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October 2008

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere...

Today was one of those days where my clock and I had to be in sync.. or else.

Three parent teacher conferences, all back to back, 2 different schools.. I didn't take into account, drive time (which also includes, parking, getting kids out, and running to the class rooms, and yes the occasional bathroom break).   But we made it.  We started out with my oldest, an 8th grader, who claimed he felt pretty positive about his grades just a bit unsure about Social Studies... and he was right.. he had an excellent report card all A's and a few B's, except for that D, yes a D in Social Studies, from 2 tests that he did poorly on.  Out of all the tests, it had to be the one we keep talking about in our household, the political aspect of it all.  He averaged a 3.2 GPA, that's good.  I was proud but he needs to work on his Social Studies.  And the other 2, well, they were the quickest Parent Teacher Conferences I've had.  Ethan is my easy going student, he excels in all he does, he's quiet, focused, and diligent. I've never really had to worry about him too much. Then of course, my little Izzy, her very first conference. She was tickled pink, that she could finally join in on these activities. She's doing just fine. 

It was a nice relaxing afternoon.. just in time for some action with my son's Basket Ball Game..  I have so much fun watching them.. (albeit, I think a little too much fun!)

Here he is going head to head with Katrina (who is quote, a very cool girl, end quote, he says..)




Have a great Thursday!

Short Week.

The kids have Parent Teacher Conferences this week, so it's half days Wed/Thurs and NO School on Friday, Halloween.  My oldest is having a Halloween Party that day too and he just informed me to keep his invitations simple and making Chocolate Lollipops that are orange and black are just not cool, but once made, he will eat them! What ever happened to a costume party, making cupcakes, maybe pin the tail on the raven?  Hmmm?  Instead, all of that is replaced with outrageous costumes, (he wants to be a pimp, like Logan... hmm, where did he get that idea?) 

I'm editing photos from the wedding a few weeks ago and although my big computer is in the shop because I found one dead pixel.  Yes, when you stare at the screen all day, you notice things like that, one tiny dead pixel.. only because I kept trying to use the healing brush when it pops up when using my black backdrop!  And with extended warranty.. why not get a new screen!!!  Luckily I have an external hard drive that backed it ALL up! 

I have been bad about keeping up with my photography.  I've been involved with the store more than doing photoshoots that it's become pretty clear that my priorities have changed a little bit. And I'm only doing what I can handle without trying to do a circuit over load.  For a while, I tried to do it all, and I ended up flustered all the time. But I finally uploaded new photos (so my girlfriend can stop asking me when she and her family will grace the pages of my Photography Website.)

Last week my kiddos were both selected to be Outstanding Students: (aww.. that makes a mama so proud!)




I'm so proud of them... and that Izzy has already begun to read!  It's amazing!  I should be getting the FULL reports tomorrow of all three!!!

Your Weekend...

may be up, but mines is only half way done... so I'm gonna enjoy it just for a little while longer... Mondays are my days off and coincidentally the hubby's day off too!  After a long weekend with the kids.. and let me tell you that's a long weekend!  I should have gotten the Mommy of the Year Award this weekend, for totally abandoning all that I selfishly wanted to do, instead, doing all the things the kids wanted to do. Here's just a sneak peek into what hanging out with my kids look like: (P.S. I never said I could sing!)

The boys had another sleepover and after hanging with Isabel at work for the day, (who knew she would like counting inventory?) I just wanted to be with the guys! When we first got this Rock Band, my kids did not think I knew this Bon Jovi song.. insisting that I don't even try, the lyrics were hard... I proved them wrong, with nothing but the ooohs and aaahs, and the "you're so cool!" voices ringing through my head at the end scoring a 99% accuracy ... since then, they were very excited to have me sing with them when they rock out to show their friends!

I've been cleaning house all day Sunday and making a special dinner for my husband and his buddy from work. So, needless to say I am as tired as could be and it's only 10 pm.  Until tomorrow, enjoy your Monday! Since I cleaned so much on Sunday, I hope to actually edit some wedding photos!

***Oh Lynne, I just saw your post!  Laughing my butt off!  We are still watching this thing over and over again!  The funniest thing I've ever seen.. Thanks girl, that made my day!***

Ever had...

one of those days, where you just feel like your on top of the world!


