keep me busy, lately I've been more there than anywhere else, in fact, when friends want to see me, they have to come to the store to say hi:

Dulce took this shot as she attempted to say hello a few days ago.Mework

Finally, a little break to give her a "hug" and say hello! And maybe do another Girl's Trip to Seattle again this year?

And, the other day, she came back to capture me training our new girl, Heidi!  Heidi's so full of energy, she made me feel like a slacker.  I told Dulce, I was having a bad hair day and to put that darn camera away!  As you can see, she doesn't listen!

Finally, the weekend is here.  I've got a class at the store on Saturday then it's off for a "girly" night of dinner and "Mama Mia". Enjoy your weekend!

Captivated by this:


I finished yet another novel that took over my life for the past 4 days.. when all I could think about is getting my  hands on the next page, the next chapter, to step into the lives of these amazing characters, and once again, I was very moved by this novel about love, strength, triumph, pain and suffering in a time that is unfair (and still is), in a country that makes me you feel so "thankful" to be an American, and it intertwines with factual events of Afghanistan's last thirty years, from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban, to now, the post Taliban rebuilding. It is a story that filled my heart with hope, with pain and suffering that I can only imagine, but through the author's writing I felt the pain of these women, in which I cried, when they clung on to the hope of another day. 

Not only did this novel move me to tears.. it opened my eyes and heart to a world that we read about in papers all the time, but never fully understanding what they go through.  In the story, they talked about the years that passed.. from the 80's, 90's, and today.. and I thought of what I was doing during those times, and surely I was not afraid to walk the streets of my home, in fear of striking bombs or militia men that took over our city.  Nor, fearing for my life from a group of barbaric men was not a part of my daily life. No! I was worried about what to wear, getting at least a C on my latest math test, or what the weekend events will look like.  Such different lives we lead, but still, we are all the same, humans, living in a world, one world. 

I have been so intrigued these past few days, I've been reading about the history of Afghanistan, the culture, the religion, the people, and even the food. If not for this amazing story, I honestly would not even take the time to know anything new.  But this kind of book, feeds my mind, wanting to know more. The history of this great country is amazing, following their ways of life, the religion, and mostly how it affects women. Being a woman myself, I cannot even begin to imagine, living a life, dictated by others, not having my own voice, being run by everyone else, but you.. Can you imagine? It just breaks my heart. 

I have not read his famous first book, The Kite Runner.  I think I may just catch that one on DVD because I have a new book lined up.. before August 1 of course, all you Twilight Fans, wink, wink!.. :)  But someone lent me, The Time Traveler's Wife, so I'm eager to start on that one!


Yes, nothing but book talk today.. :)

A Nice Sunday.

Listen to that?


Hear that.. yes, the sound of NOTHING!  I can even hear the sound of the clock ticking.  No sound of kids running around aimlessly, or the sound of Nick Jr. in the background, or little quarrels about who got what first, no stomping of the feet (usually from me and the fact that "I" have to get the dishes, "I" have to do laundry, and it almost seems like "I" have to do everything!)  Not today, not for the next hour or so that is.

On this Sunday morning, the hubby is at work, the laundry has been placed in the washer, the dishes are put away from breakfast, the coffee machine is getting ready to turn off, the carpets have been vacuumed, the iMac plays "Bob Marley", one child is downstairs on XBox, the oldest decided to eat lunch at the BX, and the little one, the one that seems to hang out next to my hip most days, is outside.. That's right, outside with her girlfriends. I decided today (well last night) that she is somewhat old enough to play in the front of the house with her girlfriend across the way, Talia.  She diligently tells me where she is every half hour or so. I've caught her looking both ways cautiously to go across the way. And I've seen her pull to the side when riding her bike if she hears a car coming by. The people in this neighborhood all have 2+ children and they understand that we are all one another's eyes and ears.. so that makes me feel somewhat safe.  So, she is outside and I am inside. Albeit, I look out the window every 15 minutes.  But it's worth, even just an hour of "quiet".

It's been a relaxing Sunday.  The kind that makes you wonder why people have to work, do chores, or run errands. Why can't everyday be a "Sunday." ?


It is now 2 am.  We've all just returned from watching Dark Knight.  It was our second attempt at getting tickets and even then, we had to see the last showing at 10:35 pm despite showing up at the theater at 8 pm.  We bought the tickets anyway and waited... We didn't mind waiting, after all the boys had their friends and we were towing around 5 eager kids... We were the first in line!  I had my recent book, A Thousand Splendid Suns in hand (which is really good, so good, that after only a few days, I'm almost done), a new game, Tap Tap, I downloaded for the iPhone, which WOW, totally rocks!! It's like Dance Dance Revolution for your fingertips!  And the kids brought their DS's.. so we were fine waiting. 

