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Slumdog Was Worth It...


If it wasn't for all the hype, all the awards, and all the recognition.. I probably would've put Slumdog in my queue in Netflix.  But after sweeping the Oscars last week, it sparked our interest. So we settled for a mid week double date with Erica and her hubby and enjoyed this very well directed movie. There's romance, action, and the sheer reality of life in the slums of India... it places hope, brings you laughter, and leaves your heart aching.  The movie flows and unfolds, making you feel lost in the screen itself. That's.. that's the kind of movie you want to see.

I enjoyed my day off today with the hubby.  We just kind of took the day off to do things we enjoy.  I scrapped a few pages towards my 2005 album and some stuff for the store, while he relaxed and played his game.  I even took a nap while he picked up the kids. 

I can't believe it's already Friday!  I'll be working this weekend and doing more scrapping.  There is a crop at the store on Friday and then we get to close the store down just for us on Saturday night. I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm trying to get my schedule for the next few weeks in order.  My hubby will be TDY'ing in a few weeks, so I need to plan ahead...

Daily Tid-Bits 2/26

  • The sun is out longer... ahh.. it makes a BIG difference.
  • Didn't go comet hunting last night, but my oh my, the stars here just shine so bright!! It's gorgeous! Makes you realize, we are just a tiny fragment in this universe!
  • I threw out all my size 6's. I better stay on track or else I'll be walking around in my undies :)
  • I want to go dancing with the hubby in a club... Let me set the scene:  I will ride with my girlfriends, the hubby's will meet us there.  We ladies get all dressed up like "sexy beasts". We walk into the filled club, with the music banging, we ladies walk towards our men (in slow motion of course with the fan blowing through our hair), our hubby's gawk at us, (for they forgot we had moves)... They ask us to dance... and we strut our Beyonce Moves.. (okay now my vision just started getting funny)..  But I've envisioned that more than once this week, so I think we may have to do this!
  • I used to love my Bazzill Cardstock.. till I had to count every single one of them at the store :)
  • I seriously need to eat more .. I'd go days with only 850 calories in. The Posh Diet I guess... 
  • I'm doing better with letting things go, meaning the constant desire to always clean up... I've been walking away more, closing my son's door to his room helps too, out of sight, out of mind.
  • I've been having this sudden panic attack when I think that next year my oldest will be in highschool and then off to college shortly after... 4 years go by quick.. I blinked, and now Izzy is in school!  Oh my... it's happening way to fast.
  • I'm still taking things easy... this week is a little busier at the store than last... but other wise I'm kind of liking this "Photo-shoot-LESS life"...
  • Although I'm not shooting studio photos at the moment, I so look forward to a summer full of weddings. We've got our first "Trash The Dress" request!
  • I am totally lovin' Black Tea right now!  It's replaced that coffee itch!
  • It's no secret that I love music and I go through phases, I go back in time and flash forward to the latest.. but I've always LOVED this song. Drops of Jupiter by Train.. lyrically pleasing. I love how songs tells a story.. this one of a woman trying to find herself.. a phase I think we can all relate too.
  • Now that shes back from that soul vacation
    Tracing her way through the constellation,
    She checks out mozart while she does tae-bo
    Reminds me that theres time to grow...
  • Then there's 3 Doors Down, ugh, Love his voice and this song!

Alright I'm off to finish off Season 6 of 24!  (I'm so excited to catch up with everyone else!)

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like..



Notice I said.. LOOK... because it surely doesn't FEEL like it at all. While dropping the kids off to school, I glanced to see it was just 19 degrees.  But that didn't matter, I was feeling good, the sun was shining before we stepped out for the day, the kids were a bit on the chirpier side, and like I said, the sun was blazing on us! Just the simple fact that the sun is staying up a bit longer is just what we needed.  Winters here are so long and we are far from it being completely over, but actually seeing the sun, just gives me a sense of warmth and hope.. that Spring is coming...


Today was just one of those days where one minute the clock says 9:30 am and next thing I know it's 6 pm! Now it's almost 11 pm and my 13 year old has been bugging me about this comet. He's quite a curious soul, always has been, and he has always had a love for anything science/math... So what are we gonna do for him? Drive around to see if we can spot it.. it's supposed to be closest to earh tonight!  Yea Us!

