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Weekend Recap, Friday.

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Alaska!  Where did all this sun come from?  Quite unusual, but just perfect! 

Friday started off with sunshine peeking through my windows. But was spent lallygagging doing absolutely nothing! I think I spent most of my day on the phone catching up with friends near and far, iChatting, texting, facebooking, twittering, you name it.  Then the family and I enjoyed an early dinner at TGIF just before the hubby had to head to work that night.

We celebrated my girlfriend, Erica's Birthday at Red Robin, she loves herself some hamburgers!  Not without a quick stop to the mall!  We've been addicted to the MAC makeup counter since we discovered these Paint Pots for your eyes:


Which is a great creamy shadow that literally stays on ALL day and night!

But of course we found another new love.. the  Pigment Shadows! These work great when applied over your Paint Pots too.. they make that color last!


And we fell in love with this color:

Picture 1 

It's a must have in your make up stash! 

Dinner at Red Robin was delicious, although I was still stuffed from the juicy steak I had at TGIF, I opted for just some fries and Freckled Lemonade!


It was actually an early night for us.. I came home to relax and enjoy watching Camp Rock with my kids!

I kept pretty busy this weekend, mostly doing impromtu photoshoots trying to make the most of the unusual sunny weekend we had.  More to come, let's just say, I "rocked" on with Bon Jovi, praised in a new home, climbed up a massive tree while trekking into the deep woods, and indulging in a new book... It's already 2:30 am.. I am dead tired now after finishing editing a maternity shoot I did last week. 


Friday Morning.

Friday Morning.

6:45 am seems to feel earlier and earlier to me, but this is the latest I've woken up all week.
I roll over to see my oldest son, cuddling up in our bed.
It usually means "Mom, I love you, can you make me an omelet, bacon, and toast again?"
I'm thinking, Is there another mom out there that cook massive breakfasts' Monday thru Friday at 6 in the morning?
Or do they just give them a bowl of cereal?
I wish I could just throw a bowl of cereal at them and feel guilt-free.
But I think it has a lot to do with the way I was raised, three course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  My mom believed in cooking and feeding.
I fumbled out of bed, dragged my feet, and looked back.
At the sleeping husband of mine.
Who happens to be on mids-shift, that "forces" him to stay up all night so he could sleep all day, in order to work tonight. How convenient that he enjoys staying up all night and sleeping all day anyway.
It's freezing in the house.
I'm a total grump.
Huffing and Puffing in the house.
Wondering why I went to bed so late, as I always do in the mornings.
I should have learned by now.
But I'm creature of habit, and going to bed late is just my thing.
Get the coffee started.
Dishes oh those darn dishes.
While I heat up the pans, I throw dishes back to their spot.
Why? Not sure, maybe the sound of clanking banging may provoke a sleeping soul to wake up and lend a helping hand.
Too good to be true.
I bring out the bacon, the eggs, the ham, cheese and toast.
It sure is omelet week in my house.
I wonder what next week will be.
Hopefully it's pop tarts.
Playhouse Disney is blaring through my house, thanks to the Bose Speaker System that the hubby just had to get.
Little Izzy springs out of bed.
She had a good night's rest as she tucked herself in again at 8 pm.
There I am in my too long of pajamas that I keep stepping on.
My old, faded, green, American Eagle shirt with bold yellow letters "SEXY".
Oh yeah, I'm sure feeling that!
Breakfast is done. It smells so good.
But I never eat it.
Coffee is more like it. Just coffee.
I manage to gulp one cup before getting that "middle" child out of bed.
I get in his room and he glares at me with that same look.
The "I can't believe it's already time to get up" look.
He strolls upstairs for a shower.
Then Isabel says, "I wake up before you, cause I go to bed early, you should go to bed earlier!"
Ethan gives her that "Oh Shut Up look!"
A cup of coffee in my hand, fat free, lactose free, hazelnut cream in the other, and mounds of sugar later.."
I sit at this little desk nestled in this tiny house in what was supposed to be a dining area, open up that gorgeous, sleek, and oh so sexy, laptop.. and read up on my friends in blog world.
Right click, RSS feed tells me who had the time to update or who just didn't give a rats-"butt" on updating. Who has time to update every single day anyway?
That old water heater that military housing is so blessed with (insert sarcastic tone) finally kicks in.
Lunch bags are out and ready to be packed. Chicken soup with crackers for one and ham sandwich with the crusts cut off for the other.
Handy Manny is on..
I somehow have set my timer to the disney channel shows.  Right after the end of the first show, they should have already brushed their teeth.  When Pooh Bear is on, they should be rounding up their bags and get ready to go.
But today.. I asked, more like begged, or bribed the husband to bring them to school. In return, he could sleep all day long and I will not bother him.. not even once.  I will even blow dry my hair in another bathroom!
He agrees.
And they are off.
Home free.
Nice and quiet.
Oh what to do with all this time?
Wasted and engulfed in the world of three w's.
Not without phone calls in between.
Twitter this, facebook that, typepad this, and typepad that...
Do people really have more than one blog, let alone 3? 
Just me and the sound of my living room clock ticking.
What to do today?
I know what I should do.
Get going. Keep going. No use in wasted time sitting here with this laptop on my lap. Ha.. that was funny!
At least it's Friday.
I don't have to do this again till Monday.


