Today I...

  • whined a bit in the morning about the hubby having to work all weekend on these 12 hour mid shifts and he we didn't get to enjoy much of the so called "4 Day Weekend" the base had. (Yes, most military staff, the day job people, had off Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday!) So I had a "self-pity" party for one this morning.
  • woke up so early!  I have been these past few days. And it's starting to piss me off!  LOL! Not to mention I get to bed late (mainly cause the hubby is not home at night and I have the hardest time sleeping). And my kids.. they can sleep in, heck they woke up at 10 am.  While I wake up at 6 am! 
  • got tired of hearing my teenager and 11 year old boys whine about being "BORED".  Not even a week into summer and I'm already hearing those words.
  • was frustrated at home, so I went for a quick 3 mile run. It was just enough to clear my head and escape for a little bit while doing what I love to do.


*This is my (before the run) "frustrated/irritated" look at my 11 year old.. as he took a shot of me.

  • came back from my run and soaked all that sun in, ignoring the messy house and the whiny kids, and just read my book!!!


  • watched Izzy get in her bathing suit and play in the sprinkler with her friends.


  • got tanner.
  • was so excited to see my hubby wake up for the day, albeit it was 4 pm!
  • was thankful that he took the boys to the basketball courts to play with them.
  • went for an evening 21 mile bike ride with the hubby


  • Monday Movie Night (with some ladies I met a few times at the scrapbook store) was cancelled.. and (believe it or not Erica, I was actually on my way out when you texted me!)
  • am tired... off to bed I go :0



wow! i'm impressed! i like riding bikes, but HATE running. i wish i liked it, though.


your long weekend activities is very interesting isnt?
21 mile bikeriding? thats tough~~

michelle carrillo

WOW! a 3 mile run AND a 21 mile bikeride??? woo-hoo!!! you're hard-core!

Stephanie D.

Ooo, nice ride! We did the trail too, just from Boniface to Fort Rich (JD was on his bike yet he wanted to keep going and I was the one who wanted to turn around, lol).

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