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December 2008

What's Wrong + Just Beat It

with this picture?


I really gotta give my hubby "props" cause I will find every excuse in the book to divert my attention to this treadmill that we have sitting in our basement. But then I will turn around and complain about my "rolls".  So, in honor of the new year and turning over a new leaf.. and trying to follow in my hubby's foot steps.. I will try to "honor" me and embrace being physically fit.  (Hmph, let's see how long this lasts...)

So we got Guitar Hero World Tour this Christmas... and I like to think we get these games for the kids.. but sometimes, just sometimes, I think it's mainly for us:

Big Lake Snowmobiling Adventure.

The last December Daily I entered was December 15.  Well today is December 29.  How do I recap 2 weeks?  Yeah, when I figure it out I will let you know..

Thursday December 25

Christmas Day was spent sleeping in a little since we stayed up all night long!  I don't know about you, but the day after opening gifts is my day of "Spring Cleaning" all over again.  You almost have to rearrange your home to make room for all the new stuff.  So that's what I did.  Not only that I was gearing up and packing for a road trip over the weekend, times 5.  The toughest part was trying to keep up with the laundry that I could not keep up with the last couple of days.  So in order to pack clothes for all of us, first I needed to wash them, huh?  And every time I go away.. even for a couple of days, I always feel the sudden urge to deep clean the entire house.  So off I go, cleaning all the bathrooms, washing our bedsheets, vacuuming, etc.. you name it, I did it!  Finally, the hubby gets home around 7:30 pm.. and we are packing our truck, more like "over" packing!  The drive over to Big Lake.. was BAD!  The roads were a mess and when we could see through the thick fog and the snowfall, all we could see were cars in ditches! So we drove extra slow and still skidding in a few places. We finally got there around 10 pm. And the cabin was absoltuely beautiful!  Dulce's hubby, Rick had dinner cooked and ready for us to eat!  It was the best seafood pasta we had! 


Friday December 26 & Saturday December 27

Woke up bright and early, anxious to see the sunrise over Big Lake, and the first night sleeping in a new place is always hard for me. I'm a creature of habit... that's my excuse.

We snow-mobiled for the first time.  It was a LOT of fun.. although I think my hubby enjoyed it the most.  (Hmm, I guess I know what he wants next Christmas!)





knee deep in snow!


the boys jamming...



Nothing like a game of Pictionary... I admit, I am the wrong person to play Pictionary with, Dulce will tell you. I crack under pressure.  Dulce draws a circle with a hole in it.. I'm yelling, an "eyeball"  then she draws another round figure with dots on it.. I'm yelling "retina".. And it was a.... DONUT!  LOL!



the kids had a great time...

It was a great getaway for us who always seem to be all work and no fun.  I really enjoyed our time with the Rodger's Family.  Thanks guys for inviting us and letting us stay up as late as we like :)

And for your viewing pleasure.. turn the volume down.. there's a whole lot of screaming going on...mind you it is hard to hold a camera while sitting in the back of a snow mobile.

Mele Kalikimaka (a little to late).

Alright, it's Monday. I'm trying to get back into the groove and make it a point to blog again. I guess with the idea of being able to twitter or update your facebook status anytime with my iPhone, even though you are in the middle of no where, like we were this weekend, at Big Lake, with no cable/internet.. blogging via Typepad seems a bit to tedious and time consuming lately. Especially when I think my "online" friends are already reading up on me via Facebook.  But with a new year upon us, I thought I'd make a conscious effort and try to stay on it, like I always have been.


We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We opened our gifts and had a nice roasted chicken for dinner a day early because we were headed to Big Lake on Christmas Day to hang out with my girlfriend, Dulce and her family for the weekend.


Some of the things my kids asked for this year:  was for Caelan, he just had to have Guitar Hero World Tour for the XBox... mind you, we already have Guitar Hero 1, 2, and the Aerosmith one, and Rockband 1 and 2.. Hmph?  But we finally found it a few weeks ago. So that has been sitting under the tree teasing him cause he knew it could only be one thing... My middle guy, doesn't ask for much. We had a hard time with him because he always says he doesn't want anything. We managed to find a few things and we jokingly bought him a Handy Manny toy because he loves to watch with his sister in the mornings before going to school.  He did enjoy the new basketball shoes and outfit he got!  And Isabel, well, Rodel seems to hit jackpot when he came home with a Barbie Doll house for her.  The interchangeable rooms made all the difference.. all of sudden, she seemed to forget the kitchen she wished Santa would give her,  and told her daddy that "This dollhouse is what I've always wanted and dreamed of Daddy!"  Hmph? Definitely "Daddy's Girl!"

All in all, our Christmas was a bit swift this year.  Not prepared one bit.  I did not even do my Christmas cards.. and now contemplating New Years Cards? 

