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Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.~Charles Dickens

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Thankful For...

  • A beautiful week, weekend, month!
  • The sound of laughter from my children.
  • Another school year coming to close. My kids have been blessed with great teachers.
    • I am so thankful for Ms. Barnes, Isabel's Kindergarten teacher. I think a child's first teacher is important, it helps set the foundation for a life time of education.
    • I loved Central Middle School that my oldest graduated from.
    • Ethan's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Miller was just amazing!  I appreciate her hard work of teaching a 4th/5th grade class.
  • Books. I love reading, not any one thing in particular, I love to read all kinds of novels and documentaries as well.
  • My Blessings.
  • Health, Fitness, Strength, Achievements, and Goals.
  • Quality time with hubby. Not just lounging on the sofa watching TV, but our lunch dates, our workouts together, and just talking.
  • Movies. I enjoy a good movie.
  • Friends. (Whom I barely see these days, everyone is so busy, we all work, kids, or school, but thank goodness for Facebook and Texting!)
  • For a job. Especially at a time like this, where people are losing jobs, I am grateful that I have one, just so I can splurge every 2 weeks!
  • A hobby. Scrapbooking is more than a hobby, it's documenting life's little moments, some of which go unnoticed. 
  • Technology. Without email, texting, facebook, and blogs, I'd be disconnected to family and friends. (I don't think I've ever been up to date with my sister in law till reading her facebook status)

Just a few things to be thankful for and to keep fully noted. (Great little tid-bits to scrap for my Year In Review Album).


The rain was so nice today, the cold air hit the spot, and I just relaxed today. I didn't do much but run to the comissary to get ingredients to make Beef Stew with Cornbread. It's the perfect night for that. But for lunch I fixed myself (and hubby) a Pork Cold Noodle Salad.. Hmmm.. hit the spot! Happy Thursday!

Today I...

  • whined a bit in the morning about the hubby having to work all weekend on these 12 hour mid shifts and he we didn't get to enjoy much of the so called "4 Day Weekend" the base had. (Yes, most military staff, the day job people, had off Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday!) So I had a "self-pity" party for one this morning.
  • woke up so early!  I have been these past few days. And it's starting to piss me off!  LOL! Not to mention I get to bed late (mainly cause the hubby is not home at night and I have the hardest time sleeping). And my kids.. they can sleep in, heck they woke up at 10 am.  While I wake up at 6 am! 
  • got tired of hearing my teenager and 11 year old boys whine about being "BORED".  Not even a week into summer and I'm already hearing those words.
  • was frustrated at home, so I went for a quick 3 mile run. It was just enough to clear my head and escape for a little bit while doing what I love to do.


*This is my (before the run) "frustrated/irritated" look at my 11 year old.. as he took a shot of me.

  • came back from my run and soaked all that sun in, ignoring the messy house and the whiny kids, and just read my book!!!


  • watched Izzy get in her bathing suit and play in the sprinkler with her friends.


  • got tanner.
  • was so excited to see my hubby wake up for the day, albeit it was 4 pm!
  • was thankful that he took the boys to the basketball courts to play with them.
  • went for an evening 21 mile bike ride with the hubby


  • Monday Movie Night (with some ladies I met a few times at the scrapbook store) was cancelled.. and (believe it or not Erica, I was actually on my way out when you texted me!)
  • am tired... off to bed I go :0


*a late night, spent reading far too long, this is at 1 am.

I still find it "surreal" that Alaska's night sky, never goes completely dim. Out in the horizon, you still see the night sky lit up and it never goes down all the way.  I really thought I'd find myself sleeping in now that the kids are done with school. But my body automatically wakes up at 6 am to see the sun blaring through my blinds.  It's almost like I don't even want to waste the day by sleeping. And now as I look out the window, at 11pm, you could literally still go on a bike ride.