Weekend Recap.

Friday. Late Date-Night...
After dropping my girlfriend Stephanie to the airport, we headed out to a late night date at Moose Tooth.  We enjoyed a salad, my favorite is the Buffalo Chicken Salad and shared a Moose Pie. (I know we didn't even order pizza!)  It was a nice little getaway to talk and unwind even if it was just for a few hours! 


Saturday. Home Sweet Home.
It was nice to hang out at home, no where to be, no errands to run, just us in our sweats, lounging. The kids played outside and Izzy made a new friend.  A new family moved in the neighborhood and she's in Kindergarten as well! Perfect for her and not to mention, good for me too! 

DSCN4852 copy 

Sunday. Counting.

On Sunday our boss decided to do inventory. With a new computer system the transition between computers didn't go as smoothly, so it was time to count on the good ol fashion way of keeping track... and all I can say is, I work at a scrapbook store!  So yes we counted every single thing! And guess what I volunteered to do, The Bazzill!  Nuff said!

Racquetball. husband found a new love.. Racquetball.  He's been quite obsessed with the sport. He goes every chance he gets.  After a few weeks of hearing how great it is and what a great cardio work out it is.. Ah, well I just had to see what all the fuss was all about! So on Valentine's Day.. a day when most couples are out celebrating their love.. we were at the gym and he was teaching me the game of Racquetball! 

It really is a game that gives you a good workout! While the hubby was giving me a crash course in this sport, I kept asking him to hit the ball towards me!  He laughed and said.. well you're supposed to run and get it.. that's the point of the game !  Later, we met Erica and her hubby there.. (and man, she is one sport's buff, she freakin scares me when I see her play!)  We got in and she taught me a little at how to play the sport. 

So last Sunday while the hubby was at work, I packed up all the kids and we went to the gym! I spent the time playing racquetball with my son! We had a blast!  Then Izzy got a chance to hit the ball too.


I can tell, I'm going to get quite addicted! 

Slowy Going Shorter...

Stopped by Meg Allen today to get a trim.  My hair grows so fast and I have really thick hair too.. I've been debating how short for a while.. but once I got there I figured I'd go a little shorter and then when spring/summer arrives, I will cut it even shorter! 

I've had this kind of cut before and I love how versatile it is, with a more fringe style cut, I can straighten it, flip it out, or tousle it around with my natural waves. She cut off a lot in the back even though you can't see it, when I run my fingers through it, it feels like there is hardly any hair there.. 

Friday already?

I'll be heading to work for a few hours and gear up for a great weekend! (I did have another post on draft, but we can save that for next week!) Until then TTFN!

Just Do It.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and it's probably the first steps to changing your lifestyle.  Along with sticking with my word of the year, Simplify.  I've taken many life changing steps to do so.  I've read the book and enjoyed the journey, it provided a window of clarity for me.  In honor of simplifying, I've been focusing on me since January. In doing so, I've given up a few things that I thought defined me and stood as a measure to my success. It's like I stripped myself of everything that I thought I wanted and gone back to the simpler things in life. I enjoy conversations with friends, rather than trying to earn money so I can at a lavish restaurant several times a week. I create more for myself and less for other people. I've learned to say no and realizing that my time, is just that, mine... And mainly, I've focused on my health.

IMG_8728 copy

After all we have one body and when you feel good on the outside, you can bet you'll feel like a million bucks inside. So I may be a pain in the you know what when we go out to eat and you see me entering my calories for the day, but keeping track works for me. I'm a very visual person, so it makes me well aware of what I'm eating. And week 2 has come and gone and it's working. I have to say it's hard to not want to eat the entire glazed doughnut this weekend, but I know that half of it is satisfying enough.

Along with another new book (I'm still enjoying my Sookie Stackhouses!) but Erica read it and totally recommends it.. and I have to agree!  It's the way to go.. it's a tell like it is kinda book, if this book doesn't make you feel like making you change your ways, I'm not sure what will:

Picture 2 


And this is for my girl Steph..  thought of you when I heard this on my run today (wink, wink):

Daily Tid-Bits 2/18

Well, it seems even though my posts are in my drafts, I can't seem to make it to my computer to actually get them to post. I know I can schedule posts but never know if I'm gonna add more.  Well last night after work, my girlfriend Keri and I enjoyed a nice dinner of sushi, at Ichiban and watched this cute movie:

Picture 1
After a "stressfull" day at work, (yea it's really stressful when you're boss wants to get her new shipment of stuff from CHA and you can't really buy everything, or can you? It was a nice relaxing evening!)