I can't say it comes often, most of my days are followed by so much routine and scheduling, that I kind of just go through a frenzy throughout my day. Then all of a sudden Tuesday rolls into Wednesday, Thursday into Friday, and so on and so on.  But today, it was like I had a sudden hop to my step. An extra bounce to my curls. And a certain sparkle in my eyes and on them too with my new shade of blue, from a quick visit to the Mac Counter. Maybe it's because I actually made it to bed before midnight this week. Or because the sun was shining despite a brisk 27 degree day! Or the fact that the hubby is back on days, for this month at least.  Or it could be the way I've been so proud of how my eating habits has changed dramatically, especially when my hubby notices and says to me in the wee hours of the morning  "wow, you've been losing some weight, you look great!"  That's a nice thing to wake up to considering I'm still rubbing my eyes, hair is all tangled up, and I have no make up on. Or just the fact that it's Friday.. that could be it too.  But I don't celebrate Friday as the end of my work week like everyone else.. so maybe not. What ever it is, I liked it.  Here's to many more days like today, albeit they don't come often enough, but when they do, you can bet I will embrace it!


I love SNL, it's totally my kind of humor, and I know they've been doing a lot of Political Humor, which is also very funny, but when I saw this, I never laughed so hard.  If you know who Mark Wahlberg is and love his movies, you will love this little skit:

Friday October 17, 2008

(my continuation of my Week In My Life Posts, that will be scrapbooked soon!)

Finally Friday!  The early part of the day proved to be more hectic than need be.  Maybe it's because I'm such a neat-freak that I meticulously plan my day so much that sometimes leaving my home, my comfort zone for a total of 3 days, seem all to be unbearable for someone like me. I like order. If I was to leave even for a day, I like to make sure the house is semi-clean and not a time-bomb awaiting to explode the minute I leave.  I know I don't have any control over these things, and most importantly I deserve this mini girl getaway, after all I do have a life time partner to help me out, right?  But I don't like to hand over that "torch" of sharing the responsibility especially when it comes to my area, the house and kids. I've always felt like it was my domain, and the minute I let someone try to help me, for some odd reason, I feel helpless.  I like to think I can do it all, but seriously, I can't. So back to prepping for this trip, it really tugged me in all the wrong places.  I felt like time was moving to fast and I had way to much to do.  I hate leaving the house like this:


And packing my scrapbook stuff, seemed more like a daunting task of "trying to fit all your stuff you need vs. what you want in this pink suitcase."


But once I got out the door, I was more than ready!


When we finally got there, after several stops to the Target and Carrs to prepare for a weekend into the wilderness:




The minute we reached our cabin, I just knew, this was gonna be a good weekend... I so needed the break, away from home, from the kids, and to be with the girls.




It wasn't long before the night fell upon us. We had a late start. But you can bet we made the most of our first night there!

Before we moved our stuff downstairs:




We watches tons of chick flicks, it was so relaxing.  I've never seen "What Happens in Vegas" starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.  I enjoyed it!  Our night went on till the early morning just scrapping and watching chick flicks! I am glad to say, I went to bed last, at 4 am!  (The others were, well, how do you say "vimps"! sorry watched French Kiss too!)

But we got some early risers in this cabin, so my good night's rest turned into a nap! 

My Excuse...

for not blogging...

  • tired.
  • too many things to catch up on, especially since I've been gone for 3 days, and to think that was only three days.  I wonder what would happen when I'm gone for a week?
  • trying to get back into my groove.
  • still wishing I was stuck on Big Lake... ah serenity now..

For now, (as I gather my thoughts to finish my A Week Into My Life Posts) I will leave with just a tad of what we did on our "so-called" scrapbooking getaway. (Notice, no actually proof I scrapped anything!) 


Our view outside our window.. ahh.. It is so relaxing.. (exhale). 


The owner of the cabin, flew in to say hello. To think it only took him 17 minutes to get here from Anchorage, while it took us about an hour and half!  He's got a heli-pad right outside his cabin, and that large building to the right is his hangar for all his other equipment, snow machines, 4 wheelers, you name it! I'm already thinking about snow machining!  


And he also took us on a ride!  Oh.. that was the highlight of our "so-called" scrapbooking weekend!


Oh and dancing "Thriller" while watching my most favorite movie: 13 going on 30!  Or was this when were dancing to Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze?  I'm not sure.. 

I spent the day... well, what do you think happens when the kids are with dad for three days with no mommy to monitor them or the house, yes complete chaos!  So I spent the day doing damage control. Now at 1 am, I am extremely exhausted.. but my work week has just began!!!  Talk soon!

Thursday October 16, 2008

Thursday, means one more day till Friday!  It's kinda like trying to bike up a giant hill and you can almost see the top... it's painful, but you are almost there!

I woke up to a foggy Alaska. And that's how I pretty much felt in the morning, like in a fog or frenzy.  Like, is it really another day? Really?  Needless to say, I actually had some sleep!  I hit the sack and even hit the REM stage of sleep. Today the kids had oatmeal, something quick and good.

Hubby and I drop the kids off to school.

I love watching Isabel walk into the school.  Her teacher has taught them to use their "Bubbles (fill mouths with air, so they be quiet) and Bumpers (they cross their hands to their chest, so they won't touch anyone else).. So I always hear:  "Alright Ms. Barnes class, Bubbles and Bumpers!"  and like little toy soldiers, all the kids blow up their cheeks and cross their arms.

