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Kickin' My Feet Up...

And Relaxing... And Enjoying.. Life.

Not much to report on my end. I have been enjoying a few days off from work and just "being". The other day I got to hang out with my girlfriend Keri and her girls, who I have not seen/spoken to in a while!  We both made the conscience effort to let "bygones be bygones".  She is doing so good, I'm so happy for her, and her girls who still call me "Mommy-Bel"... how sweet.  (Wish I brought my camera for photos, next time).

I hung at home in my sweats for the most part, catching up on the massive amount of laundry waiting for me in the laundry room. I even finished a little project to celebrate Valentine's Day, while watching "Jack Bauer" on 24. (I cannot even begin to tell you how much I *heart* that show!)

I used this Maya Road Mini Tab Chipboard Set (that we just got in at our store).. this thing is so cute and tiny, I'd say about 4 inches, it's perfect to create a quick mini album.  Hey it only took me all day :) It was so much fun to bring out the filers to sand the edges, the inks, the paint, and glue..








Seriously, that's how tiny the book is, that's a 12x12 behind it.. also 24 (Agent Michelle Dessler ) on my little DVD player :)


Friday is creeping up on us and sad to say the hubby is getting ready to go back on shift work this weekend :(  I enjoyed having him home this past month while he was taking a class, enjoyed having dinners like normal families and having him home on the weekends was a big plus!  But now it's back to the long 12-14 hour days and seeing him once in a blue moon, and me... carrying on with the kids.. I know I can do this.. I'm just whining!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and safe Super Bowl Parties! I will be laying low and editing all these maternity photos!!!

25 Random Things...blah blah blah

So in the land of Facebook, this "25 Things" has been going around and I've been tagged left and right.  Are you like me, you feel bad when you don't respond to the Notifications of growing your earth friendly plant, being kidnapped, or being nominated as the "sweetest" person?  I try not to let it get to me, but then I begin to wonder, if I hit "ignore" on these requests, will it get back to the person with huge bold lettering and possibly capitilized: RONALYN DID NOT ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST TO BE KIDNAPPED or RONALYN DID NOT ACCEPT YOUR SWEETEST PERSON AWARD... So I kindly accept them, go through all those pages of trying to accept the request by allowing the app to enter my Facebook...

So here we go, 25 Stuff About Me, You Probably Already Know Because I've Been Blogging Since 2005! 

  1. I'm a tech junkie, hence all the computers, the need for my iPhone, 3 different blogs, facebook, etc.. I need to stay connected or I'd feel lost!  I'm really not sure what I would do without the world wide web.
  2. Yeah... so you think I'm quiet and reserved.  Hmph?  I'm quite the opposite.  If you already know that, then huh? we're better friends than you thought!
  3. I got into an accident when I was 16, hit an off duty cop in his new pick up truck, he was so pissed, he called all his po-po friends to surround me in the corner of Waikiki. I cried my a** off, and that didn't get me out of anything.
  4. The first camera I remember owning was a Canon 110ED.
  5. I *heart* Twilight!  Wanna do some "vamp-trash-talk", just say when and where I am there!
  6. I need to create something everyday.. yes everyday.. or else, I'm one grumpy soul. Whether it's scrapbooking, photographing, creating a new dish... they are all crafty to me!
  7. In my house, everything has a home.  I am proud to say my tupperwares are neatly stacked by shape and size, I prefer my towels to be color coordinated but that doesn't happen all the time.. So I'm a bit of neat-nut.  Don't make me organize your tupperware, cause I will!
  8. While your at starbucks make sure to pick me up a tall drip coffee with room for cream, and if that red velvet cupcake is there.. get one of those too!
  9. I'm easily sidetracked.  Like this list will not get done because I'm checking the 10 million other websites. (Like trying to see how I would feel if Henry Cavill was cast as Edward instead.. hmmm)
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a Graphic Designer. 
  11. I love me some Mac Makeup!
  12. I seriously have "tummy issues" I cannot eat anything and everything...
  13. I like to plan ahead, via lists, calendars, menus, when I go to the bathroom, you name it.
  14. I'm a softy.  You cry, I cry, we all cry! 
  15. I spanked, flicked, yanked ears, you name it...with all three of my kids... the way my mommy spanked me.. I can just give them that "look" you know that  "I'm-a-gonna-beat-you-if-you-don't-stop" look!
  16. Seriously, my husband and I are like a couple of high school kids.. lovey-dovey and "gooey" is what my kids say...
  17. Bleh, not the athletic type.. but I love to dance!
  18. I love.. love.. stupid movies! The most recent ones we saw where we laughed our okole's (butts) off, were, Step Brothers, my favorite line:  "I just want to roll you up into a bal and.... well I won't finish it.. but LOL! , Tropic Thunder (Oh Hilarious!), and Zohan (I wanna make you silky smooth)... 
  19. I love to read, it's one of my great escapes, and a part of doing something creative everyday! The latest series I'm working on, Sookie Stackhouse...
  20. I never thought I'd get this far with my Photography Business... it really starts with just a dream, some aspiration, a touch of hope, and tons of self confidence... We have booked 4 weddings in July and August alone, they are my absolute fave!
  21. We are due to leave Alaska in 2010... that's next year....crossing our fingers for Germany.
  22. I don't give myself much ME-Time.. I really need to learn to do so.
  23. My dad passed away at 92 years old.
  24. I miss home, aka Hawaii terribly... especially my mom!!!!!!
  25. It's time for my daily "celebrity news" Why didn't you know I'm a celebrity junkie as well!

