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On The Go

We are constantly On-The-Go.

During the week, I am on my feet from 5am till, well about 9 pm!  Despite busy times, I want to "embrace" every moment and document what a day or even week is like in our "Ohana".  I did THIS last year.. with every intent of scrapbooking it.. well I recorded my week, but it never made it on paper... I still have all the info, the photos and the journaling from my blog posts last year.. but I'm not motivated enough to scrap those.  So, what do I do? I'm gonna start another one and see how well I can keep up with the upcoming documented week.  (We'll see..)  I just want to remember these moments, as busy as they are, it's a part of us, right now. 

It's photos like this, that make me want to remember it all:


Poor Izzy... it's so hard to hang when we are always "On-The-Go"

Gettin' Dark and Snowless

Driving to work this morning (8:45 am) I just realized how quickly the dark is settling in.  I'm not sure if it was all the cloud cover, but I'm pretty sure it's about that time in Alaska, once again, where the "darkness" takes over.


After all, it is gonna be November soon and when I think about it, it was almost this time (November 29, 2004 to be exact) that we first stepped foot off the plane and all the kids could say was "Look mommy, I can see my breath when we talk!" Wow, has it been that long? 5 years!  Phew a little deja vu for a moment there.

During my run late this afternoon, I could see that snow creeping down the mountains... and all I could think is "It's Coming!" And I know this time it won't melt away like it did a few weeks ago. So even though it rained today, rather then snow.. we know it is just around the corner.


Had Ethan and Izzy's conferences today... and you know I'm a little "emotional" when I almost felt like crying at Izzy's conference.  Really for no reason at all... as the teacher was talking about how well her reading/writing skills are, I started drifting off to when she was just a wee-little toddler who hung out at the side of my hip. Then my eyes started to tear up, thinking, "Wow, this is all happening too fast!"  As I looked through her binder full of drawings (mostly of the dog we never got) and her journal entries, I was just overwhelmed with how proud I was. This was one of her artwork displayed that she was really proud of!  I was just surprised how much she knew about ants.


Hubby and I are planning to sneak away from the kids tonight and watch a late night movie, (Paranormal Activity has sparked my interest!) being he's on mid's schedule and right now is his morning ;)  I don't mind sacrificing my sleep to hang out with him in his schedule, after all I did drag him out for a run even though it was getting dark and cold this afternoon!  (I'm proud of you babe! Let's do it again!)



For the past few days, I've been sat on my desk with both the desktop and laptop, both Photoshop and Lightroom and multi-tasking!!!  All that hard work and FOCUS has paid off, as I am wrapping up our Spooktacular Event Photos. In between staying focused to finish this task at hand, taking the kids to games and practices, I've also made the time and effort to exercise in between.  Despite the colder temperatures, I've been enjoying my runs.


Last week, my Izzy received an award for the First Quarter of school for "Enthusiastic Learning"..

This week is the Parent Teacher Conferences and a short week for the kids... I'm actually really excited, more of the idea that I will get to sleep in past 5 am on Friday! 

I'm also looking forward to this weekend, I took the weekend off, same weekend hubby is off.. to just "be".  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the family.  There will be no business/working this weekend. Just the five of us (probably the neighborhood kids too) hanging out.  Wondering if this warm front will hold to actually have a decent Halloween? 

B.. for Busy, Basketball, Boys

Phew.. Basketball season has finally started and phew, I'm still trying to find time to sit down!


And like a good mom, I don't want to miss out on any of my boys games, even if that means being at practice at the school 4 times a week and games 2 times a week!  This weekend was the boys Opening Ceremony and their first games.  It would've been nice if they were back to back, but that would've been to easy for me, instead they were hours a part, leaving us there all afternoon!!!

This was Ethan's first year in Basketball... Rudy and I are so SIKED!  And if you ever sat with me on the sidelines (cough, Heidi) then you know, I'm not exactly the quiet mom that sits and claps every now and then.. I am all over these games... literally. And I know, it's supposed to be a "fun environment" for the kids (blah, blah, blah)  but if I see a double dribble, stepping over the lines, fouls (preferably on the other team), or traveling, I'm gonna say something! 

Oh.. Ethan.. I don't mean to boast or brag, of course I do.. that's my "baby" ... He is freaking amazing!  I'm not sure if watching too much NBA rubbed off on him.. or he seriously enjoys this, but my baby-boy "smoked" this game!



And my boy had some pretty awesome plays and shots:


And on his team is his best friend, Mason (#28) .. ("My-son") Love this kid! He always packs his bags on Friday and stays with us all weekend! That boy got game!