We make a pit stop to our favorite cafe (of course).  We decided to take it to go since the hubby needs to head to bed and with me working in a few hours.
IMG_5591IMG_5595 IMG_5597

We enjoy a nice breakfast at home. (Okay, this is us with the self-timer, notice, I don't do well when I know the shot is going to be taken.. ask anyone, I hate being in front of the camera!)

(What am I doing, kissing the burrito?)

Then we lounge and catch up on some of our recorded shows, I opted for CSI Miami, but this one was Pushing Daisies.

Shortly after, the hubby went to bed for the day. I cleaned up the house, put a few loads of laundry in, put dinner in the crockpot, and I was off to work.
(Thanks Leslie for sneaking up on me for this shot!)

(Smile Amber! Thanks for being a good sport and being a part of my "Week In My Life" after all you do play a part in it, cause I see you quite often! She's so "sweet". )

Erica came by to say "hi!"

I got a picture with one of my most favorite visitors, Ms. Leslie.  She's so much fun, I love discussing politics, and her inspirational mojo rubbed on me today!  I worked on next, next week's creative cafe! Thanks girl!

Guess who else came by to say hello?  My girls, Paula and Dulce!  Ladies, I feel so loved! But in reality they just wanted to get some of that new stuff we just got in, but I like to think it was me!

6 pm came and it was time for me to head home.  The hubby should already be heading to work so I won't see him till the morning!  It's tough being ships passing sometimes... that's why I like to make the most of our days off. (See Lynne, we've got a tiny city!)

I get home.  The BBQ pork is ready. The kids are excited that I'm home. I've got Isabel attached to my hip.  After dinner, since there is no school tomorrow, Isabel and I decided to make a quick trip to Michaels. I needed more adhesive for my scrapbook weekend, and I wanted to make some chocolate lollipops with them tomorrow too!  But first, a pit stop to fill the tank!

We get home and bought more than just ingredients to make candied lollipops!  Isabel decided she wants to paints her pumpkins tonight!  Caelan joins her, he loves to paint and draw, anything artsy!  And he leaves his sleep over friend, Jordan to play video games solo. (Who would ditch their friend to go paint with their little sister? My son would, well at least this one.)

Well I'm still up editing photos, updating my blog, and listening to Pandora with a Rob Thomas station.  I'm determined to finish these (and crazy at the same time, it's 3 am!)
Picture 1

Well, Blog World, I will not be posting tomorrow for Friday's A Week In My Life.  I am headed out to a little, minute, minuscule, nanoscale of a town called Wasilla to a cabin in Big Lake, with the girls to scrapbook for an entire weekend! Kid free, husband free, probably internet free, cell phone free, civilization free, instead replaced by the quiet of a cabin nestled deep inside the woods!  I can't remember the last time I did that.. oh wait, I've never done that before!  So I will "connect" with you all on Monday.  (Can you hear the hesitancy of not having wi-fi?)

Wednesday October 15, 2008

Midway through the week and through this project.  I am really enjoying documenting my days.  Not very exciting but it's my life, right here and now.  What I'm really getting excited about is scrapbooking this project.  Paula shared a great idea from Karla... I am dying to try and alter my sheet protectors!  Like she showed us HERE.  I've seen so many people try this, like Ali Edward's herself, and I've always wanted to try it!

Wednesday was... what can I say, just Wednesday, just another day in my life.

1.  Hubby and I cooked the kids breakfast together this morning.  He works the night shift, but he got up with me to help me get the kids ready. (Because he knows once they get to school and I get to work, he will have the house all to himself, to snore away!)


All I need in the morning is the hubby to help me out and get them ready and my cup of coffee, and I already know it's gonna be a good day!


2.  Time to say "Have a good day to my oldest!"

Rudy takes the other kids to school and it gave me a good 30 minutes to catch a few more zzz's before I headed to work.  Today was one of those days, where I wish I could just stay home!  I really did not want to move from that sofa.

3.  Then it was time for me to go, believe it or not, I got ready in a record time of 7 minutes!... But I look so tired, huh?  Look at those puffy eyes.

4.  The thing about trying to "rush" to work because I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes instead of getting there earlier is that I ran into every red light possible!

5.  I get there just shy of 10 am... and work begins right away. We got a shipment yesterday and I wanted to finish invoicing and get it out for sale.  This would be nice as a 2 man job, but for now I am solo.

6.  Time flies and that's all I ate today, Rice Snacks and water.  Not the best diet today, but it was a great "grab and go" kind of food! I love seeing new stuff for the store, it's like getting a jolt of creativity!  Of course I set some new things aside for me!  I cannot wait to scrap this weekend.. My creative gears are gonna kick into overtime! 

