Yea... for snow!
Back-tracking. Week In Life, Saturday.

Back-tracking. Week In Life, Friday.

Friday November 6, 2009.

Ethan is still HOME!. What is wrong with this picture?  It's been far too long!  We just can't seem to kick his asthma to the curb!  Needless to say, my "normal" Friday, was not so normal, my plans were once again, diverted to accomodate my Lil' Man...

I ended up home... talking on the phone with Paula...  *sigh*


My oldest came home with his Child Devlopment Project:
I became a "grandma" for the weekend to Lil Baby Lebron.  Yes, Lebron! This has to be one of the best projects in this subject I've come across. I did it using an egg, (that could be one of my excuses for having my oldest at such a young age)... Nonetheless, this project was both realistic and very well thought of. It's a great form of "contracpetion" and quite an experience for any teenager.  "Lebron" cried like a real baby, granted, this does not compare to the real thing.. but it comes close. At first, I thought, oh this is gonna be a breeze for my "problem solving" teenager.. but come midnight, 2 am, 4 am, 6 am, 7 am.. etc... the none stop crying even after changing it's diapers and feeding it... it came down to this baby wanting to be held in the wee hours of the morning as I looked over at my sleep deprived son, for that split moment, I felt bad for him.  Then walked away. :)


Basketball Game! (again) *sigh*
Caelan brought "Lebron" to the game... and in a matter of minutes, when that baby started crying during the game, he walked out with the baby and complained via texting me, that it sucks that he can't watch the game cause the baby won't stop crying! LOL

No cooking for me today, I was on a mission to finish my December Daily Album.. and I did just that, in a matter of hours...  I ended up using Ali Edward's idea and incorporating into a class for the store.  My idea is to get more people thinking outside of the box.  I know so many people that scrap special events such as birthdays, Christmas, Back To School Photos.. and I just wanted to share this experience, of capturing a photo a day and most importantly journaling them. I know that they are aware of these kinds of projects but always are stuck with the same question, "Where and How do I begin?"  Well, I've made it a few steps easier by providing them all the products they need, displaying the layouts.. and they simply attach their photos and journaling to it.  So they can learn to feel comfortable when stepping out of their "comfort" zone. You can see the rest HERE.

The rest of the night was spent finishing up this album and listening to Baby Lebron crying!


Flash forward...
I'm gonna have to catch up on my week tomorrow (insert yawn). I was at the store for 12 hours today! To work and then my Layout Class. (Thanks Paula for hanging out, you like that December Daily Project, huh?) 


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