I've been thinking about doing this for a while now.. and since I am an all or nothing kinda gal.. I think I'm gonna take the plunge and go for the gusto.. If I'm gonna cut my hair.. I may as well get it cut real good! So I was thinking of something like this:


And go really short in the back:

And maybe add another tattoo?  JK!

Or just going a nice sleek A-Line Bob:


I've had it short in the past:

But never that short in the back since highschool.. so I'm super excited..  Not to mention my favorite song at the moment.. with one of my all time favorite performers, Pink has got the baddest short hair cut! 

I really am digging that song! It is just on repeat for me.. and it makes me feel like bashing something around :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

Fall Season...

means our favorite TV shows has returned to our living room and for some reason everything looks so much better on something like this:

Picture 1 

Our favorite form of entertainment during these long cold nights, combined with a whole lot of TV shows... this is going to be a great Fall Season!

First up.. I've been waiting to watch this.  I actually waited a couple of days till the hubby had a day off to watch it.. Before I watched it, I sat down for the Premier Party... and I had goosebumps.. it's so good!  I felt like a screaming in my living room !

Picture 2 

Oh so good!  So glad to be back in my Fall TV Show groove.

Just last night I ventured into a new series, (Thanks to Anna).. The Fringe on Fox.  Another show that I instantly latched on to. It's right up my Sci-fi alley!

FRINGE-Comp-Prints-44_med (13)

I can't wait for the other shows to start next week:

Consider These DVR'd and set as faves:

  • Heroes
  • Chuck
  • The Office
  • 30 Rock
  • The Biggest Loser
  • 24
  • Fringe
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Eli Stone
  • Lost
  • Private Practice
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Samantha Who

What can I say, I'm just a tad bit of a TV junkie.. but I never watch them live... I always wait and record them.. and watch them later.. usually when the kids are all in bed.

Enjoy your Thursday!

I even took a nap...

It was quite the relaxing Monday.. did not work at the store or at home.  Perfect for a Monday.  I went to bed so late that by 6 am.. I had already planned to take a nap once the kids were dropped of to school.  I rarely take naps because I always seem to outweigh all the ten million other things I'd rather be doing than sleeping for a few hours. I'd lay there and think of the laundry I could be doing or the dishes that need to be washed or more photos that I could edit.  But on this particularly cold Monday morning, a whopping 46 degrees!  I decided to snuggle up to an already sleeping hubby (who is now on the Mid Shift so he works from 6pm to 6am).  But lo and behold the never ending... ringing of the phones,  both cell phone and home phone!  Being such a light sleeper, I heard every vibrate, every ring, and every beep from texting.  What the heck!  Go figure, the one day I just wanted to take a little nap.. the phone goes crazy!

This afternoon I made a favorite dinner entree for the family.  It's a favorite back home in Hawaii at all the local diners and restaurants.  Chicken Katsu

It's a three step process.. where you dip the chicken in the flour, then the egg, then my favorite, the Panko Flakes.







We serve it with rice, sprinkled in Furikake, and Tonkatsu Sauce! Yum!




So.. today is the premier of one of my favorite shows.. Heroes!  I'm so excited... so excited that I decided to wait for hubby's next day off to watch it together!  So until then, I just have to hold my excitement and be patient.

...and that's a wrap.

I've had a photo session every single day of last week!  So I've been doing a lot of these late night photo-editing.  For example.. right now it's 2:26 am.  And I will be up in about 4 hours.  Oh I don't even want to think about the morning. I've already got my coffee machine ready for the morning.  I've been trying to finish these senior photoshoots, that had to be postponed because of us being sick.  These seniors need to submit their photos at the end of the week!

Here I am (jumping again)  but this time on my client's trampoline on Friday's Shoot!


I had a great weekend though despite working on both days with shoots.  The hubby was home (aside from another weekend of paintballing with his buddies!) After such a long week, I treated myself at the mall with my girlfriends and got some new hoodies. 


I bought some Nike Hoodies at Sports Authority (that gorgeous green) in the kids section!  (It's cheaper... and way cuter colors!) I even went to Gap Kids and got me the same hoodie as my Izzy so we could be matching :)  She loved that idea. I wonder how long that will last!

I also treated myself to MORE mac makeup!  Nothing like a new shadow, well several shadows to complete the wardrobe!


My girlfriend getting a Mac-Attack Makeover! 
Here I am giving a make-over! 