Picture 2

And it was no surprise how good the movie was of course!  I think that, Heath Ledger was just phenomenal! His character as the joker was the best I've ever seen (I think the only other one I've seen was Jack Nicholson?) Still, it felt so surreal watching Heath in action, knowing he has passed, it was heartbreaking.  But it was worth waiting in line for over an hour and a second try driving to the theater! 

Well I had pics to post of Izzy and her girlfriend, Brynn swimming but.. I need to get to bed and make our breakfast "date" in the morning, we like to sneak out and leave the kids behind with their big brother, to enjoy our time (once again!) So more pics tomorrow!



I'm the type of person that always seems to be a giver and a pleaser.  As to my advantage and disadvantage, I'm a People-Pleaser.  Seldom I say "No" to anyone.  It has been one of my greatest weakness and pleasure... So when I am hit with a R-A-K.. I am beside myself! 


It was a Wednesday morning.  Off to work I went, barely making it by 10 am to open, starving with only my coffee cup to fill my tummy. I stumble in.. exhausted already just thinking of the things that needed to get done in what seems to be the shortest 8 hours.  Time flies in this store.  Maybe because I enjoy what I do that I really don't notice time flying by, or because I wait till last minute to prep for another round of classes. 

As I round the chipboard up, separate the patterned papers, and divide the ribbons by stacks.. one of my favorite customers walk in.  (Let's call her "Lisa")  Not only does she always buy anything and everything but she loves all the kits that we designers create, she is just one sweet lady.  Always polite. Always asking how my day is going, and is really sincere.

On this day.. exhaustion decided to creep in a little to early.  But Lisa, made a world of difference.  She decided to stay and scrapbook for several hours, keeping me company. She brought me breakfast and later on that day she went out to buy me lunch!  What a treat!  How did she know all I had was a Cup-O-Noodle in my backpack.  She really did not have to do this.  She really did not have to go out of her way to include me in her lunch plans.. But she did. At the end of the day, she even bought me and my family a fresh loaf of bread from the Harvest Bakery (my favorite).  At the end of the day, I told her I really appreciated all she's done for me..  And she said, "No Problem, I know you will Pay It Forward to someone else..." 

And with that thought.. I wondered when would be the day, I would go out of my norm, to put a smile on someone's face.. Well that day was today.

I had spent my morning enjoying my day, despite the rain that smothered Alaska all day.. It was a day full of Sweet Surprises.. Hubby and I enjoyed a very delicious breakfast at probably Thee Best Breakfast Place I have ever been.. SNOW CITY CAFE!!! 


We sneaked out of the house early in the morning, leaving the kids behind with their big brother... and enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast. We enjoyed our time to reconnect and talked the entire time about anything and everything.. I oohed and aaahhed about the art displayed all over the place.. it was filled with local artists in which they feature one every month.  It was my kind of place and my kind of cafe. 

We got home and I just hummed and sang (and cleaned) the house... In between washing the dishes and wiping down tables, I called my girlfriend Keri to see how she was enjoying this rainy day.. And as to much dismay.. with a needy 2 year old, a busy 4 year old, and more family in.. she was a bit.. overwhelmed.  To the point where she said she could not even get out of the house to buy a gallon of milk.  I sat there listened and remembered what it was like to be in her shoes.  When my oldest (who is almost 13) was 4 and Ethan (who is 10) was just 2.. those days were crazy!!!  I told her that I didn't even leave the house! And I could completely relate to her. After that conversation, I realized how quickly time had passed.. the kids are so much older and those "hard" days seem like a faded memory. They are so much easier to trek around and so much easier to handle.  Granted, sometimes that 12 year old acts like a 5 year old!  But I wondered how I could make this day a little easier for her.

I had just 1 hour before taking off for the pool with the kids again.. so we all dashed to the grocery store. I decided what was going to be Keri's dinner for tonight, complete with dessert.  And I did not forget.. her gallon of milk.  Raced to the other side of town.  Rang her doorbell.  Surprised her. Gave her a "I completely understand" hug. And trekked to the other side of town for a day at the pool.

A smile on my face all day.  We even made it to the mall. Got a little extra goodies at Nordstrom Mac Makeup Department!  And it just felt good to finally Pay-It-Forward.

So... after all that typing.  The lesson for today.. is that, we should all go that extra mile to place a smile on someone's face.. it's worth it knowing that you just made someone's day.

Twilight, Revisted.