Check out his "defensive-tude" So very proud!!
After the game, his dad asked him where did he learn all of that?  And he looked at us and said, The Baruts taught me :)

Later that afternoon, my teenager had his game... He always rocks it!  (I wish I could say the same for his coach..who really did not seem so into it, which annoyed the heck out of me!)

He was happy to play with his friends though.. (That's JT, when he was all in Caelan's face, I looked over at him, and said, "If you wanna sleep over again, you better just give him the ball..)  LOL! 

*check out that layup*

What can I say.. I'm a proud mama!  I love that my boys are so active and fit.. I really wish they would willingly come running with me.. but we get a good workout at the gym and run the tracks (then they give up on me!) So Basketball and my boys is what I'll be doing for several months!


"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm" ~ Willa Cather

When I decided to take on this adventure in The World of Photography,


The one thing that grabbed my attention is to be able to "work" from home. I mean, it's like the best of both worlds, right?  I have the opportunity to venture and take hold of my passion and all the meanwhile, be here for the kids and tend to the house..

Working from home is great, but it's not exactly what you might imagine it to be. 


(Exhibit A, my so called office, after a weekend of working and not being home... complete chaos!)

Yes, it's quite fab to be able to work in your PJ's or sweats, handy to throw in a load of laundry, in between editing photos, convenient to start on your Pot Roast meal while placing orders.  BUT, if you're not careful, it's very easy to BLUR the distinction between the two spheres, HOME and WORK... And when you do.. all you are left with is HOMEWORK...

HOMEWORK ... is rolling out of bed, waking up online, only to miss everything else that is going on in your household and soon enough, you've been working at "home" for the past 15 hours!

What I've had to learn (through some tough lessons) is that you have to be extremely FOCUSED to work from home because you MUST WORK...  When the kids leave for the morning, I must head to my office (aka laundry room) and work and not give "home caring" another thought until my business is complete.  This sounds easier than it really is.. It's been a few years and I I've realized that this requires DISCIPLINE.  It's hard to not want to "pick-up" the house before settling down to work.
(Especially if you've got an entire week's worth of laundry piled on your sofa, waiting for you to fold them!)


In the past couple of months, I feel like I'm slowly distinguishing between the two.. but there are days when I do take more on than I can handle.  Mainly because my work week is not structured into a 5 days a week, with an 8 hour shift.  My office is ALWAYS OPEN...  So since the "OFFICE" is always open, its easy to hop downstairs when the kids have settled to bed and "finish up".  Weekends have become to easy to play "catch up".  Eventually my days have no distinctions, and then all you end up is one big sinkhole.  Then the realization that you really no longer have a life at home...

Working from home can be an amazing experience once we honor the sense of BALANCE. And that word, seems to be the key word for me.

In a nutshell...

This photo pretty much sums up our lives at the moment...(and the fact that he never stops to take photos anymore!)


Life is moving at 100 mph and I'm barely hanging on for the ride

I am constantly speeding from Point A to B... take this day for example. Drop my high schooler to his Symphonic Band Concert, then driving all the way around (why do they close the Muldoon gate past 6 pm is beyond me, his school is literally right outside of our home through that gate.. but we have to go all the way around through the freeway to get there!! Ugh)  Then race back on base for my other son's basketball practice.  Only to zoom back to get the older one.  Home by 8 or 9, we are all exhausted.. Hence our rough mornings lately. 

Basketball season has started and these 2 boys are in 2 different leagues at 2 opposing days of the week, so I am there 4-5 times a week!!! 

This weekend was our "Spooktacular Event" at our scrapbook store.  I spaced out the families on Friday, but jammed packed them on Saturday... (Note to self, not a good idea..) So.. I'm still "hung-over" from that weekend event... All in all it was a great event and glad we did it. The last time we did that was 2 years ago. So it was nice to swing back into things again.


However, I was really bummed that I did not make my son's Highschool Championship Highschool Football game on Saturday... The kids and the hubby had such a great time.. I really wish I was there :(  I joined them for dinner that night and just chilled, with my feet up, and totally spoiled by my hubby and kids.


Last week started off with this hazy fog that the weatherman said would let up by the end of the day... but it lingered on..


Till the weekend, (of course when we had those indoor mini sessions) that we finally saw that sunshine!


Sunday, I shut the door to downstairs, leaving the computers and laundry behind... to just "be". We decided to challenge that brisk 35 degrees and head out for a nice run.


It never fails.. when ever life gets a bit too much for me.. a good run just seems to put life into perspective and I am always rejuvenated.. despite the fact that we are nearing freezing temperatures.