This is probably one of the things I will miss the most, when we say good bye to Alaska. There really is no place quite like it. Summers can be gorgeous!  And winters can make you develop a love/hate relationship. I love the scenery, all the snow, and the feeling it brings on a Christmas Day.  But on the other hand, nights are so long, it can get bitter cold, and after a while, that snow gets old.  Either way, there really is no place we've been quite like it.


While the kids have been exhausting themselves all day/night outside. (Isabel came home at 12:30 am the other day, She went for a late night drive with the neighbors and did some animal watching.. they are out, including the bears!) I found some time to scrapbook, I'm pretty much done with the month of April and did several layouts for that month. It was quite eventful.  Looking forward to May. I can't believe I've actually kept with the year so far and we are halfway through!


And this is why I blog. It makes journaling my scrapbook pages so much easier, just copy and paste!


Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!  Hubby and I have the day off and I want to bike to Eagle River, roughly 12 miles one way. Then it looks like a full work week ahead for me :)

A Week Later...

And Book 2 is done.


And very eager to start on Book 3, City of Glass.

I really enjoyed Book One and was itching to continue this saga. I have to say these series so far is a touch of Twilight, a bit of Harry Potter magic, family drama, and a twist of modern day Manhattan life. The author has a way of bringing these eclectic characters come to life. From punked out warlocks, to faeries that throw dance parties, and my favorite strikingly gorgeous Shadowhunters, she illustrates them in a way that will make your imaginary mind go to the next level.  The plot twists and turns and will keep you on your toes. You will immediately be drawn to "Clary" and her friends and will keep you wanting more.

And I just found out that the author, Cassandra Clare is releasing the Prequels to The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass)... THE INFERNAL DEVICES!!!! This won't be out till next year :( But I do love to go read about the beginning of it all.. cant' wait!

Picture 3

And it's back to reading.. Thank goodness the kids play out all day and sleep so soundly at night :)

Last Day...

Of School...


The kids are so excited. It didn't take long for my oldest to call me and let me know that he invited friends to sleep over. And me... I'm just excited that summer is upon us.  After such long dreadful winters here, it's nice to finally enjoy the summer! 

Now that it's officially Summer Break for us:

  • I will miss all my "alone" time, the most :)  But have no fear, I've got a teenager who is in desperate need to make some extra cash in the summer!
  • I will enjoy sleeping in past 6 am! I'm shooting for at least 8 am!
  • I'm looking forward to a more relaxed schedule.
  • I'm planning our trip (Izzy and I) to CO in the first week of July to visit my good friend, Anna.
  • I will still be working, in fact, I hope to work a lot more. With the kids home, we tend to spend a little more.
  • There will be days, when I know I will be at my wits end. (Hubby on shift & kids home...) I'm sure I will have my share of "pity-me-days".
  • I'm gonna enjoy our "last" summer in Alaska!!!
  • Gonna hang out with my kids.
  • My in laws will be visiting in June.
  • I will be staying up late.. enjoying those long days and soaking it all in, before the winter rolls.
  • Psych will be back on !  We all love that show!
  • We will be heading back to the pool several times a week.
  • My oldest will be brushing up on Basketball, he is gonna try out for the JV team at his new highschool.
  • I will be having sudden panic attacks thinking about my oldest going to highschool.
  • Getting a tan :)
  • Maybe grow a "green" thumb?
  • Enjoying life, one day at a time...

A Proud Mom.


My son has always loved music. He's one of those kids that naturally has rhythm. When listening to music, he'd tap to the beat of the music, and not the hard bass you would normally hear, but rather the tempo in between. He's always been able to mimic a music's rhythm fairly quick, and I knew that this was something I wanted him to embrace, learn more of, and let him shine.  He's been in band since the 5th grade. He chose to play the clarinet and has been for years.

When he was in 7th grade he played with the 8th grade band.

While in 8th grade he received the honor of sitting first chair in clarinet section.