7.  Next thing I know it's 1 pm and I get a lovely visit from my girl, Bridget!  She stays to help me put the new product up.  But an hour is not enough to move things around, but we did our best.  I'm sure I will go in tomorrow and rearrange a few more things!

8.  I left work at 3 and headed straight to pick the kids up at school.

9.  We get home and I rush upstairs to begin cooking dinner because tonight will be a little busier, with Caelan's Basketball practice and trying to make dinner before Rodel leaves for work.  Luckily I plan ahead!  It's Steak Fajitas tonight.  I use my Foreman Grill, which I love, especially when going out to grill in the freezing temperature is not my forte.

10.  While preparing for dinner, I recorded and watched the last Presidential Debate. 

The best part about watching the debate live, is reading the live Twitter feeds and reading!  I love hearing what others are thinking!  What can I say, this election is historic and I love watching these two debate.


11.  It's time to pick up my oldest from Basketball practice.  I love the he loves basketball, but it's like smack in the middle of dinner/getting the kids ready for bed.



I thought this was a pretty cool shot for no flash and sitting in my car!


12.  We ate dinner a little later than usual.  Since daddy is not home this evening we opt to watch Sponge Bob while eating!



13.  Now it's almost midnight. I'm sitting all alone in my living room, and thinking of the things I have not done yet... still pondering if I should get up and do more.  But I know it can wait till tomorrow.

Tuesday October 14, 2008

One word describes today:  "TIRED" (aka, grumpy, moody, pouty, irritated, and an all around not fun person to be around today).  After a few days of just a few hours of sleep and stuck with a nasty cold, I really thought I'd give up on my Week In My Life Challenge and change it into A Day In My Life.  But I kept going, although I didn't carry my big camera around with me today and resorted to the little one. (Not my fave, looking into a new little one, thought about the Canon SX100 or SD990 because my little Nikkon is just not cutting it.)

So I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed, well more like napped. And I know, I should send myself to bed early being that I wake up at 6 am and I knew I had to work today, then pick up the kids right after, make dinner etc.. I will learn one of these days, unfortunately this was not one of those days.  If my mom were here, she would say "I told you so!"


1.  Same old iPhone Siren Alarm goes off at 6:15 am.  I finally struggle out of bed at 6:30 am, freezing, and realizing it is a bitter 26 degrees outside!  The kids have been wanting to pack Spam Musubi for lunch and I vowed the day before that I would make that for their lunch!



2.  Then it was off to the races, a marathon of cooking breakfast, cooking lunches, getting kids ready, and getting myself ready, packing up my stuff for work, and worrying about the slick roads ahead. The roads were a mess this morning.  The perfect anthem would have been Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" and like every year on the first snow fall, there's a few morons on the road that feel the need to get from Point A to B on time. Roads are slick people, we will not make it on time, drive slow, and with lots of caution!


Here I am rushing the kids off to school, after dealing with these two fighting in the car on the drive to school. Ethan is not the friendliest little boy early in the morning and her "chatty" sister does not help either.  Next thing I know he has her lunchbox in hand and told her he'd throw it out the window if she didn't stop bothering him. All I remember hearing is "Mommy, Ethan did this, Ethan said that" and then "Nu-uh, she started it, she kept bothering me after I said to stop..."


3.  I drive to work very slowly and it starts off as a slow morning, but working at a Scrapbook Store, there is always something to do! I even got a visit from Erica, and after hearing my raspy voice on the phone, she brought me some delicious green tea from Starbucks! Along with packing up this week's Happy Hour, we got a pretty big shipment and that kept me busy till it was time to go.



4.  It's amazing how time flies. Before you know it, the kids are home and expecting dinner! Before we get home, apparently Isabel's feet has grown since last winter and she needed new snow boots. So it was off to Fred Meyer to see what they had left.





5.  It seems like I was just here yesterday, the good ol' Commissary (oh wait I was). 


 6. Tonight seems like such a blur.  I closed my eyes for a little bit and laid on the sofa now that I'm starting to feel the repercussions of this nasty cold. I got to catch up on my recorded shows though. Heroes was just amazing! I also caught The Fringe and Eli Stone.  Great shows!


Tomorrow's a new day and I hope to capture a little more of my day's events. There were moments today I wanted to bring out the camera like, while the cashier checked me out as I paid for the snow boots, along with the line of other people buying snow boots, or me behind the counter with Amber as she goes over a lesson on how to inventory, the right way... but I forgot about the camera!  So tomorrow I will try to capture a little more of my day.  But as you can see already, there really is not much excitement on my end!  Happy Wednesday!


I leave you with me and my Uggs, I love em, no matter how "hideous" some people say they look, I live in them, they are the most comfortable thing.. ever!