  • I've actually googled "Joaquin Phoenix" on IMDB to remember how he actually looked like.  Did you all catch him on David Letterman last week?  That was so weird?  What the heck is he on?
  • You all know I just started watching 24 this past Christmas (or so).. and they are now on Season 7!  Well, I'm finally catching up.. I'm halfway through season 6!  Soon I can be in sync with all the other crazed 24 fans! LOL!
  • There's a warm spell going on in Alaska.. 30's!  That's enough to make anyone feel good!
  • Went shopping with Erica last week and bought size TWO jeans!  Woot! Woot!
  • I'm quite obsessed with counting my calories, I log everything in! It's proven to be a success, another pound lost!!! 
  • My goal for this week is to get out of the house on my days off and instead of running the treadmill at home, work out in the gym and start on building muscle with weights and visit Stephanie!
  • This really made me laugh.

  • Yes, I'm quite fond of Saturday Night Live, but more in LOVE when Will Ferrell was in it!
  • Right now the family is so into Phineas and Ferb, it's become a series recording!
  • I think I gave up on Greys Anatomy, haven't seen it in weeks, last I remember, she saw Denny once? Now I hear McDreamy has popped the big question? 

More Tid Bits next week!

This Valentine's Day Left Me...


This post needs no words.. in fact, I'm still quite speechless... very surprised, feeling very loved, and very lucky to be married to this wonderful man...

We're not really the "celebrating" type.  We don't go all out and buy one another gifts.. we have in the previous years.. but he knows that I know what I like, and I know, he knows what he likes.. etc.  I'm also not big on jewelry, I don't wear them as much, I'd rather have the latest tech gadget! So, I treated myself to more work out clothing, new gym shoes, and a smaller jeans!  Right before heading to work on Saturday morning, I woke up to see a 12x12 page layout hanging by the stairs..

HE SCRAPPED A PAGE FOR ME.. (from one scrapbooker to another.. how "sweet" is that?


And the best part.. HE WROTE more than just a few words.. try several paragraphs.. He's always loved to write me letters.. ever since we were in highschool.  At first I thought he just copied and pasted words from wikipedia.. but he tried to make it look like it.


And that's better than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates (do you know how many calories are in chocolates? not worth it)

Kisses for My Valentine...


I *heart* Valentine's Day... not that it's a big event in the Barut Household.. but I am a total Hopeless Romantic.. I grew up with the notion of what love was supposed to be like, "Prince Charming will sweep me off my feet and I will be waking up every morning singing as the birds and all the other creatures of the forest fly into my window and help me clean up just in time for my beloved to come home..."  Much like a fairy tale, huh?  Well, it is far from it.. Marriage is hard work... and it is work everyday

You can read through my archives and find out that our marriage suffered from heartache and pain. But with the help of our faith, and our devoted friends who believed in us when we didn't think we could... time seems to heal all pain. Since then we've been reaping our rewards and way too much laughter!

This is my all time favorite photo of us in 2006 that is displayed in our home. It's just screams "smitten. enamored. captivated. desired."  and simply stated adored.


and through the years.. there are a few that caught my eye and my heart

2007: (the one thing I love most, is this man knows how to make me laugh!)


2008: (We are always on the go.. both working..busy lives..but always finding time, and the best part, ALL our kids are in school! )


2009: (This man continues to place a smile on my face, everyday..)


This year, the hubby came home on Tuesday and surprised me with the rest of the week off!  However, I'm not a fan of impromptu days off, it threw me off, I'd already made plans for the rest of the week, with working, a crop with my girls on Friday night, and a matinee with Erica. So, sorry babe.. you got me Saturday night, although I'm betting we will be hitting the gym, right?

I hope everyone has a great Valentine Weekend.  The boys are going to a Valentine's Dance on Friday. Hmm.. I remember those...