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June 2009

Still Here...


... but not for long.

We are gearing up for a fishing expedition, Alaskan Style.. Oddly enough, I'm really excited. Not only do I love fish/salmon.. but the idea that I will be treading the Alaskan Rivers (Russian, Kasilof, and Kenai) with my waders, giant dip nets, my camo vest, and all I need is my Alaskan Grown Sweatshirt, then it's off fishing, Alaskan Style. I've never been the outdoorsy type, but on the flip side, I've never been a runner either, and now run an average of 25-30 miles/week. So I'm going with an open mind and an empty stomach!


Other than that... we've been busy with the in laws in tow and our fab weather, it's so hard to find the time and energy to sit in front of this laptop and surf the web.In between all of this I've been booking some summer sessions as well, making the most of our Alaska sun and creating meeting new clients.

Right Now (as seen EVERYWHERE!)

It's been a busy week so far even though it's only Wednesday night... The in laws are in tow and the hubby has no time off, so I am their official Alaskan Tour Guide.  My entries may be short (and in this case, copy and pasted) but I will swing by here every now and then to share what's going on in this life of ours..



(Izzy and her "mama" in the backyard at 10:15 pm)

Outside my window... The sun is shining bright at 10:26 pm and those clouds from earlier today has finally cleared up

I am thinking... about getting back to my BDB series.. it's killing me to know that I only have a few more chapters to go, but the mounds of photo editing await me.

I am thankful for... steak. I love me some steak! (Of course, my family, and the in laws who have been here for 3 days thus far who has been spoiling us)

From the kitchen... steak... nice hearty New York Strip and Rib Eyes.. yum! And fresh Pineapples from home.

I am wearing... American Eagle Sweats.. comfy!!

I am creating... my visions from this weekends weddings.

I am going... to work tomorrow, gear up for a nice outdoor run when I get home (it's supposed to be warmer), and plan our weekend getaway to Seward and maybe Homer...

I am reading... (insert blush) Butch's story (Book 4) of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.. and dying to get to Book 5.... 

I am hoping... to take the in laws to Kenai for fishing!!!!

I am hearing...  ESPN.. apparently Shaq has been traded to Cleveland.. fast forward, wouldn't it be nice to be Cleveland vs Lakers next year and end up with Kobe Vs. Shaq... Not to mention LeBron's chance to the championship!!!

Around the house... the shines through the windows, illuminating this house into some golden resort...

One of my favorite things... getting a phone call from Erica (and seeing the photo that pops up, we have our favorite characters from the BDB series, she likes "John Matthew" I'm totally a "Zadist" gal)

A few plans for the rest of the week... playing tour guide to my in laws who are in town till the 11th of July.  We will be heading to Seward on Friday then to Denali Saturday afternoon till Monday... Then Kenai 3rd of July till 5th...

Behind The Scenes.

"Today, many will rise above their believed limitations and make contact with their powerful innate strength. Why not you?"




After the anxiety the week prior, thinking of doing another wedding, let alone two, back to back, (insert self doubt)... the day or weekend was finally here!  That anxiety has turned into something more... a hop in my step, a big grin on my face, and somewhat of a "swagger" in my demeanor as I can proudly say, that we are placing another wedding under our belt. 


And as we placed the truck in park in that church parking lot, we were ready, in fact more than ready, we knew, we were gonna "rock" it and do what we do best!  A silent "who-rah" was exchanged between Paula and I as we double checked our equipment... We placed those camera straps over our neck and walked in..



To sum it up... we had a great time!!!  We captured so many great moments and ended up with so many amazing "creative" shots. (The kind that you keep going back and thinking, "damn, we did that?") 
With each wedding, we are getting so much more comfortable and believing in ourselves and in our "creative" ability to help make this day unforgettable for them. Showing them a different side to this special day, through our eyes...


"A firm belief in yourself is all that is needed to alter your life.
No one except you alone can change your life."

Lil Box of Sunshine...

I went down to the local Photo Shop here in town, Stewarts, looking for a diffuser for my flash. But they did not have the basic diffuser, so I opted for a mini softbox.


