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September 2009


It's hard for me to fathom that I have been behind this desk in front of both computers.. all day.  I stayed focus the minute the kids left for school at 9 am and finally moved when they walked in at 4 pm. So focused, I only went on Facebook, twice.  I did not blog-hop or even visit Ali Edwards blog either (because then I'd remember what it was like to scrapbook..) You'd think, being in my own home, I'd eat a decent lunch. Nope, I ran upstairs to get a Nutrigrain Bar and a bottle of water. I even wait till the very last moment to use the restroom! (And it's like 2 steps away).  Not good, but I didn't want to waste a single minute!

And at the end of the day, I did what I set out to do and crossed another big "to-do" out of my list.

Adrienne & Ben's Wedding

When you finish a project that has been looming over your head for a while, it is almost liberating when you are done.  I am looking forward to moving on to some new projects. We've had back to back shoots for the past 2 weeks now.  We are all just trying to capture that last bit of Fall.  This year, fall has been hanging on.  There are still leaves in my neighborhood. And it's just beautiful outside, even on an overcast day, I really can't complain.

Here's to relaxing weekend ahead! Here are some fun shots from our traditional "dancing" at the reception... That's Paula and I getting low with the CHA CHA SLIDE


Speaking of the Cha Cha Slide, the kids and I do this every morning!  Hubby finds it rather annoying that it's on repeat and we "get low, low" or "stomp our right foot" or my favorite, "cha cha real smooth". And I'm sure our neighbors don't appreciate the stomping at 7 in the morning ;)


"It was the first operatic mountain I climbed, and the view from it was astounding, exhilarating, stupefying." - Leontyne Price

One of the reasons women often don't feel successful is we never give ourselves credit. Should we slip for a moment and bask in the glow of our accomplishment, we automatically feel the need to downplay our achievement. Before we know it, we are practically denying we ever attained anything. When in truth, many successful people revel in their achievements, covering their walls with photographs or magazine covers, or awards depicting their achievements.

But many women scale one achievement after another shrugging off our own personal achievements as if they were flukes. Only to turn around and wonder why we feel so unfulfilled. 

I realized this as I opened up my email organizing all the info on there, I stumbled across a letter Ms. Paula wrote to me almost 2 years ago to date:

Greetings Ronalyn!
I was just in the More Than A Memory store and was admiring your scrapbooks and photos. You are truly amazing! First off, I was wondering if you could add me to the More Than a Memory newsletter at  . Second and please let me know if I’m totally out of my league but have you ever mentored anyone with your creative photography abilities? I have a passion for photography and my husband just got me this amazing Canon Rebel Digital SLR and I have not a clue where to begin. Seeing your scrapbooks and photos inspired me to want to take my own scrapbooks and photos to another level. I hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you,
Paula Pepin

As I sat there laughing till tears rolled down my eyes..  I wondered who was this "person" that she wanted to get to know. Was she talking about me?  Couldn't be. 

As I looked through my clientele list getting ready to send out an email about our Halloween Events, I realized, I've got quite a list of people here. Where did they all come from? Then came to that sheer realization, that I've been in this "photography" thing for a while now meeting many amazing families and simply doing what I've been working so hard to accomplish this "dream".

And just for a moment it was astounding, exhilarating, and stupefying!

Although the world cannot confer the recognition that will make you feel fulfilled. I realized, only you can. So pat yourself on the back upon the completion of a creative project, a personal achievement, or a professional accomplishment. It is well deserved.


Sneak Peek: The Barut Ohana 09.24.09







I know these are more of hubby and I.  I do have more of all of us, but I'm just bias. It was so cold today, barely 40 degrees, when I left work, it was only 38 degrees and my kids were just not feeling it. They actually went inside one of the buildings to stay warm!

But in between shots (I wish she took these) we put on our heavy coats and I slipped my Ugs and we huddled together.  Hubby was such a good sport, I know it wasn't easy watching Paula and I try to reinvent our "visions". And at the end of it all, Izzy sat under our pile of coats shivering and having a meltdown. Saying she was too cold for all of this!  

But it was all worth it.. and I treated them to McDonalds, I even let them have an ice cream cone before dinner!  I'm sure there is more to come.. I can't wait to hang these bad boys up on my wall, send out as Christmas Cards, and mousepads, coffe mugs, postage stamps, and scrap them and hang them all over the store!


Like a drive by.. get it..

In all my effort to try and post something everyday... I was stuck on FB creating Groups and Pages.. you name it.. What I thought was gonna be a quick To Do... NOT!  An all night escapade.

But I had a great shoot this afternoon (well technically yesterday afternoon)



I'm still gushing over just 2 of the shots..  The golden hues right now.. are just to PERFECT!

Tomorrow is our family shoot!!!  I can't wait!! 


Autumn is upon us...


...and winter is just around the corner


Taken just a few days apart, right outside my house.  It's amazing to see how the leaves are a magnificent shade of golden hues and then cease to fade with a dusting of snow on the tops of the mountains.