With the release for Breaking Dawn (Aug.2)... there has been a whole lotta "Edward + Bella" talking going on here.. And it doesn't help when nearly all your girlfriends are in love with this series too!  So I'm re-reading Eclipse!  Then this hit the stands:

(I will buy anything that has "twilight" imprinted on it..) Isn't Bella just gorgeous!  Not sure if I like "Edward" here though.. but this pic.. I LOVE:
Now that's what you call, "Take Me Away!" I love it!

You can read the article here, just in case you missed it!

And ladies (and gents) Barnes and Nobles (here) is doing a Breaking Dawn Party at 10 pm on August 1!  You know I will be there.. I'm gathering a crew of Twilight Moms to join in on the celebration..!!

Tomorrow is my only day off this week.. so I'm making this post short and sweet so we can head to bed early to get the kids out and about.. may attempt to try some back to school shopping, well start that is.

Until then.. I've been doing some digital scrapbooking, trying to catch up with the year.. here's a fun one I did of the night we went to watch Juno back in February, see I'm a few months behind:

I bought this kit from from a designer named Corie Gammon, and I love her fun and bright and whimsical designs!  You've got to check it out!!! I've got tons more to share but being to lazy to upload them right now!

Just Hanging Out...

It was a good Monday.  By all means not sun-shining fantastic, but it was good.  I think things are getting back to some kind of normalcy since my family left last week.  I admit those first few days (of actually doing my own laundry, cooking a meal for my family, and even washing dishes...) seemed unbearable at first. But you get back into the swing of things, cause time doesn't wait for anyone, does it?  Especially not for a whiny 30 year old mother of three, who works 2 jobs, while her husband is on a 12 hour shift work!  So I wiped my tears and picked myself up and trekked forward.

Keri and I met up for our girl's swimming lessons.  And Isabel did such a good job!  (I need to bring my big camera next time!) But that girl jumped into the water today!  And she dunked into the water to pick up some diving fishy toys! I was so impressed! Especially for a little one who has always been deathly afraid of getting her face and nose in the water!

My work week officially starts tomorrow.  But I've been finding time late at night to catch up on this year's photos (and last year). 

One I made last night:

A closer look:

IMG_7887 IMG_7888

And this one is for Izzy's new friends and new neighbors:IMG_7891

And more of our summer adventures:


IMG_7898  IMG_7899


IMG_7903 IMG_7904

And I leave you with a song that hubby downloaded for me when I came home from work on Saturday (insert, what a sweet guy!)

Can you picture us dancing in the living room? Yeah it was cute and funny at the same time!

Weekend Recap.

I will not complain about the weather...
I will not say how much it "sucks" to be here right now...
I'm not gonna even begin to say what kind of summer we have had...
I'm going to stop wishing I was somewhere, anywhere, but here...
And I will stop looking at, cause you know all I will see is this:

Picture 2
Sad.. oh so sad... but true, for this week at least.

Had to get that off my chest.. I think I can move on now. So it's Sunday evening, my weekend is officially over, and well... as you can tell, not a very summery-summer day or weekend for that matter.  But we made the most of it..  we took the family out for a bike-ride, it was a cloudy day, but at least it wasn't raining.  So we trekked off to Bird Creek and biked along Old Seward Highway. 

IMG_0638 copy
*I cannot take pics while riding the bike.. and I'm never in the pic unless I'm an awkward angle like this to get myself documented, and I forgot the camera, so this is via iPhone.*

IMG_0650 copy
Cloudy..but beautiful.

The highlight of my week was the unveiling of this:

Picture 3
No.. we didn't get the new iPhone (just yet, I was thinking of waiting after the lines died down, say around Tuesday!) But getting all the applications, was just as good as getting a new phone.  And with these new Apps, I am in love all over again!  Which ones did I get, you ask? A lot, but these are my faves!

Picture 4
Oh if you Twitter, this is AMAZING!  I thought it was cool enough to Tweet on my phone as is.. but try Twittering with this! 

Picture 5
Uhm.. this game is so fun! Had it for Gamecube and now I have it for my iPhone. You simply tilt your phone around to control it!  So cool!  (Excuse my inner-tech-geek emerging!).  Now I'm never bored waiting in line at restaurants!

Picture 6
Need I say more?  My iPhone is officially a remote control too!

Oh check this out.. do you Pandora?  If so... imagine taking Pandora anywhere?
Picture 7 

Oh there are so many more... I have a menu starter, a To-Do List helper, a weight tracker, and point tracker too, a button that tells me the nutrition in restaurants, and more games! Oh so very exciting.. at least I got that going!