And so far I'm loving it.. It's like a mini Box Of Sunshine ;)

Here's WITHOUT the diffuser, harsh lighting...


And this is WITH my Little Box Of Sunshine...


I stayed up till 4 am this morning and finished Book Number 3!  And not wasting anytime to start on 4! (That's 6 books to date for the summer, oh it's gonna be a good book reading summer!!!)

Picture 2 


I also stopped by Nordies to see get some shoes and I ended up buying 2 pairs. (But later that night, I returned the Dansko pair) and opted to buy it at Skinny Raven instead, Ms. Dansko (aka Paula) said they had more choices at the other store. But kept the first pair: (I love them!)

Picture 1
Just gearing up for back to back weddings this weekend!!!  You probably won't hear from me till after the weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend and Enjoy your Father's Day... (Did I mention my In Laws are flying in on Sunday...)

See You Later...

For kicks, he calls us his "step family". 
He loves being with us.
We welcome him with open arms.
He's like a son to us.
A sibling to our children.
He's sweet.
Always courteous.
I never hesitate when he wants to sleepover.
Not even for 7 days in a row.
We've known him for almost 3 years.
When he's away, he calls us.
When he can't spend the day with us, we miss him.
We're so used to having him in our home.
But this summer, he'll be leaving.
Although only for a couple of months.
But it will seem like a lifetime for my kids.
We're gonna miss him...

See you in a couple of months "My-Son" (Mason)...


A Disconnected Kinda Weekend...

I had a lot of thoughts that ran through this head of mine this weekend and I wished I used that iPhone App that can record your voice to good use, cause as I talked to myself (don't worry, I don't answer myself) about my thoughts I thought it would make a great post.  But all that energy has subsided and gone out the window, and I'm left with remnants of what was too short of a weekend. I stuck to myself and the family, with minor fits of "rhage" that stemmed from the need to have this unrealistic idea that this house should be clean 24/7.  There were times, I took myself to the bathroom, shut the door, and just sobbed.  Not wanting anyone to know that I can't handle a house of 3 kids and a husband on 12 hour shifts, I regained what energy I had left, and moved on. "It is what it is." That's what I kept telling myself just to get me through.


This weekend, I stayed away from the computer and internet, with the occasional facebook status updates via iPhone and just read..  a lot!  I'm already on the third book, which for me is quite a feat. That only means one thing, this Black Dagger Brotherhood series, is Ahh-mazing.. I'm trying to "recruit" people into reading the series, so I can develop group sessions to discuss the book ;) 

Hubby and I enjoyed just "chillin" at home, without worrying about errands, or having to be anywhere. He's a big gamer so while he did his thing, I sat next to him and scrapped. It's been a while since I paper scrapped for me and it was sure a treat to do a few layouts and a mini book.



And I finally scrapped one of those Weekend In Photos.  I loved the idea of capturing a weekend in photos and had fun scrapping them in this scallop album. (here are just a few pages)





It's late, but I need to get a few chapters in, cause I'm just dying to know what happens next with one of my favorite brothers, "Zadist"...

Just Been...