More to come tomorrow about my very first attempt at riding on a snow mobile. I do have to add, that after this weekend, being in a cabin, enjoying the gorgeous outdoors, and livin' it up, Alaska Style.. has redefined my love for Alaska.  I, actually..... enjoy it.


This blog has totally been abandoned for quite a while and I really don't know where to start or how to continue with my December Daily.  For a while I thought of "jumping ship" on the whole idea.. but that's not me.  It may not be done in a timely matter like last year.. but I will continue.

Let's say.. last week, was probably the BUSIEST week I've had in a long time.  With both aspects of work, the store was preparing for a Grand Reopening and I pulled in some 12 hour shifts.. and then my big night on Friday, was the Christmas Party for Conoco Phillips at the Convention Center with a guest list of an estimated 800!  So, yes, there was a LINE.. a LONG LINE.. of people awaiting to be photographed! (More of that night.. on another day, it just makes me think of all the photos and paper work I have yet to go through!)  The timing of it all seems to suck.. as far as wanting this family time.. but we will make up for lost time by heading down to Big Lake this weekend with the Rodgers Family.. to escape in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and Snow Mobile!  There is a first time for everything.  So.. as I do another "fly-by" post.. I  leave with saying.. I am still here. My mom is home from the hospital, so Thank You for all those lovely emails and concerns on my Twitter and Facebook. It's always hard being away from home. 

So.. I leave you with a "bitter" sweet, "see you later" as it is only in the single digits lately...

IMG_6384 copy

Ever Feel...

like tapping your ruby red slippers and in a blink of an eye, you would be exactly where you want to be? Like home? That's where I want to be... I'd give anything to see my mom.  Just to hold her hand..  My mom is getting a Brachytherapy treatment for her cervical cancer that she was diagnosed with back in 2005? She was in remission for about a year, then when she headed up here to visit us, just this past summer, we got the news that her cancer came back.  When she left us in the summer, I think a chunk of my heart went right along with her. Since then, her road to recovery has been difficult. Her spirits were down most of the time and our phone calls ended up in tears every single time. And now the holidays are among us and (crap here comes the tears..) I just miss her so much. I've always wanted her to spend the holidays with us, here in Alaska, with her only grandchildren.  I'm so envious when I see my girlfriends surrounded by their family and having get togethers or simply dropping by to say hello to their family during the day.

Well I just got a phone call from my brother (at 11:30 pm!) and she is doing fine.  She will be there for a few more days. Like I said, I just want to be with her, and I wish it was as easy as clicking my ruby red slippers, well in my case, my tan furry Uggs. :) 

Weekend Review (extended version)

I'm still sitting here trying to figure out what happened to it.. Not only that I see I have missed a few days.
So this post will be a bit longer, if I can make it past 1 am... we'll see.  I may just save as draft or continue it tomorrow.

I'm going to start with the weekend and backtrack..

Friday, Dec. 12
I didn't have to work till 3 pm that day.  So after dropping off the kids of to school, I enjoyed some coffee and chocolate muffins at Stephanie's (oh-so-cozy) home. This was the morning after I had the "bestest" sleep ever, I was in la-la land for 9 hours! 

Today marks the end of hubby's Mids-Shift and beginning of his weekend break.  He's on days for a few weeks, so I'm excited!  We may actually have dinner as a family!

Tonight, I cropped (well, worked...) This is the first time I've spent anytime with my girl, Dulce. Too bad I look so content.  :)

Saturday Dec. 13
This night is as exciting as it gets in the Barut household.

I worked till 3 pm.. busy day!

Then I went with my girlfriend Stephanie to accompany (and be her personal cheerleader) to one of her first On-Site shoots.  Unfortunately, there was a family incident and her shoot was rescheduled.  :(  I was excited to see if she listened to my Photography 101 lecture :) I'll test you next time :)

The rest of my family was already at the Newby household for a night of games!  (I'm not a big gamer) But I had a LOT of fun!  Thanks Erica & Logan! I've never played this game, MAFIA  before and it really is a Party Game and made for a large group. The first rounds were a bit awkward for me (who is totally apprehensive to speak to other adults more importantly adults I've never met before) not only that but to study their behaviors, read their body language, then to accuse them of being in the mafia, and then to turn around and lie about me being the bad guy... At the end of the night, I was pointing fingers, yelling, laughing, and most all amazed at how Erica can convince me that she is not a part of the Mafia.  (I totally fell for her "act".) At the end of the night there must've been 8 or 9 couples who turned out to be a great group of LIARS :) Hanging out with other "Big People" proved to be a night of FUN!


Sunday Dec.14

It's February in December.  If you've lived here before, you'll know that Jan/Feb is typically the coldest months... but lately we've been experiencing those single digits a little early this year!  Today our high was a whopping 4 degrees.