And me "touching up"...


And "wa-la" we are ready......... to go home! :)

Well nothing like getting away from work, even if it's for a couple of hours! 

I loved our latest senior shoot:

IMG_1512 copy 

IMG_1343 copy


Finally Friday.. the end of the week, although it seems like I've just started mine. 

Two of my three kids are still home with me slowly recovering.  It's been a long 2 weeks of having the kids sick and then me.  I'm not used to being home bound for so long.  Although I didn't work as much at the store this week, I have been booked with photoshoots!

I had a photoshoot yesterday at the Kincaid Park and it was the perfect day for it!  It rained all week!  But not today, of all days, the day of a photoshoot that has been rescheduled and postponed and rescheduled again! This sweet lady has been waiting patiently for a session with me. And I'm just so thankful that we were able to finally do it. I have so many to comb through but this one caught my eye right away! 

IMG_0435 copy

After the photoshoot Dulce and I had some fun with the camera: (Who knew I could jump so high!)

IMG_0815 copy 

I can't wait to go through them.. but for now, I must get ready for Friday's shoot in their home!

Enjoy your weekend!


Now that's one HAWT mama:

IMG_0069BW copy

IMG_9990 copy

IMG_9958 copy

Maternity Shoots are my absolute favorite!  I love being able to capture this special time in their lives... and making the ladies feel comfortable in their own skin and being able to embrace their bodies.. Nothing makes me smile more than a "glowing mom". I feel so alive behind the camera because there is something so beautiful and artistic about a human body.. especially a pregnant body!  There's so much you can do with lighting to manipulate the curves!  And this year alone, I've had so many maternity shoots than I can count.  I'm just really honored to be asked to do their maternity photos!  Next lot of photos are some senior shots from yesterday.  Enjoy your Thursday!

Scrappin' Away..

Digitally that is.

So over the weekend... I "chucked"  yes I threw out (and gave some to Izzy) all my old scrapbook paper and then some. What can I say? I'm totally feeling the digital right now and loving the ease and tidiness it brings.




I've been browsing a whole bunch of digital websites and just "paypal'ing" everything!  I have yet to use a bunch of these things I bought and getting used to the art of masking things.. But right now I'm enjoying my tidy basement and I will leave it at that for a while.  So at this Friday's Crop I think all I will have on me is this laptop! 

I will be editing photos for the next couple of days. Our Senior Shoot today went Fab! (Thanks to my helper, Dulce!)  I have another shoot scheduled for Thursday, so we'll have to see how the weather holds up.  It rained all day.. the entire day today!  It was that kind of day!  Hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday. My kids are still recovering!  Isabel spiked another fever last night, just out of the blue.  After sending her back to school on Monday, then we kept her home on Tuesday.. we can't seem to shake off this "funk"!

Almost better, but not quite..

I'm getting there.. I feel much better. I got some much needed rest that's for sure! But shortly after I said I felt much better, it looks like I got stuck with a case of the Pink Eye!  It didn't get really bad till Saturday night, that left me visiting the ER late at night.  It just had to get worst before it got better, so my eye was extremely swollen on Sunday, leaving me to reschedule yet another photoshoot. That makes photoshoot number 4 that I've rescheduled for next week! 

Well today is Monday and the beginning of a new week. I really did not want to be stuck in the house again, despite my one "red" eye!  But it's the hubby's day off and we were itching to spend some R&R time. So we headed out for some lunch and then he proceeded to get me this:


Like we need another laptop or computer in this house?  Oh yes, we do! This baby makes #4. What can I say, this girl loves her macs!  I love the portability! I'm a busy girl who likes to take things on the go sometimes :) 

We visited the mall where I tried on some jeans with the intent on buying some new ones.  But, to my surprise, size 6's was a little on the big size (thanks to the case of the "funk").  Who knew size 4 Ankle was a popular size?  So they did not have any for me at American Eagle.. so I took it as a sign, that "maybe it wasn't meant to be".  So I opted for their very comfy A&E Sweats in different colors.  Oh these things are so comfortable!


I did one of my shoots tonight. It was a maternity shoot... and she was absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot wait to go through them!  She made my jaw drop and my job so easy.. all she had to do was just stand there!

Well I'm trying to upload photoshop on this baby... so I will have to share those maternity pics later.  Tomorrow, we have a senior coming by for some photos!  I'm so excited!  No better way to jump back into work then diving back in!

Until then.. these are worth "repeating" on my iphone, ipod, itunes, imac, etc...

Love this "raucous" of a song! (Pink is just awesome! I've always loved her!) Makes me wanna throw things around, dance, yell... oh cut my hair.. just a few more pounds to go..and a-chopping-this-hair-will GO!

And then the latest here by Leona Lewis... wow!  Good Voice. Great Lyrics.. tugs at your heartstrings!