  • Relaxin at home with the kids. (more like stressin') Gotta love summer vacation!
  • Having sporadic moments of "self-pity" parties. When the going gets tough, I find it hard to let the tough get going.  Hubby's shift work can get to me some days. And lately the attitude that I've had is getting the best of me.
  • Sun-Bathing. Yes, it's been really nice (except today, oh look who showed up the sun, at 10:30 pm!).
  • Reading like crazy!  (I've found a new series that I've completely been enthralled with).  I finished the first book in just a day and I'm almost done with this second one...
  • Working at the store. Although those 9 hour days are long, I actually look forward to them. It gets me away from home (chores and kids) and I get so busy that before I know it, my work day is done. 
  • Getting wedding jitters. We've got 2 weddings next weekend, back to back. The first one is June 19, a big one! Getting married at a church and having the reception at the Kincaid Park Chalet. (insert nervous jitters) And the second one, June 20, is a backyard wedding in one of the most beautiful houses I've have ever seen. I seriously didn't think they had houses like this here in Alaska!  Their backyard overlooks the Chugach mountains and leaves you feeling like you are at the edge of a cliff!  It is absolutely breath taking!!  So I've been getting in my wedding grove, and searching online for inspiration :)
  • Slowing down on the exercising. I've kept up with running outdoors but haven't been to the gym in a while to do some strength training.
  • Watching True Blood, which is loosely based on those Sookie Stackhouse books I've read.
  • Listening to Isabel read to me. She's getting so good at it. I've really enjoyed reading her written stories the best. She's got a great imagination!
  • Organizing my photos and getting ready to scrap a different year. I've been working on 2005 for a while and I'm getting bored. I'm done with 2006 and 2007, but finally getting around to 2008. It's a hard one to do because that's the year we said good bye to a lot of our good friends, so every time I comb through those photos, it gets me all teary-eyed and I forget about scrapbooking! 

Tonight Izzy wanted to sleep over Jazzy's house and she went willingly and pretty quick too!  I'm still adjusting to the fact that she's not gonna be like the boys (where they cried on their first day of Kindergarten). She's clearly Ms. Independent. And I've opted to read my night away... (and this post is taking way to long to finish)  LOL! 

Digi Scrappin'

April 2009 is finally done and proved to be more digi than paper. I like the ease of digi, the portability, and the mess free at the moment.

My month in review is a one pager because there are a lot of photos this month that I spread them out into several layouts.

A continuation of Izzy's Celebration..



Had to do a layout about how the "photographer" hates to be photographed:
Oh and I could not forget about the sun that seems to be sticking around as early in April!

"Mom & Izzy"

I'm in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Isabel runs up to me, she looks up, and says:

"Mommy, can I sleepover Jazzy's house?"

I'm completely stunned... for one thing, she's never slept over anyone's house before, except at grandma's, but does that really count?  I hesitated a bit, which she knew was a sign that I was leaning towards no..

Then with those biggest pleading eyes staring up at me, as I'm slicing up the red onions for the burgers, she says:

"Mommy, I need to do this, you need to let me go..."

I think my heart sank deeper into my chest.. I had tears in my eyes (although I blame it on the red onions).  I let her go....

It is now 12:32 am.. I can't sleep. I'm worried. Is she awake? Is she sleeping soundly? Does she miss me? What can I say, tonight, my heart is a door away...


She was fine. She came home at 7 am to let me know she was fine and going back. I didn't see much of her that day till 9pm that night, when she decided to come home and I let Jazzy sleep over. (But just like the night before) Jazzy ended up crying for her mom at 1 am and went home. After I walked her home, I thought, "Hmm, now why didn't Izzy cry for me?"

High Speed Weekend.

Although the weekend zoomed on by, I made the most of it. On the weather front, it started with clouds and ended with an endless amount of sunshine soaring up to 74 degrees! 

Friday proved to be a bit of a cloudy/cold day.  The kids had fun just hanging out at home. I headed out for a run despite the cloudy skies and cooler temps.



On Saturday, we enjoyed a birthday party celebrating Ms. Kylie (Paula's little girl) turning 3 at Chuck E. Cheese. I took the whole gang +1 and to my surprise they had a great time (I meant the older guys). Then the sun finally showed up and I took the kids to Go Kart Racing. It was so much fun. I think the boys had more fun when it was just us.  We rode several times (ka-ching) and headed home to enjoy that sun!




I BBQ'd and sat outside and read my book outside till hubby got home from work. Although he was exhausted when he got home so we didnt' get to see much of him :(  So I hung out with the kids and was able to digital scrap at night.

Sunday came with a heat wave! We reached a scorching 74 degrees! So it was all about me + sun tan oil + book + and a quick run + and sitting outside!  My older son sprained his ankle really bad (must bring him to docs tomorrow) the day before so I couldn't leave him in charge, and opted to cater to my bubba :)

Photo 44