Although we were blessed to see beautiful blue skies... we were freezing our butts off!

And for the most part our drive consists of a lingering fog:

*oh look the sun is setting at around 4pm!

Well it looks like I'm gonna have to continue this post tomorrow.  I'm getting ***sleepy***.  Until then, stay warm (oh wait, unless your in Alaska, you are warm!)

December 10

At work today, I swear all I did was this:

Photo 7

Answer the phone!  People, just come into the store!  The traffic at the store seemed steady, but that phone was literally "off the hook!" I'd get call waiting immediately after answering the phone.  So I didn't get to take a sneak peek at some of the new stuff *ugh*.. that came in today!

Did you ever just feel like, "dang, I got a good hair day today!" ?  I FLAT IRONED that sucker and it cooperated today!  It just makes you feel like you are walking in slow motion all day, and there is this invisible fan blowing at you and your hair is wildly flipping left and right every time you turn your head. (Okay maybe only with me! Funny thought though!)

All I Want For Christmas...

"Hey Ronalyn, what do you want for Christmas?"  My answer seems to be always be the same? "Ah, nothing!"  And seriously.. I can't really think of anything I want. So after thinking about it since yesterday, I've compiled a little list of trivial and frivolous items that I wouldn't mind being wrapped up and conveniently placed under my tree this year:

So it's no secret that I love the latest and greatest techy stuff... my husband will surely say I'm spoiled rotten for being able to hover over 4 macs. So you can cross another computer off my list (hon), I'm thinking next year!  But I would love a EPSON WIDE FORMAT PRINTER:


A better little camera.. (I know I have my little Nikkon, but it's not cutting it for me...) So I was thinking I'd stick with cannon: So I'm debating on one of these..


This is a must have for anyone who lives on their computer.. I have a couple external hardrives to back up my "shtuff" but how cool would it be to have a WIRELESS Backup system!  Holy cow, this kind of stuff just sends tingles up and down my spine.  (I told you I'm a total tech-geek).


On the simplier side of things... I love little things (believe it or not). 

  • Macbrushes Although I have this brush set (in it's large size).. it's always nice to have 2, and this mini set would do the trick, especially with all the different shades I use everyday!  It's nice not to double dip!  And great for traveling!
  • Shading_390  And seriously anything from the MAC counter, I will LOVE! I'm totally diggin colors that are NOT neutral.  In fact, I want to try this liquid liner that I never got in an electric blue or green shade.  (hint)
  • Picture 1 Anything from Etsy.. I will absolutely drool over!  I love creative things from other creative beings!
  • Picture 2 I love music!  So you don't have to think to hard, I love me some iTunes card!
  • I love me some AERIE Undies! And anything from American Eagle too! (*cough, size 4 pants and Med shirts, cough.. heck I will do a gift card!)
  • Picture 3 I love my UGGS, and I want MORE!  I do love the bottoms of these better, they are hard to find...
  • Picture 4 I am so into SCARVES and HATS right now!
  • Picture 5 I love HOODIES! 
  • 73 And yes Scrapbooking Stuff.. I love ALBUMS!

Well, I guess I did have things I want.. but I'm easy to please, a simple card would suffice! 

Happy Thursday!

December 9


Hmph? I'm still sitting here trying to recall my day. As I sit here I realize I'm more work than play these days and it bogs me down to think that I have not done much to get into the Christmas spirit with the kids.  Well, kid.. the big kids don't mind not doing crafty things or baking things.. as they are happy enough that I will take them shopping for family and friends.  But it's the little one who is dying to do all things crafty, more decorating, and baking. So needless to say, she's been a bit ignored this past week. But I took some extra time off this weekend, well just ending my day earlier, to hopefully have some time with my little Izzy. Other than that I feel like I've been running around like a mad woman, zooming to work, booking it to pick up the kids, driving by the mall to get Caelan's band outfit, then back home to only go back out to basketball practice.  I've hardly been home! 

So I've joined the world of Flickr... I have done so in the past, but deleted it, and as if I need more "cyber-connections" I already have 2 blogs, a website, facebook, twitter, myspace, and now this... hmph? We'll see how well we can keep up.  I've spent an hour figuring out this new interface and debated wheter to go pro, and it looks like I will cause I want to upload more photos and it looks like I got a limit!  (boo-hoo) Saving that to add on my list of things to do tomorrow, as it is already 2 am.  I never shared my photos from Seattle (well if you're on facebook, then yes you've seen them ) But here's just a few, since I'm not a pro account just yet:

Monday December 8


That's exactly what happened today..  "?"  

