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AHH-mazing Weekend...

It was THAT kind of wedding...




So full of LOVE:


(we caught the sun at a great time to catch the perfect sun spots!)




Oh so much FUN:

With each shot Paula and I took, it was almost like a spark that ignited our "inner creative psyche".  We were so full of smiles and just appreciation that we got to spend this special moment of their lives.. with this fab bride and groom.

And it's become quite the traditon to nab a photo with this AMAZING couple!

And yes.. they are one TALL couple!!! 

Needless to say, this is what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks, editing photos!

I'm feeling great this weekend

The Top Touchy Feely Kinda Songs On My iPod

Picture 2

Driving home today, this song shot through me, coming out of no where, penetrating me, with it's slow and steady beat, but it wasn't till you hear the first few lines of this beautiful written song, that sets the stage for a powerful irony in her latest single, "Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.  She spits emotion and heart into a song that made me want to curl up in a blanket. You can feel the mixed emotions of someone whose pain is kept hidden but masked with the acceptance that some things were never meant to be. The line, "We were always meant to say goodbye" sets the entire tone. I love her vocal range in this song, you can feel the pain, as if at any minute she could be moved to tears, but holds back.

This "dramatic" review on this 4 minute 41 second song, proves that I am a sucker for lyrics and music in general. True. Many will agree that is a part of what makes me, me. Only a few will share the same admiration and appreciation for a good song with lyrics that will move you. After hearing this (mind you this is on my way home from work, which is only a 15 minute ride) It  made me think of some of the latest songs that seem to make it on my "repeat" playlist that always send a jolt through all of my five senses. There is always a line or chorus that sticks out to me... Hence, these are The Top Touchy Feely Kinda Songs On My iPod:

  • Already Gone, by Kelly Clarkson.. I already talked about it, but it's worth a second mention.
    My favorite line:

    Remember all the things we wanted
    Now all our memories, they're haunted
    We were always meant to say goodbye

  • Come Back To Me, by David Cook... Seldom you come across songs that grab you in the first few lines.. usually the chorus is what sticks in your head, but this particular song, it was the first 10 seconds. Hence, my favorite lines are the very first words:

    You say you gotta go and find yourself
    You say that you're becoming someone else
    Don't recognize the face in the mirror
    Looking back at you
  • You Found Me, by The Fray...  It's about heartache, disappointment, being let down, about feeling trapped in the dark where you can't even see that sliver of light at the end of the tunnel that everyone keeps saying is there. It's about trying to hang on to that glimmer of hope of what little faith you have left. (Well that's how I feel when I hear it)
    I love how he stretches out this single line after the first verse..

    Where were you
    When everything was falling apart?
  • Sleeping To Dream by Jason Mraz... May I just say that this man is the real thing! He sounds so much better live, stripped, raw... (you can take that any way you want..) I'm just sayin, I love Jason Mraz... I have to admit, I think of Ms. Heidi "Tidy" when I hear him though..

    Sleeping to dream about you
    And I'm so tired of having to live without you
  • Please Don't Leave Me.. by Pink... This woman has never failed me yet.. I can easily pick her latest single as my recent favorite. My favorite line, is probably the most lyrically clever metaphor

    I can't be without, you're my perfect little punching bag
  • Letter To Me.. by Brad Paisley... Oh how I love country music too.. I could devote an entire post to some of my all time faves.. but for now, this one is on repeat, it always sends the hubby and I to Nostalgia Road... about what it was like to be in highschool again. Quite fitting, it's where our oldest is! In country lyrics, there is no one favorite line or two... it's like a story told with a guitar! The entire song is just amazing!
And I have my usual Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Brad Paisley, Rob Thomas, Lifehouse... I could go on an on.


There are days when it seems like everything happens to fast... like Izzy going to First Grade, it seems like she just started Kindergarten?


I'm not surprised that she was ready, willing, and very able to go to her first day of school on her own. Being that her brothers started a week earlier, it only taunted her everyday till it was her time to get on that bus and head to school too. It was a brisk Tuesday morning, 46 degrees already!  And it certainly feels like fall.  (Winter is just around the corner).  I waited at the bus stop with her and her friends:


They were all smiles and girlie giggles :) And off she went:


I debated following the bus (and her) to school but I knew she would be just fine. So I didn't get those shots of her on her desk with her new teacher. But I'm sure I will be over there throughout the year volunteering.

Her first day came and went... I'm still digesting it all. It was nice to keep busy at the store where I chit chatted with my girlfriend Dulce and Staci came and kept me company to.  So that was nice, otherwise, I think I would have been calling the school several times to make sure she was alright. I'm sure in the days to come, I will feel the pang of her absence, then the weekend will hit and I will think Monday could not come any sooner


I bet Staci is dying to know if I got the dog or not, especially since I yakked her ear off about my pros and cons of adding a new "baby" to our family.  It's suffice to say, after racking my brain for the entire day and visualizing my life with a puppy vs. life without a puppy.. I opted to be a bit selfish and stick with my own rugrats for now. Little did I know, the decision was swift with my other girlfriend heading over to pick up this cute little pup later that afternoon! I'm glad though, it's one of those occasions, where you can safely say, it wasn't meant to be.  I'm just glad my girlfriend decided to swoop him off his tiny little paws.. so I can still visit. So there you go, that should be the end of my "yearning" for a little pup (for now)...