Today we just found out that he was ONE out of TWO that made the SYMPHONIC BAND from his middle school for his freshmen year at Bartlett High. I'm so excited, happy, and just humble... He's truly gifted and talented. He will be doing some traveling next year with this band, one of which is New York! 

Since then he has grown to love playing the guitar and electric guitar.


In other news.. TODAY Rudy and I celebrate our 13 year Anniversary!!!  I guess I will channel my inner "love & cherished" thoughts another day! 

Those Days...

It was just one of those days where:

  • It was more of struggle to get up and out of bed.
  • I thought of every reason imaginable why I should not work anymore, then I thought, too bad I love "pretty" things that cost "pretty darn expensive" and not to mention, scrapbooking is one habit hobby I can't never will quit.
  • I remembered growing up and no one cooked breakfast for me every single day before I headed out to school, and wondered why I cook my kids huge breakfasts and I end up eating oatmeal everyday anyway! Then realized, how crappy their school lunch is.  At least, when I was growing up, the cafeteria had an actual kitchen where we had very good lunches, and none of this heat in the microwave crap they have at school.
  • What I wanted to wear has been in the dirty pile, but I salvaged the Nike Capri Dri Fit pants so I could wear them any way!  (Didn't smell bad and no one knew I already wore it to go biking this weekend!)
  • I wished my hubby had a day job. (Wait, I wish for this everyday!)
  • My muscles ached from weight lifting the night before, and for some reason, carrying my little Izzy felt like she weighed a ton!
  • I tried to convince Izzy that she would look so cute with 2 pony tails instead of the usual braid. But she begged to differ, and so I turned like another 6 year old, and said, "Well, I'm not gonna braid it then.." But felt bad, of course, and braided her hair anyway.
  • I realized, "Damn it, they literally only have 2 more days of school... I'm gonna miss my "alone time".
  • My eyebrows, looked whack!  Need to clean it up a bit!
  • I was walking around the house looking for my keys with my work bag in one arm, my lunch sack in the other, the dvd's I borrowed from Erica, in my 3rd arm that I don't have, and balancing the book I borrowed from Bridget in my armpit.. only to drop everything on the floor to pick up the darn keys that were in front of me all this time!
  • I shoved everything in the car, talking to myself, in a "hissy-fit". I felt like throwing my own temper tantrum!
  • I texted while I was driving, and was thankful for auto correct, other wise my words would have not made any sense. (oops, I swear I will never text and drive again.. :)
  • Once I got to work, it was all good. All that morning hustle and bustle, was done and I was finally where I needed to be. Phew!

Ever have one of those days.. where it almost feels like it's more than you can bear and the day had just started?  That was my Tuesday (which felt more like a Monday), none the less, now it's almost done.

Tomorrow, more field trips for the kids.  This time to the Bowling Alley for Ethan's 5th grade class. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night... It's 7pm and as bright as mid-day... The Lakers are struggling to keep up, American Idol starts in a few seconds, and Lasagna awaits..


Here's a layout I did from those pics of our Ladies Night Out: (Using the latest Wysteria Line from Basic Grey)


Their Last Monday.

Of school that is.. and my Ethan didn't even make it. He wasn't feeling well today, so we had the "joy" of having him home (when he's got 3 more days of school left!) After that morning fiasco, we did ditch him for a couple of hours to join Isabel's class for Field Day. 

I got tons of photos, but the videos are hilarious.  It just proves that the hubby and I are a bit bias of Isabel winning the games :)  (I guess we couldv'e cheered for the other kids too, and yes I am hopping!)

And if I could pass as a kindergartner (maybe a 5th grader, have you seen these kids lately, bigger than me!) I would've jumped in on that Tug of War.. and yanked that rope that would've made that other Kindergarten class have a whiplash.  (oops did I say that out loud? I was a tad bit too into it, it may have appeared to sound like I was yelling at them and not encouraging them, but I really was! LOL)

It was really fun though. I'm just glad Izzy had a great time.  I am still coming to terms with the fact that they are almost done with school!

