Back-tracking. Week In Life, Friday.
Baby It's Cold Outside...

Back-tracking. Week In Life, Saturday.

Last day for this project... Little did I know at that time, was I'm sort of making a Part Deux ;)

Saturday November 7, 2009.
I took the day off to do a photoshoot that we scheduled last month. But it was rescheduled, so I took this day as my free day, to hang out with the kids, and just enjoy a Saturday home.

This is the view of my son's parenting skills, in the wee hours of the morning, leave the baby on the sofa while he plays board games with his friends. Little did he know, he will be up all night and dying for some shut eye.



Morning came and he is still trying to be "okay" about the whole baby thing.  I'm sure he doesn't want to cave in just yet, cause he knows I'm dying to say, "I told you so!"


We head out to the commissary and BX, our weekend thing. There is always something we need there. In this case a whole lot of Spaghetti and Meat Balls.. A batch for hubby's Pasta Night at work and for the massive sleepover that is going on in my house tonight.



All I could think about as I head home, looking out the window, was "Where is that snow?"



Gotta love having all these kids over, they are my helpers! They all run out to help Ms. B carry the groceries in!

I'm yelling at Ethan to help out.  So far, the other kids, that aren't mine are the ones doing all the work!

Ah.. Baby Lebron finally stopped crying! 

Groceries!  Tonight is pasta + Brownies !! A nice mix :)

Izzy was dying to make a snack, so here she is, making PB & J

Hubby rolling out some meatballs with me.


The gang is all here.. The kids just hanging out... oh look, it's Baby Lebron in the mix :)


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