I stayed up way to late on Sunday.. it was well into Monday morning, try 6 am.. before I was like "Oh crap, it's 6 am!"  What was I doing?  Getting ready to throw the computer out the window :)  Well more like the internet service (I love my macs of course).  But I was trying to run some credit card transactions for my business and... the internet kept saying "timeout". What the ? Then there was a problem with my previous blog with typepad that had my domain name.. but since I changed servers, I can't get the darn thing to work as a regular blog... So instead of being patient and waiting till morning to call the typepad people.. I tried to do some other stuff to it.. and it turns out I made things worst and most of my files are broken.. (darn HTML crap).  Yadda yadda... Next thing I know my oldest is asking for breakfast! Luckily the hubby is home today.  He got the kids all ready, let me have a quick shut-eye and then spent the day with me...

It's already 2 am and it's another late night for me... but going to bed in 10 minutes, I swear!  I have to work tomorrow!  I'm finally done with these photos from the Christmas Party.. the last part is emailing everyone their links.  I hope to take photos of something/anything interesting tomorrow!  

December 5, 6, & 7

*sorry long post.. but for my December Daily :)*

Friday Dec.5

One word describes this day.. well a few words.. "Freaking Out!"  Right before a big gig, I am just experiencing a mixture of an anxiety attack mixed with nervousness, hence no eating and too much worrying and thinking of all the things that could go wrong.. would probably go wrong! I question anything and everything and wonder "what the heck am I doing?"

So Friday we had a gig with ASRC Construction Holding Company to photograph their Christmas Party.  Thanks to my girlfriend Keri and her husband who landed me this job, it definitely opened up new doors for us and we hope to work with them again in the near future.  Their Christmas Party was at the Millennium (gorgeous hotel) where me and a few of my girlfriends came to help me out.  Heidi is such a pro at talking to the "Big People", me, not so much and Stephanie, who is learning the ropes on photography just enjoyed the "rush" of being a part of this "gig." 

On the drive to the hotel, I thought I was gonna have a panic attack :)  I was worried about setting up at ballroom, then wondering if I did get everything by mentally retracing my steps, then I kept asking, "Are we there yet?"  And I was freaking out about the things that could possible go wrong... like the lights not working, or the backdrop falls into the snow and gets all dirty.  And then my oldest was in charge of his siblings, always worried about that, especially when Ethan was not feeling well yet and was still throwing up.. I felt so guilty!  But , the night was both a success and so much fun!  (Heidi and Stephanie are hilarious!)


Once I get into my "groove" I am good.  I'm laughing with the clients.. interacting.. and I actually seem somewhat professional.

One of the highlights of my night.. seeing Keri, who I haven't seen in years ;)


And hanging out with one of the most hilarious people I've ever come across, this girl named Anne. You know how some people are just so naturally funny, like everything that comes out of their mouth will send you laughing so hard, you actually have tears in your eyes.. and she keeps going.. my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!


It was quite the experience and a learning curve in this business.  We are looking forward to a HUGE gig in photographing the employees (an estimated 800) of Conoco Phillips in 2 weeks! And yes, I'm panicking just thinking about it! I have to remind myself to take deep breathes.

Saturday Dec.6

Hmm.. I could sum up this day up with a few randomized words... "truck, pole, freakin' out, work, goodbye party, moody, accidentally deleted, socializing rather than scrapping at a crop, home at midnight, guilt for leaving the kids, looking forward to Monday...

So my Saturday started when I backed my truck into a pole (that you clearly can't miss) but for some reason I did.. I was in a minor state of shock watching my life flash before my eyes while glimpses of corpses hidden beneath a mound of snow come to mind.  Needless to say... after my, what seemed to feel like an Anaphylactic shock followed by a moment of epiphany, I was fine, no one was hurt, and my car was in tact. 

(I'd insert a picture here, but "Steph" didn't email me back! wink, wink)

Of course that little moment accompanied by lack of sleep, set the moody-mood for the rest of the day. I was mouthy that day and there was no holding back.  Of course, people thought it was hilarious that tiny little me had a mouth of a giant. The store held a goodbye crop party for Ms. Heidi-Tidy, she's got a one way ticket to Misery (Missouri).  Although I never scrap at these events, I socialized. Then I'm still haunted by the shrieks of woman scorned (slightly exxagerated by sounds good) Ms. Erica, who asked me for help and I accidently deleted 4 pages of the homework she's been working on. She says she's not mad.. her scorned glazed could have said otherwise.  I get home well past midnight, the kids have clearly enjoyed being home without parents, and as Isabel hugs me like she hasn't seen me in years, I feel a wave of guilt for leaving them behind. Monday could not come any sooner..

Sunday, Dec. 7

Tired. Cleaning. Mushy/Slippery Outside. Photoshoots. Editing Photos. It's 1:30 am.. I'm going to bed! I ain't Superwoman! Well not today at least!