Weekend In Photos (and some words).

Inspired by The Great Ali Edwards, (who continues to inspire me) with her Weekend Creative Column. (Don't foregt to download her free "weekend brushes".)


We woke up to rain on Friday.  (Quite reminiscent of the past 2 spring/summers in Alaska) Any other day I would be complaining how it was wet and cold.. but it was a nice change from the countless sun/daylight we've been having. I enjoyed listening to the rainfall, running through the rain with my flip flops, and the cool breeze.

I headed to work early in the morning, putting the next Creative Corner together, and gearing up to teach another class.

This was my view of the gorgeous Saturday that awaited for me to leave work so I could enjoy it, it was a slow day, I take it was just to nice out to come shopping at the scrapbook store.

I drive home with the windows down, and notice the trees are in full bloom already!

The kids are already out and enjoying the sunshine.

That evening (no photos) we enjoyed a double date with The Newbys, Erica and Logan. We ate at Serranos, a Mexican Restaurant. Then caught the 9:30 show of Angels and Demons. It was pretty good, a slow start, but altogether very entertaining.


I had a shoot scheduled for today, but we rescheduled for next Sunday, which was nice because Hubby was home today, and we were able to enjoy the day together.

Of course my hubby wanted to stay active, I had other plans, like sitting out in the sun reading my book, but I opted to ride bikes with the hubby. Just my luck, he felt today would be the day, we abandon the car and use our legs bikes to travel today


We took Izzy for a ride (try 10 miles around) and she took her dry erase board with her and I caught this:


"Today is a good day to go to the pool"     How cute is that!  She knew today was Sunday, officially pool day, but we had other plans.


It was such a beautiful day:


We BBQ some beef kebabs:


We ate dinner outside:


Isabel ran over to us, begging us to watch her go across the Monkey Bars, this made me nervous (Ethan broke his arm several years ago, doing the same thing, it's a long way down!)


Little did we know, it was already 9:30 pm when we started to clean up and go home. We lost track of time!


I love doing this Weekend in Photos.. (although my husband wondered why I felt the need to capture every little thing.) I do it for me, to capture our life at this moment. Not only on birthdays or holidays, but the moments in between. This was just a normal weekend for us. But I don't want it to go unnoticed. I want my kids to be able to look back on these photos, years from now, and show their kids, what life was like growing up. I do it for them.

Daily Tid-Bits 5/15

Random Blathering...

  • The weather in Alaska has been amazing. I keep holding my breath when I see the forecast for the week, thinking it may not hold up, but it has. I guess we, Alaskans finally deserve a break from a couple of years of cold spring and rainy summer.
  • All my shows are ending for the summer. I have not seen the season finale to Lost yet.. but I'm hoping it will knock my socks off! (Or leave me with even more questions than answers.)
  • Planning to watch Angel and Demons, but I have not read the book, and I hear it's highly recommended. So... I'm still debating.
  • I LOVE the 2 finalist on American Idol, but my first love is Mr. Kris Allen... and after his take on "Heartless", I was sincerely blown away by his hotness, I mean by his talent.

  • (Lynne) I Went on the treadmill today, for the first time since February. So much easier than outdoors for sure, but I was bored out of my mind! All that running and going no where. So, the question is, how do I entertain myself, beside the music blaring through my ears?
  • Getting ready to re-paint my nails, black again.
  • Working a little more at the store, I get all kinds of inspired when I'm there, I just wish I could bring that inspiration home with me.
    • DSCN5653 
  • Hubby + Mids Shift = SUCKS (having a little pity-me-party at the moment)
  • My kids have just a few more days of school... Summer break officially starts on May 21. (Still not sure how I feel about that one.. I kinda enjoyed "my time").
  • SNL on this past Saturday was HILARIOUS.. Justin Timberlake hosted it (again) but this skit had me laughing! (and the skit after this too, MotherLover)