I've always wanted to be a...




After a long day doing another maternity shoot, in the spur of the moment, decided to have some friends over.  Stephanie and her family, Erica and her family, and my husband's friend, James swung by for a night of pizza, chicken wings, and lots of Rock Band/Guitar Hero.

This weekend has seem to pass before the blink of an eye. I can't believe it's already Sunday!  I am usually off on Mondays but this week (since the big boss is in Anaheim for CHA) I will be working so this week will be a bit thrown off, being I'm the most predictable person I know.

I enjoyed the infant we photographed on Friday:

IMG_7912BW copy 

IMG_7963bw copy

I am off to bed and gearing up for a different start to my week.

Barely A Post...

In my defense... I'm beat!  My day always starts at 6 am, getting the kids ready and out the door, then it's off to work at the store for several hours where I don't even sit and just graze on rice crackers (I guess that's how I stick to the diet, when I'm not home, raiding my pantry)  and by 4 pm, after I pick up the kids, I'm completely exhausted! While making dinner tonight I am also making dinner for tomorrow night's crop and trying to stay ahead of the game. By 8 pm, I was ready for bed...but managed to make it to the gym and did cardio for over an hour. I'm not sure where that extra boost of energy came from but glad hubby and I pushed ourselves to make it there. Now it's almost 11 pm, I'm ready to hit the sack, read more Sookie Stackhouse... Until tomorrow, I really ain't got nothin' for ya... but while watching my recorded SNL, my hubby and I cracked up to this!


What a day.. I'm already quite exhausted.. not to mention, the minute we came home I did have to turn the DVR on to watch Lost, and I'm not sure how much more suspense I can handle with that show!  More questions than answers... we will just have to see it unfolding.. I did have a lot to say, but I will save that for another day.  I've been relaxing a lot more lately, despite my over booked weekend, but I will not turn down a maternity shoot, so I scheduled two this weekend!  I'm very excited!

Tonight we celebrated my girlfriend Keri's daughter's 5th Birthday at Bouncin' Bears.  We have never been there before... and whew, it was quite a thrill!


I got to see this little cutie again: "My Lil' Edyn.."

Rewind a few years...
Rewind just a little more:
It was just so nice to see them again!

Goodbye Long Weekend...

Hello busy week ahead!

I think we all enjoyed our nice extra long weekend, with the kids being home since Wednesday, it sure went by really quick!

I got to catch a matinee with Stephanie, The Unborn:
Picture 1

My second straight thriller in a row, the night before we watched Mirrors with my man "Jack Bauer" (Keiffer Sutherland will always be Jack Bauer to me..) Which by the way was a great movie!  Great thriller!
So I guess I was on a thriller-streak.

