Daily Tid-Bits 5/15
Their Last Monday.

Weekend In Photos (and some words).

Inspired by The Great Ali Edwards, (who continues to inspire me) with her Weekend Creative Column. (Don't foregt to download her free "weekend brushes".)


We woke up to rain on Friday.  (Quite reminiscent of the past 2 spring/summers in Alaska) Any other day I would be complaining how it was wet and cold.. but it was a nice change from the countless sun/daylight we've been having. I enjoyed listening to the rainfall, running through the rain with my flip flops, and the cool breeze.

I headed to work early in the morning, putting the next Creative Corner together, and gearing up to teach another class.

This was my view of the gorgeous Saturday that awaited for me to leave work so I could enjoy it, it was a slow day, I take it was just to nice out to come shopping at the scrapbook store.

I drive home with the windows down, and notice the trees are in full bloom already!

The kids are already out and enjoying the sunshine.

That evening (no photos) we enjoyed a double date with The Newbys, Erica and Logan. We ate at Serranos, a Mexican Restaurant. Then caught the 9:30 show of Angels and Demons. It was pretty good, a slow start, but altogether very entertaining.


I had a shoot scheduled for today, but we rescheduled for next Sunday, which was nice because Hubby was home today, and we were able to enjoy the day together.

Of course my hubby wanted to stay active, I had other plans, like sitting out in the sun reading my book, but I opted to ride bikes with the hubby. Just my luck, he felt today would be the day, we abandon the car and use our legs bikes to travel today


We took Izzy for a ride (try 10 miles around) and she took her dry erase board with her and I caught this:


"Today is a good day to go to the pool"     How cute is that!  She knew today was Sunday, officially pool day, but we had other plans.


It was such a beautiful day:


We BBQ some beef kebabs:


We ate dinner outside:


Isabel ran over to us, begging us to watch her go across the Monkey Bars, this made me nervous (Ethan broke his arm several years ago, doing the same thing, it's a long way down!)


Little did we know, it was already 9:30 pm when we started to clean up and go home. We lost track of time!


I love doing this Weekend in Photos.. (although my husband wondered why I felt the need to capture every little thing.) I do it for me, to capture our life at this moment. Not only on birthdays or holidays, but the moments in between. This was just a normal weekend for us. But I don't want it to go unnoticed. I want my kids to be able to look back on these photos, years from now, and show their kids, what life was like growing up. I do it for them.



that rain photo is to DIE for!!! AMAZING!! glad the weather is warming up for you!

Stephanie D.

We're on the same track, instead we grilled chicken last night. Or I did cuz hubby burns them. Loved this weekend, it was way to beautiful!


Thanks for the Ali link, love her penmanship! I remember when your Ethan broke his arm, wasn't it like a day or so after my Ethan broke his? Boys...

I'm hoping to get back into my workout mode after taking last week off. I wanted to let my body heal because it's just been all achy, all the time.

I hope you have a sunshiny week!


Great pics girl! I want to see Angels and Demons too. Hmm maybe Ill catch an early movie today lol.

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