When we came back from our run, we caught these 2 hanging out, doing homework, and it was quite bizarre but lately, Ethan has really stepped up to the "watching sissy" game. I'm not sure if he and Izzy have been getting a long because I've been gone both Friday and Saturday, but whatever it is, I like it..IMG_0204

After our run, we headed out to a little trip to the mall. (Why is it so easy for me to spend on the kids and never on myself :)  Ethan actually wanted to come to the mall to get a few long sleeves and since they are getting so picky.. I wanted him to pick them out.

*I look a little to excited to take a photo with my oldest.. I think it's the fact that he's actually in a photo, yet alone with me :)


A nice relaxing Sunday.. I forgot to add dinner at Red Robins, topped it off quite nicely.. Now only if I had slept a little earlier.  But the problem with hubby on his mid shifts, is apparently I'm on it too!


A Day For Us.


It's been a while since the hubby and I went out for lunch at our favorite spot, Snow City.. (Thanks to the Swenors) we were able to enjoy a nice lunch together (and several meals for that matter).  It was a moment to catch up on "us"... And after our run that day, it was nice to eat a simple soup/salad and sandwich.

I miss our days like this and was just so thankful for a break from work to enjoy "us". 




In the midst of chaos...

Scrapbooking.. soothes my creative soul.


After a chaotic month of back to back weddings, photoshoots after photoshoots, I finally found some "inner peace" (for the time being).  I've been keeping up with my exercises and getting my miles in, feeling great, and energized.  Exercising always bring forth clarity and peace of mind. And like a domino effect, scrapbooking, the hobby that just completes me, has been seeping out of me :)

My craft area is a mess... and I don't care,
I have a million and one things to do besides scrapbooking... and it can wait.

I am just enjoying the process, after all that's what it's about :)



I love these page protectors from We R Memory Makers, makes scrapping 10 times easier!







Basketball season has officially begun and with 2 of them in different teams and age group, we are gonna be in and out of this house quite often.

Fall, you still here?

I had to blog/remember this quote that the weatherman said last week on the early morning news:

"Well, Alaska, looks like Fall is gonna hang out with us for Winter.."

And that's exactly what this peculiar Fall Season is doing... hanging on!  Saturday we woke up to sun shining through our windows, then it rained, with some of the darkest clouds, followed by major gusts of wind! You'd think (if you haven't stepped out yet) that it would be freezing.. But it was quite the opposite. Temperatures soared up to 55 degrees! The snow that was once decorating the tips of the mountains, were fading away!



Driving around town, the clouds laid low, but the snow dusted these mountain tops, were gone.

I have to say, this has been one "interesting" Fall Season ;)  No complaints here... Although I wish I could say the same for my kids who are dying to see some snow :)


Flash forward (that post was written over the weekend)... Today was a gorgeous day! Temperatures soared near the 60's.  Hubby and I enjoyed a nice 5 mile run outside followed by a great day BBQ'ing some steaks and running around doing errands.


Love This Kind of Sunday...

T'was one of those Sundays... that make me long for more Sundays like these.

Often I work on Sundays.  I schedule a lot of my shoots on those days,being at work at the store on Saturdays, Sundays seem like a good day for the client and myself.  But often I miss those type of Sundays where I'm nestled under my sheets, with my little Izzy snuggled next to me, with no where to be at any particular time, and just being...


I love waking up to her crawling into our bed. But this particular morning, hubby headed off to work at 5 am, so it was nice to feel her warm little body next to mine.  I selfishly love the fact that she still loves to crawl into our bed especially when hubby is away.

We cooked one of her favorite breakfast dishes, pancakes and sausages.  On the contrary like most people, I rarely cook breakfast on the weekends... it's usually Eggo Waffles or Cereal, because I cook massive breakfast meals Mondays thru Fridays.  So this was an extra special treat :)  But this time, I let Izzy help out since it wasn't 5 am :)


She loves to "flippy-floppy" the pancakes.  I made regular pancakes and chocolate chip (because Izzy is not too fond of chocolate, huh? and prefers hers with fresh cut strawberries!) Ethan had Jeremy over all weekend (notice how they both have their cell phones on the table next to them? I guess they don't want to miss a text! LOL!)  And Caelan... still asleep of course!


Today we headed out to Keri's for (the not so little anymore) Edyn's 3rd Birthday.  I still can't believe she turned 3!  I literally was there for her "birth"day... So to see this little "diva" on her 3rd birthday was extra special for me.


Isabel had a great time reuniting with Brynn!


And I've missed this chick.. seeing one another has become even more of challenge with both of us working and the kids in school now... the days turn into weeks and the weeks roll into months before we realize we haven't seen one another.



I love their place in Southport.. it would definitely be a place where I would love to buy a home and settle. Their home is always welcoming and cozy (we even enjoyed outdoors with the fire-pit)...