This time of the year, Alaskan's refer to it as Termination Dust.  It's an Alaskan term referring to the first dusting of snow in the mountains. Summer is "terminated" and winter is on its way. Autumn for is, is just a glimpse in time. But we do savor it.  

What is about this time of year, that sends electrical impulses to my brain to make changes in my life? Whether, it's the little things, like introducing a fresh cup of coffee back into my life.  I haven't ventured down the "latte" path, but loves a fresh brewed House Blend in the mornings.

Change in the natural world is subtle but constant. Changes in season seem swift that we don't realize it because we are always moving. But since most of us are "visually" stimulated, seeing the leaves turning colors, we are reminded that it's time to turn over our own personal leaf so that our lives may be restored.

So as we roll into Autumn (or for us, Winter).. What do you want more in your life, so that you can LOVE the life you're leading?

For me:

  • Enjoy. 
    • Take time to enjoy all of life's little (and big) moments. I so blessed and my life is so rich, with my loving family who just bring an array of "colors" into my life.  There is never a dull moment.
    • My AMAZING friendships.  (not sure what I would do without my girlfriends, probably lock myself in my room, fearing the snow/darkness upon us). Seriously, though, I remember a discussion in church we had about how "Women NEED other Women" to make it through this life on earth. There are some (or maybe a lot) of things, our husband simply cannot or even begin to comprehend. They may give us a hug or say they understand, but in all honesty, they don't :)
    • My jobs. I really love (not many people can put job+love in the same sentence) but I am so fortunate to do things I really enjoy doing. (Although at times, I can literally be drained creatively, I now know when to slow down and I always find my way back to it).  
  • Me Time.
    • I'm not talking about the days I have off to work on my "other" job. I'm talking about time just for me.  Not to work, but perhaps to do what I enjoy the most, whether it's to enjoy a good novel, to sit and create freely, or work out at the gym. I need to devote a day (or two) in the week to be my day off (granted I'll still have to get dinner done but it will be my crockpot day!) 
What are some of your September Resolutions?

A Quick Spook-tacular Book..

A quick and fun way to scrap some Halloween Photos :

I used 2 sheets of Bazzill Black Cardstock:


Sliced and Diced to 3x4's on the Dreamkuts machine (love that thing!)


Complimented it with some Basic Grey Eerie Line (I only used half of 3 sheets)


Binded it with the Bind It All (favorite machine of all time)

Picture 1

Threw on some Pink Paislee die cuts:


Covered it with this:


And wa-lah.. we got ourselves one of these:








This little project just took a few hours.. (I skipped sharing several pages, I figure you get the idea) the hardest part was picking which client's photos to use ;) As you can see, I'm still a HAPPY SCRAPPER :)

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

Right Now...


  • I've been rocking to  "Party In The USA"  by Miley Cyrus all day! (Hence my booty-shakin photo) It's quite... "danceable" yup, I said it.  And yes, it's my "On repeat" song for this week :) "...And a Britney Song was on.. a Britney song was on... nodding my head like yeah.."
  • I'm wearing my favorite sweater from Pac Sun (teal and gray stripes same one Erica got).
  • It's cold downstairs, I'm about to turn up my heater and hope the hubby doesn't know :)
  • I really enjoyed my day. I waited till tonight to work on photos.  It's hard for me to do that, cause I like to finish the tasks that await me.
  • Enjoyed a nice breakfast at iHop, even though I could not even eat half of it!


  • SUPER EXCITED about doing our family photos on Wednesday, we've only planned one since summer.
  • Sun is already setting at 8:30 pm!
  • Enjoying the newly updated iTunes 9.0.  Love my Genius Playlists, a whole new way to listen to my 10 gigs of music :)
  • Set up my studio for a quick shoot with my "extended" family, my neighbors for more senior shots.. and the fun part, I took a few and let her mom shoot away with her camera :) That's a great new way to photograph, "Bring your own camera and shoot away!" But I do want to have fun with her.. she's on the Swim Team and I am desperate do shots in their school pool.. ;) (tomorrow!)


  • "Nodding my head like yeah.. moving my hips like yeah" (sorry it's still on repeat!)
  • Took my "baby" err I mean my highschooler to find an outfit for the Homecoming Dance this weekend.