Busy week(end) ahead... Paula and I have a wedding on Saturday... We are so excited!!!  Deep breath, as my nerves start racking up again.

A little bit of everything...

First of all, "Happy 33rd" Birthday to my man :) We'll have to celebrate on your day off :)


First full week of the boys in school and I think they've adjusted just fine, especially the high schooler. Izzy starts tomorrow, and my nerves are still on an all time high.  So many things are running through my head as she adamantly tells me she doesn't to be dropped off to school, but rather catch the bus. And I'm throwing in all kinds of reasons why I should drop her off (backpack to heavy, her extra large artwork will get wrinkled in the bus, or not being able to find her line, or her class...) But she's got an answer to everything. So I'm gonna let her go. (deep sigh)  Well at least I will be at work tomorrow, that will keep my mind off her on her first day of First Grade.. Hopefully she'll let me take some pics of her. I'm still debating on following the bus to the school to take photos...



Ethan has been adjusting well too. I just realized I've been rambling about my teenager, I failed to mention, that my 6th grader has been doing just fine.  He's got his best friends, Mason and Joshua, (from last year) in his class so he's all set. He's my introvert and keeps to himself a lot.. but he's my snuggler, always wanting to cuddle with us. But with his little sister... ugh, that's another story and another post. Let's just say, they still are "oil and water".


Hubby is back on his mid schedule tonight. (Ugh, how I despise them...) But luckily this is his last set before he switches to a new schedule at the end of September!!!  (But I won't hold my breath till it happens.) He and a few of his guys will be moving to working 8 hour shifts Sunday thru Thursdays from 12 am-8am. I'm not to crazy about the hours but loving the consistency and the 8 hours as oppose to his 12-14 hours right now! This little change for him will be a dramatic one for me and the kids. In a way we will have him home more. He will be just waking up when the kids get home from school, helping out with the night routine and homework, Lord knows I need extra patience when it comes to homework, espeically with all 3 of them. And he'll be gone when we are all in bed!

With this new schedule, hubby plans on going back to school. I'm debating on a few things, now that we have some sort of consistency in our schedules. I may take a few classes gearing towards Graphic Arts and Design.

OR get a dog :)  (aww.. he's just dying to come home with me, right?)


OR focus and put more time into our Photography Business, my girlfriend Paula and I will be setting up a studio in her massive basement, which will make it easier to branch out especially when winter is just around the corner and our outdoor sessions will not be available. I've been shooting a lot more with her and I've always mentioned we should "merge" and insted of an "I" thing, make it a "we" thing... So I'm really excited about that too :)

Until then... I'm gonna sneak one more kiss to my First Grader..

Another Mini Album, Done.

Aside from making a mini album once a week for the store, I found some time to make some things for myself. These were the photos from when my in laws visited last month. I finally scrapped them, of course while catching up to Season 2 of True Blood.  I've read the Sookie Stackhouse Series, and at first, I was quite annoyed that they didn't stick to the book, rather focused a lot on all the different characters.  And now... well,  I LOVE the second season and totally LOVE that it does not stick to the books... So, since I can't just sit there and watch episode after episode, I always have to double task.. I decided to bring out my scrapbook supplies. Here are a few pages from what turned out to be an over stuffed mini album, using the June Bug Line from Basic Grey (Love the bright, gaudy colors!)















Many Firsts

Just one of his many firsts...


My teenager started highschool yesterday. Mixed emotions about that one still, mostly with me facing the fact that he is literally in highschool.  I still stumble on the words, "I have a high schooler".  As worried as I was about his day, on the contrary, he enjoyed his first day of being a Freshman.

I want to remember these moments when he and I can just sit and chat about his day. Some of the highlights of our conversation in between talking about all his classes and his favorite, the symphonic band, was the story of "The Girl With The Lip Gloss..."

So he's taking a Human and Development Class for this semester and it's not a class he picked, he just sorta ended up there. So he sits down behind this "girl". During break time, she turns around, stares at him, making him feel all kinds of uncomfortable, takes out her lip gloss out and slowly puts it on around her lips. He was so racked with nerves he said the first thing he said was, "You got a problem?" And she was surprised at his swift comment, (probably not what she expected) and abruptly turned around. As he is telling me, he says, "Oh mom, I was so nervous, my initial reaction was to say something rude. When I should've said, "Oh you missed a spot" or "You need help with anything" or "Yeah, that's the perfect shade for you!"  I laughed so hard and the mommy in me said, "yeah, son, you may want to stay away from that one... sweet girls, don't go around flaunting their lips!"