It was a pretty good movie, it was more of a thriller than a "scare you out of your seat" kinda movie.  There were a few moments we both jumped out of our seat. But I am still on the search for a good scary movie :)  Not to mention I kept thinking how much Odette Yustman looks so much like Megan Fox! And another plus was, Mr. Cam Gigandet (James from Twilight). And after seeing both movies, Stephanie and I agreed we need to get rid of some mirrors, apparently it acts like a window between the undead and living.




(leave it to another photographer friend to take the pics, edit them right away, and then send it to me..  Love it Steph, thanks!)

Now it's back to the reality of the week ahead.  Have no fear, I've got my coffee timer on set to 6 am, lunch for the kids already cooked, I just need to put them together, and breakfast and dinners planned for the week.. I'm ready!

For a while now the hubby has been bringing the kids to the gym and they love it!  It's become like a routine for them several times a week, espeicially on the weekends. I usually take this time as my time to catch up on my photography work or scrapbooking, but this time I actually went with them.




I even played a little B-Ball with the boys.


And I had to take this snapshot of Isabel doing sit-ups!  I have to say I'm really proud of my hubby who has been going strong and determined to lose the weight and at the same time teach the kids about fitness and health.

Tomorrow will mark another day in history as I will be glued to CNN:

Picture 1

Once Again...

I am lost in another good book. I'm treading vampire'ville  and the land of make believe as I trail off the "real" stuff for a while. The last few books I've finished were very real and hits ya straight to your heart, like, The Shack and The Time Traveler's Wife... now I'm back to the land of mythical creatures that lurk the city of Bon Temps where vampires learn to live among the living... HBO has a series, True Blood that is based on all these novels, but I have not seen them.  I'm sticking to the books for now.

This long weekend is going by really fast despite the kids being home since Wednesday.

On Friday, Erica and I caught 2 movies, Twilight (yes again!)  And I have to admit, it's SO much better the second time around. I really enjoyed it!  Then we bolted to see Bride Wars.  It was a pretty funny and a cute chick-flick.  We were surrounded by women/ladies/girls.. you name it! 

Saturday started off with a few hours at work, then lunch with the family at our favorite sushi spot, Dami's, and then a night at Dulce's house with Erica and her family as well.  I can't remember the last time we did this! We tried Rick's Chicken Wings, yum!  Then played a few games of "Guess-tures" It was hilarious. (The video is quite dark and you may have to turn your volume down.. :)

Our Sunday was our family day.  I love our Sunday's together, it makes me long for a normal life, ( a life where the hubby is always off on the weekends). We started off pretty early, suprisingly.  The hubby relaxaed and watched football, the boys played, and Isabel had friends over. I cooked, did a few loads of laundry, and read my book, and most of all relaxed :) 

2 Days...

Anchorage School District has decided to close the school down for 2 days in a row now.  The kids have never been more excited.  As for me I say, let's just add Friday in there and call it a long weekend for all of us!  The weather is still unusually warm, 40's and raining! That did not stop the kids from wanting to be out most of the day pretending its one big ice skating rink out there!

IMG_7710 copy

As for me, I did not have to work yesterday.. you ain't getting me out on that icy road.. no siree!  And then I had the day off today. So it's been quite relaxing.  So I've been scrapbooking and catching up on "24".  I love that show!  Just like scrapbooking, you don't want to stop! IMG_7681 copy

I am done with those photos from Seattle about 190 of them :)  And now working on other projects I've been meaning to get to for the longest time.  (here's a few pages)











And then I worked on some digital stuff.. (all with the intention that I will keep up with 2009)

I tell you the best way to scrap is using Anna's Templates:


And now tomorrow is Friday!  It's back to work for me but planning some time with girlfriends.  I've been meaning to watch Twilight again, I've been hearing it's so much better the second time around. And then, Dulce and her family has invited us to their home for a "Chicken-Wing" night on Saturday.  

