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December 2009

New Years Resolutions.

I can't believe 2010 is just around the corner... some days I'm excited for the new year, a fresh start, a clean slate... new memories to create. On the other hand, there are days I'm fearful of all the changes that are coming our way.. wanting to hold on to time and not wanting it to past by so quickly... But it's coming and "Twenty-Ten" here I come!

Here are some words to encourage me, to inspire me, to live by for the upcoming year, 2010:

1. Enjoy...

  • Enjoy the moments, whether it's the simple everyday routine or extra ordinary events.
  • Enjoy today.
  • Enjoy life as it happens.
  • In the midst of chaos, enjoy.

2.  Love...

  • Love like there is no tomorrow.
  • Love without fear.
  • Love without limits.

3.  Observe...

  • Don't just glance at the world around me, or the life that I lead... Observe, take heed, and realize that these moments are just a moment in time.

4.  Dare...

  • Dare to be different.
  • Dare to be me, uninhibited.
  • Dare to take those little steps, then leap when I can, and soar to the other side.
  • Dare to grab life by the hands and take control.
  • Dare to live life to the fullest.

5.  Believe...

  • Believe that all things are possible.
  • Believe that things happen for a reason.
  • Believe that through darkness there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Believe in myself.
  • Believe in my dreams.

6.  Work...

  • Work hard. In all I do, give it my all.
  • Work towards my goals, both physical and mentally.
  • Know that hard work pays off.

7.  Expand...

  • Expand my knowledge. Read more books, take a class, learn new things everyday.
  • Don't settle for less.
  • Dream.. and Dream Big.

8.  Create...

  • Always find time to create.
  • Know that creating makes me happy, make time to do the things I love.
  • The world is my canvas.

9.  Laugh...

  • Laugh... everyday.
  • There is nothing so sad than one cannot laugh at the end of the day.
  • Find a way to put a smile on my husbands face.. everyday.

10.  Explore...

  • Look around.
  • Learn new things.
  • Do something different.

Finding My Way + Books

back to some normalcy... granted it's quite difficult to find my groove when the kids are still out of school. Everything about my day(s) is out of whack.. but in a good way. I actually like having them home, it just means I don't have to wake up at 5:30 am!  LOL! My kids have always been good sleepers, blame it on their nocturnal parents, but they can and will sleep in till noon, easily. Especially here in AK, where the sun rises at 10 am these days, they sleep like rocks! Which is good for me but not for too long. I like my mornings and when I wake up past 10 I always feel like I've wasted a good day already! So being today is Monday.. thee Monday after the holidays, I was looking forward to saying so long to those late mornings and sleeping in and trying to find my way back.. to some kind of schedule.

And it was a success.. after 15 minutes of trying to talk myself out of not staying in bed any longer.. I forced myself out of bed, made the kids breakfast sandwiches, and headed out for my outdoor run. (Yes it was cold, but a lot warmer than it has been, 25 degrees.. see those icicles hanging from the rooftops.. thank goodness for studded shoes!)


We've been doing a whole lot of relaxing in this house... and I have selfishly loved every minute. I have not been back to work yet (at the store) since last Thursday and it's been nice to be home with the family and just "chill".

I've found my way back to relaxing with a good book. last week I finally finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  And let me just say.. this kind of book led to many dream-filled nights of a world and civilization destroyed with few lives spared and a father and his sons journey to stay alive and most important keep the faith in what seems like a hopeless situation. It is well written, almost like poetic verses really, but it flows and just gets you right in the heart. It left me saying to myself a lot, "what would I do?"  The book has been turned into a movie but is not playing here in Anchorage at all!  Bummed. I don't think it got great reviews (even though it starred Viggo Mortensen as the dad)  I bet it would be a hard movie to recreate, to be able to carry that somber, helplessness feel through 2 hours would be difficult, especially with limited dialogue. 

I've debated back and forth what book to start on next. I have not read JR Ward's Covet. Same author of my beloved summer reads, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood..  But it looks like I'm in this "faith & hope" kick. I chose to read a book the hubby bought last week: (snagged it before him as he is reading The Road now).

Picture 3 

Hubby has read Mitch Albom's books, (Tuesdays with Morrie, For One More Day, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven) but I have never read them yet. So far, it's a nice "true" story about life's purpose and losing belief and finding it again..  I'm already half way through and enjoying it.

I was hoping to get some digi scrappin in today.. but it looks like hubby has the District 9 movie. So that's what I'll do instead. Enjoy your Tuesday...