He has made quite a few friends around our court, despite a lot of his friends either moving out of state or ended up buying a house in Eagle River, he's found his "clique". I'm liking the group he hangs around with here, I'm always keeping my doors open for these teens to hang out but yet giving him that space he needs. Our home has become the "go-to" spot for them.


He's quite lucky he knows a "senior" in his high school. He says, she keeps on eye on him, steering him in the right direction!


I'm still getting used to my days. They have been starting a lot earlier than they did last school year. We are up by 5 am, cooking breakfast for my oldest and the hubby (when he's on days), then getting Ethan up and ready shortly after. Izzy hasn't started school yet, and I can only imagine adding her in the mix. But so far so good, just need a week for my body to adjust to this new schedule.

Looking forward to some changes, the hubby may have a permanent schedule change, allowing him to work 8 hour days, but the hours are from 12 am - 8am.  Nonetheless, it will be a consistent schedule instead of switching from days to nights and vice versa. This will allow him to head back to school.. and food for thought, me too!

Been Busy...

Not only have I been trying to get back on track after recovering from that nasty flu. I've been trying to get the kids ready for school, still shopping for back to school clothing and supplies! And I jumped, more like dived, back to work, both at the store and on the photography front!

Needless to say, I'm still sane and my head is in tact ;) Some preform better under pressure and I think I'm one of those.

The kids are off to school today, well minus my Izzy, she starts next week. I got one on the highschool bus and now getting the 6th grader on his way too! Surprisngly, neither one of them wants me to drop them off to school!  Hmph?

I've been enjoying the photography end lately. I've met some amazing families and it just inspires me as a photographer and as a person! I enjoyed the A Family on Sunday!




Back to trying to take some photos of Ethan getting ready for his first day of 6th grade!

Not A Wildcat, More Like A Golden Bear


"We're all in this together..." chanted through my head as I envisioned Zac Efron dancing the halls as I walked the halls of my son's highschool. I know, very "highschool music-esque" the last thing he needed was his mom dancing to "Wildcats, sing a long.."

Aside from being in the stepping grounds of this new adventure that awaits my teenager, it was quite a poignant moment in my life as a mother and of course his as a high-schooler. I mean, wasn't it just yesterday I walked the halls of my highschool? Now here he is, this pubescent teen of mine, searching for his locker and reading the classes he has lined up for himself.


Walking around his new school, I realized that not only did we grow up in different times but contrasting schools too. I have never been in an "indoor" school.  All the schools I went to were outdoors, the halls didn't connect like they do here and seem like one giant maze. The different buildings differentiated the subjects, we had the science building, the math building, or the wood work building . The one thing remained the same is the way each hall characterized the students that hung around there.  He mentioned how  the "Junior" that was giving them a tour talked about how the purple hall is where all the "Emo's" were, the green hall reserved for the "Asians", and don't forget about the blue hall, where the "Samoans" like to hang... This segratory (is that even a word) attitude lies in all schools. It's definitely sad but true, that at first glance, we are not known for being a good kid, rather what our race is. I'm just glad that my son has been raised around such diversity being in the military lifestyle.  I like to think I have brought him up well and instilled some pretty good values in this kid. But at the end of the day, or the beginning of highschool, he's out there on his own.


I often wonder how I made it though highschool. And as we left the parking lot. I turned the music down and just listened to his thoughts of his new school. He said he was nervous and proud of himself for getting into a few Honors class and Geometry. And there I was, trying to be the "cool" yet the adult in this car, I began to babble in those "You know when I was your age..." kind of speech. The best advice I could give him on this day. "Be yourself, even though these years will be spent trying to find your identity..." And being that friends play such an important role in highschool, I always tell him that the people you hang out with says a lot about who you are as a person too. (Insert family joke, Bee-lay).


All in all, I know he's a good kid. I can see beyond his prudent behavior and his mouthy teenage angst. Especially these days, I can clearly see why we but heads so much, it's because he is so much like me as a teenager, a rebel, without a cause.. :)

An Overcast, Photofilled Kinda Weekend.

This weekend proved to be an overcast one.  The clouds rolled in followed by a few sprinkles here and there. It's a bit challenging on the photography front. The problem with shooting on a overcast day is not getting that extra light from the sun to help boost colors and contrast. But it's nothing a little editing can't fix! But I on the other hand, LOVE them!  Alaska's sun can be a bit much leaving you searching for cover. So for a weekend of back to back family shoots, I knew this would work out just fine. 

Cheri got a shot of Dulce and I in action ;)  I love that!!  I don't like being in front of the camera, but I don't mind the action shots that I am completely unaware :)






And here we are laughing because we asked Chelsi to do a "serious face" :) 


And Thanks Cheri for taking a photo of us with your "tall" family :)  I appreciate it !!! 

One of my faves was from across the bridge:


The next day we booked another shoot, just uploaded them... more to come :) For now, I must make my grocery list, the kids head back to school on Wednesday!!!! Have a great Monday!!!