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Simplify 03

What an odd day today has been?  Don't you love those days when some sort of spontaneity throws you off balance? And you can take this unforeseen obstacle and make something good out of it or you can sit there all day and complain how this hump on the road has sent you disarray.

We woke up this morning to freezing rain... so just imagine stepping outside and walking or driving on an ice rink?  We could literally slide down our driveway as oppose to walking.  I've heard stories of "parked" cars sliding into other "parked" cars.  Oh and of course the hundreds of people sliding into ditches.  This kind of sudden disarray, caused Anchorage to shut down. School was canceled.  The base gave out tickets to those who were driving on the roads who were not "mission essential". So, in conclusion, we all stayed home today!  It was our blessing in the form of freezing rain!  I can't remember the last time we were all home, not running errands, or busy going different directions.  We quite enjoyed it. And this little act of unforseen mishap was perfect for enjoying a "simple" day with the family.

Here is a little quote for today:


In readying ourselves for the journey ahead, and we learn to retreat from the pressures of everyday life.  We will learn that  "NO" is a powerful tool.  This 2-letter, one syllable, tiny word... seems so hard for me to say and do.  I am really working on this and plan to use it more this year.

Our little exercise for today is to think of things that we can do without. We all have our own rituals, routines, and habits that we take for granted, some that are draining and distracting us from the important things in life. Would eliminating them free up space, time, energy, or money.  Like that afternoon latte, those extra handful of chips, or ordering pizza instead of cooking.

Choose something to release.

Commit to releasing it for one month.

*Note that it takes 4-6 weeks to change a habit or have a new habit to take root.

I am choosing to take on less in order to find more time for me and my family.  I've decided to take on one photoshoot per week. (Making exceptions for newborns and maternity shoots). So with that in mind, I often finding myself saying "No" to the clients who expect me to have an opening within a week or two.

I am also working on my attitude at home.  I have this uncontrollable urge to clean by the minute, to wash every article of clothing, vacuum twice or three times a day, to constantly wipe down the bathroom and kitchen. I have to learn to let things go.  So as I walk pass by the load of laundry, I have to say, I can save that for another day.  No use in getting all worked up about it today.

So just a few of ongoing habits I am working on.  Now it's your turn!

Tuesday, Simplify 02


It is unusually warm outside.  Unusual, meaning, I actually think 20 degrees is a heat wave.  I woke up, feeling quite refreshed.  Little is remembered about last night, as I fell asleep at 8:30 pm. I desperately tried to keep my eyes open while watching The Secret Life of An American Teenager around 7:30 pm.. but it wasn’t that hard considering the circumstances of that show.  It really does hit you in places you never knew was there.  I like the part where the mom (Molly Ringwald) tells her teenager: “This is happening, whether you like it or not you are having a baby, you need to face it, it is what it is, you can’t run away from it…” 

That simple phrase, “It is what it is…” has seemed to cross my path in one way or another.  Sometimes we go through so much “crappy” situations, but it isn’t till you suck it up and tell yourself, “It is what it is…” and then and only then can you move on.. to either make it better or worst.

I have a girlfriend, a British Girlfriend that is, who is and has always been an It is what it is” kind a gal.  She tells like it is and always seems to face things head on.  That’s what I’ve learned from her… You need to face things as they come. You can run but you can’t hide.  One important factor this little phrase makes you realize is to always be true to yourself.

If you are running around doing 10 things at once, chances are, most of it is not worth the time and frustration.  And when balancing life and you think if I just had more time, than I could’ve read her that book, you really are stretching yourself thin. For me, it is what is. I take on too much, I can’t say “No,” and I can’t balance in anything because of all those factors. 

I need to eliminate, reorganize, and find what is really important… Seeing my life for what it is, I am beginning to learn to RELEASE my daily habits of EXCESS one by one, readying myself for the better, creating space for change to take place. 

And the result from just 2 days of an open mind to let certain things go? 

A less hectic day, a more balanced me, and believe it or not, more peace!

Your Quote for today:

"Taoist philosophy states that when you let something go from your life, something better will come in."

What are you going to say good-bye to or simply do less of?