December Daily: Day 24 & 25

I hope everyone had a blessed Holiday. For us it was all about staying in our PJ's not needing to be anywhere and relaxing... the perfect Christmas for us.

December Twenty-Four.
It was all about baking.. it has been for the past week. Every year we bake cookies for Santa. But this year, hubby worked the night shift and we usually let them open one gift at midnight.. but this year, hubby wanted us to wait for him. So I spent all night baking and listening to them whine about wanting to open one gift.. and believe it or not, the teenager was the worst one!  :)

Izzy LOVES being in the kitchen.. 




Ethan just had to bite it before we took a pic of it.

Here is Santa's sign, because apparently Caelan was on a sugar cookie rampage, eating all the cookies!









Day Twenty-Five.

Chirstmas Morning started off late for us. The kids (and I) had every intention of not sleeping and waiting for daddy to get home at 7am.. but by 2 am, we all gave up.. I head to bed with my book and fell asleep. By the time hubby came home, we were still too tired to move.  We slept Christmas Morning away and so did hubby. But by 10 am... I heard the little footsteps running around the house as excited as can be.  Izzy was gathering everyone and we head under the tree. We just lounged all day in our PJ's.. hubby of course went back to bed and the kids played, watched Basketball, and had their friends over for our Ham Dinner.




The last pages of my album.



I ended my album with this "illustration" from my little artist, Izzy. 

It's nice to have a finished project in hand.. and there's been a whole lotta scrappin going on in this house for me, with a few days off at the store and the kids with no activities or school.. It's been nice.. Until then enjoy!

You can see the rest of the album in the link to the left:  2009 DECEMBER DAILY

Christmas Eve...


T'was the night before Christmas in The Barut Household...

and I swear if my kids ask me one more time if they can open a gift at midnight, I'm gonna hurt somebody!  The kids are eagerly awaiting Christmas Morning... and in the past we've let them open one gift at midnight.. but this year, hubby is at work and he asked us to "wait" for him to get home in the morning. The kids refused and I "pinky-sweared" So here I am listening to the constant begging and pleading with me to just open one, even a little one they say... and I am trying very hard to tune them out.

My highlight of the day, a conversation with Ethan...

The kids are looking under the tree counting their presents.
Caelan says, "Oh Ethan, look at this big gift I have under the tree, it's the biggest one here!"
Isabel replies..."Looks like I have the most though!!!"

I turn and say, "Wow, look how fortunate you guys are, all those presents under the tree!  I wouldn't complain, looks like I have just two!"

Ethan turns around and says, "Well mom, I can't wrap my gift of "Love" for you... it's too big for the stockings and to big to wrap!" 

Aww.. leave it to be so sweet...

December Daily: Day 21, 22, 23

 Twenty One.
Monday... Izzy's friend, Brynn had slept over the night before (a lot of giggling throughout the night) but not surprised to see Brynn bright eyed and ready at 8 am! She's always been an early riser.  Izzy on the other hand, could've and should've used a few more hours in bed. But she wasn't gonna be asleep with Brynn over.

We started our day at Bouncin Bears.  So I had it all planned out.. Izzy had her friend to jump around with and I was gonna finally finish my book.. Nope!  They decided that it was more fun if Ms. Ronalyn jumped with them.. Uhm.. super exhausting!


But I did enjoy jumping around like a "mad" woman.. so much that I may have been bouncing a little to hard, the girls loved it, but I knocked a few kids over:
(photo says it all.. out of all the photos I asked Izzy to get of me and Brynn, she gets the one where I knocked a little girl on her head, crying for her mommy, me looking pretty sorry, and Brynn smiling.. ) LOL!


We ended our day watching The Princess and The Frog... Cute, Cute, Cute.. Loved it!!! 




That night, the girls waited for me to get home to build their Ginger Bread house.
Let's just say it was still as messy as the year before!  But they had fun and it kept them busy!




We baked Gingerbread Cookies tonight... the girls loved decorating it and the boys loved eating it. 
(If you haven't noticed yet.. I've inherited 2 other kids, my house is an open door to the neighborhood children:)




Closer look:


That night the kids ended up playing in the backyard at 8 pm.. Dark as can be, but much warmer than it has been, they burned off some energy outside! (I didn't get a chance to add that to the album yet...)





Not sure if we are quite ready for Christmas just yet.. but it's around the corner! We are just hanging out at home for the Holidays, hubby has to work :( boo..  I'm excited for the kids, love seeing their faces :) As for me, I've just about gotten all that I could ask for this Holiday season.. (That new EOS Mark III will just have to wait ... for now, I will just have to drool over my Pawt-naws, Ms. Paula's  Mark for now!)  