    (forgot my camera.. had to use the iPhone...) His "BFF" Ms. Hailey... I always say.. "mmm, hmm.. your BFF?" These kids grew up together (must dig up old photos!) and we love her and her family. He was really upset when she moved to Eagle River and going to different high schools.  But that's what texting is for :)
  • Finally caught up on some of my lack of sleep, when taking a nap on Saturday.. thanks babe :)
  • I scrapped "Nada, Nuthin', Zilch" on Friday.. but laughed the ENTIRE night away.. so I guess that's okay!  Got to hang out with my girls, Paula, Dulce, (even Erica and "Kiki" dropped by to say hello) but it was nice to see the "scrappin ladies" again, who (I think) missed our obnoxious loud mouths!
  • I was VERY disappointed to get the news that the "new" schedule that was gonna give this family some sort of stability with a set schedule and 8 hour shifts (as oppose to 12 hours) was NOT gonna fall through.  Leave it to the military to let you know the day BEFORE it was gonna take place! I have to say, as he told me, while getting ready for work one morning, blow drying my hair, I just about balled my eyes out!!!  And have been in this "wahh, wahh, pity me party" for a day or two.. But as with any obstacle that comes my way.. I sucked it up and moved on. "It is what it is..." And it is safe to say that his "erratic" schedule is our "norm" .. 
  • And this song, SMILE by Uncle Kracker just warms my heart... thoughts of hubby and I floating on clouds or running towards one another on an open field come to my mind... (just a tad bit cheesy? I don't think so!)
  • Oh.. it's TV time again.. must save my thoughts for an entire post on my fave shows this fall.. I don't know about you, but my 2 DVR's are being put to work :)  I leave you with what has been cracking me up even just thinking about it.. The Office!!  "Parkour!!! Extreme Parkour!"
    • Megan: I learned that half these people's email password is "password."
    • Asian Intern: I learned that if you look even the tiniest bit like Jet Li, Michael will call you "Jet Li" all summer.
      Megan: [raises hand] Julia Stiles.
      Eric: [raises hand] Alan Thicke.

Life Happens


Have you ever been so caught up with the roaring waters of life that blogging seems to be the last thing you think of doing?  I'm sure you have... and that is where I am right now. And it's not that I'm not on the computer cause I am on it most of the day when I am home. It's the internet, I chose to not open, that keeps me more focused on finishing my work.  For those that attempt to work at home, I commend you.  It is the hardest task for me to tackle. All day I have "mind" wars.. "To do a few loads of laundry.. or not?"  "To make dinner now or later?"  And I don't do well when I'm surrounded with 101 things to do.  That's why I do so well at work, I'm focused and I'm there to finish a task and I do it before it's time to go home.  But at home it's an entirely different story.  And I struggle. I get irritated. I'm quick tempered. And all around, not a very nice person to be around. Then I feel guilty for wanting to finish what I set out to do.. then I start hearing the word, "I, I, I.." a lot until the guilt just takes over and I stop what I'm doing and tend to the family or the house.  Which leaves me with late nights and grumpy mornings.  Only to repeat it the next day.

So right now I'm at the point of exhaustion. I've done about pushed my limits days ago. I can honestly say, it's close to being delirious. And the ironic thing, is I keep adding more to my To Do List! I'm still wondering why I always do that.

Well, I hope to unwind at a crop at the store tomorrow night. It's been a LONG time since I actually went to one, nor scrapped for myself for that matter. Of course I wait till midnight to sort out the photos I plan to crop... but I'm just looking for some down time to relax with some gals ;) 

Here's a couple that flew in from LA and visited family for a week here and called us several months ago for a session ;)

IMG_5998blur copy

Edit Mode. (A Very Short Post)


I've got "wedding" on the brain.  Been editing from the previous wedding and uploading the latest from Saturday's Wedding of Adrienne + Ben .

Needless to say, I'm in my "Editing Mode" and once I get started, it is hard to slow down or even stop. So I'm gonna head back to the "drawing board" rather the editing board.

I'm sure I will be back in full swing by mid week.. I'm almost done with the FAB couple of T&T, so I gotta keep going (even though it's midnight and I will be up by 5am!) Like Dory says on Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.." I'm not really sure why I added that in.. must be the mixture of coffee, Tudors on one screen and a gazillion photos on the other... Enjoy your Monday!



Conversation with Izzy as I was saying good-night to her:

Izzy: "Mom, Ethan was bad tonight.."

Mom: "Why is that?"

Izzy: "Well, there was this moose outside and I walked away like you always tell me to, but not him, he was screaming at it"

Mom: "Well, that's not the right to do, right?"

Izzy: "Yea, uh, huh, that's what I was telling him, but he didn't listen, he never listens!  You should scold him!"

Mom: "Okay, I will.. what else do you want me to do? Do you want me to spank him?"

Izzy: "Yes, scold him and spank him!"

Mom: "I will, and I will spank him so hard it will hurt..." (kidding of course)

Izzy: "Okay, but don't bleed him or kill him!"

Mom: "Okay I won't kill him, but bleed him a little..." (literally laughing so hard at that moment!)

I walked away singing that "Brother's Song" from Phineas and Ferb.. (know what I'm talking about).. Albeit, it's about little brothers, whereas hers are older.. but I love teasing her with it.. cause there is this line in there:

Even when you break my toys,
You will always be my...
Little brothers,
Cause you're younger,
We're related, and you're boys.

I love how it says "cause we're related and you're boys.." cause it's the only way she justifies having them in her life.