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November 2008

Happy December!

I still can't believe it's already December!  It just sneaked up on us, well for me that is.  Today starts a project that Ali Edwards starts and  I did last year, The December Daily.

The long Thanksgiving weekend seemed to have flown by.  Today my in laws leave and it seems that they just got here.

Thanksgiving Day.


It was a nice relaxing day. It began to snow.. quite a bit!  It was like the perfect day to cozy up in your home, with the smell of food throughout the house, a warm cup of coffee, and a fresh apple crisp pie! But I was quite bummed that the hubby had to work that night.  But that's the military for ya! My mother in law cooked our entire Thanksgiving Day Feast!  I was so Thankful, I just hung out with the kids, playing board games and sledding at a nearby hill. 

Friday, The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year!

And I stayed home!  I did not feel like venturing out with the crowd despite some good deals I heard of.  The kids and I hung out at home while the hubby took a nap. I took the kids to Hillberg Ski Resort on base and just had a great time Snow Tubing!  Then I rented the boys some snowboards and they tried to do that on the bunny hill. They did such a good job that next time we are getting lift tickets and giving it a shot at the big hill!  We'll see! 

Saturday was just another work day. Stayed there all day then went to the mall with the family to get ready for our yearly family photoshoot.

A Pack-Fillled Sunday.  There are days I'm not sure I do what I do.. like packing 5 photoshoots in one day! But I can never say no to returning clients.  So I schedule them all in the one day I have open, Sunday. I spent most of my day at the studio then ending the night with a quick shoot of my family. I also got to hang out with Heidi and got along very well with a new gal, Stephanie. I met her via Heidi and she has an interest and the eye for photography.  Being a military wife myself, I know how hard it is to meet other wives, yet alone, meeting another wife with the same interest.  Naturally when she said, she was into photography, I was more than happy to hang out. So here we are taking a break from teaching and learning all things photography:




Of course my girl, Dulce came by to help me out, and I am so Thankful she did!



Last but not least, nothing wrong with being goofy!


Well it is now midnight and I am done with my family photos, (I actually edited mine first!) It is uploaded and ready for printing and my in laws have a copy in hand. Next.. these other shoots!  Enjoy your Monday!


"Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. For His lovingkindness is everlasting." 1 Chronicles 16:34 (NASB)

This morning I will wake up thankful. Not because my life is perfect and I have everything I could want or need, but because I'm taking the time to count my blessings and give thanks to God.

  • So very thankful for my family, each and everyday..
  • Even though my husband has to work today, I will be thankful that he has a job that provides for our family.
  • And as I enjoy a day off from work myself, I am thankful that I have work to return to. 
  • I'm thankful that my children can enjoy a day at home.
  • Although our winters are long, I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds us. My youngest is finally at the age where she can play outside with her brothers and "hang" with the big guys now.  It's such a joy to watch Ethan wait for Isabel as they sled down the hills.
  •  This year my in laws are in town for this Thanksgiving Holiday, I thankful for the chance for my kids to be around their grandparents.  They don't get the chance to see them often.  My mother in law has stepped in and not only taken care of my kids but me as well. I've had quite a bit of time on my hands and a lot more relaxing days.  This year she cooked up the entire feast! It was delicious!
  • Although I felt like being "by myself" today, I'm glad to hear familiar voices. I loved hearing from my good friend Anna today.  I was able to vent and be myself. She understood because we were going through the same things.  Both our husbands had to work on this day and we can both relate to feeling isolated from those who can enjoy "normal" lives.  Getting my regular phone call from Dulce was just a reminder how blessed I am to have friends here in Alaska!  All my friendships both near and far, enrich my life, challenge me, always there to lend a helping hand, keep me on my toes, and make me laugh. I am so grateful!
  • I'm also thankful for the little things that enrich my soul:
    • Music. It has a way of touching my heart, energizing me, and at times takes me to a different place and time.
    • Art. For me art comes in the form of my photography, where I can share what I see through the lens, to my clients, capturing a glimpse in time for them.. it's a dream come true. Art also allows me to express myself in my scrapbooking. It's what I love to do to unwind.  
    • A warm coffee.  I love a cup of Breakfast Blend with some cream and sugar!

I'm sure my list could go on and on... my Turkey day has come to an end.. and I am sat up in my bed watching "Tropic Thunder." (insert hilarious!) Luckily, tomorrow the hubby is off, and that will be our Thanksgiving Day!  Until then, I am beginning to think of starting my December Daily.



Plays out in the snow at 9 pm?
We do! And the kids too!
We got a few inches in one short hour.  It was beautiful!  So, in one of those spur of the moments kind of thing, after the kids already had their PJ's on, I said "Let's go out and play!"  They were so excited, they kept asking me, "Are you serious?"
I replied, "Yeah, why not? Tomorrow is the last school day for this week, we don't need to go to bed early!" And from there all we heard were cheers!  The hubby and I jumped into our snow suits and raced outside!
Even my Mother In Law came out to play!

We walked up to the highest hill and sledded and snowboarded all night long!  We got the neighbor's kids to join us too as their mom thought my hubby and I were out of our mind!  I say, "why not?"  I've never seen my husband sled down a hill so fast!  And I "ate it" every time I attempted to get on the snowboard!