Heading back to reading before bed.. :) 

December Daily: Day 19 & 20

This Ohana had a Busy.. Busy Weekend. (and we are still going).. so this will be another fly-by post, till I am actually home for several hours!

Day Nineteen.

We had two End of the Season Basketball parties to go to this day... It's like trying to be at 2 places at once.. yeah, not happening! Not to mention I was thee taxi driver for all 6 kids..  The kids had a LOT of fun though.. Bowling then Tubing after..


We were out, thrice layered of course and with our balaclavas on.. nothing showing but our eyes!  And braved that 10 degree out there for several hours!  And those kids can stay out there! They do not get cold! What is up with that!  Luckily, I got me some neat "Da Kine" gloves that had inserts for those hand warmers! Ahh.. I stuck it out myself! 


*I have to say, I did enjoy the movie Avatar.. I was unsure about it, but being a Sci-Fi guru myself.. this actually appealed to me. Great story, great effects, long movie, but well worth it.. :)

Day Twenty.

These girls had so much fun that night.. and we have a fun-filled day planned on Monday (today)...


(I added these envelopes in between)



And here's how they look in the album:


Off to bed (nap) I go... (Insomnia always hits me when the hubby is on his Mid-Shift..)

December Daily: Day 15


It has been "snowing" like crazy here.. well just 2 feet crazy.. but still it's beautiful!

We have been jammed packed busy with Christmas just around the corner, the kids finishing up school and gearing up for Winter Break... And not to mention all the driving I've been doing.. Oh I ventured out today! And that was quite the ride.. (scary!)

I got some much needed sleep these past few days along with getting my reading time in.  Although this book is quite... dark, I've noticed my dreams are starting to gear towards that way too.. LOL!  But it's nice to get lost in a good (and quite descriptive) book..


Day 15:


December Daily: Day 14

I started off my morning by heading out to Dulce's house to hang out for a bit before our quick (15 minute) outdoor photoshoot at 10 am.. just in time for the sunrise that came up at 10:08 am. 
Let me just say I had on... FOUR layers on.. No Joke, see them frozen branches behind us.. brrr! But they turned out beautiful:

My middle guy stayed home from school today (he was hurling) ? not sure what the heck happened there? But I had to rush home to give him some TLC... more like stay away from me while I disinfect everything.  By noon he was feeling a lot better, in fact, I was this close to sending him to school for 2 hours!  Geesh!

It snowed the rest of the afternoon. It was absolutely beautiful.. a nice steady snowfall. Perfect for sitting at home with a cup of coffee and in my case I finished the shoots from today and this weekend. I've finally found my niche in workflow which makes editing (especially studio photos) a lot easier. Now I'm looking forward to relaxing with the kids and family as they gear up for their Winter Break. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in till at least 8 am!  (ahhh)

Here is Day 14



Off to bed.. before midnight, I may add! 

December Daily: Day 11, 12, 13

I admit, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the album. My days are starting to roll into one another. But as the kids went to bed tonight I took out what little photos I had from the weekend and went to work. And enjoyed the process all over again.  I guess it's easier when there is less distractions and demands from the household chores and kids. 

Day Eleven:

What a blur that day was!  We had an outdoor photo shoot that day... and it was cold.. the frozen trees says it all.  Luckily we were dealing with adults and not children so it was rather quick, but still our fingers were freezing despite our North Face gloves! The rest of my day was spent at the store working at a nice and quiet crop.. where I got a lot done!


Day Twelve.
Exhausted as can be, coming home after midnight, stayed up to watch a movie with hubby, that I thought I could easily fall asleep too, but an action packed movie like The Taking of Pelham 123 isn't quite the sleeping kind of movie.  I rolled out of bed to get to work at 9 am and worked part of the day.

I was quite excited to just hang with the family. We planned to watch movies that night but opted to just eat dinner and head to the mall to get more gifts.


Day Thirteen.
By this day, my migraine was gonna hang around with me. My eyes says it all, they were as tired as can be and sensitive to all the light. On the other hand, my girls looked good, struttin their stuff.. hence the "pout" on my face (wahhh).  Regardless, we still had a photoshoot to do. Thankfully, we had an amazing family that literally entertained us throughout their session.

At the end of their session, we even borrowed their reindeer ears and asked them to take a photo of us, (well for our December Daily of course) LOL!