Needless to say it is midnight and the kids just got to bed... hmm? I'm thinking "snow day" tomorrow? Too bad It's unheard of here in Alaska!

I am catching up on my DVR'd shows.. I love Fringe!  It's a good show.. but I need to hear your thoughts about Ghost Whisperer!  I've finally caught up, since Jim died.. And I'm a bit hesitant about how it's turning out but still curious where they go with it..

Off to bed with Jack Bauer on my laptop!  I'm still trying to catch up on that show.. they are now on Season 7, we have a few seasons to go!  I will get there! Who needs sleep?

I *heart*

Kanye West's broken hearted lyrics and his new album: ... (It's mentioned time and time again, in most of his songs, one of my favorite, Heartless..) Nothing like going through some heartache to make you a lyrical genius.  I've always been a Kanye fan, I think that he simply is an amazing song writer with a twist of creativity and style... After you hear his album, you almost want to send him an email, saying "Don't worry Kanye, things will get better!"  :)
A great review I read that said it better than I can: here.

Weekend Review...

Summed up in one word:   SNOW! 


It snowed all weekend.  I pretty much worked throughout the weekend, but on Sunday I headed out to play with the kids.. and although I left the camera behind, (except for this one shot, the camera is a bummer to hang on to when your sledding!) I wish I could have captured this moment I had with my kids, I've never laughed so hard!  We sledded along the hills on base and then walked around the neighborhood as I pulled all three of them behind me, laughing, falling down, and racing all around! At one point I got on the kids snow board and tried to slide down several hills as the kids cheered me on and then laughed at me as I dove into the snow. It was such a fun and relaxing day, a reminder that some days I really need to stop and enjoy life.

I'm gearing for up Monday, got a list going, and getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your Monday!

Twilight: The Review.

So, as you know I stood in line at 8 pm, waited for 4 hours, to see the movie I've been waiting for.. for a long time!  I waited a bit to write about what I thought till my "web" buddies got a chance to see it, cause I was dying to see what they thought, to compare notes and what not.


The line began to wrap around the building, filled with anxious teenagers, and "tween agers.. As I thought, it is a "school night" right?  Regardless of the squeals, and the "Oh, my Gawd!" remarks, I was excited beyond belief, with my Team Edward shirt on (that every other 13 year old was wearing too), sitting on the floor with the hubby watching a movie on his 3G, painting my nails black, and Bridget on my other side talking about anything and everything!

Finally, we are allowed in the theater with a mad dash to claim 8 seats, throwing our jackets and bag over them, and sitting on the others like a baseball player sliding into base... safe! The movie begins and the crowd roars and cheers, and the girls, including me, giggle with excitement!



The first sight of the Cullen Clan, walking in that slow motion, wind blowing against their ever so perfect hairs, with the sound of "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse in the background, got my temperature rising a few degrees!  Erica and I giggled like a couple of school girls seeing Mr. Cool for the first time. It was perfect! Then pan into view, Mr. Edward Cullen... Mr. Immortal Vampire, Handsome Creature, Perfect in every sense of the word perfect, intense look in his golden eyes that should make all female creatures tingle from inside out.. that was the Edward in my vision.. but out comes what seems to be someone that stepped out of Highschool Musical with a bit too much "white" on, who was thrown the script like 15 minutes ago and expected to be the "it" guy.  Now don't get me wrong, I think Robert Pattinson is a HOT guy.  I just wish he took an Edward Cullen 101 class.. He's got the looks, but I really wanted him to captivate me, to sweep me off my feet. Instead he struggled with the words and at some points his acting.

I laughed so hard at the scene when he first sees Bella in class, with that look of anguish/ I don't want to eat you face.. his reaction of "Ewww.. get a way" could easily be misunderstood for someone who has not read the books.  They did not make that clear enough for me.

Then came the courtship. 


It happened to quick. We needed more dialogue.. more anguish of her trying not to fall for him, but couldn't help it kinda thing.  I needed more from him too.. to see more of his pain of trying to not fall in love for this mortal girl because he knew what that would do to her.. I needed to see more of the "forbidden" love that was unfolding.  And all I was left with is "what could've been" in my head. 

The meadow scene. 


The scene that I could read over and over again and loose myself through pages of endless possibilities. The scene where she confronts him of the truth.. I mean, she just realized that he's a vampire for goodness sake. We needed a bit more reaction than that! We needed more conviction. 

To sum it up, much of what made the relationship between Bella and Edward an iconic love story for women everywhere (notice I didn't say teenagers)... was stripped away from this movie.  And we were left with a mediocre teenagery-angst of a film.  At times I felt like I was watching a high school play where the girls sitting behind may have tried out for but didn't quite make the cut.

So I'm left to say, that although it had it's moments that snapped me back into the world of Bella and Edward... like the scene where Bella visits their home and they are talking in his bedroom, and he slyly whisks her away.. ah! 


The BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER.. and my imaginative mind alone is enough to reclaim my love for Twilight. I will always love Edward and Bella, and this movie will not overshadow this series for me.  I look forward to Part 2.

The other Characters:

  • Loved, loved, loved, Alice. Perfect!
  • Carlise was on the dot
  • Jasper.. despite his somewhat odd behavior, because he's starting to get used to this vegetarian diet, I wish they did more with him..
  • Jacob. You know I actually adore this guy. He had a small role, that's okay. I can't wait to see if there is a Part 2, and if they do, will they keep this Jacob, if so, they need to buff him up... after all he is a growing Werewolf!

Alright, my fellow Twilight-Cohorts.. lay it on me.. what did you think? Parts you loved, didn't love, wanted more of, less of.. I want it all.. I know I've met tons of you that fell in love with the series.. so drop by and let me know! I'm dying to know what you all thought!  Until then, here is what my girlfriend, Tonya, who sat 4 seats away, thought of it...

Finally a Teenager.

We celebrated my son's 13th Birthday at a restaurant of his choice, and he chose Benihana  . We have my in laws in town and we were fortunate enough to celebrate this day with them.  It's still hard to believe:

  • that he's a teenager.
  • that I have a 13 year old!
  • to think that most of my girlfriends children are barely in Kindergarten, let alone the 4th grade! And then when their kids finally reach high school, mines will be getting his Bachelor's degree.
  • that my in laws were about the same age when they celebrated my husband's 13th birthday. (Boy, we made them grandparents early!)
  • he is as sweet as can be, yet.. even though he will not behave that way among his peers.
  • he is an amazing big brother to his siblings, even though he can annoy the heck out of them!
  • he and I have maintain such a beautiful relationship as mother and son, he's like my best friend. He knows me all to well, that has it's perks, he knows how to make me laugh, at the same time, he knows how to push my buttons.
  • he is such an independent young man, he has and will always be a leader and not a follower, a character I am so envious of.
  • his humor will capture the hearts of many.  This boy, knows how to make a quiet crowd, laugh hysterically and feel comfortable doing so.
  • he loves his music, still, like the first day he joined band.
  • he is mine. my boy. my oldest. the one that practically taught me the basics of motherhood, and did it patiently... 

Happy Birthday to you sweetie.. and I promise I will stop yelling "That's my baby!" in the sidelines during your games when you made a shot!


I'd like to share, without his consent, :) a poem he had to write for his English class last month:

I  Am The Person Who
Caelan Barut

I am the person who expresses himself in music
Interacting and through notes and tones
Communicating with others
Talking only through music
We understand one another
I am the person who is alone in their world
Endless streams of imagination
Only worrying for himself
And the others that he holds dearly
This is who I am
How I live.

I am the person who
Looks through a third eye
Allowing me to see things others do not
Realizing features about
People, places, and things others wish to know.
Seeing things differently
Allows me to react differently
I am the person who
Sees a different image when he looks in the mirror
Knowing that
He is not the person who he wishes to be
Hoping that others do not see him as that in that image
That image says
That others dislike my ability to see things other do not
Because differences are not meant to be seen by the human eye
Wandering if I should blend in as a normal being
Or be unique and take the chances
Thus the reason
I close that eye around others
And thrives for new knowledge and answers
I am the person who
Lives this way

Oh so tired, a fly by post...

It's official, we've been up well over 24 hours now... our flight came in at 8 am, and since we left the hotel at 3 am to get to our 5 am flight, we canned the idea on sleeping at all.  And the idea of me getting any sleep on the plane?  Impossible! I really don't know how people sleep sitting upright?  I simply need to lay down in order to even relax. We got home and decided to surprise our 2 kids by having lunch with them.  The look on their faces, simply priceless!  I missed them so much, but on the other end, yearned for just a few more days with just the hubby and I.  And I do have to mention that we came from a balmy 50's to a whopping 13 degrees! And tonight we are well into the single digits!  Brrr.  Well, we are off to bed, I need it, my eyes nearly fell over while I drove to the store for a late night meeting with my girlfriend who just bought the Scrapbook Store I work at!  So many new exciting things to come!!!! Until then, here's me and McDreamy:

DSCN4278 copy

Still here...

and lovin' every minute!  We are having such a blast!  Our feet hurt at the end of the day.. tons of sights to see!  So many things to do and so little time! So far we've covered:

  • Most of Downtown Seattle, since we are staying here.
  • Took the monorail to the Seattle Center, where we went into the Space Needle, talk about high altitudes, I felt my knees get weak, and I don't mind heights!:


  • Pikes Place where we walked around and enjoyed a great lunch at Pike Place Chowder.
  • Enjoyed some late night half off appetizers at the surrounding restaurants!
  • Shopped at these surrounding malls in downtown, and we are talking blocks and blocks of stores!
  • Walked around Freemont, I totally loved that little town, Thanks to Tina for recommending it! We enjoyed the Sunday Market!!!
  • Drove around in circles trying to find our way out of Freemont to Bellevue Square Mall.
  • Ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

So far so good, we are having a blast, just "being".. no kids to chase after. It's nice to hang out with the hubby, my best friend... He's such a blast, but I think, I'm way funnier!  I do miss the kids though, but I know they are just fine!!! I will be back to reality on Tuesday and wondering if this was all a dream!